Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

SONA. Michael's plotting. He drops some chocolate out his window at a rat to test the perimeter (heh) guards' response. It's pretty quick as the rat is soon bathed in light and then shot.

The next day. Felon Flipped Out Mahone is bugging Michael who tells him to get off his back (dirty!). They're interrupted by the arrival of a new prisoner whom Henchman greets. And by "greet" I mean, "whaps him about the face and knocks him down." "I'm so ready to get out of here, anytime you are," Mahone says.

Linc (whoa! Wait just a second! What's this? There, there's, there's no chest! Well, yeah it's still there, but it's, gasp!, covered! That's right, Linc is sporting a white tee which actually fits him. Why, Linc why? What am I going to talk about now?) ANYHOO, Linc (it's gone, gone!) and Michael meet at the inner fence. Linc informs Little Bro about the loss of the bird book. Michael says Linc needs to find a getaway vehicle and park it a half mile from the prison. They'll need it by 3 pm tomorrow. Linc's all, "Wuh, in the daytime? When it's light?" Apparently during Michael's rat-feeding he discovered that the perimeter (heh) is patrolled by the military and there's no way of knowing where they'll be in the dark. "We're doing this tomorrow, in the middle of the day," Michael states. Linc gulps.

New Prisoner's declothed, lying in the Yard. Hey, how come Michael wasn't stripped down when he arrived? So unfair! A big dude wants to know what NP's looking at. NP points out Whistler and says he knows him.


Michael pays Sparky for some watches and also requests binoculars, but Sparky doesn't have any. He says there's a guy who has some, but won't sell. Cut to Michael stealing the binocs while the old guy snoozes.

Michael's cell. Michael draws their escape route in the dirt covering the floor. He says getting out will be fairly easy, the bars are old and rusted, but they will need some type of ladder to get down the wall. And they're doing this during the day, in the line of sight of two guard towers. At 2 o'clock tomorrow there's a soccer game in the Yard which should provide some distraction. Michael continues, saying that he noticed the sun's glare interfere with one of the guard's vision. They'll need to spy on him and the other guard to find more weaknesses, hence the binocs.

Linc and Sofia are plotting as well. JLOK calls to warn Linc that they're cutting it pretty close. Linc (what else?) hollers at her. She brings up Doc which begs the question: what did Linc do with the box? What does a person do with that sort of thing? Dump it in the garbage? That seems disrespectful. Can you imagine Linc getting caught with that in his possession? "No, I didn't do it! I didn't kill her. I mean, I was kinda semi-responsible for her death, but I didn't do the killing! Honest, it was this hot chick with cool blue eyes!" Poor Linc would be toast, especially without The Chest to distract the authorities. And yes, I've made it a proper noun. I will lament its loss until its return.

Sucre's approached by some guys in a black van. They had an arrangement with the former gravedigger and want Sucre to smuggle in a package for them. Just this one time. Uh-huh.

Bellick chats up NP. Blah blah, the shovel-headed one gives the new guy some cheese. And that's not a euphemism for anything.

Michael and Whistler hang a sheet in Michael's cell. Oh, Sucre's going to be so jealous! Michael split the binocs in half, so he can watch one tower from his cell and Whistler can watch the other. Whistler says he'll need a lookout, Michael tells him to get Mahone. Whistler's all, "When did we let the loony bird in on the action?"

MBBM reminds T-Bag to keep his ears open.

Whistler complains about the guard he's watching. "Guy hasn't so much as scratched his jock in an hour." Lovely. He then takes note of the blinding sun. Score one for the Escapees! Mahone leaves to check on Michael...who's spying and checking the time on his watch.

The Yard. Mahone passes a suspicious NP.

Whistler meets up with Michael and says the guard was blinded for six minutes starting at 3:13. As they chat, NP sneaks around, trying to listen. Michael points out that his guard has a tv and adjusts the antenna every now and then. Whistler says that they can't count on that so Michael brings up his mad MacGyver skillz.

Mahone and NP run into each other (but no need for concern, neither is injured). Mahone warns NP to mind his own business.

Linc and Sofia drive through the jungle when suddenly they're stopped by a bunch of cops. They're told that all roads leading to SONA are closed within two miles of the prison. Linc then asks Sofia about the coast.

Back to SONA. Whistler shows Michael a hammock that can be used as a ladder. He notices that Michael's coveting some guy's microwave. Michael attempts to steal said appliance, but he and Whistler have to scatter. Michael then asks Whistler why tomorrow? What is so important about tomorrow that They want him out? Whistler doesn't know.

Linc buys and packs a cooler. Yeah, it's about as exciting as it sounds, especially sans The Chest.

Non-Nun gives MBBM bad news: his cousin will no longer pay for her visits to SONA.

Sucre manages to hide the package on the food truck.

Whistler asks Michael about the future, namely his future once they make it out. He guesses that They will kill him once They get what They want. Michael's not so much with the caring.

"Food's here!"

T-Bag and Mahone discuss Mahone's lack of funds. T-Bag relishes telling the former lawman that he'll start a tab for him.

Henchman retrieves the package.

The old guy notices his binocs are gone.

Damn, Mahone looks rough! Trippy trippy daydream, tra la la!

Michael MacGyver's the microwave (he went back and got it) in order to set off an EMP. Whistler plugs it in and everything shorts out. Michael quickly checks the guard, who's futzing with his tv. Whistler makes shushing sounds, Michael turns, Whistler gives him the all clear and Michael turns back to spy through his binocs. And he's staring down the barrel of a gun! Bang!


Cue the Running! Sparky yells that they're coming in so everyone has to kneel in the Yard with their hands on their heads. MBBM orders T-Bag to hide Non-Nun. The guards enter and announce that a rifle scope was seen from one of the towers. Oops! They commence searching.

The beach. Linc takes in Sofia's hotness while they bicker.

As the guards play Where's Waldo And What The Hell Was He Doing With A Rifle?, Non-Nun freaks about the search. T-Bag quiets her.

The guards find the partial binocs in Michael's cell. They chain the doors closed and go out to the Yard. They show the prisoners their discovery and ask who has the corner cell. When prisoners start getting smacked around, Michael speaks up. He points out, "It's not a weapon," and gets a smack for his trouble. The guard is all, "No shit Sherlock, but I still want to know why you were watching me." "Because you're so damn fine," Michael doesn't say. The guard puts his gun to Michael's head and begins a countdown. Whistler pipes up that it's actually his cell and he was watching birds. He takes out his book, saying he didn't speak up earlier 'cuz he was afraid. The guards take the book, call him a coward and leave. Michael manages to snag the binocs. But what he doesn't manage to do is get back into his cell. Nor is he able to reach the MacGyvered EMP Device.

T-Bag leaves Non-Nun alone for a moment in order to suck up to MBBM. When she tries to leave, she drops some money she stole. T-Bag covers for her, saying he gave her the money for transportation and that he was going to replace the dinero with some of his cut at the end of the day. MBBM doesn't like his underlings doing the thinking for him so he punches T-Bag then orders him to "Get the bucket, wash my feet." Hee! Suck it T-Bag!

Whistler harasses Michael who just wants to be left alone so he can think. "If you can't get me out of here, tell me now." So you can do what, Whistler?

Linc buries the cooler in the sand, but not before showing its contents to Sofia. "Our getaway vehicle." O-kay.

Looks like Sucre will have to make another SONA delivery. Just one time, my ass.

Michael's back to plotting. He tells Mahone that they need to replace everything they lost. They're also going to need a new exit point, on the south side. NP comes up to Whistler and says they met in France in 1997. He calls Whistler "McFadden" and says he was "with the ambassador." Whistler says he has him confused with someone else and shoos NP away. He tells Mahone and Michael that NP is nuts. Uh-huh. Mahone changes the subject and shows the others something. He brings them to a window where they observe a guard draining a paper cup and dropping it on the ground. Mahone says the guy has two cups every day, at the same time and the cups are exactly like the one that blew into the Yard earlier, which Mahone picked up. This is all very important info 'cuz as Mahone states, "The man's gotta have his fix." Damn straight! You don't want to even imagine what I'm like without my 34 oz. latte in the morning. So, if they get to the cup (and drug it?), "We get to the man," Whistler finishes. Yeah, the Great Escape 2.0 now depends on paper cups. And Michael's sketching the escape plan in the dirt. What's next, Michael leading kindergarteners in a revolt against their teacher using weapons formed from construction paper and Crayolas? Actually, I'd probably watch that, if only to see the hotness that is Wentworth Miller. But let's keep it quiet 'cuz some tv producer could come across this and think, "My, what a simply splendid idea!" I mean, how else do you explain Cavemen getting on the air?
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