Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 14

Just Business

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on FOX

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  • Maybe the best of the season...

    Well, this was maybe the best episode of this amazing season so far. I felt really sorry for Micheal as we so a lot of nosebleeds and unfortunately he was picked up by the Company. I couldn't believe that Gretchen could beat up Sucre but it was clear because Sucre was shot a few episodes back by the now dead Wyatt. Tombstone is the new project or I don't know what it is, but Linc will have to do it, to save his brother who needs a surgery immediately. I remember in Season 1 Micheal did all the job for Linc so to save him, and here we see that Linc will have to help him. Not exactly to break him out but to retrieve Scylla. I thought we were going to get back that old T-bag we used to, but then we saw his good side and that wasn't good at all as the Church guy was really Company.
    Can't wait for the next episode!
  • The team is defeated by Self, the FBI and The Company.

    When Michael hid that chip in the warehouse I was hoping it was a piece of junk or something. Seeing Self outsmart him like that, the company capture him and Lincoln being forced to retrieve Scylla for them made this a very exciting but at the same time dark episode, and it left me with a sense of hopelessness for them.

    T-Bag was also outsmarted. Remember that this was a guy who landed on Fox River because he raped and killed children. I mean, I can understand him growing a conscience, but cold blooded murder was never beneath him.

    And Mahone too. Everyone was had for a fool on this one. He should have known better, he should have fled, but chances are he has nothing to live for now, and he's just giving up. As for the two agents, shouldn't they have arrested him on sight? I know he's One Of The Good Guys now but the man has murdered many people.

    I still don't buy Self, what's his motivation? Sure, he had a crappy government pay but from that to becoming a cold blooded murderer? I hope they develop his character and explore his motivations once the hiatus is over. I loved the way he kelp calling that dealer guy a "clown".

    I loved the irony of Gretchen being put in the same position she put Lincoln on back in Panama, this show loves to show very literal manifestations of Karma (like Brad being beaten to a pulp and abused in prison or Kellerman being killed by Company assassins).

    Tombstone II? That sounds intriguing, I can't wait!
  • Self seems to have outsmarted Michael

    Self and Michael trying to outwit and outmanoeuvre each other in this episode, we see Self try to attack Michael at the warehouse, cleverly plant a bug that lets him spy on him. Sucre sneaks into Self's car and figure out where he's hiding with Gretchen. Michael sets up an elaborate plan to get Scylla back in which does until he faints due a pretty rough nosebleed. The Company took Michael and got treated by the General and his doctors. With Self Capturing the missing piece of Scylla, Lincoln made a deal of deals with the General. Get Scylla back and Michael get the best possible treatment in the planet for a life saving operation.
  • who got Scylla?

    With the break in over and Scylla on the loose, the hunt is still on for the object we still don`t know much about. This episode is literally a back and forth game with Michael/crew, Self/Gretchen and the company all aiming for scylla. It was great, specially the whole Michael vs. Self thing with both getting owned by the other at some point of the episode. Action in the hotel was fantastic, love the thing with the Owner of the hotel, the sabotage on the ladder, Linc shooting and Scylla changing hands constantly. Michael`s health issues comes into play again. I must admit I hope it is addressed soon cause the health problem is starting to be a little draggy.
    T-Bag was great as always. The redemption thing they did here was pretty much the same they did in season 2 when T-Bag spared Mrs. Hollander. But it looks like Bagwell will be bad guy forever. Mahone`s deal with the government was useless. Of course everybody knew that would happened but there was a very interesting development: Mahone was arrested. It was nice to see Wheeler back, even if he was annoying.
    Final scenes felt weired. General looking like he cares for Michael, Linc coming to the aid and a bizarre Tombstone II cliffhanger. This is for sure intriguing. I`m glad they brought the brother love and sacrifice feeling again here. It was lacking since last season when Sara "died"
  • This was, in my opinion, one of the best Prison Break episodes ever. (Spoilers)

    Yet another superb episode of Prison Break. I'm loving this show more and more as the season continues. Mahone is continuing to be a great character. He was barely in this episode, but he is still a very well acted character. I loved the action in this episode, especially when Sucre was going one on one with Gretchen. I still hope they get rid of her soon though. I love that T-Bag is starting to become a good guy. It would be cool to see him change like that. I'm also interested to see what happens to Lincoln. I give this episode, Just Business, a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Review

    Another solid and enjoyable performance from season four of Prison Break as the show transistions into the second part of its season now that Don Self is working against the company. Only two real things stuck out to me in this episode - the first one being Don Self being caught in the beginning of the episode and then being let go by Michael and company when Gretchen crashed the party. Though I do know now that the plan was to get Sucre in the trunk the whole time, it doesnt seem like the safe, reliable plan. The second thing I didn't like was Mahone being put in a car at the end of the episode and being driven away. If that really is the last we see of his character - poor writing. If he takes an episode or two off and comes back strong with a flashback showing us what happened, sure its all worth it. Mahone has always been a good guy in the long run, though debateable with his killings in season two. He let's his emotions get the better of him sometimes and he can't control himself. His character being put into a cop car and driven away does not complete his characters storyline, not by a long shot. So - we will see what happens with him.
  • While I'm still not warming to the all new, good for nothing, scumbag version of Don Self, 'Just Business' managed to keep my attention squarely away from my distaste of this particular plot development.

    While I'm still not warming to the all new, bad ass, double crossing, good for nothing, scumbag version of Don Self, 'Just Business' managed to keep my attention squarely away from my distaste of this particular plot development long enough to actually allow me to enjoy what I was watching. For the most part, anyway. There's still a little too much convenient bait and switch going on for my liking (Self and Michael are enemies, now they're allies, now they're enemies again) and the Mahone plot was little more than an exercise in how to fill ten spare minutes, but the main thrust of the narrative, the recovery of Scylla from the angle of three different parties, is well executed and manages to inject sufficient tension into the proceedings to be enjoyable. There's also some wonderful intrigue to enjoy as Lincoln gets handed a mysterious folder labelled 'Tombstone II' (what is that, some sort of instruction manual for an X-Box game?) and T-Bag plays a game of identity crisis with both a 'Bible salesman' and himself. Credit to Robert Knepper (again): he really makes these scenes come alive and demands your understanding and sympathy. Despite being a murdering paedophile. No mean feat, that.
  • Nice Work!!!

    After the previous episode, I wasn´t expecting that PB writers could delivery something very interesting from now on. The beginning was perfect and unexpected. As expected, the writers always use the same logic, asking for Michael alliances with his enemies. Through the episode, all the setups are made and the climax was nice and fun. Michael was captured and like I said, one more time, they have to make a alliance with the enemy, predictable.

    Mahone has another spotlight of his own, nothing interesting, because is another filler, lead to nowhere. T-bag too, but his plot is more relevant and is more interesting because this guy that appeared really seemed innocent and the situation was interesting.

    What Self did in the end, I didn´t understand, it just something to give Michael time to get Scylla.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10) excellent beginning,
    Complication Phase - » (7/10) interesting, and now they have two complications,
    Climax Phase - » (8/10) Nothing special, but was fun the action,
    Ending - » (8/10) Fine endings, nothing bombastic,
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10) Fine progress.
    Time and Scene Management - » (8/10) some fillers, but T-bag part was very good,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10) almost fine,
    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10) T-bag last scene and some nice action,
    Drama - » (9/10) T-bag rocked,
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (8/10), simple twist, a religious man, the end was nice for self

    Nice Work!!!
  • More shocking twists and turns

    I must admit to being completely shocked by the events of this episode. The only plot element that I might have guessed, if pressed, would have been T-Bag's decision to seek redemption. Nearly everything else was a stunning reminder that the writers for "Prison Break" haven't lost their mojo yet.

    The first half of the episode lulled me into a false sense of security. I never thought that Michael and the Escape Squad would be able to retrieve and keep Scylla, but I thought Mahone's connections would give the team an opportunity to make a better deal for their own survival. With the Company on the heels of Scylla, that seemed to be a safe assumption. I never considered, even for a moment, that the General would regain control of the situation.

    Now we see the intended purpose of Michael's medical condition, and I heartily approve. The General once taunted Lincoln with knowledge of their father's true activities as part of the Company, and now it looks like that will mesh with Lincoln's new mission to recover Scylla in exchange for Michael's life. At this point, I have no expectation that this particular status quo will last beyond a couple of episodes. Fortunes are shifting far too quickly for that to be the case.

    What I like about Lincoln's sudden rise to group leadership is that it plays on the strengths he displayed in the third season. As much of an interlude as the third season feels like in retrospect, it now feels like a necessary prelude to the current season, especially in terms of character development and motivation. This may be Michael's story in the end, but Lincoln's personal journey is just as important.

    I doubt Mahone will remain in custody for long; his former allies have been questionable for quite some time, after all, and there's no telling where they will choose to take him. For that matter, if Lincoln makes his deal with the General, it might include getting Mahone back for the team. Now that the two of them are on better terms, Lincoln might find Mahone's intellect to be a valuable asset. He's seen enough from Mahone to know he's a match for Michael on any day.

    T-Bag was once a character without a purpose, but his plot thread this season has been nothing short of compelling. T-Bag is the worst of the worst, yet it's hard not to appreciate the tragedy of his attempt at another chance for a new life. Does he deserve that chance, after all that he has done? That's hard to say, but he's damn lucky he didn't find redemption through a bullet between the eyes.

    Two more episodes remain before the winter hiatus, and according to most sources, the remaining order of six episodes is still on the production schedule. The interesting rumor is that FOX might commission two additional episodes to wrap up the series, should they choose not to renew. At this point, I think that would be the perfect endgame scenario. The series beat the odds this season, after all, and it's far better to go out with a bang.
  • just a guess.

    well i am starting to think what was the reason behind michael refusing treatment in general hospitals and receiving it in the order to change his mind.or maybe he will lose his memory.the general has always wanted a son.he is impressed with michael's capabilities breaking out of fox river and sona,breaking the scylla security system.why was the story in the first place about a brother loving his brother and breaking him out ,why they keep showing us how intelligent michael is most of the time.the company will use him will turn him into one of them the general will convince him falsely that he is his father.or maybe he is. he told linc there are many things you don't know about your mother.maybe same mother but 2 fathers.michael will die it's a quick end to the story because he is working for the company.michael turned evil while t bag turned otherwise.the same as in star wars skywalker turned evil in the end for the sake of his family.i hope and pray that it won't end this will break my heart.
  • **WARNING-SPOILERS** Michael and the gang make a bold move to get Syclla back, Self and Gretchen acquire a buyer, the General gets closer to capturing the brothers, and T-Bag faces a crisis of faith.

    What can I say? This is perhaps my favorite episode of PB this season, and maybe even of the whole series. From start to finish I was on the edge of my seat. Michael outsmarted Self again and was sucessful in reacquiring Syclla from him, but soon afterward he started to suffer from the symptoms of his condition. He lost his vision, his nose started bleeding profusely, and he eventually passed out. Self grabbed Syclla back and ran just as the General's men showed up. They grabbed Michael and took off, with Linc in hot pursuit. Of course he, Sucre and especially Sara are devestated and vow to get him back. The General has Michael sedated and examined, discovering his condition (aha! He now has leverage to get Linc to do his bidding!). Linc walks right up to the General and demands to see his brother. The General makes him a deal, get Syclla back (handing him a folder labeled Tombstone II) and he'll save Michael's life. Mahone met with his friend Felicia and tried to get her help. She brought him a former co-worker who had access to the Attorney General. He promised to help Mahone as long as he had substantial proof. In the end, Mahone couldn't produce the proof (Syclla) and he was arrested. Meanwhile, Self and Gretchen get their hands on the final missing piece that Michael had hidden away and go to meet with the buyer, only he double-crosses the middleman and kills him. Self is definitely determined to get his money! Poor T-Bag, left alone guarding Gretchen's sister and daughter, mistakes a Bible salesman for a Company man and almost kills him. At the last minute he lets them all go. But wait! It really IS a Company man who now has T-Bag in custody. Nothing ever goes well for T-Bag! So we're left with Michael and T-Bag in the clutches of the Company, Linc forced to do the General's dirty work to save his brother's life, Self and Gretchen about to hit paydirt, and Mahone arrested and on his way to jail. I can't wait for next week!
  • Oh My God.... Absolutely, Undoubtedly EPIC!

    What the hell is going to happen?
    Michael is still refusing to go to hospital.
    He outsmarted Self like he always outsmarts everyone; always one step ahead. Gretchen had the pleasure of staring him down with that thousand word glare. "You son of a B1TCH!!!! think you can outsmart Michael, you're a dumb pile of garbage, think you can get away with holding my daughter and sister hostage? Think you can beat me? HUH! suck on that".
    T-Bag's being the sheep once again. Will his pedophile side come out again? Either way I predict he will be shawn pretty soon by Gretchen. (sexy b!tch :D)
    Mahone has fled.... we think.

    And on top of it all we, or at least I don't know how many episodes/seasons are left. I'm keeping that a surprise for myself. I suspect the ratings are extremely low though because it is no doubt the highest rating torrent every week on PB (Pirate Bay not Prison Break lol) Prison Break gets at least 90000 seeders or more on Pirate Bay every week.

    This episode was amazing, just as good as last weeks. Suspenseful and anxiety ridden.
    PLEASE keep this show coming for at least ONE more season I BEG you!