Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 15

Going Under

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2008 on FOX

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  • Overall, this episode stretched the plot and had some filler in it, but was entertaining.

    Michael was operated, but as you can expect, this was used to make more and more fillers, take Michael dreams for example, just buying time to get to a predictable conclusion. Mahone have his own spotlight again, nothing bad, but since this was a filler, nothing relevant was there, but was better than the last week.

    This dark Lincoln is a nice thing, pursing self is nothing new and has expected this didn´t lead to any conclusion that is relevant, at least they were caught.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10) fine, good details and information,
    Complication Phase - » (6/10) pursuing,
    Climax Phase - » (6/10) weak, you knew that Michael could die so soon,
    Ending - » (6/10) nothing special,
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (6/10) little,
    Time and Scene Management - » (6/10) stretching,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine,
    Suspense/Tension - » (6/10) light,
    Drama - » (6/10)*2 nothing good, only a goodbye,

    Overall, this episode stretched the plot and had some filler in it, but was entertaining.
  • Well, this is nothing short of a fan boy's wet dream…

    Well, this is nothing short of a fan boy's wet dream… season one flashbacks? References to events that have occurred throughout Prison Break's four tumultuous seasons? Setting a third of the episode in Michael and Sucre's cell? Charles Westmoreland? Wowsers. I certainly didn't see this one coming and, well, thank the television critic Gods for that. 'Going Under' is a thoroughly refreshing surprise, taking a minor break in the main narrative drive from all the back stabbing and running around that has become the crux of the show as of late, so that we can have a closer examination of the ins and outs of Michael's psyche. As well as letting him solve the mystery of what Scylla actually is. Wentworth Miller gets to flex his acting muscles in this one and he does a damn fine job, admirably matching up to the much-missed skills of Muse Watson. Oh, it's good to have Charles back. He's fantastic, isn't he? Though it was a brave decision to kill a character so beloved at the end of season one, retrospectively, I'm not sure it was the right one. It would've been great to see DB on the run, looking at how he coped with life outside of the four walls he'd been cooped up in for the better part of his life. Still, no point whining about that now. His presence turns a good episode into an excellent one, making what could have been a somewhat tiresome psychological trudge into a captivating exploration of what makes Michael tick. Cudos to Zack Estrin for taking a chance and deviating slightly from the tried and tested formula. Oh, and for getting rid of Sucre too… hopefully for good. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and all but was anyone really buying that he'd continue to stick around? Nah, didn't think so. But wait! There's more! Michael and Lincoln's mother worked for the Company! What's the betting she's alive? I'll eat my hat if she's not.
  • awesome

    This episode as the title suggest is getting underneath the genesis of most things. Possibility of the company doing good stuff. Mysterious and awesome! For a moment there I was worried for Michael but the company performing his operation in exchange for Linc getting scylla....... awesome. T-Bag once again took it to another level, the way this guy metamorphosizes never ceases to amaze me. His performance....awesome!In the end it presented me with a twist of events that I had not anticipated. I really appreciate being proven wrong or things going contrary to my expectations. The writers seem to have perfected this art and for that, this show remains one of my top shows. Awesome!
  • Is the General stupid?

    Mahone got away...good for him because he is the character I actually care about the most. Sucre does not want any more to do with all the mess and wants to go back to his lady: good choice. T-bag got tortured in exchange for the rendezvous information/location: yes, T-bag, even though we are beginning to see your good side, you still deserved it!

    Micheal gets surgery from the company and also discovers that the Company's black box is actually about future information and not the past, mostly to do with nuclear stuff (I think). Lincoln begins helping the Company out in exchange for Micheal's surgery. I like this a lot. All the above are positive elements to the PB storyline, but the reason I gave this episode so low was because:

    Why are Lincoln and Gretchen the ONLY ones chasing Scylla? I mean, how many men does the General have?
    Every time the General tried to retreive Scylla from either Gretchen, Self, Micheal, etc he had several Company cars with men loaded with heavy weapons on board. Now? Now what happens is all the General's men are gone and Lincoln and Gretchen are doing everything. Ok, if Lincoln was assisting the General's men I would have liked that. But, talk about not using your resources efficiently General...
  • finally Micheal is fine, and Lincoln working with the company!?!

    the company fixed Micheal, in the price of Lincoln working with the company, oh my god, i cat wait to see how things gonna turn out !!
    now it seams that what the company is protecting turned to be something good, and i have the feeling that Micheal gonna help the company get Scylla back, so the company can once more protect, and also to help his brother.
    and finally self been screwed i hated that guy, and now i wish that Mahone get back to Micheal so he can help him, i really hated how things end up with him.
    i hated the scenes where Micheal been with Richard, no need to it.
  • Michael gets surgary from the Generals medicalstaff. Linc and Surce are out looking for Gretchen and Self.

    I did not like the episode too much. All epsiodes have this prison break-feeling, this one did not. Or that is my opinion. Michael was in surgary during the whole episode. Sara was just standing outside watching.

    Linc and Sucre looks for Gretchen and Self. Gretchen adn Self meets the buyer. Linc and Sucre finds them, but of course they screw it up so the buyer gets away with Scylla. Mahone escapes from agent Lang and agent "whatever-his-name-is". Good for him.

    I liked it when Linc tortured T-bag. T-bag finally got a taste of his own medicine.

    Nice to see Charles Westmoreland/D.B Cooper again, he seems so nice. To bad he died when they were escaping from Fox River.
  • very nice episode, but looks like the next season's topic hides in it, like the mother of michael is still alive from an operation did by the company such as michael's operation ??? too many things to ponder upon

    this episode is a very emotional episode for all the characters, we see the situations that happened between alex and his former partner, sucre and lincoln, sara and michael. The weird part is charles, where does he come in? why would michael remember him? and the weirdest is that how when ur under the knife going through an operation with anaesthetic you can remember all about scylla, put the pieces together, figure out what it is for, and come on from the word BARGAIN he cracked the whole thing thats one smart fellow michael. Also as i said in the summary seems like the opening to a new season, the mother of michael would be alive and she is the one that underwent the operation by the company, the one the general talked about and, if i'm not also mistaken that could be here on the phone with the buyer of scylla, that strange and new woman's voice, maybe going too far on this one but we will have to wait for the next episode to figure it all out.
  • Awesome. The best so far in season 4.

    This episode is totally awesome.

    The turning point in this episode : a whole new perspective of The Company, is very intriguing. All this time we thought they are the villains, and Scylla's about the past, but now we see that Scylla is for the future, and The Company might not be villains after all. "Not everything is as it seems."

    It's interesting to find Michael looking at a different perspective too. Tracing back the past as Westmoreland eyes him. It's different. He remembers things important, like what he overheard while trying to get one of the Scylla cards, or what he heard during the meeting of all the card holders.

    T-Bag shows his soft spot. I love T-Bag in his good shoes on, so different from the tongue-rolling.

    Mahone is smart, looks like now he's Michael in season 2, always on the run, in the forest, with cops behind him. This time, feds.

    Linc is stepping up helping Michael like how Michael helped him break out of jail. Like the reason Michael helped Linc escape, so that Linc lives. Now it's the other way round.

    Gretchen being motherly.

    Don being an assassin. Well, kinda.

    Sucre on his own path.

    Best part is : Christina Scofield worked for The Company.

    The twist and the changes taken in this episode is certainly excellent.

    So maybe, Michael's health problems brings good effects after all. Though he nearly died.
  • Review

    I don't know why such a drop in the scores, this episode has been the same quality of all of the other season four episodes up to this point. Lincoln now works for company, which I'm sure made a lot of others angry who have watched the show for so long. He got very violent in this episode, which he always has been, but he was just doing it in a way that helped the company. He has made a sacrifice to save his brothers life and Michael cannot comprehend that because Michael would give his life for the destruction of Scylla. The flashbacks with Charles were good, but nothing like it was being hyped up to be. Michael figures out that Scylla might actually be used for good instead of bad, which kind of makes everything a little more interesting. Now another person has Scylla and the Company is now comprised of the three units that were orignally fighting for it to begin with. Lincolns new team consists of Don Self, Bagwell, and Grethchen - what a team. Mahone escapes and now he is on his own, so I dont know what else he is supposed to do. Sucre needed to leave because I feel we are going to have a Lincoln v Michael showdown in the next couple of episodes and Sucre wouldn't be choosing between the two of them I don't think.
  • Redefinition is the name of the game

    Sometimes writers will wait until the end of a series to drop the most stunning of surprises into the viewer's lap, information that completely changes perception of the status quo. Often, it doesn't quite work, since those efforts are usually meant to give a struggling final season heft and meaning. Other revelations are clearly part of a larger plan, an idea that was kept close to vest until the time was right.

    I'm not sure where this episode falls on the spectrum, but I do know that it left me practically clapping by the end of the episode. I love it when the villain is revealed to have a logical rationale other than the accumulation of political power. Giving the Company a reason for all the horrible things they do is a brilliant move, because it forces Michael and Lincoln to reconsider their position. What if the main fault of the Company is their determination that the ends justify the means?

    Michael's epiphany is in keeping with what has been revealed about the Company in the past (almost nothing, if one thinks about it), and explains their desire for control over so much of the free world. If Scylla is the sum total of the research conducted by the Company, then it's value is justified.

    The implication is that the Company is fighting a war to control the initiatives that could, quite possibly, save humanity from itself. How interesting would it be to discover that the General has chosen to authorize terrible atrocities, to stain his soul beyond repair, to protect an agenda to save the world? It makes him a far more compelling villain, because he's not simply an evil, power-hungry bastard if that's true. In short, it humanizes him and the Company in one singular moment.

    The other implication of the episode is that Lincoln (and later Michael) was targeted because their mother used to be part of the Company, was secretly saved by the same surgery that saved Michael, and then betrayed the Company to create a competitor. Clearly it was her voice on the other end of the broker's cell connection. Could the mother have the intention of acquiring Scylla to implement the research in the "right" way?'

    Suddenly, there is a way out of the entire mess, and it's a stunning thought. What if Michael and Lincoln can only win by taking control of the very organization they've sworn to destroy? What if Michael is the perfect man to lead the Company and foster its innovations for the good of the world? With people like Lincoln, Sara, Mahone, and even Sucre behind him, Michael could change the entire landscape.

    I have no idea if that's where the story is going to go; there are tons of other viable directions this could take. But even more than the hunt for Scylla itself, this plot twist has established this season as a worthy swan song to the series. This is the kind of revelation that inspires me to go back to the earlier seasons and look for the signals and signs. Could anyone have predicted that when the third season ended?
  • Scylla finally revealed

    This episode finally sheds some light on why this little device is so coveted by the Company and others who'll do anything to get their hands on it. Michael is in Surgery and we go inside his mind to the secret into what Scylla really is with the help of old favourite Charles Westmoreland. With Lincoln making the deal with The General to get Scylla back he wastes no time in trying to get it back with Sucre's help, they track down Self and Gretchen who themselves are still looking for a buyer. When all of them collide none of them get they want, Elsewhere Mahone is being transferred after being arrested by his old foe. He quickly grabs his opportunity and makes a run for it, couldn't say that it wasn't coming though.
  • Wow. That was a very strong episode. It was amazing, and I think this season just keeps getting better and better. (Spoilers)

    This was one of my favorite episodes of Prison Break so far. I loved every second of it. It was funny, and it had some great action in it. I'm so glad that Mahone escaped from the FBI, and I can't wait to see what happens next with the character. Lincoln is making some pretty big decisions, and I'm not quite sure if I agree with them or not yet. I'm glad that Michael got his surgery, and that he's alive and with Sara. It was kind of sad to see Sucre leave, but it's good to know that he'll get to be with his family. Overall though, I give this episode, Going Under, a 10 out of 10.
  • This was an amazing episode that is one of my all time favorites.

    Going Under is a classic episode of prison break for many reasons. First of all, Charles Westmoreland aka D.B. Cooper comes back for this episode to help michael figure out what exactly he's missing that will help him figure out exactly why Scylla is so important to the company. Second of all, Link works for the company now...wait, what? i know, shocking to me as well. Third off, Gretchen and self got screwed over which is always good to see because both of them are two faced scumbags. I cannot await to see what else is in store for us in this final season of prison break!
  • Very well written..!!

    The General promises her that Michael is in the best care possible and he will treat them as guests while the surgery is taking place. In the operating room, Michael is told that he will be awake for the procedure but he is more concerned with getting Scylla back. Sara tells him not to worry about that right now. The General tells Lincoln that he will not help Michael until Lincoln heads out to retrieve Scylla for him and will have to do working with T-Bag. Linc tries to get information out of T-Bag, who wants money in exchange, but he just knocks him to the floor and begins pulling his teeth out one at a time. T-Bag cracks and gives up Gretchen and Don's location, not wanting to lose any more body parts

    At the pier, Gretchen notices that Don appears to be a bit nervous as they wait for their next meeting about Scylla. While being transported to jail, Mahone asks to use the bathroom, saying that it is his right. Wheeler fires back, saying that he has the right to shoot him in the back of the head should he run. As Michael's doctor explains the procedure to Sara, Michael flashes to his cell at Fox River where Charles Westmoreland is waiting for him. Charles says that Michael can call him D.B. (Sweeney) now and tells him that he is not dead. Conscious again, Michael is asked to recite the alphabet but quickly flashes back to the cell. He apologizes to Westmoreland for any pain he caused him.

    Gretchen's sister calls her to tell her that they're free and that The Company has taken T-Bag. Rita tells her to stay away from them, in order to keep everyone safe. Once she hangs up the phone, Gretchen tells Don that T-Bag knows the exchange location, which means The Company knows too. Lincoln and Sucre show up second later and find the pier empty and deserted. A man watches them from a distance and makes a call, asking what he should do about them. In the car, Mahone smashes a window with a pipe he took from that bathroom, lets himself out, and starts heading out on the run.

    In Michael's dream sequence, Charles sits with him as he tries to unravel the mystery of Scylla. Gretchen tells Don that she's surprised that he never asked to see the information in Scylla. She feels that if he really knew what was on there, he might think twice before selling it to a dangerous person. Agent Lang catches up with Mahone, who says that he's going to run and she'll have to shoot him. She lets him go and tells Wheeler that she missed when trying to shoot him. While watching the surgery, Sara realizes that Michael's tumor has grown more than she thought and the doctor tells her that he may experience some memory loss. As Michael gets close to cracking the secret to Scylla, his vitals begin dropping and Charles tells him that it's time to go. Sara runs in and tells him that he still has work to do and it's not time to leave. Charles tells him that not everything is at it seems and walks away. Michael gasps for air and wakes up to see Sara standing there, waiting for him.

    Don meets his buyer, the man who was watching Lincoln and Sucre on the pier. The man wants Scylla before paying up, to confirm that it's legit, and Gretchen tells Don to hand it over. As the information loads, Don sees files on nuclear codes and then some. Lincoln and Sucre head in and make a noise, which causes the man to run off with Scylla but not before firing off a shot at Don, who is hit in the arm. Lincoln points the gun at Gretchen, demanding to know who is in possession of Scylla. She says that if she dies, he'll never know who it is.

    As Michael recovers from his surgery, he tells Sara that he thinks Scylla is much more than it seems. He has a theory that Scylla has to do wtih energy and certain elements that can harness 100% of the sun's energy. Michael says that they can't take down The Company, they have to become The Company. They have to know what they know and be able to control it. Sucre tells Lincoln that he needs to live his life, stop seeing dead bodies, and stop cheating death on a daily basis. He says it's time to live his life but asks Lincoln to just be careful. They agree to meet up once all fo this blows over and go their separate ways.

    The General tells Lincoln that he'll now have to work with Don and Gretchen to try to figure out who took Scylla. With no other choice, Linc agrees to team up with them. The General asks if he's going to tell Michael about his new job or if he should. Lincoln goes to his brother and tells him about the deal that he made, which obviously does not sit well with Michael. Linc reveals that both of his parents worked for Scylla and he's just stepping in to the family business.
  • Amazing episode like always

    Well this week's episode was,in my opinion,one of the best episodes of this season so had SUSPENSE and ACTION we like of PB....the story also moved well.....i am glad to see D.B Cooper back for having a little conversation with Michael....well now after actually knowing what SCYLLA is ....i started to like the COMPANY...but anyways glad to see Michael back normal.....By the way i never heard about any of the surgery procedure used here.....sad to see Sucre leave them....but i think he will come back to help the team..........the next episode will be awesome......its kind of bad feeling seeing Lincoln talked to Michael....anyways Fantastic episode....looking forward for the next one......10/10
  • Completely inaccurate portrayal of brain surgery. Appears that they never hired a medical consultant.

    That was the worst representation of brain surgery I've ever seen on TV. They should have hired a consultant. First of all the skull is clamped down by a metal braced that surrounds the whole head, not some flimsy acrylic prop. And four screws are actually piercing the piercing the skin until bone, not some padded attachments as on the show. Second of all, no surgery ever sticks instruments or probes in a free-handed manner. All instruments and probes are slid through guides for precise placement. These brain surgery scenes ruined the episodes for me. The writers and producers are slacking off.
  • Smashing show, brilliant dialogue, fantastic story play and what can I say what a fantastic finish again.

    All I can say is as long as Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield) is in for the long run of Prison Break then so am I BUT the day that his character dies that is the day I will stop watching and hope that Prison Break (FOX Channel) loses viewers like in millions so they would probably have to bring him back like Sarah Wayne Callies (Dr. Sara Tancredi) LOL.

    Apart from that it was a smashing show.

    Brilliant dialogue, fantastic story play and what can I say what a fantastic finish again.

    Would most definitely watch again and recommended to all the Prison Break fans.