Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 12

Hell or High Water

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2008 on FOX

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  • The escape gets closer

    In this episode of Prison break, the following happens. As they one by one crawl through the tony hole, as it gets to Michaels turn they stop. The three who were outside got caught. Was this all part of Michael plan? Or has he finally cocked up. When Michael is asked what the plan is now, he simply says this is the plan. Brad is one of the ones captured and he tells them about the tunnel. It is then discovered that other inmates are missing. Then the hole in the fence is noticed by some of the guards. We then see them being chased through the forest/woods by the guards. They make it to the beach where Lincoln meets them and as they dig we discover that they have oxygen tanks small ones in the box under the sand. They go into the ocean and begin to swim, with the guards a mere few miles behind them. When they arrive at where Sucre is supposed to meet them he isn't there, he is still in the office at the prison. So stranded out in the middle of the ocean, they have no choice but to wait for him to turn up. The guards on the beach discover the box with their hoes in and decide to call in the coast guard. Just as they have giving up hope Luis's father turns up with the boat. Meanwhile back in Sona they are still beating Brad to try and find out what he knows about the escape. Michael realises that they are being tracked and it's through the stopwatch that Susan gave to James.
    Susan turns up and realises that the gunfire that they are hearing isn't real and so she goes in and discovers the tape. Luis & his father run into road blocks as they are moving. Sucre is discovered to be part of the escaped inmates from Fox River. Alex says his goodbyes and leaves, a he is about to Lincoln tells him he isn't just going to let him walk out of there. Just as Lincoln is about to pull the trigger James makes a run for it and then so does Alex. James drives off and with Susan on her way there for him, what are the brothers going to do.