Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 22

Killing Your Number

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • best show of all time!!

    I wish i had caught on to this series sooner. I just caught it on netflix and boy is it amazing. The most intense show i have ever watched; it had me pulling my hair out. Seasons 1, 2 and 4 are the best you'll ever see. Season 3 was still top notch, but if it hadnt dropped the bar even a little, i wouldnt have been surprised if this show lasted 8 seasons, it's that good. All the actors are top notch and i won't miss them in anything again. To see a reunion, watch episodes 4, 10, 16 and 22 of the flash. Reunion starts on 10. Don't miss prison break!
  • I will miss this show so much. By far the best blend of action, drama, suspense and emotion in any tv series to end this quickly. The 4 best years of my TV exp are over.....

    I was so sad to see that Michael was dead. I so did not expect that and was so pissed off. Here it is weeks later and I still shake my head at the idea. My guess is the directors and producers were going for that exact response. Well let me say, it worked. What a fitting ending other than his death. I guess since the series is over, his death makes sense. The only problem is that I for one wanted to see the good guy have a nice ending......

    I just want to say thanks to the entire cast from all 4 seasons. You became a part of the fans lives on a weekly basis. Also, thanks to the loyal fans that helped the show go on for 4 seasons. I loved season one but wondered how could it go on. Well, I am so glad that it did. Lets hope the actors go on to do so many more things in hollywood.

    I will miss the show but will always have my blurays for the memories....Take care everyone!!!!
  • This episode was so perfect, but still so sad.

    I have loved Prison Break ever since I saw the first episode. And I really didn't want it to end. This show has kept me on the edge so many times, and I just love it. But I guess all good things must come to an end, and what an end! Already when I saw Michael's nose bleeding at the beach, I knew. He was the only one that didn't survive, he never really got to be happy. And that's really a shame, he had deserved some true happiness, and watching his son grow up. But I'll guess Sara would take really good care of him, surrounded by her friends or should I rather say family now. PB forever
  • The Escape Squad makes good

    The irony of this series finale is that it's technically not the series finale. The upcoming direct-to-DVD release, "Prison Break: Final Break", presents two episodes set in the period before the epilogue in this episode. It's not necessary to see those extra episodes to get the gist of what happens, but it does present a slight disconnect in terms of closure. It would have been better if FOX had agreed to air those two episodes and tack the epilogue onto the very end. (As such, based on the separate nature of the release, those episodes will not be counted as part of the fourth season.)

    My biggest problem with this episode was the resolution of the fight against the Company. The entire fourth season has been a reflection of the second season, in that it was about escaping the metaphorical prison of the Company's power over all their lives. As such, there was the logical expectation that Michael would be the one to make it happen, as the troubled genius at the heart of the series.

    Instead, Michael is bailed out twice. First, he is saved by Sucre and C-Note when all his other options have evaporated. It makes for a great moment, and it harkens back to Michael's admission that his plans would never succeed without the right people in the right places, but he was completely unaware that they were coming. I can see what the writers were going for, in terms of unexpected twists, but it was disappointing.

    But far worse was the decision to have a reformed Paul Kellerman come to Michael's rescue with a deal that came out of nowhere. While it's certainly true, as Michael admits, that there was no other option left, especially with Mahone and Sucre in federal custody, it's a huge deus ex machina solution to the problem. Perhaps worse, this issue could have gone away if the writers had seeded the season with hints that the organization founded by Michael and Lincoln's father was still viable and they were moving in the shadows.

    This is unfortunate, because otherwise, the writers did a fairly good job wrapping up the main plot points, particularly in terms of the character arcs. I'm thrilled that Mahone survived and found some measure of happiness, Lincoln gets his freedom, all the villains end up dead or back behind bars where they belong, and Sara and Michael get some short measure of happiness.

    The only quibble I have is Michael's fate. The epilogue was very well done, and I love the idea that those particular characters go to Michael's grave every year and pay their respects. I was most gratified by the presence of Mahone, who seems to be on very good terms with the rest of the Escape Squad now. My problem is that his death seems unnecessary out of the context of the struggle to break free of the Company. Why let him survive that, only to kill him (in a supposedly ironic move) with a condition that was supposedly cured?

    I can certainly understand that the writers didn't want to go for the 100% happy conclusion when all was said and done, but there were far more elegant ways of making it happen. And while I get the thematic intention of having Michael lose his life after metaphorically giving it up for the sake of his brother in the pilot, it just wasn't satisfying to have it happen in that specific way. But maybe that's the perfect ending for a show that is best remembered for its mixture of wild creativity and inexplicable plot contrivances.
  • I would recommend this show to anyone. Once you start you just want to keep watching.

    The show is about a brother (Michael Scofield) you gets himself in prison to break out his brother (Lincoln Burrows) who was framed for a murder. He has the blueprints of the prison tattooed on him and has a plan to get him out. But once he gets in there everything does not go as planned as it becomes alot harder then he expected, As he develops enemies fast and a guard who is out to get him. While trying to cope with prison life. Scofield only has so long until the execution of his brother. On the outside an FBI agent is trying to speed up the process. I would say this was and still is one of my top 5 shows. It has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The suspense is awesome and all the twists in it.
  • End of the legend

    He was up for adventure, but a beautiful ending.Was monitored throughout a series tell you. 4 that the last of the season worthy of the most distressing side Scofield has died. The tape was the best part Sarah leave. In this section gripping as any other. I prefer your follow-up. In this section, a company which is against him with Scofield fights. his mother was in this battle rival in this season matter. The death has changed things. Sarah is a child. Word I learned in this series Ver. If you fail you will be your friend. you always will succeed if the enemy.
  • This was among the top three shows on TV when removed. The networks are moving towards Reality Shows where they don't have to "PAY ACTORS" any more. THE REALITY CRAP IS BEING RUN INTO THE GROUND.I'm about ready to get rid of TV and the cost

    Prison Break was and has been one of my all time favorite television shows. My wife and I have watched each and every episode at least twice. I have watched some three times now. In the beginning for the first three of four eppisode's I'll admit that I had to take time settling in to the mood and the flow of the show. But from then on I was hooked, and no way would I miss a show unless we at least taped it so that we could watch it when we got back home. I am 100% disabled from the Army, so a large part of my entertainment is from television. I think that the selection of the actors and actress's for the program were really great and each one really made me feel as though that person was the person they were portraying. The flow of the story line that the writers produced from episode to episode I liked. They all flowed together from week to week, and always made me feel like I couldn't hardly wait for the next week. They always seemed to
    pick a place right where you really had to know what was going to happen;----then jerked the rug out! Nope have to wait, suffer and you can see next week!

    All in all an extremly well written, placed, produced and acted out T.V. show. In my opinion this should never have been taken off of T.V.

    Cable used to be to get away from commercials. Now
    it's all sex pills, or products. Language that I used in the Marine's. And to make it worse, pop-ups
    right during the show's and movies! Keep taking the good shows off, and having the gross commercials and I'm going to Stop Paying so darn much for my Satellite service and just go back to free TV with the box I had to buy. Then I can watch TV on line for free!
  • Great Finale, could be worse, but the writers managed to end things in an interesting way.

    The last episode of prison break was not bad, was good, but could be a lot better.

    Let´s begin with t-bag, he didn´t ended dead, which is nice, is destiny was more fitted to be in prison. The role he played in this episode was perfect. Sucre and C-Note turned to be 007 agents, which is another strange things, not only that, they were able to escalate the building like Michael, if Spiderman was the one who helped him, is a mystery.

    This could be a happy ending, the bad guys are alive and didn´t die, they ended in Prison. As expected, almost all the great ended well and free. The last surprise is what marked this episode.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10) good beginning,
    Complication Phase - » (8/10) the last complication, getting caught, running etc,
    Climax Phase - » (8/10) good enough,
    Ending - » (9/10) sad ending, mixed with some happiness,
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10) rushed episode,
    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10) seems that we didn´t have filler
    Plot Details/Holes- » (6/10) Kellerman sudden resurrection with strange influence and Michael illness, and how Christina survived, the rest was fine
    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10) nice scenes with tension and suspense,
    Drama - » (10/10) a great character that like this show will be missed,
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (9/10). Another old character back, but that was too predictable, some fates like Michael and Self was shocking, and very sad at the same time.

    Great Finale, could be worse, but the writers managed to end things in an interesting way.
  • Saddest finale ever .

    I will remember this finale for my whole life. It wasn't probably the best finale ever , but it was very emotional. Here is the end to one of the greatest show in television, with a first season almost reaching perfection and with some high points in the following seasons. I think the suceess of this show relies on the powerful characters and clever plot lines , which season 4 lacked a little bit. I would like to say Robert Knepper is one of the greatest actors I have ever seen and did a great job in this show , I hope we see more of him. Well this is a sad day for me I have been a follower of this show since day one , but I think this was a good moment to conclude but one thing is for certain I will always remember this show as one of the greatest I have ever seen. Farewell Michael and Lincoln you are once and for all free.
  • Why????

    Why did you have to kill Michael?????

    After watching "The Final Break" it became more clear buy I´m still very sad to see him gone, it was an excellent series (the first season rocked), but I´m a little bit dissapointed about the way it ended, there´s a lot of things really weird, but it doesn´t matter, i love this show!!!!

    Hope to see some of the actors back again soon, and thanks to all the fans watching the show.

    Goodbye Prison Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Some here say that it´s going to be a 5th season but I don´t think so, right?

    What do you think???
  • Prison Break comes full-circle.

    This is my first review for one of the many shows I dedicate my time to. It's been a personal fave of mine for quite some time now.

    I was definitely upset by the death of Michael Scofield, initially. I felt a bit cheated in a way after being awed by his character for four years, hoping with every second that he'd eventually succeed and get the girl. However, in the end, I saw that his passing was not only necessary, but inevitable, to complete the theme of the series.


    The show told the tale of a man willing to sacrifice his life for his brother. And he did just that... and then some. He saved the life of not only his brother, but five others, including that of his only son. His death might have been a bit depressing, but it certainly wasn't in vain.

    RIP Michael... & Prison Break.

    It's been fun.
  • I still have mixed feelings over this hence the long gap from first viewing it when it first aired and reviewing it now

    As a series finale, the writers should make sure it is basically an ode to the fans as we are the reason - well, its mostly the money but hey - why it ran for 4 years. It should be something the fans unanimously adore and treasure for years to come. However, having mixed feelings over certain issues like Michael's controversial death and Fox's demand that the missing link be aired on a DVD for the Americans (unlucky guys). I was unhappy that they killed Michael off even though it was the last episode even after hearing the justifications for it. Sara and Michael and their child desrved to be happy after everything! Mahone and Felicia looked weird together because in my ees they are really good friends, shame about Pam! Sucre and his daughter shared a sweet scene! C-Note's scene was a little weird! Seeing Self crippled was so sad. I know he did like 2 bad things and was geneally a selfish guy buth that was cruel. But T-Bag's scenes were the best - back in Fox River with a "Tweener" in tow and a nice reference to GATE!

    I loved the explosive beginning and Michael's reluctance at handing over Scylla as well as a great return of Kellerman. We knew he wasn't dead! Bittersweet finale, I suppose it was a satisfying end but it could have been handled better and Paul Scheuring should have written and directed these two episodes. He just disappeared aftr Season Three's Premiere...
  • I was initially very angry BUT

    First off, I have to say those 2 episodes were great. Some great moments, some very nostalgic and some huge surprise like the unexpected return of the one and only Paul Kellerman. Scylla story was well concluded and we even had a jump 4 years later to see where the characters ended. This was very well made, it was beautiful. The fate of Mahone, Self,T-Bag, the General and Linc was perfect until Michael. It left me saying why or why? Why kill Michael. It felt totally unnecessary.
    If I wrote this review just after watching this, I would have written a long rant about it BUT lucky enough, I watched the additional bonus episodes, the Final Break. Michael`s death is perfectly explained and it was great. Final Break brought closure about Michael which was the only thing Killing your number lacked. So when linked with Final Break, killing your number was perfect.
  • I have loved prison break since day one. I could not wait for the next episode to come up.

    The finale was a bit of a mix of happiness and sadness. The worst part was Michael dying. Now we don't know how he died. They probably will tell us in the 2 bonus episodes whether it was from the tumor or was he killed.

    I really cried at the end, it was sad. Even though almost everyone deserved what they got I don't think Michael deserved to die and Sarah left alone after all they both went through together.

    I don't care if the writers thought you don't always get what you deserve but just to make the fans happy they should have let Michael live. :( No tears for him in the end from anyone :( even though he might have died 3 years ago still after what he did for everyone ?!?

    And i think the writers are amazing there is no doubt but the last episode did seem to me a bit of a weird with ups and downs..Mahone should not have been with the FBI agent.

    I did not understand the last part where they girl spits on paul. is he the good guy or the bad guy?

    Just confused. Everything went quite quickly with the general having so much power he ended up in his room tied with the cuffs and none of his people show up to see what was going on ? he only had two ppl with him in Miami? that was a bit weird. I am glad though he was dying !!

    T-bag should have died too! some innocent people he is going to torture in the prison will be horrible.

    But overall for the show I give it 9.8 out of 10.
    It was a different show. Not just to do with breaking out of prison, but being in a prison and not being free in real life due to the bad people who were after Scylla.

    First season was probably the best out of all the seasons!
  • I rate it 10, just for the sake of it.

    I`ve finally had the opportunity to watch the 2 eps finale of prison break. Of course, I`ve seen some of the hate and love for these episodes in the last 2 weeks. It`s obvious the hate is due to the apparently unrelated to the plot death of Michael Scofield, the hero of the show.
    Cowboys and Indians was awesome and perfect set up for the finale. I expected something huge for sure. So I rate this finale 10/10 but really just for this sake of it, as an overall thank you for this great show. The finale itself was far from perfect. There was a lot of tension, action, twist and turns. But we also had some over the top and too convenient moments. However in general, it was a good finale and it did the job in wrapping up the story. The 4 years later segment was one step ahead of anything else in the finale. It was beautiful and perfectly executed. About Michael, looks like his death was not related to the Scylla plot (tho it might be the case, should watch final break first). But in the end, it brought something special to it. It was sad, cruel even but yet a beautiful ending. I happy with how this series was concluded even if it could have been better.
  • Michael is dead ...

    Is it really end ?? eh I can`t believe that, that is so sad ;/. After four great seasons of great show producers finally finished "Prison Break". I really missed behind Michael genius he was great character. I miss too behind other person`s like Linc, Sucre, T-Bag, Sara, Mahone they all make this serial great, but Michael was special, really special...
    Thank you for producers for give me and us this serial and that characters, what else hmm maybe something about finale episode well after big trouble ( like always :) ) everything was good ( like always :) )
    Honestly fourth season was not the best season but he was good for maybe note 7-9.

    In these two finale episode producers give us that what we like very much that is a lot of action, drama, turn action, deaths and much more ...

    We also seen some immortal guys like Kellerman, Linc :)

    What happend with all our friends when Scylla already goes to good guys .

    - General Jonathan Krantz dead on electric chair
    - T-Bag go back to prison "Fox River"
    - Lincoln be together with her girlfriend and his son
    - Mahone is with miss agent Lang :)
    - C-Note and Sucre go back to their wife and child`s - Sara stay with Michael son - Michael Jr. Yes that`s finally end of "Prison Break" but not exactly because now we wait for two special episode we will see what producers give us.


    Prison Break one of the best action serial`s ever :)

  • Blame Fox, not the show...

    Remember that the plot of these last two episodes was intended to be spread over 4. They had to be crammed in because of the selfishness of the network. And people complain about unlikely plots, but lets be honest, u knew what u getting into when you started watching a show called 'prison break'. I for one loved the all out action, suspense, and genuinly emotional finale. I was nearly crying when it became clear micheal had died. A real hero, for all his selflessness, his tumor came back, sort of an anti-karma irony that wasn't overdone and was so very sad. I even felt badly for the bad guy, Self, just sitting there incapacitated. I'll really miss the show, it was never the same once the first season finished but this season was my second favorite. Thanks Paul and the group, I know it wasn't your fault that the ending was so rushed.
  • After trying to break out. Staying on the run. Trying to break out. Staying on the run. Somebody returns to tie up everything a neat tidy little bow. How convenient!

    This show WAS fantastic. Right up to this part! Battlestar Galactica ended great. Terminator: Sarah Conners Chronicles ended well. Prison Break took all the wrong turns in the end and neatly summed everything up, 12 minutes before the credits rolled. Those last 12 minutes really did seem like 4 years had elapsed. It was such a HAPPY ENDING that it made everything leading up to this seem so preposterous. Up until this point my money was on Linc biting the bullet as he should of. But no - characters returned who should have stayed dead. I would have been happier had:
    1# Wyatt returned. Bad ass killer won't stay dead and is now rogue and working for the Chinese would have way better.
    2# Mahone gone back on the super-brain drugs and finally outwiting everybody including Michael.
    3# EX-VP Caroline Reynolds orchestrating the whole thing

    In the end the show just wrapped up. Oh well - the first 3 seasons were awesome. Then the Scylla happened and then it was all Ocean's 11.
  • Overall Experience is good, Ending is Unexpected, Could be better if there is flash back of the whole show at the ending. It a show you should see. :)

    Although MS Died, they never tell us why he died. And Yes, Couldn't agree more than ever, why only MS died , while all the other survive, just so sad....

    All live happy. Prison Break could do better, if they put some screenshot for recap. All The Happy times and all the dangerous, Sad times and all those. it would be a great ending if they put those screenshot at the back... 1)how the group of people escape prison
    2)how they died and how their love one died
    Wouldn't that be more meaningful ?

    Alright Lastly thanks for the Tv Show, it was really thrilling watching the show. thanks very much
    Still Ranking 7/10, MS Died in a simple graveyard. a great man but simple graveyard. :/
  • Terrible ending : stretching the bounds of credibility beyond belief.

    Rubbish. Worst ending to a series ever - so many plotholes and stupid twists and "convenient" plugs that it ended up being farcical - for example:

    1. Kellerman's return with 2 episodes to go - as an old bad guy, everybody including Michael "sceptic" Schofield automatically accepts his word

    2. Mahone ending up with the FBI agent - why ? No need for that twist.

    3. Schofield goes through all that hell and winds up dead from a nose bleed????? Pathetic.

    4. The general ending up being executed in prison ? With all his contacts etc he wouldnt be able to negotiate a life sentence????

    5. The general had LJ kidnapped - why when he is threatening Lincoln does he show Sofia instead - actor playing LJ not available ??

    6. Sucre's buddy from jail suddenly turning up and being an ace marksman shooting trained assassins with ease.

    I could go on...The final scene with Teabag in jail was nonsenical - another prisoner has the business book of gate corporation as his reading material ?? Horrible end to a good show.
  • This maybe 10 worthy but

    I really want to rate this with a 10 but there`s something that I don`t get. First, this finale was great with great actions, surprises(Kellou!) and some nostalgic moments. The final sequence where they show where the characters end 4 years later was almost perfect, if not perfect. The only hic is Michael`s death. Now I`m not going to scream slap on the face bla bla bla cause it is not one. It was good TV as they they did not do it to surrupy. But I Michael`s death is kinda insignificant. I understand he is build up as the hero who sacrifice it all for his love ones but I also understand he died of Tumor. There is still those 2 additional episodes that will spread light on this. It is not a bad decision to kill him but I just want it more developed. I guess we`ll know more in those 2 episodes. Then I may upgrade it to a 10 but just because of the lack of development on Mike`s death (again killing him was not a bad decision), I`ll give it a 9.5. Other than that, it was a fantastic finale.
  • Good story, badly pulled off.

    I thought it was a horrible episode to end of this great show.

    Yes, I know that quality has had a dramatic fall throughout the seasons and it would never be as good as any ep from season 1, but it deserved a better ending. I was fine with the story in the final, which was of Michael dying and the General aswell, and everyone else coming back and having a happily ever after, but the episode was just of poor quality. It didnt feel "right", like you were watching the big finale of Prison Break.

    The thing that misled me was the 2 previous eps which were great, a huge improvement in my opinion from the rest of the eps this season (and the last few), and it all ended like this.

  • Finale that generates mixed reactions.

    Looks like fans are divided here. Either some perfect 10 or some literal absynormal 1.
    Well I`ll side with the perfect 10 here. This series finale did what a finale show do: provide closure. Even if it was tragic and sad, it is an excellent closure to this great show.
    All the characters ends up with a satisfactory end. My fave, T-Bag ends up in Fox River. How nostalgic that was.
    It was also amazing to see Kellerman back. The guy is great. He has come a long way since season 1 for sure.
    Sad, very sad to see Michael die. He was a hero. But he didn`t do it for nothing. Linc is a happy man.
  • One last stand against the company

    Okay... so the final few episodes had a pretty slow pace but these two were huge. Everyone had their place in the sun; Don, T-Bag, Mahone and the General especially (who when I heard of all the returning charactors I felt would suffer). About the returning charactors... we always knew Kellerman was going to show up again and Sucre had to be back. C-Note returning was a nice touch as the last few members of the Fox River 8 could work together. The episode has a whole was superb; the twists, turns, plans was all fantastic. And the ending was brilliant. Nice to see Mahone, Lincoln, C-Note, Sucre and Sarah get a happy ending, and nice to see that T-Bag, Self and the General get what they deserve. All good untill....
    Why the hell did Michael have to die?? After all that why kill him off? Its utterly pointless and I cannot think for the life of me what it can possibly add to the show now. Its done... finished. Why not let him go off into the sunset? I mean fine if your going to kill off your protagonist at least give him a decent death. His was sudden and not even seen (though I guess we will see it). Maybe my opinion of this will change after seeing the other episodes but I don't think so.
  • Michael's dead!!!

    Michael's dead!!! This is the 1st time ever I'm contributing my thoughts to any tv series on the net, and this is just to show how frustrated, how disappointed and I don't know how else to epress myself!
    After all the 4 seasons, after all they have been through, at the end Michael dies! Finally when he is with his girl and soon to be a father? This drives me nuts, call me crazy, but if you look forward to the end, a happy ending where you expect the brothers to have a happy ending, you see their mom coming back and then getting killed as well, and not to mention the brothers finding out they are not actually blood-related, and to put salt in the fresh cut-would, Michael dies! Not even once he had nose bleeding once he received the treatment from the General's hide-out and then out of nowhere he bleds at the end and dies! Hats down to the writers for the whole series, but this is unacceptable!
    Amazing searies, one of the best I have ever seen, amazing season, some great scenes, even the bit where Lincoln puts down the duck on Michael's tombstone, but a very sad, devastating and disappointing ending!
  • Does anyone think that there will be a 5th season? The writers said,, there might be ... !!

    Prison Break writers said that If the producers asked them for a new season they will make it for sure and if they said that's it, so it will be done for sure.I don't know if they actually gonna make a 5th season, but even if they were, how they gonna make new stories after they Killed Michael?!! but who knows they might show you that Michael didn't die @ the 1st place ..
    Trust me! If they wanna do, they'll do it!!
    I mean that a lot of people liked the ending, but also many people hated it. So the producers might consider a new final season to make it the perfect ending and they might NOT.
    WHO KNOWS ..
  • Brill episode, bad ending :(

    Why, why, why, why, why? Ok, we have old characters coming back to help save the day, we have Michael back to his usual self and not resting til everyone gets saved, we have Mahone turn into a true "good guy" and everyone, but everyone gets a happy ever after ending - apart from the one character who deserves it the most???!!!! Whats that all about? Why did they have to kill off Michael, after everything he did over the last 4 seasons to save everyone why was his character not allowed a happy ending like the rest. I am totally, utterly devastated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Micheal Scofield is dead!!! :( what a fine ending for the show. there was a mistake in this episode!!!

    the best episode for prison break even that it ended by the dead of Micheal :( what a tearjerker.
    i really loved who things went out, the general and Christina is dead, and everyone got his freedom, and T-bag back to fox river that was funny.
    one point about this episode, which is a wrong directing mistake, where Micheal were shot in the left hand by his mother, but after that when he was with Killerman he hold his right hand!!! even he was shot in the left one.
    but that Micheal is dead!!! i mean come one people why, even now after everything is finished and he was about to be a father u killed him for the surprise, why not keeping him alive!?!! the best scene in the whole show was the last scene when everyone gathered at his grave, and specifically when Buroz put the paper duck at the top of his grave I just loved the scene.
    Prison break come to an end, and what a fine end.
  • The company is taken down, all members are exonerated and their names are cleared.

    I would have definitely skipped the ending where Michael had died, it was a such a waste to an overall good season and great show. Season 4 had some ups and downs and was shaping back great in the last 5 episodes.

    Totally disagree with the ending for Michael, the rest went fine, Don Self, TBag and the General and Christina got what they deserved. I liked the idea of Paul kellerman resurfacing back again, he was quite a character. Nice to see C-Note and Sucre exonerated and their names cleared, all good except for Michael's death.
    That's my 2 cents!
  • to screenagedkids

    hmmm very articulate and painfully subjective review. Dude, if you are so critical of a fictional story you should get off your arse, turn off the TV and try real life. What do you want from a TV drama / soap opera ? reality ? I guess you thought it was perfectly feasible that Michael got sent to the same prison as Lincoln in the first place and managed to actually break out, let alone the following 3 seasons of complete fantasy.

    Great show, great ending, great fiction. Hurrah to the producers of an entertaining program in a current sea of drivel.
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