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Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 5

Map 1213

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Michael and Lincoln are eager to locate the Double K ranch where Westmoreland hid his millions. Sucre goes to Las Vegas to prevent Maricruz from marrying his cousin Hector. C-Note gets on a train. Mahone is given an important package.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle and his brother are in utah and they realize that there is a community were the treasue is and its bured over it . and they realize tbag is in town . and also that tweener is too and he has to leave his girlfriend behide becasue he lied to her . and also cnote is headed to utah also on train and when he got to go to the wedding the cops showed up. and he was chased away. and so he decides to head to utah also. and in this t bag eats the map after they comback and he lied to them. and so they are all looking for the treasure in that house in the garage. this was a good epmoreless
  • Fiiler Type of Episode, with Some Setups!!!

    From writers Perspective:

    It was time to get the pieces in a proper position first. So, the Utah Money Plot Begans.

    T-bag and Tweener are the first ones, besides Michael and Lincoln and it is clear, that all them will work together to get the money.

    How they would work together? Necessity. So the Best way is to fill this entire episode with this.

    Also, Sucre continues with his Romance Mission, Just to distract the Audience, Just like When C-Note are going for the Money and had some complications.

    With this 5 players, Mahone had to have is time on screen, as SAra too, but in Sara case, her plot continues to be a Setup to Bring Sara and Michael together.

    So if the last episode was great, we could sacrifice this episode.

    This type of mindset only provide a filler episode for the entire episode. Why? All the players could appear all in the same place, at the beginning of this episode, it was not necessary for all this to happen, neither the complications. But necessary for the writers, since a episode needed to be filled.

    My Point of View:

    Compared to the previous episode, nothing relevant happened. Michael and CIA could appear at the exact location (where the money is), but since this is not the objective, you waist all this episode to Michael get nowhere.

    Sara Scenes is nothing special, just details. Sucre and C-note scenes either, since they are pure filler. Mahone scenes also bought time, but since he is necessary, i can understand.

    Tweener Scenes was better, because he is probably who is going to end caught or dead soon.

    This is why gave this episode a 6,5.moreless
  • Well written.

    Mahone takes an interest in the hidden millions of D.B. Cooper, with Michael and Lincoln racing to Utah in order to be the first to locate Westmoreland's Double K ranch. Sucre is determined to stop Maricruz's wedding in Las Vegas. This episode was awesome I loved it when T-Bag came back! I love him , he is a very important to the show, one of my favourite characters too. I'm glad Kellerman is acting different in season two, eventhough he was awesome in season one, I get the feeling that he is going to be so much better in season two. All in all can't wait to watch more and more of this awesome show! Bring it on!moreless
  • Review

    New Review: After rewatched the first few episodes of season five I'm really trying to figure out why I have ranked the episodes as low as I did back when I watched them. I said in my old review that the show had "lost season one magic". True, in a sense. Only because the show has created season two magic. Every storyline is still fresh and the writers are doing a great job in how they are distributing the time for each character. Sucre, Cnote, and Tweener get minimal time while Tbag, Michael, Lincoln, and Mahone get the big airtime. Sara and Kellermans storyline is actually good to watch. I don't know why I had so much hate for Prison Break Season 2 in the beginning. The first five episodes are the best of any television season ever. Old Review: Still not really feeling the magic of season one and it seems to me that every epsiode after "Manhunt" has gotten a little worse each time. Im sure once the money situation has been taken care of we'll get some new drama. Very interested to see Micheal and Lincoln try to take down the president one of these days.

    I dont mind not seeing Haywire, he wasn't the greatest of characters anyway. I still think C-Notes got a pretty bad storyline, but it could get better when he meets up with some of the guys in the next episode.

    Mahone has lost his magic. He seems to be going crazy trying to find these guys. He went from the smart and ready guy in episode 1 to an obsessesed fool who is struggling to even get drugs to continue his search. Micheal/Lincoln drama wasn't as good in this episode and I still strongly dislike Sara/Kellermans storyline. I havent liked it since episode 1 when he was on her and I still dont really like it.moreless
  • Off to Utah

    Finally arriving in Utah, the brothers hunt for the ranch where DB Cooper's money is stashed. They head for the tax assessor's office in search of a map, only to discover someone's beaten them to it: T-Bag. It's a beautiful reunion. Good old T-bag has eaten the map. "We're partners. Because as of this moment, I'm your map," he lisps. Lincoln shoves the little runt into the car boot. Sucre fails to rumble Maricruz' wedding; C-Note takes a running dive from a hurtling train; and a heartbroken Tweener is dismayed when he gets caught up in T-Bag's spiteful plans. An origami crane with a phone number scrawled on it lands on Sara's doorstep. Things are looking up for li'l Miss Tancredi, until the crane falls into the sticky hands of Kellerman, who's now taken to posing as her gay best friend. Meanwhile, Mahone's worked out the connection with Utah, Westmoreland and DB Cooper. He's hot on our boys' trail again…moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Rockmond Dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar

Benjamin "C-Note" Miles Franklin

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies

Dr. Sara Tancredi

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller

Michael Scofield

Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison

David "Tweener" Apolskis

Recurring Role

John Heard

John Heard

Gov. Frank Tancredi

Recurring Role

Kurt Caceres

Kurt Caceres

Hector Avila

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Goof: The FBI gets news that Debra Jean's vehicle has been located abandoned off the I-80 - however, Tweener and Debra Jean were staying in a hotel in Mack, Colorado, a town located a few miles from the Utah-Colorado border, off Interstate 70, not 80. I-80 does not pass through Colorado at any point.

    • The number of the train C-Note was riding was DALT 39947.

    • It's revealed that Hector's last name is Avila.

    • T-Bag opens a paper machine that is clearly marked $1.50 and takes a paper. He never put any money in the machine, but it opened anyway.

    • The numbers written inside one of the wings of the origami swan received by Sara are: 736-339-8687. Kellerman researched it as a possible telephone number and was told that phone number has been out of service for 17 years. If this was a phone number(which ultimately in the story it is not), its area code is 736. However, this phone number could not have been out of service for 17 years; it would not have existed 17 years before--all area codes of phone numbers in North America at that time had a 0 or 1 as a middle number. Area Codes with other middle numbers did not come into existence until the early to mid-90s. (2005 or 2006 minus 17 years would make it 1988 or 1989).

    • Sara's address is on "Van Lear" Drive. Phillip Van Lear plays one of the Correctional Officers at Fox River Prison.

    • The numbers written inside one of the wings of the origami swan received by Sara are: 736-339-8687. Using the first line of the dotted code from the first origami swan in Manhunt (which if read numerically, becomes 3221243324), a word can be deciphered. Given the first number from the second origami swan is 7, the first number from the first origami swan, which is 3, indicates the third letter of the number 7 on a phone keypad ("At your fingertips," as Michael explains) - "R". Following this procedure for the rest of the numbers, the word "RENDEZVOUS" appears.

    • Before Tweener is forced into the trunk by Lincoln, he says they should split the $5 million four ways. But Lincoln says "you're not worth 1.5". This is incorrect as 5 million divided by 4 equals $1.25 million each. By Lincoln's calculations, the total pool would be $6 million.

      Response: Throughout the show, we've seen tons of reasons to believe that Lincoln didn't have much of an education.

    • When C-Note jumped off the train into the river, Mahone said he was spotted on a train near Preston, Idaho. There are no trains that run over a river near Preston.

    • There is an inaccuracy in Sara Tancredi's Narcotics Anonymous meeting at the church. This meeting place is obviously a Roman Catholic church, evident, due to its design, decoration, presence of kneelers and a visible tabernacle. A Catholic Church would never hold a meeting like this in the church itself, which is reserved only for specified rituals and the occasional practice for said ritual, like a wedding rehearsal. Parishes do host meetings and other gatherings in a church hall instead. This meeting was too informal, including the group leader setting up a chair on the altar itself, which would never be done.

    • Sara's address:
      1616 Vanleer Dr., #236
      Chicago, Il 60613

    • When C-Note jumps out of the train, you can see that he is wearing a black life vest.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Sucre: You know, she doesn't love you.
      Hector: Yeah, I don't want to get into that right now.
      Sucre: You're not raising my kid. ¿Tu me estas entendiendo?
      (suddenly, police sirens are heard heading in their direction)
      Hector: (smiles smugly) That don't sound good, cuz.
      (Sucre punches Hector in the face, kicks him while he's on the floor, then runs out)

    • C-Note: (to the train passenger next to him) It's always some damn thing, right?
      (she smiles sympathetically to him)

    • Sara: Do you know who I am?
      Kellerman: Uh, I happened to see the news last night, yes. Hey, I don't care. I've got some skeletons in my closet too. One of them wears a dress.

    • Mahone (to dealer): Midazolam, 1500 mg every 30 days, that's all I want from you. We understand each other?
      (long pause)
      Dealer: Yo, you gonna pay me for it?
      Mahone (slams cash on his chest): Right there!

    • Lincoln: First thing I'm gonna do with the money – buy new shoes.
      Michael: Second thing – tacos.
      Lincoln: Third thing – ice cold beer.
      Michael: Fourth thing – a little toothpaste.

    • T-Bag: You know, in Thailand, they got a black market where you can get any kind of surgery you need, even a hand transplant.
      Lincoln: You're sick, you know that?

    • Bruce: Listen, I hope you get this nomination more than anyone but, be prepared. This Burrows thing may steamroll.
      Gov. Tancredi: Well, we'll wait it out, just like you said.
      Bruce: Problem is, too many headlines. His lawyer Nick Savrinn's already dead. His kid's awaiting trial for double homicide. And now, his lead council's classified as missing.
      Gov. Tancredi: Well is she missing or is she dead?
      Bruce: I just thought you should know before you go to Washington.
      Gov. Tancredi: Bruce, is there something connecting all of this?
      Bruce: It's probably best you don't ask a whole lot of questions.

    • Michael: Tell me that's not what I know it is.
      T-Bag: Oh, it is. But don't worry. Before I destroyed it, I committed it to my photographic memory. (eats last bit of the map)
      Michael: Coming from a compulsive liar I find that a little hard to believe.
      T-Bag: I woulda tattooed it to my body, but I didn't have the time.

    • (Michael and Lincoln's car radio)
      Reporter: This morning authorities issued an update on the escaped convicts known, until now, as the "Fox River Eight". Chicago mob boss John Abruzzi was gunned down outside of a Washington DC motel last night after investigators received a tip from an informant. The other seven escapees are still at large and considered dangerous.
      A Florida man wanted in.. (Lincoln turns off the radio)
      Lincoln: I didn't think Abruzzi would be the first of us to go.
      Michael: I have a feeling we're in for a lot of surprises.

    • Mahone: You can't get 'em all.

    • T-Bag: I'm gonna take the high road here and suggest a mutually beneficial arrangement. I have the information, you have the manual requirements necessary to unearth Westmoreland's buried booty. We're partners.
      Michael: And why is that?
      T-Bag: 'Cause of this moment, I'm your map.

    • T-Bag: Don't you feel all warm inside, now that we're workin' together?
      Michael: We aren't workin' together. You're just here to lend a hand.

    • T-Bag (seeing Tweener): I just found me an inbetweener, where you goin' in such a hurry, huh?
      Tweener: None of your beeswax, yo.
      T-Bag: I know where, same place every other man who was in that room that night. They all comin' around here for a big family reunion... at the KU KLUX Ranch, if they ain't here already.
      Tweener: Ain't no country folk in this town ever heard of the Double K Ranch.
      T-Bag: Seems like you've been misinformed, indeedy there is a Double K. It's just a matter of who gets there first, all right? The stars are going to collide in Tooele, my friend.

    • Michael: How much further?
      Lincoln: 70, 80 miles.
      Michael: Good. We should be hitting Double K Ranch by this afternoon –
      Lincoln (cuts Michael off): Or we can keep driving, pick up LJ, then hit Panama.
      Michael: We can't hit Panama! We can't hit anything! We can't do anything without the money. We need to find Charles's stash!
      Lincoln: I know some other guys who are thinkin' the same thing.

    • Sara: So, in my program, um, we've been talking about making amends. And I've been thinking a lot about, um…about some of the choices I've made lately. And I know that that affects you, um…and, ah…and I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.
      Gov. Tancredi: You don't have to say you're sorry.
      Sara: Yeah, I do. And it must be hard to understand why I did it. I had no idea that I was putting these guys back out on the street. I thought I was saving an innocent man. And I know that you didn't read the information I gave you on Lincoln Burrows. But, he is innocent. And a lot of the people involved right now are dead. I'm sorry…this isn't why I called you. (tears up) I'm fine…but I'm scared.
      Gov. Tancredi (hugs Sara): Sara, I'm gonna help you through this. We're gonna get though this together.
      Sara: Thank you.
      Gov. Tancredi: I promise.

    • Lincoln: Excuse me, do you know where I might find a Double K Ranch?
      Man: What'd you call it?
      Lincoln: Double K Ranch.
      Man: No…
      Lincoln: You from around here?
      Man: Yeah, born and raised. There's no double nothing.
      Lincoln: Great. Thanks. (to Michael) Looks like Westmoreland spent his last breath blowin' smoke up your ass.

    • Debra Jean: I'm gonna go for a walk, okay? I'm gonna leave my keys right here. And when I come back, my car will be gone. I'm sure in a few hours they'll find it somewhere. Abandoned.
      Tweener: Wait, wait! I wish it could be different.
      Debra Jean: I have to go.

    • Lincoln: They said seven are still out there. So much for faking our deaths.
      Michael: I bought us some time, that's what counts.

    • T-Bag: Do you see the silo? (Staring at a bunch of townhouses) The bastards built over it.
      Michael: It's gone.

    • Mahone: You know D.B. Cooper?
      Wheeler: Yeah, yeah the hijacker.
      Lang: But he was never found.
      Mahone: Yeah, but he's gotta be somewhere, right? Because someone hijacked that plane in Portland, and jumped out over the Pacific Northwest and someone was arrested 2 days later in Bisbee, Arizona.
      Wheeler: Not the same guy.
      Mahone: Same guy. Same guy who was treated for a broken knee in a free clinic somewhere around Salt Lake City. Same guy who's Nova blew a head gasket 10 miles short of the border. Same guy who almost got away with a stolen car, but he ran a women down in Bisbee. Vehicular manslaughter. Arrested and booked as Charles Westmoreland. But he didn't have the money on him. Which means…he got rid of it somewhere along the way.
      Wheeler: Wait, wait…this is fact? You figured all this out?
      Mahone: No, Scofield did. That's why he was brining the old man along. The money's in Utah, and they're all going to get it.

    • Tweener (when Michael and Lincoln find him): How'd you know?
      Michael: T-Bag.
      Lincoln: Hand over the map!
      Tweener: What?
      Lincoln: The map! Hand it over!
      Tweener (laughs): He told you I had it?

    • Store Clerk: Hey, now. What'cha diggin'?
      Tweener: Ah, some stuff in my grandpa's yard.
      Store Clerk: Got a bigger one in the back if you're goin' deep.
      Tweener: Nah, this'll do.
      Store Clerk: Damn it if I don't know you from somewhere. Maybe I know your grandpa.
      Tweener: Doubt it, man. He moved here, like, a month ago, so…
      Store Clerk: What's his name?
      Tweener: His name's Grandpa, aight? Look man, can you just ring this up, I gotta get outta here.
      Store Clerk: Sure thing fella. I'll ring it up. (hits Tweener with a bat) I've seen you on TV! You're one of them Fox River boys!

    • Michael: Someone got here before us. That's the only explanation.
      Lincoln (seeing T-Bag): Son of a bitch is still alive. (runs down to catch him).
      Michael (to T-Bag): Hey, Pretty!
      T-Bag: What the…?
      Lincoln: What'cha gonna do, scream? (slams him into the car) Why the hell are you still breathing?
      Michael (with T-Bag's accent): What the hell'd you do to your hand?
      (Lincoln grabs T-Bags hand)
      T-Bag: Whoa, easy, easy, easy. I recently had some work done.
      Lincoln (shouts in anger): Where's the map?
      T-Bag: Easy, easy, easy. I don't have it!

    • Lincoln: Come on. Do you have the map?
      Michael: No. Someone else does.

    • Techie: Do you think he's a genius or a whack job?
      Mahone: I think we answered that question when we assigned a hundred agents to the case.

  • NOTES (5)