Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 14

Just Business

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Gretchen and Self wind up with Scylla (and a buyer).
Michael battles with the Company for Scylla.
Mahone asks some familiar faces for help.
T-Bag continues to hold a couple of innocents hostage.

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  • Maybe the best of the season...

    Well, this was maybe the best episode of this amazing season so far. I felt really sorry for Micheal as we so a lot of nosebleeds and unfortunately he was picked up by the Company. I couldn't believe that Gretchen could beat up Sucre but it was clear because Sucre was shot a few episodes back by the now dead Wyatt. Tombstone is the new project or I don't know what it is, but Linc will have to do it, to save his brother who needs a surgery immediately. I remember in Season 1 Micheal did all the job for Linc so to save him, and here we see that Linc will have to help him. Not exactly to break him out but to retrieve Scylla. I thought we were going to get back that old T-bag we used to, but then we saw his good side and that wasn't good at all as the Church guy was really Company.

    Can't wait for the next episode!moreless
  • The team is defeated by Self, the FBI and The Company.

    When Michael hid that chip in the warehouse I was hoping it was a piece of junk or something. Seeing Self outsmart him like that, the company capture him and Lincoln being forced to retrieve Scylla for them made this a very exciting but at the same time dark episode, and it left me with a sense of hopelessness for them.

    T-Bag was also outsmarted. Remember that this was a guy who landed on Fox River because he raped and killed children. I mean, I can understand him growing a conscience, but cold blooded murder was never beneath him.

    And Mahone too. Everyone was had for a fool on this one. He should have known better, he should have fled, but chances are he has nothing to live for now, and he's just giving up. As for the two agents, shouldn't they have arrested him on sight? I know he's One Of The Good Guys now but the man has murdered many people.

    I still don't buy Self, what's his motivation? Sure, he had a crappy government pay but from that to becoming a cold blooded murderer? I hope they develop his character and explore his motivations once the hiatus is over. I loved the way he kelp calling that dealer guy a "clown".

    I loved the irony of Gretchen being put in the same position she put Lincoln on back in Panama, this show loves to show very literal manifestations of Karma (like Brad being beaten to a pulp and abused in prison or Kellerman being killed by Company assassins).

    Tombstone II? That sounds intriguing, I can't wait!moreless
  • Self seems to have outsmarted Michael

    Self and Michael trying to outwit and outmanoeuvre each other in this episode, we see Self try to attack Michael at the warehouse, cleverly plant a bug that lets him spy on him. Sucre sneaks into Self's car and figure out where he's hiding with Gretchen. Michael sets up an elaborate plan to get Scylla back in which does until he faints due a pretty rough nosebleed. The Company took Michael and got treated by the General and his doctors. With Self Capturing the missing piece of Scylla, Lincoln made a deal of deals with the General. Get Scylla back and Michael get the best possible treatment in the planet for a life saving operation.moreless
  • who got Scylla?

    With the break in over and Scylla on the loose, the hunt is still on for the object we still don`t know much about. This episode is literally a back and forth game with Michael/crew, Self/Gretchen and the company all aiming for scylla. It was great, specially the whole Michael vs. Self thing with both getting owned by the other at some point of the episode. Action in the hotel was fantastic, love the thing with the Owner of the hotel, the sabotage on the ladder, Linc shooting and Scylla changing hands constantly. Michael`s health issues comes into play again. I must admit I hope it is addressed soon cause the health problem is starting to be a little draggy.

    T-Bag was great as always. The redemption thing they did here was pretty much the same they did in season 2 when T-Bag spared Mrs. Hollander. But it looks like Bagwell will be bad guy forever. Mahone`s deal with the government was useless. Of course everybody knew that would happened but there was a very interesting development: Mahone was arrested. It was nice to see Wheeler back, even if he was annoying.

    Final scenes felt weired. General looking like he cares for Michael, Linc coming to the aid and a bizarre Tombstone II cliffhanger. This is for sure intriguing. I`m glad they brought the brother love and sacrifice feeling again here. It was lacking since last season when Sara "died"moreless
  • This was, in my opinion, one of the best Prison Break episodes ever. (Spoilers)

    Yet another superb episode of Prison Break. I'm loving this show more and more as the season continues. Mahone is continuing to be a great character. He was barely in this episode, but he is still a very well acted character. I loved the action in this episode, especially when Sucre was going one on one with Gretchen. I still hope they get rid of her soon though. I love that T-Bag is starting to become a good guy. It would be cool to see him change like that. I'm also interested to see what happens to Lincoln. I give this episode, Just Business, a 9.5 out of 10.moreless
Graham McTavish

Graham McTavish


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Heather McComb

Heather McComb


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Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino

Patrick Vikan

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Barbara Eve Harris

Barbara Eve Harris

Agent Felicia Lang

Recurring Role

Leon Russom

Leon Russom

General Jonathan Kranz

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Stacy Haiduk

Stacy Haiduk

Lisa Tabek

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • It's revealed that Wheeler's first name is Mark.

    • When Gretchen walks down on the staircase, Sucre pushes Gretchen, causing her to fall. When she gets up, you can clearly see that it's a stunt because he/she had a perfectly clean wig, and a little bit taller than Gretchen. Sucre then pushes her against a wall and hits her three times. If you look closely, you can see that the third hit is a replay from the first hit, this time only sped up.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Self: (to the brothers) I burned you and I'd apologize, but what's the point?

    • Vikan: (to Self) Listen to me, you mook, you're in the deep end of the pool now. At least act like you can swim. And the next time you call, I better talk to Gretchen.

    • Gretchen: Emily, baby, do you remember the mean man who used to live with your mommy? The one that used to yell at you all the time? What happened to Roy?
      Emily: He went to the store one day and never came back.

    • General: I tried to shield you from everything I didn't think you could handle.
      Lisa: The only thing you shielded me from is knowing who you really are. Now I know.

    • General: (to Lincoln) Bring back to me what you stole and I will make sure Michael gets the finest medical care in the world.

    • Wheeler: (to Mahone) When you're neither a disgrace to the Bureau nor a drug addict, good things can happen.

    • Rita: Look at him! Does he look like some kind of undercover agent to you?
      T-Bag: They blend in. That's how they get you.

    • Self: (to the brothers) Now that we all have guns pointed at us, let's talk.

    • General: (to Lincoln) I think you made the right decision. Let's go downstairs and see your brother.

    • Self: Like I said before, this is just business.

    • Hotel Clerk: No urinating in the stairwell! That's the golden rule.

    • T-Bag: To hell with it. We are who we are, right?

    • (Over the phone)
      T-Bag: A third party has been introduced into the mix.
      Self: Who?
      T-Bag: Not sure yet. He might be a Company operative.
      Self: So kill him.
      T-Bag: ...He could also be a Bible salesman.
      Self: Then he should have no problem getting past Saint Peter. Kill him.

    • Lincoln: Don't worry, we're going to get Michael back.
      Sucre: How? Self took the piece, we've got nothing to trade for Michael.
      Sara: He's sick Lincoln, if they haven't killed him already…
      Lincoln: We'll get him back, I promise.

    • Michael: Why can't he understand, I need to finish this. Everything that happened, it all started with the company.
      Sara: Maybe not for Lincoln. Maybe for him this all started with his little brother breaking him out of prison. Michael, you saved his life. If anything happens to you, he spends the rest of his life feeling guilty for that. Tell me something, at what point does a noble deed become fanaticism?
      Michael: Fanaticism is the only way to beat them!
      Sara: Even if it kills you?

    • Lincoln: Sit this one out. Let me and Sucre handle it.
      Michael: I'm going.
      (Lincoln walks away)
      Michael: Why can't he understand I need to finish this? Everything that happened. It all started with the Company.
      Sara: Maybe not for Lincoln. Maybe, for him, this all started with his little brother breaking him out of prison. Michael, you saved his life. If anything happens to you, he spends the rest of his life feeling guilty for that. Tell me something, at what point does a noble deed become fanaticism?
      Michael: Fanaticism is the only way to beat them!
      Sara: Even if it kills you?

    • Lincoln: You all right?

      Michael: Yeah, for now...

      Lincoln: All right.

      Michael: Linc...

      Lincoln: Yeah?

      Michael: After your trial, the day I came to see you at Fox River...

      Lincoln: What about it?

      Michael: I thought you did it. I thought you killed Terrence Steadman.

      Lincoln: Along with everyone else.

      Michael: But by the time I left, I... I knew you were innocent. And I had to get you out of that place. So... however this plays out, I have no regrets.

    • T-Bag: (holding a picture of Emily) Cute girl.
      Rita: Don't hurt my little girl. If you have to do something, do it to me.
      T-Bag: What do you think I am, a monster?
      Rita: You're holding us prisoner in our own home.
      T-Bag: I'm just as much a prisoner as you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Jason Davis (Wheeler) passed for receiving the "Co-Starring" credit (during the ending credits) to the "Guest Starring" credit (during the main credits).

    • First appearance by Jason Davis (Wheeler) since the season 2 episode "Panama".

    • Original International Air Dates:
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      Australia: December 30, 2008 on Channel 7/Prime
      Norway: January 15, 2009 on TV3
      Sweden: January 26, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: April 13, 2009 on FOX TV Spain
      Latin America: May 12, 2009 on FX
      Germany: July 9, 2009 on RTL
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