Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 08, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Abruzzi said that after Lincoln, the cons should go climb in alphabetical order. However, they didn't:
      Either you look at their first names, last names or nicknames, it's not alphabetical order.

  • Quotes

    • Kellerman (to Caroline): Listen to me. Listen to me. They're doing this to see how you will react. So you need to be strong. Be presidential, and get through this. We get through this.

    • Katie: Oh, Sara. It was a false alarm at the psych ward. That's what all that racket was about.
      Sara: Good, thank you. Good night.

    • T-Bag (Abruzzi is going into the pipes before T-Bag): Age before beauty.

    • T-Bag (to Manche, who is overweight): If you get stuck in one of them pipes, boy...

    • Company man 1: Samantha?
      Agent Brinker: Yes, sir?
      Company man 1: I need a very frank assessment from you right now. Based on your contact with her, will the Vice President go quietly?
      Brinker: No, absolutely not. Becoming President is the most important thing for her, if we take that away she has absolutely nothing to lose and I guarantee you she'll do anything she can to take everyone she can down with her.
      Company man 2: We need to make a move on her, now.

    • Trumpets (to Abruzzi): That's real touching and all, you sticking up for a brother, but you all need to step aside right now. (Trumpets moves into Michael's cell and sees just Michael sitting on the bed reading a book)
      Michael: Something you need? (Trumpets looks at Michael, then under the bed and then he looks at Abruzzi)
      Trumpets: Where is he?
      Abruzzi: Told you, we haven't seen him.
      (Trumpets looks at Sucre, then Michael, Trumpets looks confused and then leaves the cell)

    • Abruzzi (to T-Bag): I said a prayer for you, Theodore, I said a prayer for us all.

    • Becky (about Warden Pope): You know, Michael, you know he can be a big old grump sometimes, but I hope you know how highly he thinks of you. There's no way he'd get that Taj-Mahal done in time for his anniversary without your help.

    • Michael: I'm sorry, Henry. (smashes the radio over Pope's head)

    • Westmoreland: Give Anna her papa's love.
      Michael: I will. I will.

    • C-Note: A'ight, how we doin' baby?
      Michael: Not good. We're already 10 minutes behind. Let's move it!

    • Michael: I know you told Bellick.
      Tweener: I don't know what you're talkin' 'bout…
      Michael: But I owed you. And I pay my debts. But as soon as we're out of here, you go your way, we'll go ours. You understand?

    • Haywire: I knew it.
      Michael: Haywire…
      Haywire: I knew it. As soon as I saw you go into psych ward, I knew it! Either I come with…(everyone gets ready to attack; Haywire holds up a guard's radio) Want me to make a little person to person call here?
      Michael: Haywire, just take it easy.
      Haywire: The other person being a correctional officer.
      Lincoln: He's in.

    • Michael: It's 6:55.
      Sucre: That's 5 minutes 'til tier.
      Michael: One hour 'til the next count. One hour to get over that wall and as far away from this prison as possible.

    • Pope: How long have you been planning this?
      Michael: That is a conversation for another day, Warden.

    • Michael: You unscrewed the toilet, right? (Sucre's mouth drops open) That's 5 minutes we don't have!
      Sucre: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just…just feel like my head is spinning a little. (runs to toilet and throws up)
      Michael: Are you okay?
      Sucre: If we get caught… I can't do 10 more years, bro. I can't. (gates open)
      Guard: Tier time! One hour!
      Michael: There's no going back now.

    • (Westmoreland collapses)
      C-Note: Hey hey hey!
      Michael: Charles…
      C-Note: You okay old man?
      Westmoreland: No…
      Michael: Let's take a look. (lifts up Westmoreland's shirt to look at the wound) It's just a few more steps. You can make it.
      Westmoreland: Oh, I can make it another foot, maybe 2. But why? I wasn't goin' for me. I was goin' for my daughter. And you can do that. Will you promise me?
      Michael: Yes, I promise.
      Westmoreland: Money… buried under a silo at the Double K Ranch, just outside of Tooele, Utah. There's plenty to split…The government didn't want any more embarrassment after I took off with the money so they low-balled it in the papers. Truth is, Michael…it's not 1 million under that silo. There's 5 million dollars there.

    • Veronica: This whole time, everything you said was a lie?
      Nick: No. No, I never stopped fighting for Lincoln's innocence, never. They approached me after I took this case.
      Veronica: Who's they?
      Nick: John Abruzzi.
      Veronica: John Abruzzi the mob boss?
      Nick: Yes, yes.
      Veronica: How much did he pay you?
      Nick: My father's freedom.
      Veronica: You said your father was exonerated.
      Nick: I lied, okay? I agreed to keep tabs on you. In exchange, Abruzzi had some guy who was already doing a life sentence confess to the murder my father didn't commit. And that's how I got him out of jail!
      Veronica: Your dad's life for mine.
      Nick: No one needs to get hurt here, Veronica.
      Veronica: What, you think Abruzzi wants legal advice from me?!
      Nick: All you have to do is make sure Michael gives this Abruzzi guy what he needs to know. That's it.
      Veronica: Nick…you don't think they're gonna let me live, do you?
      Nick: I gotta believe that.

    • Bellick: Brains of the outfit, eh Scofield? (to the others) He's leading you off a cliff, boys.
      C-Note: You're acting like you still in charge. Shut your mouth, bitch.

    • Nick Savrinn (to mob guy): She's about a million miles from here and you're never going to find her. So why don't you just suck it.
      (Gets shot)

    • Abruzzi (to Bellick): Ciao Bello!

    • Abruzzi: Okay, after Lincoln, we go alphabetically.
      C-Note: Whoa, hang on Abruzzi.

    • Westmoreland: Go Michael, go and don't look back!

    • C.O. Rizzo: Whoa, easy, hey. I ain't a hero for 14 dollars an hour. You do what you will.
      Michael: Uncuff my brother.
      Rizzo: You got it, boss.

    • Warden Pope: You can't possibly get away with this.
      Michael: I don't think you want to find out how badly I want to get my brother out of here.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Abruzzi makes a little Italian pun at Bellick's expense as they rebind him in this episode. As they are leaving him in the pipe Abruzzi says "Ciao Bellick," which sounds like "Ciao bella." This is like saying "Goodbye Sweetheart" in Italian.

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