Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 14

Just Business

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Previously: Come and get it! Could that sentence be any yummier?

Doc's shooting up Michael, again.

Linc's checking the perimeter around WOTUS and comes upon a matchbook, which leads his gaze to a car.

Inside Michael calls Self asking to meet, but Self's not down with that. Instead he shoots a canister of gas into WOTUS. He tells Michael he's got thirty more, but Michael stands by what he said earlier, "Come and get it!" Ooh, I will never tire of hearing his say that. He tells Doc and Linc to stay low, the gas will rise. Self shoots in a couple more canisters, then Wham! Linc takes him down.

New new credits.

Linc marches Self inside. The reunion is cut short when JLOK arrives, wielding an automatic. Doc draws her gun and Linc points his at Self. So we've got a standoff, which Self points out. He tells Michael he put seventeen years in and got nothing in return. He offers to cut the Unusual Suspects in on Scylla. He says the buyer's a former Co. man who wants to take down the Co., not unlike Silver Fox. Michael says he'll need to meet with him. Self okay's that and he and JLOK depart. Michael tells the others that they'll stick to the plan and wait on Degenerate Despair Mahone.

So we go to Mahone who's meeting with Lang. Yay! He fills her in on the op and says Homeland's buried it. He asks if there's someone she can trust.

Co. HQ. Co. Men are busy looking for the brothers and Self. SOG says JLOK's pic should be added to the search since none of the others have the connections to unload Scylla.

Casa de JLOKSis. T-Bag's gazing upon a photo of Emily and JLOKSis requests that if he's to "do anything" he do it to her, not Emily. He asks if she thinks he's a monster. That would be a yes, T-Bag. He then proceeds to lament the loss of his Cole Pfeiffer life.

WOTUS. Linc's all for selling Scylla and sailing off into the sunset. Michael says no and receives a text from Sucre: "I'm in."

In where? You may ask. Well, he's in JLOK's trunk. Inside the car JLOK and Self check a video feed from WOTUS, courtesy of one of the gas canisters.

So we head to WOTUS where Doc informs Michael he's building up a tolerance to the drug. Linc tells Michael he should sit this one out, but Michael insists he's going. He then whines to Doc about Linc not understanding why he's gotta finish this. Doc points out that he broke Linc outta prison, risking his life for him in the process. If he were to die now, Linc would never forgive himself. Yes, but guilt does look mighty fine on these boys.

Sucre de-trunks and notes the address, a hotel. He also snatches the box of gas canisters.

WOTUS. Michael's trying to shoot himself up, but is interrupted by Linc. Michael apologizes for initially believing Linc was guilty. Linc says that's in the past. Michael tells him he has no regrets. They shake hands. Michael then hides the chip in the ceiling tiles.

Self sees Michael hide the chip. He wants to call Mr. C, but JLOK wants to speak to Emily first. She says Mr. C won't set up a meet if she doesn't vouch for Self, so she better hear her daughter's voice right freakin' now! And she does. Emily says T-Bag is a mean man. JLOK asks if she remembers her mommy's boyfriend Roy, who was also mean, always yelling. She reminds Emily that one day Roy went to the store and never returned and she's sure T-Bag will soon be leaving. Hands up those of you who think JLOK offed Roy. That's what I thought. Self takes the phone and tells Emily to put the mean man back on. Heh. He tells T-Bag that if he doesn't hear from him in two hours, kill them both. Cue the doorbell. A bible salesman's there and wants to discuss the gospel with T-Bag and JLOKSis. T-Bag does what many people are wont to do when confronted with a gospel-spewing bible salesman: he slugs him. He drags Salesman inside and orders JLOKSis to get some rope.

Lang meets with Mahone at a diner and lookey who tagged along: Benedict Wheeler. Remember when Mahone was unraveling and Wheeler turned traitor (thus becoming Benedict Wheeler) and Lang could do little more than stand by and watch as her boss lost it? Ah, such good times. Anyhoo, Benedict Wheeler is a right old ass to Mahone (uh, does he not know the man's son was killed recently?). Mahone takes the abuse then brings up that he heard Benedict Wheeler's got the Attorney General's ear (and the rest of him, I hope, 'cuz keeping a person's ear is just plain creepy). He says the Bureau and Homeland have been compromised. He asks Benedict Wheeler for help. Benedict Wheeler hems and haws a bit, then says he'll take Mahone to see the AG if he gets credible intel. Mahone reports this to Michael who's met up with Sucre. Sucre shows the others the canisters and says they've got nothing to fire them. Oh, ye of little faith! You shared a cell with the man and have been witness to a great many of his McGuyver moments. Michael says they need hairspray and a lighter. I wonder if he built crazy-ass stuff when he was a kid. I bet he really did win the science fair every year.

Co. HQ. Lisa resigns which really doesn't make sense. I get that seeing her pops off someone right in front of her might shake her up a bit, but it's not as if she's been in the dark about the Co.'s dealings. As a cardholder, and SOG's daughter, she knew what was what. Anyway, SOG's response to her resignation: "I wanted a son!" Seriously! Asshole. Lisa doesn't even dignify this with a response. A Co. man says Self and JLOK were spotted at a downtown. Let's move people! Oh, and shoot on sight, will you?

T-Bag interrogates Salesman, who's weepy as JLOKSis begs T-Bag to stop. She shows him Salesman's California driver's license and a prayer card. T-Bag points out the ring Salesman's wearing. It's from a military academy and he doubts a graduate of such a place would be hocking bibles. Really? That's what he's basing this on? I was in the Army and I knew plenty of religious service members. Salesman sobs that the ring belonged to his brother who was killed in Baghdad.

Hotel. Doc and Sucre give the clerk JLOK's description. He gives them the room number. Doc calls Michael with the room's location. Michael sends Linc to the opposite rooftop.

Inside the room Self is pissing off Mr. C who really really wants to speak with JLOK. Self's all, "Nuh uh, you're dealing with me, you prick." Mr. C says the buyer will be mucho pissed-o if he gets all that money together and Scylla's a no-show. Self says he'll have it. Mr. C warns Self that the next time they chat, he damn well better be speaking with JLOK. The hotel phone rings, it's the clerk warning them that a couple of people were looking for them. Self tells JLOK Michael found them and we see Sucre slip the clerk some cash.

Linc preps the McGuyvered canister gun as Michael rigs the fire escape's ladder. Cue the nosebleed.

JLOK tells Self she'll check out the hall. She enters said hall where Sucre tackles her. Cue the fighting!

Linc fires one of the canisters into the room. Self grabs Scylla and hurries out. He spots the Fight! between JLOK and Sucre and turns the other way. Heh. JLOK's getting the upper hand, courtesy of a few well-placed kicks/punches to Sucre's bullet wound (yeah, I just remembered he'd been shot, too) which is bleeding. Sucre falls, JLOK retrieves her gun and Doc takes her down with a fire extinguisher. Go Doc!

Self gets on the rigged ladder which slides down, much more quickly than it should, causing Self to go crashing to the ground. Michael slugs him and takes Scylla. He skedaddles.

JLOK Runs! outside where Co. men are arriving. Cue the firefight! JLOK speeds away. Co. men give chase.

Michael's running through an alley and becomes disoriented. His nose is bleeding heavily. He collapses as we head to commercials.

After commercials, Self's found Michael and snatches Scylla. A Co. man has found Self and shoots. JLOK pulls up and she and Self get away. The Co. man and another load Michael into a van as Linc arrives on the scene. Big Brother not happy!

Doc and Sucre enter the hotel room and find the video feed from WOTUS. They hustle out.

So we go back to WOTUS where Self retrieves the chip and fits it into Scylla. He turns around to find JLOK pointing her gun at his head. He tells her to knock it off and walks away.

Michael comes to. He's strapped down to a gurney.

WOTUS. Doc cries as Linc tries to console her. Sucre gets a call from Mahone and passes the phone to Linc. He informs Mahone that not only did they fail to get Scylla, but they also lost Michael to the Co. "There's no reason for you to come back, Alex. I'm sorry." "Yeah, me too." Mahone looks at Lang, full of regret.

Michael's getting an MRI as SOG watches.

T-Bag calls Self to discuss his little predicament. He says Salesman might be Co. Self: "So kill him." Or he might be a bible salesman. Self: "Then he should have no problem getting past St. Peter. Kill him." Heh. So T-Bag spreads out a sheet of plastic (how considerate of him) and tilts back the chair to which Salesman is tied. Salesman sobs as JLOKSis begs T-Bag not to do this. Salesman begins to pray and JLOKSis says Cole Pfeiffer wouldn't do this. T-Bag spits that Cole Pfeiffer is no more, it's just T-Bag now. Salesman cries that he won't tell anyone if T-Bag will just let him go. Oh, for Pete's sake! Just once I'd like a character to be honest in this situation and say, "If you let me go I'm totally going to go to the cops and turn you in, but please don't kill me!" As T-Bag puts a pillow over Salesman's face to muffle the shot, he tells him that his perverted pappy was also a spiritual man (and I hope he's burning in Hell). He begins to recite a verse PP was particularly fond of and Salesman finishes the quote. T-Bag breathes deeply, stands up and tells JLOKSis to take Emily and get in her car and go. JLOKSis does so. He then unties Salesman who slugs him. Salesman puts T-Bag in a chokehold until he loses consciousness. He calls in, saying he's got Bagwell.

Co. HQ. Sog's getting updated on Michael's condition. Apparently the doctor has seen a tumor this advanced only once before. SOG's told that someone is waiting to see him. He enters another room to find Linc. Dun! Linc says he wants to see Michael.

After commercials, SOG takes Linc to see Little Brother.

Meeting of dastardly ne'er-do-wells. Mr. C checks Scylla who confirms that it's complete. Self nags him about the buyer and Mr. C pissily tells him the buyer's on the way and yes, he's got the money. Self then shoots him and his henchman? Assistant? Personal shopper? Gay lover? JLOK gets shouty, but Self talks over her, saying the buyer's en route, they don't need Mr. C anymore. Besides, he doesn't feel like giving Mr. C a thirty percent commission. Really? That's a little steep, no?

Lang tells Mahone the AG is willing to hear him out. Mahone processes this and gets in the back of Benedict Wheeler's car. He notices the tears in Lang's eyes and deduces that there is no meeting with the AG. He leans forward and tells Lang, "Thank you, Felicia. For everything you've done." Lang cries.

Co. HQ. SOG informs Linc that They'll perform the surgery Michael needs if Linc gets Them Scylla. He hands Linc a file, calling it "added incentive." The file is labeled "TOMBSTONE II." Linc thinks real hard.
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