Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 11

Quiet Riot

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Previously: Michael had a big ol' tumor in his big ol' brain and that sucks.

Ooh-Sucre's got power tools! Drill, Sucre, drill! He and Scoundrel Sorrowful Mahone hook up some hose dealy.

T-Bag is trying to get JLOK to focus. She's bitching that "he" doesn't deserve "this," not after what he put her through. She opens the bedroom doors to reveal exactly what "this" is: JLOK "dressed" in a skanky schoolgirl's outfit. She slinks on over to the bed and strikes a pose as T-Bag snaps a picture.

WOTUS. Doc's setting up an appointment at three. Michael says he needs another day, "There's still so much to do." Linc and Doc look at him with those eyes of theirs so he relents.

Tunnel of Sorrow. Sucre reminisces about drilling with the egg beater at Fox River. Ah, good times.

New new credits.

Doc asks Linc if he trusts JLOK with the very important job of attaining the final card. Linc doesn't hesitate in saying yes to that, but does he trust her with anything else? "Nope."

Co. HQ. Lisa's going over the Scylla transpo plans with SOG. The dirty old man receives a photo accompanied by the message: "Our old room. 1 pm." He makes to leave and Lisa picks up that he's meeting JLOK. She bitches that she doesn't trust her and SOG's all, "So what else is new? I'm horny, outta my way."

WOTUS. Doc talks Michael through the surgery. He'll be awake the whole time. They're going to drill four pins into his skull. Linc interrupts, "Do we have to listen to this?" Heh. Michael says he wants to hear it. Doc continues, but is once again interrupted, this time by Self's arrival. He's brought supplies and asks how Michael's doing. Michael Lies! that he was dehydrated. Self reports that he's got eyes on T-Bag and JLOK and if they try anything he'll take them out. Guys, Self is simply stoked to be taking down the Co.! He never thought this day would come. Mahone and Sucre return with the video feed from Scylla's room. Seems the Co. doesn't have actual footage surveillance in the room, They don't want anyone to know Scylla exists. SOG's the only one with access to the video surveillance in the room and he'll turn it on only if there's a problem. Michael tells the others he's got four hours until he has to leave for the hospital. So he briefs them, they have to go through two walls, one concrete, the other glass. They can't make any noise and won't be able to touch the floor once they're through the first wall. Also: they can't generate any body heat. Well, they should just give up now. There's no way the remaining Unusual Suspects won't be able to give off heat. That's like asking George Bush to utter a coherent sentence. It's just not possible! Too bad Roland and Bellick are dead. Michael suggests they generate an electromagnetic field to get through the concrete wall. He proceeds to stumble over his words, so Mahone takes over. Michael takes a seat and Linc assures him that they can do this.

Yuckville. This show has scorched my corneas so many times, why must it continue with this torture? Such disturbing images still haunt me: T-Bag and SM, LB lap dancing on Bellick, T-Bag eating the chunky dude, Bellick running around in his underwear...I could go on, but do we really want to relive those moments? So, SOG has arrived and JLOK helps him remove his suit jacket. She searches it and he tells her that he didn't bring it. She plays dumb. Oh, JLOK. You may be a whole helluva lot of things, but dumb isn't one of them. SOG blah blahs about her breaking his heart and asks who she's planning on selling the card to. She babbles that it isn't like that and he spouts off that if she had been patient she would've eventuallygotten her own card. He pulls a gun on her and she pleads, saying she's the mother of his child. Well, that answers one question. He tells her that if she ever shows her face again he'll kill her.

Gate. T-Bag bothers Agent Boobs and then is called into White's office. To thank T-Bag for his awesome performance at the meeting last episode, White's sending T-Bag on a cruise. T-Bag declines to go.

WOTUS. Mahone thinks liquid nitrogen could be used to cool things off and fool the heat sensors.

Back to Gate. T-Bag brings JLOK up to speed on the whole Agent Boobs thing. She understates that this complicates things and he's all, "No shit, Sherlock!" He also whines about her failure to get the card. She calls BAD.

WOTUS. Mahone checks some umbrellas and says they can't make any sound above ten decibels. Outside Self tells Michael that JLOK didn't get the card. Michael is pissed. He reminds Self that They are moving Scylla today. Self hands him an envelope from JLOK. Agent Boobs calls to report that the buyer's at Gate. So we head to Gate where JLOK tells BAD she needs his help in securing Scylla.

WOTUS. Doc tells Michael it's time to go, but he's changed his mind (shocker!). "If they all die because we tried to take down the Company, and I survive because...because I called in sick, how am I gonna live with myself?" Michael tells the others he's not going to the hospital and Big Brother is much displeased.

En route to the caper, Doc shoots Michael up with some anti-seizure juice. She warns him away from physical stress. Michael overhears Sucre praying and promises they'll be fine. Sucre: "I'm not praying for me."

Co. HQ. SOG tells Lisa she was right about JLOK. Lisa is so looking forward to dancing on JLOK's grave, but when she asks if JLOK's dead, SOG simply says she won't be bothering them anymore.

Gate. Doc parks herself outside in the courtyard while the rest of the Unusual Suspects enter the building. No one (save for Linc, who snarls, "Outta my way!") says a word to T-Bag as they traipse through his office and into the storage closet. Heh. T-Bag calls JLOK and as Agent Boobs listens in, they discuss a new player for Scylla. JLOK gives him an address to meet. T-Bag hustles out.

Tunnel of Sorrow. Michael reminds the others to keep quiet. He wishes them good luck. The brothers hug. Aw.

Caper time! Sucre works on the the car batteries in order to produce the electromagnetic (could that word be any longer?) field. He drills a couple of holes in the wall and they push through the umbrellas which are attached to wires. The wall crumbles, producing a hole large enough for the guys to crawl through. Sucre does just that and begins to assemble a ladder which is suspended on the wires across a small hall. The heat sensor switches to yellow (warning) so he sprays some liquid nitro. The sensor changes back to green. Sucre returns to the ladder, screwing pieces together as he goes, then laying down boards, forming a makeshift bridge. Okay, how'd Sucre get this job? Mahone and Michael have a slimmer build and probably don't weigh as much. I get why they can't send tumor boy, but...whatevs. Shall I return to the scene? Oh, what's this? Sucre's dangling from the bridge. How'd that happen? He manages to catch the falling tank of nitro before it crashes to the floor. How are they going to get out of this? Cue the commercials!

And we're back. Linc scrambles through the hole and hauls Sucre back onto the bridge. Well, that was anticlimatic. Linc crawls back to the others and Sucre gets back to work. What a trooper.

Agent Boobs and Self pull up outside a nondescript home in a nondescript neighborhood. Self reminds her that JLOK and T-Bag are not nice people and wouldn't hesititate to put a bullet in her head. So if they make to shoot: she shoots first. If they make a wrong move: shoot. If they sneeze: shoot. If JLOK is dressed like a skanky Catholic school reject: shoot. If T-Bag begins one of his long-winded rants: for the love of all that is holy, shoot! They sweep the house (that's agent sweep, not sweep sweep, although that would be amusing). They're surrounded by BAD and his entourage.

Gate. JLOK gets the word from BAD and tells T-Bag about her back-up plan lest the Unusual Suspects decide not to share Scylla. T-Bag's okay with killing them, but requests that she leave Michael to him.

Co. HQ. Lisa says they're ready to roll.

Tunnel of Sorrow. Michael heads out onto the bridge (why are they sending the tumor-riddled one?). The movement triggers shooting pains and dizziness. He staggers and Big Brother's eyes get reaaallly big. Michael manages to pull it together and sprays some nitro when things heat up. The sensor switches back to green. Michael reaches the glass wall.

Back to Co. HQ. SOG's waiting for the other cardholders. Vegas COTW is currently (where else?) in Vegas. He'll be returning in an hour.

Michael cuts a hole in the glass.

Doc spies Lisa and Co. men marching through the courtyard.

Michael enters Scylla's room.

Self and Agent Boobs are tied up, and not in a good way.

Michael fondles Scylla a bit, more than a bit actually as his dallying triggers an alarm. SOG hurriedly switches on the video feed and is shocked to see Michael standing there. He calls for his men and they head for the elevator as we head to Michael, still standing by Scylla, acting as if he's got all the time in the world.


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