Prison Break

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on FOX



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    • Lincoln: They killed Sara. I'm trying to make damn sure they don't kill my son. You don't think for one second that your boy's not on their list? Then stay here. I couldn't care less.

    • Whistler: (to Michael) If you can't get me out of here, tell me now. Because time's running out.

    • Tyge: I saw the other Americans. So, none of you called the embassy?
      Bellick: Us gringos ain't all butt-buddies.

    • T-Bag: My clientele keeps a tight schedule. I've got to make sure I see to their needs.

    • Colonel: (to Lechero) There is a gun in your prison and it was pointed at one of my men. We are going to find it.

    • T-Bag: (to Mahone) It's two-for Tuesday! A one time special, just for you.

    • Mahone: (to Tyge) Is this your first time in prison? Rule number one: you mind your own business.

    • Lincoln: If all goes well, we'll see them tomorrow.

    • Whistler: (to Michael) I'm guessing you always won the elementary science fair.

    • Susan B.: Lincoln, calm down. Sounds to me like you and your brother are in over your heads...There's a bad joke about Sara in there somewhere.

    • Whistler: Prior to this experience I had the utmost respect for the law.

    • Michael: I ran some tests last night. Military jeeps patrol the perimeter at night. There's no way of telling where they're going to be in the dark.
      Lincoln: We need the dark!

    • Whistler: I suppose you were married to the job, drank too much, rabid insomniac. Typical lawman.
      Mahone: Yep. Just like you reek of live bait, have a girl in every port, tell fish stories, or so I've heard.

    • Lincoln: (to Michael) I'm not in the position to bargain with these people; they're pissed! You break out tomorrow, let's focus on that. Let's keep on track.

    • Lincoln: I want this to work out just as badly as you do.
      Susan B.: More, I'm sure.

    • Sofia: (to a group of police officers) This is why my friends don't visit Panama. You cops bother everyone.

    • Mahone: You're the new guy.
      Tyge: Yeah. Who are you?
      Mahone: Not the new guy.

    • Michael: What's so urgent we can't get you out of here the day after tomorrow?
      Whistler: I don't know. I don't have all the answers. You don't know me, I don't know you, but it's your job to get me out of here.

    • Sofia: What did you get?
      Lincoln: Supplies. Can you pop the trunk, please?
      Sofia: Who am I gonna tell, honestly?
      Lincoln: You could be a Russian spy for all I know.
      Live out of this thing? (opening car trunk)
      Sofia: I have to be prepared in case of an emergency.
      Lincoln: Well, we got an emergency.

    • Lincoln: When did you meet your boyfriend, Whistler?
      Sofia: My last year of school. I worked in this place in San Isabel. He used to come around by himself and sit down in the bar.
      Lincoln: Hitting on the waitress. That's romantic.
      Sofia: He is!

    • (At the beach)
      Lincoln: This looks good.
      Sofia: For what?
      Lincoln: Have a seat.
      Sofia: What am I supposed to do here?
      Lincoln: Look like you're having fun.

    • T-Bag: In this world, sister, we are all prostitutes. You are a queen!

    • Mahone: As a devoted student of your work and skills, I really look forward to progress on your plan, Michael.
      Michael: I'm looking forward to you getting off my back.

    • Michael: Find Mahone.
      Whistler: I thought we were stringing him along.
      Michael: Looks like we're out of string.

  • Notes

    • In Latin America, this episode is known as "Interferencia", which is an exact translation.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      UK: November 5, 2007 on Sky One
      Denmark: November 26, 2007 on TV3
      Finland: October 14, 2008 on MTV3
      Germany: January 29, 2009 on RTL
      Czech Republic: April 9, 2009 on Nova Cinema

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