Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on FOX

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  • This episode makes the final preparation for the next two episodes, where the break has to happen. This time, this setup episode, didn´t use too much fillers and this episode was interesting and entertaining.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10). Sucre is in dangerous business, T-bag making is plans for the future, an junkie Mahone that was useful, a suppose innocent Whistler and Michael making Tests and making all the setups that goes wrong, this episode made very good progress in terms of events.

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10). A intriguing beginning and some setups.

    Complication Phase - » (7/10). The only difficult here is steal some material and test things before the escape happens, of course, this made a even worse complication.

    Climax Phase - » (9/10). When the guards caught Michael binoculars and entered Sona for explanations. Suspense/Tension - » (9/10). The same above, since this was the only moment fillet with tension and suspense. Drama - » (7/10). Light drama, just Lincoln discussing with Whistler girlfriend´s, and Lechero woman in some trouble, nothing great or very good material here.

    Ending - » (7/10)*2. Sucre in bad business and Michael seems prepared to initiative his plans in time.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). This new guy seems like filler to me, T-bag scenes one more time was necessary, because this is some setup very important for his future. Lincoln scenes was only setup and managed to buy time. Sucre scenes it is hard to say yet his importance. Michael scenes is relevant to the plot.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10). The guards caught the binoculars but didn´t take it with them, risking doing the same situation again. What I liked -» The tension in this episode and some setups.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Hard to say.

    This episode makes the final preparation for the next two episodes, where the break has to happen. This time, this setup episode, didn´t use too much fillers and this episode was interesting and entertaining.
  • Amazing.

    A new inmate enters Sona unnerving Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions; Lincoln plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable; T-Bag tempts his fate with his latest attraction; and Sucre attempts to get goods into Sona. What can I say about this episode? Well it was another good one from Prison Break. I don't like the new character though. My favourite character is Michael is season three, I mean heh is the best. I also love Mahone, again and Whistler, too. I love this season. I can't wait to see more, even though I am re-watching it, just love this season so much.
  • Awesome

    A new inmate enters Sona unnerving Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions; Lincoln plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable; T-Bag tempts his fate with his latest attraction; and Sucre attempts to get goods into Sona. What can I say about this episode? Well it was another good one from Prison Break. I don't like the new character though. My favourite character is Michael is season three, I mean heh is the best. I also love Mahone, again and Whistler, too. I love this season. I can't wait to see more, even though I am re-watching it, just love this season so much.
  • Road Block for the plan.

    Mahone adds this contribution tot the plan, love it.
    Linc visits Michael; the escape deadline is tomorrow. Linc needs to arrange a getaway vehicle for 3pm – the only way to avoid the military jeeps is to be able to see them, so they need to escape in broad daylight.

    A new inmate, Andrew Tyge (Dominic Keating) refuses to give out his wallet to Sammy. Sammy beats him up and also takes his shirt. Bellick gives him food "for later" and tells him this is how prisoners become "untouchables" like Bellick used to be. However, Tyge is more concerned with staring at Michael and Whistler talking, as he recognizes one of them. Michael asks McGrady for a watch and binoculars. Michael then outlines his escape plan to Whistler; but first, he needs to get to know the guards better to find out their weaknesses. Whistler's cell overlooks the other guard's tower; Michael asks him to observe him all day, and gives him one half of the binoculars.

    An impatient Susan is writing on a chart (steps of a plan perhaps) while speaking with Lincoln, and tells him to deliver Whistler as soon as he and Michael break out of Sona, and he has 36 hours.

    Sucre is approached by Lechero's cousin, Augusto – he had an arrangement with the previous gravedigger to smuggle things into Sona. He'll give Sucre $5,000 to do this just once. Sucre agrees.

    Whistler finds that there's a time of day when there's a blind spot for the guard for six minutes. Michael has found that the other guard occasionally adjusts his TV when there's interference – and he can build a transmitter to help jam his signal. Being an engineer, he learned in college about interfering with EMP. Tyge spies on them; Michael almost catches him, but not quite. However, Mahone approaches Tyge, and tells the new prisoner how prisoners should mind their own business.

    Lincoln and Sofia try to take an off-road to Sona, but being a private government road they're stopped and bullied by the police. Although Sofia talks them out of any trouble, the officer says he'll remember Linc's face should it happen again.

    After having sex with Lechero, Sister Mary Francis says that Augusto won't pay for her any more. Lechero won't pay either – he won't pay for sex. She's desperate and broke, but Lechero's offended.

    As T-Bag continues to provide Mahone with free drugs with a promise of future payment, Sammy picks up the package that Sucre has smuggled in. Michael steals the microwave of a particularly tough inmate. He uses it to finish his jamming device. It works – but the sun hits the scope and flashes at the guard and so the guard suddenly takes aim at Michael's cell and sprays the window with bullets. An alarm blares. Colonel Escamilla and his men enter the prison – the Colonel is not leaving until he finds the what he thinks was a rifle pointed at one of his guards. Everyone is cornered in the yard except T-Bag - Lechero having ordered him to stay inside and hide with Sister Mary Francis. T-Bag hides her and himself and promises to keep her safe. She looks up to him as he seems to have a genuine affection for her.

    The monoscope is found in Michael's cell. Michael steps up to admit it's his cell and the guard, Hurtado, demands to know why he was watching him. Whistler then steps up and says the scope is actually his, and he wasn't watching the guard, he was watching birds. He shows the bird book as proof that he's a birdwatcher. The General is mollified.

    Lechero returns to his cell – to find that Mary tried to steal $30 from his unguarded cashbox. T-Bag steps up and claims he gave the money to her and planned to replace it by the end of the day. Lechero is angry, and roughs T-Bag up, but Mary is out of trouble for now and looks up to T-Bag even more.

    Linc buys some supplies at a dive shop, and then goes with Sofia to the beach, not far from the prison gates, where he buries an ice box. International waters are 12 miles off the coast. Linc and Sofia start to trust each other.

    Augusto pays Sucre for his delivery – and reveals to him it is not a one time deal. Sucre resists, but ultimately gives in.

    The guards leave but not before locking Michael's cell as punishment, leaving all of Michael's escape plan's objects out of reach; his plans are ruined. Whistler and Michael step out into the yard realizing Michael must come up with a new plan. Whistler runs into Tyge – who is sure he knows Whistler. He calls him McFadden and says he was in Nice, in 1997, with the Ambassador. Whistler insists Tyge's insane, he's just a fisherman. Neither Michael nor Mahone believe him, but Mahone doesn't care – he just wants to get out. Mahone reveals he has noticed something else from his own cell and takes Michael and Whistler to see it.

    Mahone shows them through his window that the guard watching TV has a full cup of coffee everyday before getting to his tower and proposes they try and get to that cup, which Michael agrees with.
  • Filler but great!

    What a good filler episode!

    Yay Sucre is in on the break now! What a good plan from Michael! He is so clever!! And Mahone isn't bad either. He needs to contribute to get in on the break and he knows that, I think Haywire got something through to him with his lil visit! And I know what they were looking at but I still don't get it and I've seen the episode twice, but I'm blonde. I'll figure it out soon enough!

    Now what is Linc playing with Sophia? Not letting her in on his part of the break out? Thats not helping matters. I'm still not sure about Whistler, he's hiding something. Thats obvious but helping Michael when the guard said he was going to kill him? I suppose they both need each other in one way or another. But when they get out all bets are off! GO MICHAEL
  • Filler but good.

    this episode was so great! A filler episode but still pretty good. This season is getting better and better. In my book its already much better than most of season2 but of course far fronm being as genius as Season1.
    Amazing episode again...I hope they keep it up.
    The week is nearly over and Michael`s plan is a kind of beta version. But Mahone adds a great contribution to it. I love the scene when the guards threaten to kill Michael and Whistler makes the save! I guess Michael will learn about Sara in next ep and its gonna be hell!! I cannot wait!
  • Sets up next episode in a great way.

    Prison break got the pace back! Yeah! Another pacy episode, just like we like them. I thought Michael would know about Sara in this episode but I guess its for the next one.
    There is so much to tell in that episdoe. Michael, Whistler and Mahone observes the guards to know which timing to apply when escaping but one guards knows about it and wants explanation and it was a close call for Michael. However in this chaos, Michael will loose an important device he would used to distract a guard but Mahone finds another way to distract the guard. I like the way Michael_Mahone_Whistler are working as a team....whistler make the save for Mochael and Mahone finds a way to distract the guard while Michael plans the escape. But who else is escaping? I`m pretty sure there are some more. Can`t wait.
  • Tension filled.

    Michael struggles to form his plan of escaping. In the night, in his new cell that has a view to the fence and guard posts, he lures a rat with some chocolate. Probably he hopes that the guards are not very careful, but he is proven wrong. A guard spots the rat, the lights open flooding the area, and the rat is shot down. Michael, disappointed, realises that breaking out during the night is an impossible task.

    In the morning the gates open and a breeze sends a smashed paper cup to Alex's foot. A new prisoner enters and Sammy beats and robs him. Bellick offers him some help, giving him a piece of cheese and Andrew Tyge, the new prisoner, sees Michael and Whistler in the yard and says he recognises Whistler. In a meeting with his brother, Michael asks about Sara, and Lincoln insists on lying to him, saying that he did see recent pictures, but they wouldn't let him keep them. Lincoln knows very well that if Michael finds out about Sara's fate he will break, he will be unable to do anything. And then LJ will be lost too.

    They have only 34 hours left before the attempt, and Michael informs Lincoln that this will be done in broad daylight, as the night is out of the question. Well, that is indeed very compelling! Breaking out during the day is something unheard of.

    Michael asks McGrady for 2 watches and binoculars. The young Colombian can find him the watches, but the binoculars, he says, he can easily take them from Guillermo. Michael draws on the floor a rough sketch of the prison, and tells Whistler how they are going to leave Sona. They will be visible only to the two guard towers, as the jeep patrol makes rounds only in the night. At 2:00 there will be a soccer play in the yard, and this should retract the inmates. On the other hand, Michael has noticed that a sun glare hits one of the guards in the towers in the afternoon, so he probably has his view blocked. He has to find out the other guard's weakness, so they need to watch them closely using the binoculars.

    Lincoln and Sofia plan how they are going to get a car the closest to Sona, when Susan calls just to remind them that their time is almost up. She keeps some notices on a scrap book, and we can read: "STAMPEDE, MONUMENT @12:21" but the rest are blocked by her hand. "It sounds to me that you and your brother are over your heads. There's a bad joke about Sara somewhere in there", she says.

    Now, what could she mean? Is she making black humor, or does she mean something else? Is Sara's death really a bad joke and it is all in their heads? "you are over your heads", she says, and then defines that the bad joke is "somewhere in there" - does this mean inside their head? that is, Sara's death was just an illusion, just a make-believe thing they used to force them to co-operate?

    Augusto, Lechero's cousin, approaches Sucre and asks him to get something inside Sona, just as his predecessor gravedigger did. His reward will be 5000 dollars. I think that Sucre accepts only because he does not want to raise suspicions about who he really is and what he is doing there.

    Michael cuts the binoculars in two, and gives one piece to Whistler. They have to watch both guards, make sure that the glare does occur again, and learn about their habits. Whistler does confirm that the glare keeps the guard from seeing clear the grounds at exactly 13:13 (he and Michael check the time in the watches they got from McGrady). This guard ignored everything to the west for 6 minutes. Michael's guard is a sports fan, and he has a television for watching the games. He needs to readjust the antenna every now and then, so Michael figures out that if they build a simple device that transmits signals, they could interfere with the guard's TV and this will draw his attention. As they speak, the new guy spies on them, and Michael notices it, but when he goes out of his cell he sees nobody there. As he goes out in the yard, Tyge collides with Alex that warns him to mind his own business. Alex is clearly afraid that Tyge's sneaking on them might spoil his only chance to escape with Michael.

    Lincoln and Sofia are driving their car, but a patrol stops them and warns them not to come so close again, because nearby it is Sona, and the grounds are off limits. Lincoln goes to plan B. The coast is just 3 miles away from the prison!

    Michael spots a microwave that an inmate doing tattoos has, and decides that this will be perfect for their purpose. He tries to steal it but without success. Time is pressing and Michael wonders why can't they break out later than the initial plan, why they have to be out the next day. Whistler has no idea why the company wants him out so soon, or what they plan to do with him after.

    In the coast Lincoln buys some stuff from a dive shop and finds out that the international waters are just 12 nautical miles away. He gets with Sofia to Solana beach and he buries in the sand the box with the supplies. Just before he does that, he opens the cover and shows Sofia their "getaway vehicle". He says that next time Sofia sees Whistler to tell him what she saw, tell him that they are all in this together.

    I wonder what could it be in that box. Sofia looked astounded, so it must be something not ordinary like a gun, or some kind of weapon. And why tell Whistler what she saw? Maybe it is something they can use against the company or against Susan in order to blackmail her to free LJ and let them all go. Certainly, it can not be a raft boat - the box is too small for that.

    Michael steals the tattoo guy's microwave and he uses it to create an electromagnetic pulse that will "kill" any device nearby. As he watches with his monocular to see if the guard will be distracted, the sun shines on his lens and the flare warns the guard. Next thing the guard is raising his riffle and shoots at Michael's side. The sirens begin to scream and McGrady tells Michael and Whistler to go out because "they are coming in"! Lechero asks T-Bag to hide his woman, Sister Mary Francis, that was there for her regular visit. Guards must not find her there. T-Bag takes care of her, and he shows a real affection towards her.

    Armed guards break into the yard, while the prisoners are down on their knees with their hands up. Colonel Escamilla informs Lechero that they will search Sona, because one of the inmates has a riffle. Capitan Hortado saw the riffle scope from the tower. The guards find the monocular in Michael's cell, and the captain asks whose cell is that. As no one answers he asks an inmate, and when he refuses he brutally hits him behind the knees. Michael, not wanting to cause unnecessary suffer to the others confesses that it is his cell. Although the monocular is not a weapon, capitan Hurtado hits Michael on the face and draws out his gun, pointing it at his head, wanting to learn why Michael was watching him.

    "I wasn't watching you", insists Michael, but Hurtado doesn't buy it. He counts to five, threatening to pull the trigger. Michael cannot tell the truth as he knows this will be the end for Sara and LJ. In agonising moments Michael clings to his original state and does not give in. Whistler saves the day when he admits that he is the one who has done the watching, but he was only watching birds. He presents them the book, just to convince them.

    When the guards leave, Michael runs to his cell, only to find out that he is locked outside. The guards had put a chain and secured it. Desperately he tries to grab the microwave's cable, to no effect. This whole even has crashed any hopes he had for his plans to succeed, and when Whistler asks him what they do now, he simply says he doesn't know. "Just leave me alone, please", he says, but Whistler informs him that before he got into prison someone came to his apartment and took his address book, so now they know everyone he cares about. Michael says that in his case they already have found everyone he cares about. This was a great, full of tense scene, like the ones we used to see in the previous seasons.

    Michael has to readjust his plan, and find a new exit point. In the yard Tyge stops Whistler and calls him McFadden, says they met in Nice in 1997 and that he was with the ambassador. Whistler refuses, saying that he must be mistaking him with someone else, while Alex and Michael look at the scene speechless. There is definitely something's going on with this Whistler guy. Alex takes them to his cell just to show them something he noticed. Hurtado is caffeine addicted and he has to get his fix of coffee one in the morning and one after lunch. He drinks and throws the coffee cup in the yard, the same cup that the wind sent to his feet the other morning. If they get to the cup they get to the man.

    "We got to move", says Michael.
  • Filler but still highly entertaining.

    A new inmate enters Sona, unnerving Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions; Lincoln plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable; T-Bag tempts his fate with his latest attraction; and Sucre attempts to get the goods into Sona.
    So Michael is suspicious and Whistler is unnerved about Sona's newest inmate.

    Lincoln makes an oceanside getaway plan with Sofia.

    Susan informs Lincoln that the escape must be made sooner than originally planned.

    T-Bag and Sister Mary Francis form a new relationship.

    Sucre tries to get some items into Sona.

    Michael's escape plan involves the tower guards. A filler episode but it was still highly entertaining and sets up the next one.
  • The countdown in running.

    So here is the thing that amuses me about this show: Scofield takes one to the kisser, yet there"s never a mark on him. Someone else gets sliced with the sharp edge of an envelope; he"s sporting a gash for all of sweeps.

    I bring up this observation because this is the second episode in a row in which Michael is punched in the face, yet he is still model-pretty. How does Michael come to be beaten up again? Here"s how...

    He spends the episode running a series of crude yet ingenious field tests to determine if the guards have any blind spots and when those lapses in coverage might occur. In order to observe the guards, Michael has stolen a pair of binoculars from another inmate and snapped them in half; he takes one piece, and Whistler shares the other with Mahone. When the light glints off the lens of Michael"s improvised telescope, the guard in the tower confuses it for a rifle scope, everyone storms Sona, and Michael "fesses up to having the lens. When he can"t explain why he was watching the guard, the punches begin. Whistler jumps in with an explanation, wildly improvising that it wasn"t Michael doing the watching, but Whistler, because he"s desperate to continue identifying the avian fauna around Sona. This is how Michael sees that Whistler"s got the bird book back.

    Meanwhile, Mahone"s officially a junkie now, and he"s started a tab with T-Bag. This is not going to end well. However, when he"s not off emulating a Darren Aronofsky antihero, Mahone"s actually proving useful in that he manages to ID a blind spot that the would-be escapees can use when they make their bold daybreak escape in an episode or two.

    Speaking of him to end up getting a little hetero action in a prison filled with men. When the soldiers descend, T-Bag is given the job of hiding Lechero"s stash and his mistress. He does so by channeling his inner eighth-grader and cramming into the closet with Sister Magdalen. Faster than you can say "smooth talker," T-Bag"s found himself a solution to the Madonna-whore complex in one person. It"s too bad she"s still Lechero"s mistress, but given that Lechero can"t pay her anymore, we"ll see if she starts seeing other hoods.

    One final Sona note: there"s a new guy in Sona who thinks he knows Whistler from diplomatic circles. When New Guy blurts this out in front of Mahone and Michael, Whistler realizes that nobody is buying his humble-fisherman act.

    Finally, on the outside...Linc and Sofia tool around looking for the perfect pick-up spot for the planned jail break. And they show off a whole lot of chemistry while they"re doing it. Is that wrong? Wrong is Sucre agreeing to be a drug mule into Sona. Wrong is not Linc and Sofia totally sizzling together.
  • Interference

    A new inmate enters Sona, unnerving Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions; Linc plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable; T-Bag makes a friend; and Sucre makes a deal with a devil.
    I knew that guard knew he was being watched, but of course Michael wouldn't look away. I sure an heck would have. I like the character game building around whistler, specially with that new inmate knowing him.

    The previews for the episodes coming, woah...blew me away!!
    so summary:Michael forms a plan to escape, but it hits a snag. Lincoln does his best to get ready on the outside. Mahone shows that opiates can be valuable. T-Bag gets involved in something he probably shouldn't be involved with.
  • Time is running out...

    I do not like that Whistler.. I do not know. For so far he has been quite good and looked nice but.. there is something on him... something he is not telling and what.. I do not believe he is so innocent.

    Michael is trying to get out.. figure a way out.. And it is not easy. He gets some plan but they are interrupted - guards march in and they search the prison and find Michael's pinochle... This episode.. it was exciting but no story development. Not much to catch, Lincoln is finally taking something up and seems to have a plan. Sucre is making mistake that he continues... lot of adventure but...
  • part of me wanted to know what was gonna happen next and part me wanted to fast forward right to the end!!..

    why did i like season 1 and 2 : it was dangerous, raw yet (its hard to explain) but a very comfortable sort of danger you season 3 it was just too graphic and violent for me, it almost made a little uncomfortable at some times...

    what they're doing wrong in season 3: i know the writers want to change it up abit and still stay true to the story line but i think they might be going that the wrong way .They're just dragging the same story this way....i mean changing locations and positions of charaters doesnt just give you something orginal coming up with a whole new story line does (just look at heroes now they have a storyline going) the writers could have just done something fresh instead then the whole you're back in prison maybe keeping them out of prison and opening us to a whole new bigger conspiracy theory.... ohh and by the love of GOD give Michael a love interest he looks bored!!..

    what i like though about season 3: they've stepped it up a notch. Its more dangerous, more intense maybe too intense though but who knows some people might like that..i'm also glad to see some blast from the pastz back in the show..
  • finally it getting better...

    watching the first 4 episode i thought 'thats it this series is going down hill' but then i watch this and i think its getting back on track. more things r happening now. i gotta say i was suprised with the death of sara but i thought something needed to happen coz it was getting boring. what didn't make sense was how calm linc was being about the whole thing when confronting the new girl from the company. anyway what would get a great twist if sara wasn't dead and that it was a part of scaring linc into doing what they want. oh yeh just one more thing did anyone else pick up on that prisonbreak and heroes are fighting against "The Company".
  • Day six of the escape!

    Really the best of the best episodes after a pretty slow start as it shows Michael trying to work his magic. But he must go through the guards in the toughest prison of all. Mahone shows him the coffee cups of the guards that may lead to something. While he, Whistler, and Michael are working out a plan to get through to the guards. In order for them to plan their escape. So that Michael can get to Sarah but unbeknowest to him, Sarah is dead. And that he will never forgive himself for saving her in time. But how will he react when he finds out that Lincoln has kept the secret from him? It will be brother vs brother! I guarantee it!
  • Intense

    This is mostly a transition episode which sets up what promise to a thrilling and awesome 2 hrs of prison break next week but still "Interference" is an amazing episode. Quick paced, intense , exciting with the suspense...everything in it.
    Interference probably refers to the block Michael`s plan hit: The guards. I`m really starting to love the intrigue around Whistler. The new inmate recognizes him and call him and call him McFanden! Who the hell is he???
    Also I was really happy to see Mahone adds his part of the plan and I`m wondering what`s in that cooler Linc showed to Sofia. Next week will be an epic 2 hours!!
  • Nice!!

    this episode was so great! Some classic moments in it. This season is getting better and better. In my book its already much better than most of season2 but of course far fronm being as genius as Season1.
    Amazing episode again...I hope they keep it up.
    The week is nearly over and Michael`s plan is a kind of beta version. But Mahone adds a great contribution to it. I love the scene when the guards threaten to kill Michael and Whistler makes the save! I guess Michael will learn about Sara next week (2hrs YEAH) and its gonna be hell!! I cannot wait!
  • The episode I`ve been waiting for.

    This is the episode of Prison Break I`ve been waiting for since the start of the new season. I`ve been enjoying all the episodes for sure. The first 2 were pretty slow paced , the one well paced and this one proves that the season has kicked off big time.
    I enjoyed every bit of this episode and the stakes are high as the escape approaches. Its looks as it will be Michael-Mahone-Whistler as for now but i would not be surprised if Luchero and McGrady is included in there. Next week,2hrs prison break, its gonna be awesome as the break out starts!! Can`t wait!
  • What can I say, finally when the show is about to come to an abrupt end, the writers got their act together and delivered an exciting and interesting episode. Contains spoilers.

    It's the 6th day. Michael has one more day to escape prison with Whistler and things are not working out as planned. While he's watching one of the guards in the towers that surround the jail, looking for the guards soft spot the guard sees the telescope flash and starts shooting, thinking someone is aiming a rifle at him. The prison is invaded by the guards, Michael gets hit, whistler accepts responsibility and in a very cool manner admits he was bird watching. Michael and Whistlers room is locked by the guards, with their equipment inside, leaving them with a need to plan a new escape. In the end, Mahone, though suffering terribly from his drug addition, shows Michael the guards coffee cups thrown on the ground, providing him with fresh ideas which will hopefully be revealed in the next episode. Other than that, there's that new weird guy that showed up, who insisted he has seen Whistler before, making Michael and Mahone, once again, suspicious of Whistler not being the innocent bird watcher he claims he is. On other fronts, Teddy gets on Lucheros bad side, Sucre gets greedy and is now facing troubles of his own and Linc and Whistlers girl become friendlier.

    Great episode, leaving many unanswered questions for next weeks episode. Can't wait till next week.
  • The escape is close!

    Things are taking shape as the escape is closer. In fact, its day 6 of the 7 days Michael have to break out Whistler and his plan is pretty shaky. The episode focused mainly on how to get rid/distract the guards on the towers in order to make the break out possible. Not an easy task and one of the guards finds out that he`s being observe.
    The episode was pretty well paced...the first 3 this season were pretty slow but last 2 were well paced and very entertaining. I`m enjoying this season which is getting better. But isn`t it too soon for a break out? I don`t know but we`ll see how it turns, specially when Michael finds out about Sara.
  • Euhm...

    Yeah, well, there were nothing wrong with the episode, except for the thing it was kinda dull. I didn't really feel any kind of motivation, the hour felt really long, and I actually started to multitask while watching the episode, which is a bad sign.

    I didn't know why that is , but it just popped into my head. The whole escape concept is... old. It was already a bit dragged in season 1, but doing it once more is just an overkill.

    I also don't like most of the new characters. Lechero is alright, but the others...? McGrady is a typical cardboard character who just happens to be able to get EVERYTHING(but how, don't ask), Lechero's servant is the usual bad guy, Sofia is plain boring, oh and there's Susan who's sitting in her elegant clothes all the time being on the phone. Really exciting.

    I miss the old characters. It's nice to see that T Bag is returning to his old self, it should've happened earlier. Alex Mahone is my favorite character, but he's terribly underused this season. I'm thinking he'll die, which would be a bugger...

    Something tells me the next episode they're going to escape. Well, personally, I can't wait.
  • Breaking Out is hard to do!

    Looks like Michael is going to escape again, but there are roadblocks that he had to me before he can do that. And he's in a Pamana prision, so it's going to be a little tricky. the prison guards enters the compond in one scene after Michael used the sniper scope a a guard. the leader from the inside suspect that someone's going to escape and things will get more diffuilt as the series goes by. HNext week there won't be any "Prison Break" due to the world series, but it will will return as a two hour event. I may have miss the show due to "Heroes." And I miss Marie fainting on "Dancing with the Stars." Oh well, "Extra" has my back.
  • Break out time approaching,

    This episode is what prison break all about..It was a classic Prison break episode! According to the time limit allocated to him, Michael Scofield has only 1 day left to break out james Whistler. Michael, Whistler and Mahone try to figure out how to distract the guards and when it would e better to break out. Bbut Michael is caught observing the guard and 1 key device for the break out is lost. but Mahone comes up with a new idea to get rid of the guards. Lots of other stuffs happened, like a new inamte regonizing WHistler, The guards entering Sona, was a top episode!
    For some reasons, I was hoping they break out soon but I kinda hope they stay a bit more cause things are starting to get really awesome in Sona!
  • When will he know?

    hmm...I expected Michael to know about Sara`s death in this episdoe but it was not the case...I think they are keeping that for the big day..that is, the day Michael must escape, normally the next episode.
    This episode is really good...some classic stuff in there and I really enjoyed it! So:
    -Will Michael escape in time and Save Lj?
    -Will he learn about Sara while still in Sona?
    -What Linc`s plan on the outside (the cooler)
    -Who the hell is Whistler
    -who is the new guy
    -Will Mahone escape
    -Will Luchero be interested in an escape and who else will escape?
    -Why does T-bag gives drugs to Mahone?

    + tons of others questions

    I cannot wait!
  • This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and this episode really did this! =)

    This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and this episode really did this! =) It was a very good episode and I highly enjoyed it. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and this episode really did this! =) It was a very good episode and I highly enjoyed it. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and this episode really did this! =) It was a very good episode and I highly enjoyed it. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and this episode really did this! =) It was a very good episode and I highly enjoyed it.
  • Highly Enjoyable!

    This episode was highly enjoyable and i really loved it! It 2 weeks time, we`ll have a 2hrs Prison Break event and i cannot wait!! Well in this episdoe, Michael Scofield has only one day left to break out Whistler while the mystery around the guy continues top amplifies as a new inmate recognizes him as being a certain McFaden. Mahone is ion the plan and contributes greatly to it. Sammy seems to be disloyal to Luchero and in ties with Luchero`s cousin Augusto who is using Sucre to make goods enter Sona. Well does this means Luchero will seize any opportunity to get out and but some oder in his business? Can`t wait for the next episodeS of Prison Break!!
  • Yeah exactly why I watch the show

    YES!! I love this episode for so many reason! I far as i am concern, Prison Break is back...back to form! this episode go ts o many twists in it and the ground is set up for one hell of a 2 hr special in 21 weeks! I love every bit of the episode.
    The sniper shooting at Michael and the guards entering the prison was awesome. I like the way Whistler make the same and said he was looking at birds lOl..
    Good to see Mahone in the plan and actually helping it get forward. So by next episode, the day where Michael should break out Whistler would have come and the stakes are high. Wonder what Linc has planned to help his brother from the outside. Can`t wait!
  • Amazing.

    Interference Season 3 Episode 5 Prison Break!
    This episode is amazing, well paced , with some great twists,turns, suspense, intensity and mostly of importantly build up. Day 6, Michael only 1 day to break out bu obstacles as still very much present ad the plan itself looks like a suicide mission. The main task of Michael, Whistler and Mahone in this episode is to observe the guards and find the flaw in their surveillance but one guard knows he is being watched and the plan collapsed. As Michael can`t find a way to get rid of that particular guard, its Mahone who comes up with an idea.
    Meanwhile, an new inmate enters Sona and knows Whistler but however he is pretty sure Whistler is named Mc Faden. The mystery continue to build up around the break out reason.
  • Another solid episode of season three of Prison Break.

    Another solid episode of season three of Prison Break.

    Michael only had a day and a half left as the deadline for his escape, and whilst he was spying on a guard, the guard thinks he is pointing to him with a gun and a lockdown occurs. Whistler comes to the aid of Michael and tells the guard that he was observing the birds. The guards leave but they lock Michael's cell and thus he has to come with a new plan.

    Meanwhile a new prisoner enters Sona and he says that he recognises Whistler, but Whistler says that he doesn't know him. The new prisoner seems convinced that he remembers Whistler.

    The question is Who is this new prisoner? And what is his relationship with Whistler?
  • Its back!

    Wow....There really something special with this how when the boys are behind a prison set! I think that`s why enjoying this season much more than the last one even if Season 2 was great. The geniality of this show when they are behinds bar is overwhelming! For some, I hope they don`t break out in the next episode even if the dead line is approaching.
    Interference is a fantastic episode which mostly set ups what promise to be an epic two hour prison break in 2 weeks.... IMO, even if its early, Season 3 has topped last season in many ways and I`m really looking forward for more!
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