Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 9

Greatness Achieved

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on FOX

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  • Great Payoff with nice surprises.

    After 1 death in the previous episode, this episode would only lead to another death, however, two deaths was the final count, again the writer's don´t know how to dismiss an character, so they kill it.

    We began with a recap and a mysterious briefcase. The complication here is to make a hole, and make Wyatt talk to the General that Michael and his brother are death.

    Let´s talk about the best part of this episode. Mahone torture was one of the Best I saw in TV, the torture was so good and Wyatt really deserved. Then Mahone kill him in an unexpected way, but that was nice, a moment that was a great payoff. I didn´t expected that Self and Sara was playing Wyatt all along, nice twist.

    Michael mission ended with one death, killing Bellick wasn´t a thing that I liked, not because he was one of my favorites characters, the fact was his presence wasn´t necessary, so why not put him behind bars instead of making him join the group? Maybe only now they paid attention for the error they made and they rectified, so he is dead. His sacrifice doesn´t make any sense to me.

    Speaking of sacrifice which doesn´t made sense, another unreal things was the all process with the Tube, really, not only that was impossible with the time frame, making marks without any tools was unreal.

    As expected, Gretchen goes back to where she belong but I wasn´t expected her type of relation with the general. T-bag scenes continue to be pure filler, we all know that Andrew was filler and this was well explored to allow T-bag to have his share of participation.

    The ending was satisfying, even with Bellick death.

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10),
    Complication Phase - » (9/10),
    Climax Phase - » (9/10),
    Ending - » (10/10),
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10),
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10),
    Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10),
    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10),
    Drama - » (10/10),
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (9/10).
  • wow just wow.. you get to see the best side of two of the main characters, it's got the thrills and the surprises you might expect

    mahone is such a badass!! he has the brains of scofield but the balls to back it up. How he tortured his son's killer (can't remember his name) is absolutely badass. Mahone is my favorite character by far. The way Bellick dies is also noteworthy, he had really grown on me since the first season and it's sad to see him go once you think back at all the things they went through together. They hated each other at fox river and in the end he gives up his life to save the plan. Brilliant episode, I hope the rest of them are just as good.
  • 'Greatness Achieved'? I'd say so, yeah.

    Scriptwriting 101: If you want to kill a recurring character, ensure that sufficient empathy is engendered in the viewing audience before the act occurs, so that maximum emotional resonance is achieved. Ideally, this process takes place over the course of weeks, seasons even, rather than simply forty short minutes… but unfortunately, American television writers return time and time again to the formula of 'oh **** we want to get rid of this guy but no one really cares all that much about him… quick, throw in a few lines about his twisted family life and how difficult things have been for him, show how repentant he is… yeah, that'll do it.' The moment Brad Bellick started waxing poetic about his regrets in the first few scenes of 'Greatness Achieved', it was painfully aware that he was about to get knee deep in some serious shtick. Which he did. And died for his troubles. Poor soul. Aside from this unfortunate predictability, this episode is a masterpiece of dramatic intensity: the 'tunnelling' sequence harks back to the hallowed first season, T-Bag's situation becomes increasingly desperate and in what is unquestionably the absolute highlight, Mahone gets to lay waste to Wyatt in true, horrifying style. The writing is superb, maintaining our interest in the characters, as well as focusing our attention on the ever-spiralling plot, and, as usual, the acting is top notch. I've said it before and I'll say it again, William Fichtner can do no wrong. 'Greatness Achieved'? I'd say so, yeah.
  • Major Developments

    That was memorable. After the death of Roland, another member of the team bites the dust, Brad Bellick. Now, he was here since the pilot, so that`s a major death. Of course, there wasn`t much to tell about him anymore but they managed to bring that special feeling for his death. Bellick sacrifices himself in a memorable suspenseful and so much was all perfect. I always considered him as a fun character...will miss his funny lines. Great closure for a series original. Bellick was not the only major death as Wyatt died too..the Mahone way. Wyatt first got fooled by Self in a "home alone" style..well didn`t see it coming.:D

    So it was several episodes in the making and Mahone finally got his hands on Wyatt, and it wasn`t disappointing. I was actually expecting Sara to protest but hell I`m glad she didn`t..hate her morality stuff.:P Wyatt is tortured big time...I still didn`t expect him to say sorry to Pam tho. Wyatt`s final scene was great...Mahone cutting him short, awesome. That was a great storyline for Mahone and now I just hope that they still use him well.

    T-Bag was great as always, covering for boys while dealing with investigation on Andrew`s death..all fun. It`s really a revival of this great character this season..he only became important by the end in season 3.
    Gretchen gets back to the general..probably to use her ties for her quest. Could still go either way tho.

    Finally, Scofield, health issues..dunno where this is going, probably some pointless drama, I way they kill him.

    So Bellick`s sacrifice was not in vain as the team now has a way to was all thrilling and the best episode of the season so far.
  • Nerve Wracking!

    While Roland`s death didn`t strike me that much, Bellick`s did. How emotional was that? Bellick dies in a heroic way. Can`t believe he was here since day 1, quite a run. Rip :(
    There was so much suspense in this one, good old prison break. T-Bag was awesome like always and his association with Gretchen continues to be a winner. Also, Michael`s condition continues to worse, wonder where this would leave us. Meanwhile Mahone gets his revenge and damn it was brutal. Wyatt dies, saying sorry to Pam. wow. Amazing episode as this season just gets better and better. The number of players is decreasing considerably tho, the end is near.
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice...

    What can I say about this episode? It was fantastic, outstanding, everything you expect from this show. A shock ending, vengeance and grossness!

    First of all, I lost all respectability for Bellick in Season 3 after Nappy-gate but for some reason it all came back when he sacrificed himself for Scylla. What a guy! Michael is getting sicker and sicker which is quite exciting and the whole Gretchen/Padman storyline was disgusting! I mean when they pursed their lips together I almost threw up! Arrggghhh...And T-Bag dodged another bullet. Sara and Gretchen meet and wow isnt Gretchen hot! Good confrontation between the two and at last Mahone exacts his revenge on the man who killed his son - Wyatt. Not so tough are you, Wyatt?
  • This episode, in my opinion, was the best episode of Prison Break so far. (Spoilers)

    I loved this episode, and it is my favorite episode of Prison Break so far. Mainly because Mahone finally got his revenge on Wyatt. It's been a long time coming, and I'm glad he has gotten resolution. I loved how emotionless Mahone was as he was torturing Wyatt. It was sad though that Bellick was killed. It was a great way to go though, and I think it was a wonderful conclusion to his character. I'm finally starting to like Lincoln again. I was surprised that he cared so much about Bellick at the end of the episode. All of the actors did an excellent job in this episode. And overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
  • every thing is going wild .. the show is getting better and better with events occurs .. now Bellick is died!!! and Micheal is getting worse with his condition

    Bellick is died .. what a brave man .. i really liked what he did .. they really ended his character well.
    and now it seams that Gretchen is back to work with the general .. but i think its only a cover because when they said that Micheal is died .. she didn't say anything .. but i really love this women.. she is really scary :D
    smart move from Micheal how he made a tunnel through the tunnel just to go through the pipe .. but with lost of Bellick unfortunately.
    but the best thing happened .. that how now Mahone got his revenge from white, i really was happy for that scene, the man was really in pain!!
    now after all the stuff happening in the show.. things seams to get tense ..
    i just can't wait for the next episode.
  • Another one bites the dust

    Due to scheduling conflicts, I would up watching this episode on Election Night, while enmeshed in the endless stream of returns, exit polls, and electoral votes. One might think that it was difficult to pay attention to "Prison Break" with all that excitement. Surprisingly, I think that this episode managed to match the intensity of the evening. It certainly managed to hold my attention.

    With the final "slice" of Scylla still in the General's possession, it's time for Michael, the Escape Squad, and their erstwhile allies to make their move. T-Bag's previous office-bound subplot finally ties into the plot in a more substantial way in this episode, providing him with the chance to give the team sufficient cover. Watching him swivel around like a maniac in his chair to mask Michael's attempt at digging was priceless!

    The real action, of course, was the plan to gain access to the Company facility, and Michael's health issues along the way. Michael's illness has been building as a concern all season long, and while I'm not sure that the condition is something that would go from nothing to disabling in a matter of a week or so, it works for the dramatic purposes of the story.

    The situation goes from bad to worse in a matter of moments, and the net result is the loss of another Escape Squad member. Bellick finally does something this season, sacrificing himself for a good cause, and it's a nice attempt at redeeming a character that has been, to this point, a coward. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that Bellick was ever a character that inspired a shred of sympathy, so his death was simply overdue. (That didn't stop the producers from playing it up as a tragic moment, of course.)

    Equally interesting was the drama back at the warehouse, where Agent Self was using basic technology to punk the General and render Wyatt the Assassin obsolete. As amusing as that was, it paled in comparison to the powerful turn in Mahone's vengeance subplot. Mahone finally had the chance to take his pound of flesh and kill the man who murdered his son, and seldom have such just desserts been so disturbing.

    It made sense for Agent Self to allow the torture; this secret war doesn't play by the rules, and Self is pragmatic enough to know that. It's a little more surprising for Sara to make the choice to leave Wyatt to his fate. Sara has darkened considerably since her return, and while it challenges Michael into asserting his mercy on occasion, it might also drive a wedge between them. Most of my fear, however, is reserved for Mahone. With that plot thread resolved, I have a feeling that the writers will consider him expendable.

    My sense of Gretchen's decision to return to the General was fairly obvious: she intends to use that connection to gain intelligence and facilitate the retrieval of Scylla. At the same time, I have to wonder if she could be convinced to return to the Company fold. After all, even if Gretchen is focused on her own enlightened self-interest to the extreme, that doesn't preclude a good enough offer from the General to sway her back to that side.

    There are four episodes left until the mid-season cliffhanger, if this season follows the usual pattern, so we're definitely gearing up for the play on the final piece of Scylla and the break into the Company compound. So far, the season has managed to exceed expectations, and with a few more episodes like this, it could hit the hiatus on a high note.
  • Greatness Achieved indeed, wow.

    Greatness Achieved indeed, wow. Huge things happen in this episode. Two in particular.

    The Wyatt/Mahone story line comes to a very powerful climax and resolution. I feel very satisfied with the resolution. It was emotional and extremely well acted by William Fichtner. Now I wonder what is in store for his character.

    Brad Bellick makes his departure from the story as he makes the ultimate sacrifice to help the group achieve their goal. The writer and director of this episode do a phenomenal job at making the scene a very powerful and emotional one, but it leaves me wondering: What for? Yes, his sacrifice was meaningful and selfless, but he was nothing but a huge antagonist for the main characters in the first two seasons, then just a pain in the butt in the 3rd season. How could his death affect the others so much, well effect Lincoln at least? Out of all the characters, Linc and Bellick spent the least time together. I guess the writers knew they had to send him off with a bang.

    Overall this was a momentous episode. A few things resolved and a few new things started, allowing the show to move forward at a great pace.
  • Alex finally gets the chance to some revenge, Michael and Co tunnel their way towards Scylla.

    Bellick sacrifices himself to make sure their tunnelling project is completed, and is killed in the process. It's sad to see the character go, while in the tunnel Michael's condition started deteriorating steadily. His vision seems to be getting blurry and constantly seems to be on the verge of fainting he asked Sucre to keep to himself.

    Meanwhile we found out something more Interesting about Gretchen, she confronts Padman and he seemingly lets out more than we wanted. I'm sure he said something about her daughter being his or something, not forgetting the kiss... ewwww. Well she seems to be back favour with him.

    Alex finally got his hands on Wyatt by torturing him and making him feel pain then brilliantly executing his death, he done what he's wanted to; he's avenged his son's murder.
  • Loved this episode. Thought it was brilliant. Am so glad that Bellick went out a hero. I cried my eyes out :( It says above that Paul Scheuring wrote this episode, but when I watched on TV it said Nick Santora. Can you clarify please?

    It was exciting from start to finish. Loved the Michael/Sucre moment...classic Prison Break!

    Bellick's death made me cry, but I was so happy that he sacrificed himself for the team. He went from slimy idiot straight up to hero IMO.

    Am not liking Lincoln's character at all in Season 4. He's been like a big thug with no feelings. So I loved his tearful reaction towards Bellick's death. It was great to see him back to his old self. Michael's illness is really worrying and Wentworth is acting this out brilliantly. I LOVED Cress William's portrayal of Wyatt...thought he was fantastic. But the character needed to die and it had to be at the hands of Mahone. Great end scene for Wyatt. Loved how Mahone wouldn't let him finish his words & just pushed him into the river :)

    Gretchen, well what can I say. Just the worst person ever on PB. Not the character, as I always love to watch a good strong female baddie, but the acting is pathetic to say the least. Greth & Padman...yuck!!!!

    Great episode!!!
  • What a powerful episode.

    So.. they are after the scylla.. and company is after them until the manage to make them look like they are dead. So we have many different storyline going on - Mahone getting is revenge and ending that storyline. I was happy to see that he got the last stand there.. Sarah trying her best to avoid worse to the assassin. Gretchen goes to meet the General and oh, what kind of information we get there - about her past and some other things too. And then T-Bag trying to deal with police investigation over missing co-worker.

    Most of the time goes to to getting to Scylla and it has a tragic ending.. not that was surprising.. and Michael is in bad condition..
  • Awesome episode, tons of new elements, tons of variation, just Godlike! Well-deserved 10.

    This episode had it all. It was tense, entertaining, just godlike to watch. This episode is the start of a new chapter in season 4. Michael Scofield his condition is evolving to a higher level. Many questions get answered. Still, the public is wondering more and more what scylla actually is. Is it a device, a nucleair bomb? No one knows the answer. Starting from this episode I really had the feeling the show is growing towards an awesome climax!

    My last words, comments: Scofield, you rock! Burrows, help your brother! Sucre, keep doing what you're doing! Alex, you're the best killer ever! Bellick, RIP, we loved you!
  • Prison Break as dramatic/intense/entertaining as ever

    Featuring several dramatic highs and two major character deaths, this episode continues the Prison Break tradition of not shying away from killing off major characters. It's definitely a way to keep things unpredictable, and is part of what makes the series so entertaining. The season has really delivered. Feel bad for poor Bellick. Most definitely starting to look like my favorite season after 1.
    We will surely get 22 episodes this season. Looks like the last but it is great to see the show go in such style. Can`t wait for more as the fall finale approaches and I expect it to be a bang.
  • Powerful episode

    Season 4 it's turning to be one of my fave, this last episode was a bomb, I never thought Mahone would revenge his son's death that soon, Michael's getting worse by the day from a condition that his mother had, once again Sucre proved that he is a good guy and a compassion that Lincoln showed for Belick we haven't seen that since mid Season 2, T-bag still doing magic with his mouth convincing even his boss that's his a saint, as for Belick, RIP Brad, many people had a lot criticism toward him for the last and present season, but man, he did a lot for this show, I was watching season 1 again couple of weeks ago he was just impeccable, for sure I'll miss him.
  • Can I get a pack of Baloney to go with this.

    I do not mean to sound harsh, but this season 4 attempt, especially this episode cannot touch the raving views of season 1. Tell me what has happened to the Prison Break I knew and loved to watch. I keep tuning in every week to be left with the same rubbish yet again. Still I keep watching because, I grew attached to this series, I know every plot line from since season 1 and this show means something to me.
    Horrible story lines:

    Bellick from day one served no purpose to this entire season, the entire crew just strung him along from day one. They practically used Sucre as an excuse to bring him in the story line. It was no surprise that they killed him off.

    Mahone's act of revenge towards the guy who killed his son was cold and ruthless. Believe me, it was good to see him avenge his son's murder, but he was like a blood thirsty animal, out of control and sadly enough it made me pity the guy, which I really didn't like. Yet what was outlandish with this plot was the fact that the police officer in charge of the entire operation; Donald Self...a cop, just sat back and let Mahone murder the guy. Not only was that unbelievable, but it actually degraded Prison Break in my perspective.

    T-bag has been made out to be dirty laundry and a poppet. Robert Knepper gave his T-bag character a brilliant score in Season 1, but now he is completely the lowest guy in the show and the fact that he is just sitting around doing it all for money, I just don't buy it. The secretary I am sure had many chances to escape and leave these madmen to do their dirty work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    What is going on this season. I think I am finally giving up on this series. Prison Break is going further down my charts every week.

    Before, when they killed characters off, like Abbruzzi, Veronica, Nick Savrinn... remember them, remember how their deaths were so unexpected and we actually felt something for them. Now when they kill off characters like Bellick and Rolland Glen, remember the guy who made the cell phone (oh yeh not really a cell phone). The fact that he lost the 'phone' in Vegas, but of course they couldn't risk their butts to go and retrieve it, but that's last week's review. Still Prison Break still feeds us this...this?

    It all comes down to the only reason they killed these people off this season, was because they had no use for them and it is obvious. The only question we ask ourselves was why they weren't killed off sooner or why they were on the show at all.

    Pointless Plot(s) or people in plots.

    Remember these people:

    LJ Burrows

    Yeh the people who Lincoln cared about that left him to get arrested, even though Lincoln did make that easy. Frankly they omitted these people from the show entirely, of course we'd imagine that Lincoln would have contacted them or even mentioned his son once, though LJ was slightly mentioned between Bellick and Lincoln in this episode, back to Bellick I really didn't care when he came on screen or when he said or contributed anything so his death wasn't that much of a surprise.

    What about Gretchen, kissing a man that's old enough to be her father, scratch that Grandfather, I don't think that I can get anymore disappointed.

    It hurts to know that this it what Prison Break has come to. I should have expected it though, the ridiculous season opener practically spelt it out for me.

    Poor Sara, we raved for her return since last season and when she finally comes back we are given this quality of Prison Break.

    I'm finished. I'm fed up of hoping, there's no coming back from this poor excuse of an episode. _________________________________

    (one out of four stars)
    * / ****
  • Season Four Passes All Earlier Seasons

    This is it people. This is the end of our story right now, or getting close to the end of it. I can't believe that there are still over half of this season left, but I will put my faith in the writers that they know what they are doing to finihs off the rest of this season. With the way this season is progressing so far, I would really like for this to be the last season. The ratings may be declining, however, the show is not. The show is stronger now then it ever has been and season four has had enough consistency for me to say that it is the best season of the show to date. All of the characters are in a good place right now and we are still learning a little bit about the new characters. Learning that Self's wife and unborn child were killed during childbirth was some charaacter devolopment for those of us that actually look for it. A great scene there between Mahone and Self. Speaking of Mahone, he finanly gets his revenege and kills Wyatt. I was nervous the writers were going to mis-step and kill Mahone or something, but they came through in the clutch and delivered a very powerful moment. Mohone calling his ex-wife to tell her that it was over was amazing, such power in that scene. The underground storyline was pretty much just set up and I was surprised in Billicks death. Not so much that I didnt think he was going to die, just that he sacrificed himself like that. I'm not sure if I like that decision, but the episode was great regardless.
  • very special episode in a 10000

    Ohhhhh i am feeling so much sad after watching this episode....well B Ballack has died....he was not my fav character but he had his own impact on the show.....i mean he was the only character on the show who was totally innocent(never done a crime)....Linc also did killed guys and broke out of prison but BALLACK never done a crime..........RIP Ballack.....
    Another great emotional story of one of my fav characters Mahone is also done....What an emotional scenes he has perfomed...he should get awards for he can concentrate with the team....Worried abt Michael's health....not much of Sarah...but i laughed seeing Gretchen and Pad Man kiss.....
  • Poor Bellick...

    Well I have to say that was an amazing episode and I really liked it. First thing I was amazed about was the kiss of Gretchen and the General! Ewww! On the other hand now that Gretchen joined, actually again, the company, i am wondered what t-bag will do. Micheal going worse and worse and I hope he doesn't die.
    Bellick, died for the team and basically for bringing down the company and I'm glad he died in such a heroic way. Mahone was amazing and even though he didn't punch Wyatt, he punished him a lot. First with that thing in his finger! that was really painful and when he pushed him into the water, omg that was the best part of it.
  • Very enlightening episode!

    After two weeks of waiting the show is back and better than ever. The end of the company keeps getting closer and closer and the characters keep getting more and more interesting. Michael's symptons are stronger and his end(hopefully not) speeding behind them. It's interesting to see how this health issue is gonna influence the control of the team as well as his behaviour toward the situation and Sara. Brad's death showed a human side of Lincoln that we haven't seen yet and also showed a brave Brad, willing to sacrifice his life for a greater good. Finally, Mahone put an end to his chase of his son's killer and put the murderer through a hell lot of pain and after made him fish food. Great now is to wait and see what Gretchen is doing by the General's side and how she's gonna deal with it.
    Just make us stay tunned to this great great show!!!
  • Michael's condition takes a turn for the worse, Gretchen seeks payback, Mahone finally gets justice, and the boys lose one of their own. (Warning, spoilers!)

    Another fine example of why I still am captivated by this show. The gang begins their quest to infiltrate Scylla from underneathe Gate and run into a roadblock. Michael begins to suffer some symptoms of his condition (dizzyness, loss of coordination, almost passing out) while again Sucre proves his friendship and worth by finishing the job and comforting Michael at the same time. Unfortunately, Bellick sacraficed himself inorder for the gang to complete the job and get that much closer to bringing down the Company. It was really moving for me that Linc seemed the most saddened over the loss. I'm glad he was able to put aside any differences they might have had and were on good terms at the end. Gretchen stood up to the General only to rejoin him and yikes! even kissed him!! Ewww! That chick really is crazy. And last, Mahone finally found justice for his lost son and brought closer to his wife by making Wyatt experience the pain he inflicted upon their family. Not only did he get used as a punching bag, but he got needles shoved up his fingernails and almost died. But good ol' Mahone was ready and had him attached to a defibralator to shock him back to life so he could call the wife and apologize then experience the pain all over again. To top it all off, he got to sleep with the fishes curtesy of a long walk off of a short pier attached to a heavy brick! Vaya con dios Brad Bellick and rot in hell Wyatt. Hopefully the rest of the Company will join you soon.