Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 15

Going Under

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Linc's called Doc into the Co. HQ. She's skeptical to say the least when he tells her that Michael will be having surgery. SOG's there and blah blah's about how great the doctors are here at Evil Inc. Linc asks Doc to trust him.

Michael awakens and asks Doc where he is. She avoids upsetting him (by lying) before major brain surgery, so good for her.

Outside the OR, SOG and Linc bicker. Linc tells the old man he needs all his info on Self and JLOK. SOG's got something better, "How about an accomplice?"

Cue the shot of T-Bag, sitting in an interview room. Linc enters and drops a couple of pliers on the table. T-Bag's all, "Uh, you know I did get you guys the bird book and it was a tough job." Whatevs, dude. Linc whaps him to the ground, climbs on top (dirty!) and proceeds to yank out his tooth. Gack! The make-up department's sure enjoying this. Ick. T-Bag hollers in pain and Linc begins to go for a second tooth. Eww! T-Bag shouts that the meeting's set for three o'clock at a pier. Linc steals a look at the clock, it's half past two. And here ends Knepper's only scene. But I can't say he didn't earn his pay; being smacked around by Purcell can't be too enjoyable.

OR of Hot Structural Engineers Turned Fugitives. Shit, that's a long title. Doc kisses Michael's head and says she'll be in the other room. She exits and is joined by holy smokes! It's Yar! Hey, she should do a scene with Agent Ro. I'm sure it would serve no purpose, other than giving me a tickle. That sounded dirty. Anyhoo, Dr. Yar informs Doc that they're using a new advanced technique to operate. The surgery begins! Boy do the Foley guys go nuts with the squishy, slurpy sounds as they drill into Michael's noggin. Thanks for that, Foley guys!

New new credits.

Linc tells Sucre he needs his help.

Pier of Dastardly Ne'er-Do-Wells. Self and JLOK go back and forth: she never figured him for a cold-blooded killer. He never pegged her for a mommy. Then, hilariously, she asks him if there's anything he'd like to peg her with. O'Keefe puts no effort into that line; she might as well be asking if he wants fries with that. Seduction is merely a tool to her. I loved that. Self tells her to knock it off. This scene is awesome, y'all.

En route to his re-incarceration, Crook Captured Mahone has to pee, but Benedict Wheeler doesn't want to give him the chance to escape. Mahone recites some federal guidelines stating that prisoners are allowed to pee.

OR of Hot Structural blah blah. Michael's trippin' that he's back at Fox River (yay!), an empty Fox River. Well, empty except for Westmoreland. Aaiee! God, I missed Muse Watson, though I sure didn't miss typing his character's name. That's a long-ass name, I kept missing the "e."

"This is officially now the most secure bathroom break in the history of law enforcement," Mahone smart-asses as he's escorted (at gunpoint) to a rest stop bathroom. He continues, "Hey, look if you wanna cuff me, block off all the exits, take it out, give it a tap...If it makes you happy." Hah! Mahone rules. Benedict Wheeler tells him to shut it and that he's got fifteen seconds. Jesus, I can't do what I need to do in that amount of time. When his time's up, he's at the door, ready to go. Before heading back to the car he tells Lang, "You should've trusted me, like I trusted you." Burn! Though in her defense, Alex, she did get you information which helped you hunt down your son's killer. The camera pans back to reveal a length of pipe missing from the sink.

OR of Hotness. Michael recites the alphabet, per the surgeon's request. Sadly, he does not do it in song.

La-La Land/Fox River. Michael apologizes to Westmoreland and then yammers on about how they've lost and this has all been for nothing. Uh, your brother's alive, dude. Wasn't that the original goal? Westmoreland plays the wise sensei and tells Michael he's got the answers already. Really? He knows why Linc is unable to button shirts?

Linc and Sucre speed toward the pier.

And we head to the pier. Self checks Mr. C's PDA for the buyer's number. JLOK gets a call from JLOKSis who informs her that T-Bag let them go. And instead of getting in the car and driving far, far away, as he ordered her to do, she ran all the way to the house across the street. I guess this explains why she's not the sister who became a ruthless mercenary. Anyhoodle, JLOKSis says she saw T-Bag being carried from the house and then tells JLOK to stay away from now on. JLOK tells Self about T-Bag being in the Co.'s clutches and why she doesn't just put a bullet in his brain and be done with it, I have no idea. Seriously, her family being held hostage was the only thing that was keeping her from killing Self and T-Bag. She could kill Self, take Scylla and do what she originally intended to do. God. When Self seems less than concerned about T-Bag's circumstances, JLOK points out that he knows the location of the meet.

Linc and Sucre arrive at the pier to find bloodstains and smashed cell phones, but nothing else. Linc calls the Co. and orders Them to get him surveillance from the area. As he and Sucre check out the scene, a broad-shouldered gentleman checks them out and makes a call to his boss, the buyer.

Mahone gazes out the window and suddenly he smashes said window with the pipe and hops outta the car. He Runs! into the woods. Lang and Benedict Wheeler give chase.

OR of Hotness. SOG tries to get into Doc's head by suggesting she's fighting Them 'cuz she just wants to be where her boyfriend's at. She coldly reminds him that the Co. killed her dad. SOG smugly offers to locate the agent who killed GJH, it'll take just a few calls. Ass. He goes on to say Michael's receiving the best medical care. Doc pounces on that and says this is an experimental procedure. SOG says yes; it was performed one other time and the patient lived a long and happy life. Hmm, Mama Scofield, perhaps?

La-La/Fox River. Michael whines some more, saying people died so Linc could live. Well, yeah. Linc's life is more important to you Michael, 'cuz he's your brother. And haven't we been over this? Many times? Like that one time when the brothers hotly fought over this very thing? That was awesome. I had to take a cold shower after watching that. If memory serves, my television spontaneously combusted.

JLOK and Self buy a new cell. She says if he knew what was on Scylla, he'd have second thoughts about selling it.

Linc gets a call, the dastardly duo was spotted at a convenience store.

Lang manages to corner Mahone. He tells her he's walking away, so if she wants to stop him, she'll have to...I'll let you guys fill in the blank. Not as if that line's never been uttered before. She squeezes off a couple shots as we go to commercials.

After commercials, Benedict Wheeler rushes to Lang who says she missed Mahone. She steers him in the wrong direction and when he takes off she eyes Mahone through the bushes. He sends her a silent thank-you.

Linc and Sucre march into the convenience store and question the clerk. He is not forthcoming so Linc smashes his head down on the counter. He demands the duo's receipt.

JLOK and Self continue their bitch-a-thon. I know this will eventually get old, but right now I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

OR of Hotness. Dr. Yar tells Doc the tumor has spread to another part of the brain. Doc asks how Michael will be affected. Dr. Yar says the removal of the tumor might result in some memory loss, but it won't be anything he'll miss. They'll be experiences Michael doesn't even remember experiencing. Got that? As Dr. Yar is nattering on, Michael is flashing to the cardholders' meeting he spied upon earlier in the season. The word BARGAIN appears to him. He begins jerking in the OR. In La-La/Fox River his cell door opens and in the real world one of the doctors delivers the old tv standby, "We're losing him!" Do doctors actually say that? Oh, looks like a great place for a commercial.

Doc hustles into the OR and begs Michael not to leave her. Michael's repeating her words to Westmoreland in La-La/Fox River. Westmoreland sensei-speaks that Michael's figured it out and bids him adieu. Michael flatlines. Doc cries and begs him to come back. He does.

The Co.'s tracking JLOK's new phone, courtesy of the receipt, and updates Linc.

The broad-shouldered gentleman (uh, BSG-sorry Battlestar fans) asks Self for Scylla so he can verify the info. Self wants to see the cash first, BSG refuses and Self balks. JLOK, with her gun drawn, natch, orders Self to hand Scylla over. He complies.

Linc and Sucre arrive at the meet.

BSG's computer reads the data and Self's curiosity gets the better of him. He checks it out and sees files listed under different headings: Nuclear, Solar, Bargain, Crop. He exclaims that his isn't a black book, but rather a...We don't get to hear what it is 'cuz Sucre makes a noise. BSG draws his own weapon and says no one can know who bought Scylla (uh, that's why the buyer sent you, big guy). Cue the gunfight! Self takes a bullet, BSG gets away and JLOK's gun is empty. D'oh! Hate it when that happens. Linc questions Self, and by "question" I mean: hurt him til he gives up information. His is of no use and JLOK oh so helpfully points out that if they kill her, her info will be as equally useless.

Post-op Doc informs Michael they're at Co. HQ and SOG arranged for all of this. Michael's suspicious, but his lightbulb cannot be overshadowed by his suspicions. He draws out boxes and labels them with letters. He spells out "BARGAIN" and says "B" stands for Boron, "Ar" for Argon and so on. He says if someone could find a way to combine these elements and create a solar cell, the result could mean great power. Doc agrees; the equipment used for his procedure isn't available on the open market. Michael says it's all about control, that's where the power comes from.

Sucre informs Linc that since Michael's all right, he's done. He says he's not running away, just moving on. Linc understands. They embrace (aw) and part ways.

Linc reports back to SOG who says Linc will be aided by the dastardly duo. Linc does not play well with others, but SOG doesn't give a rat's ass.

BSG reports to his boss, a woman with a familiar voice.

Linc happily greets Michael, who's all about busting outta the Co. Linc tells him no, he made a deal with SOG. Find Scylla and they'll be set for life. Michael refuses to believe it, after all the Co. did to them. Linc slaps down the TOMBSTONE file and says he's just joining the family business. Apparently Mama Scofield worked for the Co. too. Dun! And perhaps she still does, who knows?

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