Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 12

Hell or High Water

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2008 on FOX

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  • This is stupid

    After having watched quite alot of these, I found alot of mistakes in this seasons. Its not really realist for exemple at 14:25 the guy breaks his ankle and then at 41:36 he jumping off rooftops like nothing happened cmon wtf is this bullshit.
  • Mildly interesting. There were some really hillarious scenes - the pathetic trick with the prerecorded gun-shots, for example.

    Mildly interesting. There were some really hillarious scenes - the pathetic trick with the prerecorded gun-shots, for example. The fact that Link has been talking on his cellphone right after he got out of the water...common, guys - are we that silly? And how conveniently - T-Bag fell down EXACTLY under the military truck where Whistler (again very convenitly) lost his birdwatcher book. The show clearly lost its appeal, as everything starts from the beginning - it's like a Foxriver dejavu. Now I'm expecting a third prison they would break out of - maybe somewhere in Pakistan, why not? Feels like a waste of time sometimes.
  • Michael's cleverness resurfaces as does Lincoln's idiotic gene.

    This was a great episode. It showed us why we all fell in love with Michael. He predicted rightly T-bag and Bellicks shortcomings and used them against them. His plan worked brilliantly until Lincoln's idiotic move to avenge a father who started this whole train wreck surfaced. All through the episode Lincoln only keep thinking of LJ until it counted most. I'm not sure about everyone else but I remember season 2, and I do recall Lincoln's father shooting back at Mahone. Death come sooner then later when you're shooting at an ex Special Ops guy. And it wasn't like Michael or Lincoln even knew their father. But I thought the fact he got distracted by his desire to kill Mahone was the only piece of the plot that didn't fit. I'm glad Mahone got away, but I'm pretty sure he will resurface to save Lincoln's ass. Poor Sucre, he can't catch a break. And I'm confused why the Whistler ran. I thought he loved Sofia. Without him, there is no exchange which means not only LJ will die but Sofia will too. Kind of wish Mahone would have let him go under the water, he turned out to be no help at all. Wimp. And why did Michael ask Lincoln of all people what do they do now? He doesn't think that far ahead. Too bad next week is the finale. Feel kind of cheated, but I'm glad the strike is over.
  • This episode is a thrilling and entertaining ride, perfect for Prison Break Struture.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10). Excellent beginning, some of the Escape Squad was caught, but this is Michael plan? Whoo, that is very interesting.

    Complication Phase - » (10/10). In every corner they go seems to have a new complication, finally the escape happens, but the escape wasn´t easy, there was some obstacles that they overcame, thanks god that Michael bring the boy with him, the boy´s father was crucial.

    Climax Phase - » (10/10). With so many high tension scenes, it was hard to identify the climax in this episode, but who cares? It was perfect. Maybe when they were in the water, waiting in vain for Sucre or maybe the pursuit, doesn´t matter.

    Ending - » (10/10). It is possible was all for nothing? In this episode things ended pretty bad for Michal and Lincoln side, how they will overcome that? Exactly the type of ending that only Prison Break can deliver. Sucre is screwed and the Basket boy maybe screwed too.

    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10). This is the kind of episode where it very hard to notice any filler. It seems all scenes were well placed.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10). Didn´t notice flaws, with so much tension, the distraction is high. Suspend your logical beliefs and everything is fine.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10). The escape happens and it is complete, but there are some things to complete.

    Suspense/Tension - » (10/10)*3. This is the kind of episode that is filled with tension from the beginning until the end.

    What I liked -» All the Scenes.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» I am tired of T-bag escaping or hold something that is vital.

    This episode is a thrilling and entertaining ride, perfect for Prison Break Struture.
  • Awesome.

    Michael & his fellow inmates make their break from Sona, but the escape doesn't go as planned for all of them. Oh my god, what can I say about this episode, it was too good, I mean it was better than good it was brilliant and I loved every single second of it, every time I watch it. 10 out of 10, without a shaddow of a doubt, I mean come on how can you not vote this episode a 10. So exciting, and even the second time was this episode I felt sick watching it. I love the way the get out of the whole and go under the tucks and that. I also love the way they are in the ocean, awesome storyline. I feel sorry for Sucre, he is a awesome character didn't get much in this season but still awesome, hopefully next season he will be back to season one Sucre with lots of things going on. Awesome, personal favourite.
  • The escape gets closer

    In this episode of Prison break, the following happens. As they one by one crawl through the tony hole, as it gets to Michaels turn they stop. The three who were outside got caught. Was this all part of Michael plan? Or has he finally cocked up. When Michael is asked what the plan is now, he simply says this is the plan. Brad is one of the ones captured and he tells them about the tunnel. It is then discovered that other inmates are missing. Then the hole in the fence is noticed by some of the guards. We then see them being chased through the forest/woods by the guards. They make it to the beach where Lincoln meets them and as they dig we discover that they have oxygen tanks small ones in the box under the sand. They go into the ocean and begin to swim, with the guards a mere few miles behind them. When they arrive at where Sucre is supposed to meet them he isn't there, he is still in the office at the prison. So stranded out in the middle of the ocean, they have no choice but to wait for him to turn up. The guards on the beach discover the box with their hoes in and decide to call in the coast guard. Just as they have giving up hope Luis's father turns up with the boat. Meanwhile back in Sona they are still beating Brad to try and find out what he knows about the escape. Michael realises that they are being tracked and it's through the stopwatch that Susan gave to James.
    Susan turns up and realises that the gunfire that they are hearing isn't real and so she goes in and discovers the tape. Luis & his father run into road blocks as they are moving. Sucre is discovered to be part of the escaped inmates from Fox River. Alex says his goodbyes and leaves, a he is about to Lincoln tells him he isn't just going to let him walk out of there. Just as Lincoln is about to pull the trigger James makes a run for it and then so does Alex. James drives off and with Susan on her way there for him, what are the brothers going to do.
  • Personal favourite.

    Michael & his fellow inmates make their break from Sona, but the escape doesn't go as planned for all of them. Oh my god, what can I say about this episode, it was too good, I mean it was better than good it was brilliant and I loved every single second of it, every time I watch it. 10 out of 10, without a shaddow of a doubt, I mean come on how can you not vote this episode a 10. So exciting, and even the second time was this episode I felt sick watching it. I love the way the get out of the whole and go under the tucks and that. I also love the way they are in the ocean, awesome storyline. I feel sorry for Sucre, he is a awesome character didn't get much in this season but still awesome, hopefully next season he will be back to season one Sucre with lots of things going on. Awesome, personal favourite.
  • well plotted. Exactly why i watch this series

    lovely episode great escape but not as difficult or exciting as the first escape. the brothers are at a cross roads now i wonder how they'll manage to spin this. with whistler gone, getting Lj back will be difficult but i believe micheal will work something out. i dont know about you guys but am tired of the constant holding someone hostage and asking for something in return. Tbag is a pain in the neck. He should be dealt with once and for all. with all that he has done he doesnt deserve to live i hope the writers and producers keep him in sona
  • Not a let down!

    Great TV! I love this show.
    As the lights go off, the escapees have 30 seconds before the backup generator goes back on, and Lechero, T-Bag and Bellick are first to go. However, Michael and the rest remain in the tunnel. Power resumes and Lechero, Bellick and T-Bag are caught by the Sona guards in No Man's Land. Lechero is determined to run to the fence but is shot by the guards in the chest. Back in the tunnel the others are confused and are wondering the next move. They ask Michael his next move in light of the plan backfiring, but he confirms that what happened is indeed the plan. The captured are brought into the prison. Bellick is beaten until he reveals that they escaped through a tunnel under Lechero's room. The guards are brought there but they find nothing but an empty tunnel. A few seconds before Michael, Whistler, McGrady and Mahone have seized the opportunity to escape, taking advantage of the trucks parked above the tunnels, and make their way through the melted fence. Whistler, unknowingly, drops the bird book containing the coordinates under the truck.

    Sucre, who has taken up the identity of Jorge Rivera, has been arrested by one of the Sona guards after they discover an arrest warrent for Rivera. Sucre is then handcuffed to a filing cabinet, freezing him out of the escape plan. In the midst of their escape, Lincoln calls Sucre only to reach his voicemail which leaves him worried. McGrady's father calls Lincoln, who at first thinks it's Sucre. Lincoln instructs McGrady's father to drive a jeep he'd concealed under some leaves to the docks.

    While being pursued by the Sona guards and Panama police, the escapees head to the beach through the jungles. Whistler lands awkwardly on his right ankle and writhes in pain, asking Michael to let him go. Michael refuses and makes Mahone carry Whistler. They make it to the beach where Lincoln's buried package is uncovered - a cooler containing four oxygen canisters. Four canisters and five people: Michael decides to share with Lincoln, however later decides to share with McGrady as McGrady says he doesn't swim very well. Whistler realizes his bird book is missing, and he doesn't remember the co-ordinates either. However it's too late and there's nothing anyone can do about it now. They put their shoes and socks in the cooler and bury it before making a dash into the sea.

    Sona guards and Panama Police arrive at the beach but they are unable to locate the escapees.

    Michael, Lincoln, McGrady, Mahone and Whistler swim underwater to a buoy out in the Panamian ocean. Lincoln, to his horror, discovers that Sucre is not there to pick them up in the boat. They have no choice but to hang on to the buoy and wait for Sucre.

    The Sona guards uncover the buried shoes of the escapees and the Captain calls in support from the coastal police.

    McGrady's father arrives at the bay, in the car, and realizes the boat that is part of the escape plan-312-is still docked.

    Back at Sona, Bellick is beaten by the Sona guards about the escape but swears he knows nothing. The guards decide to target T-Bag instead. On the way to the interrogation room, T-Bag falls to the floor, and spots Whistler's bird book. Knowing there was something special about it, he seizes the opportunity to stuff it in his pocket.

    Just as Michael and the rest are almost out of strength, they spot a boat coasting towards them. McGrady fears it might be the coastal police, but he's relieved when he sees his father driving the boat. McGrady's father picks them up and heads for the bay.

    At the bay, Lincoln, Michael, Whistler and Mahone retrieve new clothes from the car. McGrady, who is no longer part of the plan, thanks Michael for helping him to freedom. McGrady leaves with his father in a truck. The four of them head for the location to meet Gretchen. However, they are intercepted midway by means of the stopwatch, which is actually a tracking device, given to Whistler by Gretchen. Lincoln manages to side-swipe and disable one of the two cars and goes off road to reach a shack he rented earlier.

    At the shack, a gunfight ensues. Lincoln uses the recording of the gunshots he recorded earlier to trick the 'hunters' into hiding for cover. Using this distraction, they are able to escape from the backdoor in another vehicle to an abandoned warehouse. Susan realizes they've been tricked and finds the boombox. She calls Lincoln, and applauds him for the neat trick. Lincoln turns the table on her, and demands LJ in exchange for Whistler in 20 minutes time.

    Sucre is finally released by the Captain and he proceeds to the clerk to retrieve his personal belongings. He discovers that the receipt for the boat rental is missing and waits in the office while the clerk looks for it. T-Bag is being interrogated by the guards in the next room. As he refuses to reveal anything, the guards decide to apply electricity to his testicles. T-Bag panics and points to Sucre, whom he spotted through the window, as an accomplice.

    McGrady and his father come across a roadblock and start to panic. McGrady pleads for his dad to turn around, but his Dad seems mystified.

    Sucre is brought into the room and interrogated, but he denies any connections to Michael, calling T-Bag 'garbage'. One of the guards brings in documents regarding the escapees and the guard finds a wanted notice for Fernando Sucre with Sucre's picture on it.

    In the factory, Linc attempts to shoot Mahone in revenge for killing his father. Mahone pleads with Lincoln, saying that his own family was at risk if he had not carried out The Company's order. Michael asks Lincoln to reconsider, but Lincoln is adamant and makes Mahone turn around so that he can shoot Mahone to his face. Just as Lincoln is about to pull the trigger, Whistler escapes through the window, forcing Lincoln to chase after him. Whistler jumps on top of a truck and then runs towards the road, thereby revealing that he feigned the injury to his ankle. Mahone quickly makes his way out of the warehouse as well.

    Whistler steals a truck outside the warehouse and speeds away, leaving Michael and Lincoln at a loss and pondering what their next move will be.
  • Great Escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That has got to be the BEST escape, I mean I loved the one at Fox River but using the water was so smart! I loved it!

    And poor Sucre! I can't believe he picked a name with a warrent out on him! Use your brain! And you would think that he would of changed his appearence some how incase they linked him to Fox River and Michael! But thats part of the show!

    And only 13 episodes this season? OMG!!

    I love how Michael used T-Bag, Bellick and Lechero as bait and let them just walk out into it! Exactly what I wanted him to do, get them OFF the break. How in the h3ll did they think they could all make it to the fence in 30 seconds!! Oh and get through it too! Can't wait to see who Michael is holding the gun to in the add and if Sucre gets out of his "hole". Keep it coming!!
  • It was still a good solid delivery, but it wasn't exceptional, then again, it isn't the finale yet is it?

    Compared to the season 1 escape, this episode was nothing, but my score is obviously not considering the comparison and I have to give this season some slack because its main purpose wasn't really getting out of prison, but more on saving L.J. and Sophia. Well, let's just say three of the very greedy inmates get caught due to their impatience. Things get complicated when everything is compromised. The book is left, Sucre is not available, but surprisingly, it all worked out for our favorite inmates, but who knew their own would eventually try to escape, again? This is leading to what seems like a very promising finale.
  • great episode

    Michael, Whistler, Mahone and Luis make it out of the tunnel while the police comb the prison grounds for their whereabouts. They hide under the trucks and when they are clear they make it out of the fences that were melted by Sucre. This episode is so well made. There are plenty of surprises along the way. The surprises never ends, and it really works well for the show. This episode is so riveting. The story is well written, the scenes are well directed. It's really awesome, i can't wait for the next episode. Prison Break does not disappoint, there's always something in store for everyone.
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    When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum. We encourage you to try to get your review right the first time--you may choose to edit it later on, but by doing so, you will lose any positive feedback associated with the review. We encourage you to write your review in a word processor or text editor, save it to your local disk, then copy and paste it in the box below. as usual, this episode was a good one with a lot of excitment from et I really enjoy looking at prison break
  • amazing!!!!

    That Michael!! lol
    Just him to thing about what the others would do before they even considered it and take advantage of it.

    They finally escaped from Sona and it worked out but not for Sucre.

    They waited, them crawled under the trucks and got out of No Man's Land. They got to the beach and meet Linc.

    Linc's idea with the bus was good but he should have whore a mask or something like that so the passengers couldn't recognize him.

    And Sucre was a vital part of the plan, too bad he got arrested. If it weren't for Luis' father they would be dead.

    And the shack was a great idea, fooling Susan like that. It was all going well, I even had forgotten about Linc's father.

    That just gave James a chance to run, that injure couldn't be real, he ran a lot lol.

    Now the problems are back on for all, Michael and Linc, Sucre and Luis.
  • Blown Away!

    One of the better Prison Break episode ever.
    It was a classic, nerve wracking episode of Prison Break. Season 3 has reached its peak and my expectations are high for the finale. What an amazing episode this was. The cleverness of the episode reminds me on season 1. It takes right off last week`s mind blowing cliffhanger and it also starts off with a shocking twists. Michael uses T-Bag, Bellick and Lechero`s capture as diversion for his escape. Some nerve wracking moments as they are finally out of Sona. And there another whole plan to outsmart the police and also the company for the exchange. Some nice and clever twists all add ending in an intense moment of action. An absolutely intense Mahone-Linc confrontation while we learn Whistler was faking injury and runs away.
    Amazing episode, one of the better of the whole series. Can`t wait for the finale.
  • Season 4, here we go ...

    Fernando gets in our guys get out. Guess who's gonna be rescued next (; But it looks like they are going to exploit it as long as it sells good. Just pumping in intense scenes and giving no real story advance. I'd rather see "The Adventures of MacGyver's Son (2008)" than every posible way to brake out and into prison with no conclusion ... Its great to watch, but the movie plot starts to get more convenient to makers rather than really creative ... Not that the good acting in the movie will get boring any time soon but they could at least get some new ideas for the actors to work with ...

    P.S. I just hope they get to finish the show properly and not let it hang like so many others...
  • What was so good, a perfect episode.

    The twists, the turns, the shocks, the cliffhangers, perfect. Prison Break is hitting peak lately with a third consecutive pure classic after Dirt Nap and Under & Out. I enjoyed every single second in this episode, the momentum was untakable. After the mind blowing start, we are left to realized that the plan we thought Scofield plotted was actually NOT the plan. Throughout the episode, so many simlar twists and turns and combined with 24 worth action. Chase, car wreck etc: entertainment at its best. You gotta love this, you love prison break.
    Meanwhile, the drama continues in Sona as those who failed to escape pay the concequences and Sucre falls into deeper trouble. T-Bag was classic, literally stole the show. Linc tries to kill Mahone, nearly did bu t I`m happy he did not, Mahone is clearly starting to look as a fan favorite.
    The stakes cannot be higher as Whistler runs away, the Season Finale cannot come much sooner.
  • An absolutely fantastic episode.

    Now, that is what I call an original Prison Break episode; a really intense episode. Some of the things we saw in previous episodes that left us wondering, are solved in this one. For example, what was inside the container that Lincoln buried in the sand.

    The lights go out in Sona and Michael says they have 30 seconds. Lechero, T-Bag and Bellick crawl out in to No Man's Land. But Michael stays behind. 'Not yet,' he says to a panicked McGrady and Whistler. He just looks at his **** As the three men run to their freedom, the generator kicks in - obviously in less than 30 minutes - and they are caught like mice in a trap. It is clear now that Michael had all these planned. He didn't intent to escape with those three, he just used them as a bait.

    Lechero runs toward the fence and he gets shot. The guards surround them, the patrol jeeps fill the area. McGrady suggests going back to the yard as the guards will soon discover them missing. Michael, although stressed, says it is almost time for them to go. Whistler tells him that they have ten minutes till dawn.

    Lincoln calls Sucre, but he cannot answer as he is trapped in Rafael's office. Rafael takes his possessions while Linc leaves an anguished message on Sucre's mobile. He has to be there or else they are dead! McGrady's father calls Lincoln and he gets instructions about the car he will use and the meeting point.

    Bellick confesses that they tried to escape through a tunnel under Lechero's room. The guards with General Sojo and Mestas rush down, dragging Bellick with them, while Whistler, seeing Michael frozen in position, says 'this is insane!' What on earth is Michael thinking?

    One guard shoots the door to the tunnel while at the same time Michael opens the cover, slides out, and hides under a jeep. The guards proceed into the tunnel. Whistler, Alex and McGrady hurry out behind him. When a guard climbs the stair and checks the tunnel he finds no one there. T-Bag curses that they sold them. When the guard hits Bellick he tells them that it was Michael who thought all of this, and that with him are Whistler, Alex and McGrady. In the counting it is confirmed that they are 4 men short. The guards are ordered to secure the perimeter. At the same time Michael crawls under jeep after jeep. When General steps into No Man's Land he spots the opening on the fence and realises that the prisoners have escaped.

    The sun is up now, and our four guys run through the jungle, while the guards are tight on their trail. On the other hand, the bus driver describes to the police Lincoln that hijacked his bus. This sounds like trouble. Whistler sprains his ankle, and Alex helps him move on. Finally, when they arrive at the beach they meet Lincoln. They only have a few minutes. Whistler tries to convince Michael to let him go and do it on his own way, but Lincoln cuts him short, denying to hear any other option. They undig the box from the sand. It contains 4 portable oxygen bottles. There are 5 guys, so Michael says he will share with his brother. Susan calls Lincoln and demands to know whether they are successful. She will meet them in 20 minutes in Panama City. They all put their shoes inside the box and hide it again under the sand. Lincoln puts his cell phone in a plastic bag to protect it from the water, and it is then when Whistler discovers that he no longer has the book with him. It must have fell off his pocket when he was crawling under the cars. He hasn't memorised the coordinates. As time pushes, they have no other choice but dive. McGrady fears because he can't swim well, and Michael helps him. When the guards arrive at the beach they find no one.

    Back at Sona Bellick gets bitten pretty badly, but he knows nothing about where Michael would go. When the guards see they will get nothing out of him, they drag out T-Bag to take him to an office. At No Man's Land T-Bag falls down and happens to spot Whistler's book, which he grabs. This is deja-vu all over and over again. Something tells me that they will need T-Bag and will have to find a way of getting him out of there.

    Michael, Lincoln and the rest of the boys arrive at a weather buoy, tired and exhausted. Sucre is supposed to take them on a boat, but Sucre is trapped in Sona, and no matter how desperately he begs Rafael, he won't let him go. McGrady's father goes at the pier but finds out that boat no. 312 is still there. No one has come to pick it up. On the beach a police dog discovers the hidden box with the shoes. They will have to call the coastguard.

    The warrant that Sucre is held for, is for drunken driving and abandoning of his wife and child. In the room next to the one he's been held they bring T-Bag and hit him savagely to get a confess. Sucre at last is off the hook as the General Mestas orders his release; they have bigger concerns now.

    As Michael and company get really desperate about Sucre's not coming, they see at last a boat approaching. Could it be the coastguard? As it arrives we see that behind the wheel is McGrady's father. He took a wild guess based on Lincoln's words, took the boat and came out to find them.

    At the dock they change into dry clothes. McGrady thanks Michael and they part ways. He is leaving with his father. As Lincoln drives away the team Susan calls, and soon they find out that they are been followed by the company's cars. The chronometer that Susan gave Whistler had in fact a tracking device, and that is how they found them. They get rid of it and try to escape their followers, and they succeed with one of the cars. They drive on a rural road and soon they arrive at the cabin Lincoln had rented. One car is on their tale, though. They get inside the cabin, and the shooting begins.

    Susan arrives at the site, and soon she realises that something's wrong. She enters the cabin, although we can hear bullets go by, and her teammates think she is crazy. The cabin is empty, and only the tape recorder is there playing the cassette with the shooting sounds that Lincoln and Sucre had taped days ago. They had fooled her, and she is so angry.

    At Sona the guards are ready to torture T-Bag with electricity, and he is really terrified. As he steps back he sees through the window Sucre in the other room retrieving his personal belongings from the guard, and screams that Sucre knows everything. Sucre denies that he knows any of them, he calls T-Bag a scum, and whom would you believe? Him? But for his really bad luck, a guard enters with all the relevant papers on Michael. With them there is Sucre's profile, and General Mestas is really angry that he's been tricked. T-Bag smiles contently on this development.

    At the road to freedom McGrady faces a road block, and in panic tells his father to turn around the car. He cannot go back to Sona.

    The 4 boys arrive at an abandoned facility where Lincoln plans to make the exchange, but on his own rules now. When Susan calls he talks to her really hard, for the first time - and about time - letting her no option but his. Alex gives Whistler two sticks that will help him hold steady his ankle. Michael tells his brother that he did great in all this. They should have LJ with them soon. Alex comes to say goodbye, but Lincoln draws his gun. He would have killed him back at the beach but they would be caught, so now he is at his disposal. Alex shot his father at the back, but Lincoln will give him the courtesy of been shot face to face. Michael tries to convince his brother not to do it, although I could see in his eyes a wish that Linc will do it. He also hates Alex to the core. Alex defends himself, saying that he had to choose between his family and Lincoln's. He did what every man would; he chose his own family. 'Go to hell,' says Lincoln and prepares to pull the trigger, but a sound of broken glass interrupts him. It is Whistler, who, taking the advantage, got away. He has no sprained ankle, he was just faking it. Alex takes the opportunity and hurriedly runs down the stairs, enraging Lincoln. He does not follow him, he has to follow Whistler. His son's life depends on him.

    Whistler hijacks a truck near the road and manages to get away. The two brothers look in despair.

    'What we do now?' asks Michael, like the question raised at the end of season's one episode. But Lincoln has no answer.
  • Great

    This was one of the best Prison Break episodes for a while, probably the best so far in Season 3. It was fast moving, exciting, and ended with a classic Prison Break cliff-hanger at the end. With lots of action and events all packed into one episode, it did not disappoint.

    From a critical perspective, there were some slightly strange, rather intangible moments, but it does remain to be a show which appeals to its viewers by being believable, unlike shows like Lost and Heroes.

    This season has finally kicked into action and everyone will be disappointed after the next episode when there will be another long period of time before the next offering of the great TV series!
  • Loved it... the memories

    At the end of the episode Burrows is clearly in love again and LJ gives Schofield the paper rose... Takes us back to season 1 when Schofield and Sarah fell in love. It was a paper rose so it would last forever.... who thought that that would be the only physical memory of Sarah (though like you reading this, I refuse to believe she's dead). The way people come into Sona while others leave. Goes to show that things are far from over. Schofield now has black parl of him that's hunting Gretchen and the search begins. And now that the company hasn't been uncovered, we just have to sit and wait for Season 4 and hope that like the five final episodes of three, we'll watch them kneeling down and grabbing the seat.

    Two words. Good stuff.
  • it was perfect...i kept counting the mins and didnt want it to end!

    this is what prison break is all about. they finally break out and what a break out it is, til the last moment you think there not gonna be able to pull it off but wait a min they actually do and they do it well. last season the break out you knew was gonna happen it was right at the end of the season kinda almost expected but over here it was so fast so soon and all covered in one episode it was awesome. i think i fell in love with Michael all over again, he was brilliant. A must see episode!! for sure… my favorite bit was that people like t-bag are still in prison and not on the run….!!
  • Loved it! Recap writer, please read :P

    Acctually I'm not really wrintg to comment the episode, which was fantastic itself, but to comment the recap.
    I had already said that the person who writes this recaps is perfect but each time I read another I like even more.
    I think I would love to read a book wrote by you.
    And if you are now reading this review please contact me.
    I want to know the magnificent person besides the magnificent recaps xD
    I'm portuguese and sometimes it's difficult to me to understand everything that is said in the episodes (I'm watching them whitout subtitles) but I simply need to read what you wrote to understand everything!
    Thanks a lo, hope you continue like that ;)
  • woooo! What was awesome, to say the very least.

    That time has come once again - the guys are about to break out of prison!

    As expected, the guys will hit some major road blocks during the escape.

    We know for sure that Michael, Whistler and Mahone make it out of Sona alive. However, the fates of Bellick, T-Bag, Lechero and McGrady are up in the air.

    Susan forces Lincoln to prove that Whistler got out of Sona alive and well. Thank goodness for cell phones!

    Mahone has a rough time figuring out what to do once he escapes. A thrilling episode, with amazing action, shocks, suspense and several cliffhangers to end it, truly perfect.
  • The whole thing blew me away

    The first few minutes of the episode were awesome! Lechero, T-Bag and Bellick head up into No Man"s Land and begin jogging across it, and mere seconds later, the backup generators kick in and they are caught! Haaaaa! Scofield set them up on purpose!

    Actually, the whole episode was really entertaining, but I"m telling you, those first few moments when it sinks in just how much of a scheming brainiac Michael is...oh, I"m going to be chasing that high for the rest of the series.

    Anyway, Lechero keeps running despite being told to stop, so he"s gut-shot and begins dying very slowly. Bellick spends the rest of the episode alternately sniveling and bleeding after the guards try to beat some answers out of him (good luck with that one), and T-Bag gets smacked around too. For a moment, it looks like he might finally get what"s coming to him in an extremely painful way, but T-Bag happens to notice Sucre juuuuust about to leave the police office after a long night. So do the cops. So our poor papi is now on the short end of a long beating. One hopes he"s so busy thinking, "Ow, ow, ow, owwwww" that he won"t stew on how he regrets helping out here.

    Okay! But back to the escape...Michael times it all perfectly and the cons just happen to race out as the convict count is going on. They sprint through the woods and down to the sea, and Linc meets them there. Then, they dig up air tanks and swim underwater to a buoy, and Michael is just the kind of selfless bad-ass who can A) share his tank with Splenda and B) basically carry the guy out to the buoy. Then things aren"t looking so good for the escapees as the boat piloted by Sucre doesn"t show up (for obvious reasons), but then Splenda"s dad comes by in a boat and fishes them all out of the drink. We get a really nice sequence where they"re all just silently hanging out on the boat, just drained by the events of the last 24 hours.

    Anyway, everyone"s officially escaped, and in nice clean clothes. Splenda and his dad take off. Everyone reluctantly carpools. Susan B. harshes their vibe further by trying to run their car off the road, but Lincoln manages some tricky driving and they decamp to an abandoned warehouse. There"s a nice brotherly bonding moment, and then Whistler and Mahone have to mess it up by existing, because Mahone"s good-bye reminds Linc that, oh, yeah, he meant to kill him. While Michael talks his brother out of this, Whistler makes his escape. So the episode ends in frustration for the brothers, as Mahone scampers one way, Whistler goes the other, and the brothers are still not reunited with L.J. However, I"m not particularly frustrated -- the whole thing kicked all kinds of ass and I feel confident the finale will continue the streak.
  • High water and hell.

    The escape attempt succeeds for some, if not all, of the escapees, and those who make it receive assistance on the outside from an unlikely source. But one escapee inadvertently leaves something behind.
    Good thing Mahone get his place in line or he could be back in Sona.
    I very glad Lincoln did not get the chance to kill Mahone. He would be committing the crime he originally was sent to Fox River for. I think Sucre is going to land himself in Sona. When all is said and done I think he should have served his time in Fox River. Can`t wait for the finale!
  • Outdid itself again!

    Again the show is now getting better and better as it has outdid itself again. As the men try to run from the prison. But they it a snag as Mahone does seem to be the odd man out. While Whistler is faking an injury, he seizes the chance to turn away. Linc now must be the brains as Michael seems to have hit a snag. While T-Bag is assumed that he has the Bird Book. But what will become of the Bird Book as it plays a huge role now in the show and will play a huge role in the coming last episodes. Bellick is getting the you know what beaten out of him! Golly that is some beating!
  • A memorable episode!

    So the time has come, the highly hype breaking out time and holy hell that was mind blowing.
    The episode in two part: The break out and the after escape.
    The breakout opens with a absolute shock: Bellick, T-Bag and Lechero are all caught and all this part of Michael`s plan. Genius as always! It was shocking, specially with lechero getting shot! And the break out itself is something else that we did not expect as instead of running it was all a more calculated sneaking slowly operation. They`re out adn it`s satisfying outcome.
    Now this episode keep the action going after the escape? Hell yeah! They`re on run, whistler "injured" and they dissapear though the sea, left alone there as Sucre fails to come but McGrady`s papa came.
    But that`s far from over, the action takes off even more as Susan chases the escapees but is outsmarted buy some very ell planned tricks! I love it! Meanwhile Bellick is beaten half to death and Robert Knepper delivers some amazing performances again in the role of T-Bag. Hilarious, creepy and manipulating, he puts Sucre is some deep trouble. But ore importantly , T-bag assures himself a dominant role as he has the bird book.
    Meanwhile our escapees (apart form Mc Grady) arrives at the warehouse and suddenly Linc gets blinded by revenge. He pints the gun at Mahone in one of the most intense moments in he show history, the suspense was awesome as Whistler seize the opportunity to tun away, revealing that he was faking injury all the way round. What do we do now Linc?
    That`s cliffhanger on every character, a memorable episode, one of the best prison break episode to date.
  • I had some reserves as there was so much hype but how wrong I was, this episode delivers!!!

    The boys are on the run once more on "Prison Break." Things pick up right where they left off last week, as Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) has taken out the power to Sona. Michael (Wentworth Miller) urges Lechero (Robert Wisdom), T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and Bellick (Wade Williams) to get moving because they only have 30 seconds to get through the fence. Smelling their freedom, those three make a dash across no man's land, only to have the power go back on just a little too soon. Seems like lil' Mikey set them up.
    "Hell or High Water" was a classic episode of "Prison Break," and the season seems to be ending in style. The series is always at its most interesting when they are not in prison because anything goes at those times. Should be a doozy of an episode next week, as the preview promises "treachery, sacrifice and revenge." Ahh, the "Prison Break" promos are almost as over-the-top as the series itself. Gotta love it.
  • Perfect.

    Any show that kicks off with "Don't Fear the Reaper" is all right in my book. This is the fall finale, kids. We're breaking out all of the stops -- even if we're not breaking out any prisoners...

    This episode finds Michael and Linc aren't the only ones on a deadline. Gretchen is apparently up poop-creek as well. The plan now is "bang and burn" -- hey just like the episode title!

    Gretchen is trying to put the escape plan into overdrive, since the Company is breathing down her neck. Her organization seems to be huge (as witnessed by the beginning of the episode's war room scene) -- why can't they just go in and shoot the two or three guards and break Whistler out himself? With their power, they should be able to land Santa's sleigh in the middle of Sona.

    Sounds like a plan -- plan B to be exact, which also involves taking out everyone in its path: Linc, Sophia, Sucre and Michael. That's half of the opening credits!

    No worries, my friends. No one in this crop can pull off an escape plan. There's a reason why they need Michael. At one point, Whistler was going to give Michael the shiv, only to be interrupted by Lechero. It's weird how Whistler went from a guy hiding inside a wall to a big-wig bad-ass all in just a few episodes.

    On another note: I have that same automatic door lock that was shown in the episode. Who knew there was a Home Depot near Sona?

    On the outside, Linc and Sucre rented a shack in the middle of nowhere. Not sure why; even more puzzling was where the duo got a boombox.

    After signing the ink on their new digs, the two headed into town, where they met up with Sophia and got ambushed in an alley. Linc is definitely fed up -- and must have been spending time at the shooting range. He popped a bad guy right in the head, even as he held Sophia hostage.

    Sophia might have been better off if Linc got her instead. She found out that something is seriously up with Whistler -- or should we call him Gary Miller. The people at the airport do; it's on his passport. We didn't get to see his social security card or other effects. Gretchen walked in and broke up Sophia's snooping.

    Also on the outiside, maybe in another part of town, Mahone is still in the hotel, still having withdrawls. He begs Lang for drugs, basically so he can be presentable enough to testify. Apparently, this was a good idea. He was practically gnawing off his hand during his testimony. He made a nice, touching speech, but Mahone is getting sent back to Sona anyway.

    He can have Michael's bunk. At the end of the episode, guards dragged him out. Too many escapes and only one guy with tattoos of an escape route all over his back. Yes -- the tattoos made a brief appearance; just long enough for Michael to change into another long-sleeved shirt.

    No LJ in this episode. Barely any Bellick or T-Bag. How will all of the characters interact now that Michael is being relocated? Looks like we'll have to wait until
  • Lives up to the hype!

    This week's installment of Prison Break was one of the strongest in a long time. One could argue it's a bit of a double standard, me saying that, because the episode was long on plot and pure action.
    Season finale.

    Not "mid-season finale," or "winter finale," or any of those other fancy invented terms we've heard before. No, pretty much "no more episodes." And the writers' strike is now just waiting for a few formalities before finally being resolved. It's likely to be officially over tomorrow, with writers returning to work on Wednesday. In fact, there have been rumors that some show runners were actually back at work today, prepping for a full restoration of production.

    In short, FOX didn't have to say "season finale" for lack of knowing when the strike might get resolved. It would seem they said it because they have no intention of bringing the show back -- not this season, at least.

    Now don't get me wrong. I'm actually just about tired of the Prison Break ride, and ready to get off. I don't think I actually want another full 22-episode season of the show. I can't see it being very interesting from here. And with the ratings of Prison Break sagging ever lower, I'm not sure FOX is actually up for another full 22-episode season either.

    But neither do I expect things to come to a satisfying resolution in the one remaining episode. I suppose I'd figured/hoped that, with the strike resolved, they'd come back, do maybe four or five more episodes (as most series are expected to do this season), and that would be that. But now, what kind of "ending" are we going to get?

    That's the real suspense we have to look forward to in the next week or two.
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