Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 11

Quiet Riot

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • Interesting setup episode.

    This episode was stretched, again to gain time to make episode 12 more relevant, but not all is bad.

    Like was done before in previous season, all the setups were done, all the small talks and final preparations are in place and this is why the episode ended the way it ended.

    All the setups made in this episdoe was interesting and well done-

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10),
    Complication Phase - » (8/10),
    Climax Phase - » (8/10),
    Ending - » (9/10),
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10),
    Time and Scene Management - » (8/10)*2,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (6/10),
    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10),
    Drama - » (7/10).

    Interesting setup episode.
  • 'Quiet Riot' is a fantastically written and directed piece of work.

    Before I blow so much smoke up this episode's ass it's untrue, let's just get one gripe out of the way: would anyone in their right mind really let Michael jeopardise the entire mission by coming along on the crawl into the Company in his current condition? Come on! He could blackout at any second! Sarah would drug the guy, cart him off to hospital and have done with it. None of this 'oh yes Michael, you can climb in and get Scylla, even if it does mean you're probably gonna keel over and set all the alarms off at any point.' Hmph. Anyway, back to the plaudits. 'Quiet Riot' is a fantastically written and directed piece of work that succeeds in placing the viewer squarely on the edge of their seat for every single, excruciatingly silent moment. The decision to have no dialogue for a good ten minutes is an absolute masterstroke as it focuses our attention squarely on the dramatics of the scene and, more importantly than that, what could potentially go wrong. I don't know about you but I was literally squirming when watching the cons exercising their plan, which just demonstrates that Hoffman and co. have achieved exactly what they set out to do. Oh, and Gretchen's attempted proposition of the General? Priceless.
  • Michael vetos the opperation to help Linc, Sucre and Alex to get Scylla............

    In this episode Michael is meant to have an opperation on his brain, sounds extremly complicated! But he doesn't go, but ends up going to help get Scylla. This part is GREAT, my heart was pounding and I was whispering to my brother who was watching it with me (probably because my parents were in bed, or cos Michael said they needed quiet), and when Sucre slipped I was like "OH!!", hands over my eyes! I love Sucre! And then of all things, ads! It seemed to me that the gods of tv in this country always put ads in Prison Break in the WORST places! I mean 5 minutes before it finishes? Stupid! When Michael went to lift Scylla I was like "No Michael! Have you not seen Indianna Jones? You can't just lift it!!" and then the little red light came on, and in the Generals office Michael is seen infront of Scylla and then 4 men plus the General are going down......

    Now I think Michael just lifting Scylla is part of the plan to get the General down there. I have had time to think about it. Sara is in the process of getting to Lisa. I'd like to see how she does it! And Don and Trishanne are in trouble by the looks of things. Well I have to admit that I didn't see Trishanne as FBI...

    Also T-Bag and Gretchen? Do they think Michael is that stupid to just walk out of the closet and into T-Bags "office"? I mean Michael had BRAINS!! Unlike those two! Now I have to wait till the gods in tv land decide to put Prison Break back on! I hate them for putting Die Hard on...of all things!! Die Hard? Please...just put the next friggin episode on!
  • This is the worst episode in the entire series. I still love the show but there are three relatively small issues I have with this episode that ruin everything for me.

    This is the worst episode in the entire series. Now don't get me wrong, I think this is a brilliant and well executed series, I don't care that the majority of people I know think it's a horribly formulaic and repetitive, I stand firmly to my belief that this is a great show. This episode however, I thought was terrible.

    There are three relatively small issues I have with this episode, but they ruin everything for me. the first would be the lack of motion sensors in the room where Scylla is kept. I mean, even the most basic household security system has motion sensors so for what possibly reason would they neglect to add such a basic accessory to such a high tech security system? This is The Company's most valued and protected piece of equipment, they surely can't think that just because they have super-sensitive microphones and heat sensors that motion sensors would be unnecessary. They sure didn't think that putting insane mines in the foundation of their headquarters was unnecessary.

    The second issue I have is when Sucre drops the canister of nitrogen and it makes a loud 'DING'. If opening an umbrella is just under the number of decibels that it takes to set off the alarm then how could that loud DING not set it off? I mean, they don't even whisper to each other on the other side of the thick concrete wall for fear of their voices reverberating and setting off the alarm.

    The third and last issue that I have occurs when Michael touches Scylla and activates an alarm. The General then goes to his laptop and brings up security footage of Michael touching Scylla. I thought that there weren't supposed to be any cameras pointing directly at Scylla because The Company didn't want any visual evidence that Scylla exists what-so-ever, apparently the writers or director slipped up and forgot about that.
  • This episode of Prison Break was Superb, although it did kind of seem like a filler episode. (Spoilers)

    Quiet Riot was a superb episode of Prison Break, like the other episodes usually are. It was pretty exciting, but it did have it's slow moments. I like how they got into the Scylla room, but I didn't like that it took so long. The moments with T-Bag and Gretchen discussing their plans were pretty entertaining and well written, although I would like to see more from Mahone's character. He used to be almost the main character, but now the writers have yet again put him in the back seat. Hopefully in future episodes he'll have a much bigger role. Overall though, I give this episode, Quiet Riot, a 9 out of 10.
  • The gang finally gets to Scylla after a nerve wrecking break in, but the general is after them. T-Bag and Gretchen have turned on them. Self is captured by Weng.

    This was easily the best episode of the season. There was a lot of build up to this episode, and it surely did deliver. Though a little slow at the start, the episode really picked up pace. It was nerve wrecking from the beginning to the end.

    The whole break in part without talking was epic. Even though there were a mistakes in this episodes, it doesn't really matter as the suspense really makes up for it. I haven't seen a better cliff hanger then this in a while. The group has got to Scylla but the general is coming after them, while T-Bag and Gretchen are waiting outside to kill them, and the Chinese dude has caught Self!

    Easily one of the best episodes of Prison Break. Can't wait for the next one!
  • everything get very twisted!!! i want to see the next episode people!!!

    what an episode !!! everything twisted and everyone got into situation god knows how will it end.
    this episode remind us with prison break that we all loved to watch, i mean they ended the episode in a way, WOW, what the hill is going to happen now with the general saw Micheal with Sella, the detective is kept with the chines and about to get killed, Gretchen is now waiting with T-bag for Micheal to take Sella and kill him, i mean come one what else!!
    i cant wait to the next episode to see what is about to happen, is Micheal going to the hospital?
    and ooh something that i need to say, Gretchen YOU ARE HOT, i mean in the beginning of the episode with her slutty school mini skirt OH MY GOD, she is hot!!!
  • Review

    I like television shows that can think outside the box. The final twenty minutes where there was "No Talking Aloud" was a very intense twenty minutes of action and suspense and I'm glad to say that they pulled it off nicely. Now, do keep in mind, the first twenty-five minutes dragged a little bit and no one talked at all in the final twenty minutes aside from Tbag, Gretchen, and Self. The part about this that is so fascinating is I have no idea who is one whose side. I think Tbag and Gretchen are in it with Fang and playing all three sides of the triangle, Selfs in it for the FBI, and Padman is in it for his company. Very interesting trying to draw the battle lines in this diagram. Overall, I would say it is a step down compared to the amazing quality of episodes that we have been getting from Prison Break this season but still enjoyable. Was Wyatt supposed to just dissapear after killing Michael and Lincoln, you would have thought the General might have needed him for something else by now.
  • Adrenaline Rush

    There was much build up (in the episode itself and previous ones) for that much anticipated break in and it did not disappoint. The break in contains some of the most tense, suspenseful and exciting moments of the show.
    Before the break in, Michael was torn between having the surgery or being with the team. Now I think the whole Michael health issue is pointless, at least so far. I`m not really worried or feel sorry for Michael..he`ll simply not die of it,at least not so soon. So far it`s just drama...not a very interesting one IMO.
    Nice interaction between Michael and Mahone, these two always work well together and it was also nice to see Sucre pray for Michael...always good to expose the human nature of the guys in such impossible mission.
    The unholy T-Bag-Gretchen alliance continues to work well. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was damn hot in the episode but it`s a good thing she did not get the 6th card that way..the General would lose credibility otherwise. Nice scene with T-bag and his hot secretary even if its weird he would base on the fact she wouldn`t take her jacket off for $1000 to derive she`s a fed..well I guess his phone call to self was a factor too. So Self and Trishanne were captured which means they`ll probably be used as bargains or something like that.

    Now the break in. As far as the suspense and intensity is concerned, it was perfect. However, as far as the logic is concerned, it had a couple of flaws for sure. So maybe the thing with the sound sensor did not make sense at times, maybe Michael should have remove his shoes etc..but with Prison Break, I`ll always choose entertainment and suspense over the logic to a certain degree. I mean the whole thing is far fetched, to enjoy we should focus on some factors in particular.

    Anyway, some people argue they shouldn`t have put that sound sensor thing in the first place, to make it realistic. Well I think the sound sensors were one of the coolest things about this break in. Having no dialogs at all, with little noise in that very stressing soundtrack was great..awesome! Sucre nearly letting the nitrogen falling was great as it really made the adrenaline rise here (even if he made noise that didn`t set the alarm). My only problem here was that Michael was the one getting Scylla. Of course, it HAD to be Michael. He is the main guy and the final picture should be him but here that pointless tumor thing ruin it a little. The cliffhanger was awesome. The guy playing the general did great with his "I was just owned big time" face. Leaves you really wanting for more. So next episode should be very exiting and still no 6th card. Things are moving much quicker than I expected. Don`t really know what`s up with Sara spying on Lisa and what was the information that Gretchen passed to Michael? I wonder if the body count will continue to increase. I hope no one from team bites the dust. Trishanne days are numbered, maybe even Self could go. Bring on the next one.
  • So tense and suspenseful

    "Quiet Riot", this week's Prison Break episode, proved that every once in awhile the producers and writers remember their winning formula from season one, and revisit it with remarkable success. In this episode, the tension and nail-biting suspense was felt in the second half of the episode as the gang moved a step closer, literally, towards Scylla.

    "Quiet Riot" started off with Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) torn between going in for a much needed operation and thereby abandoning the gang in their time of need, and putting his life in danger by completing the mission with them. With the help of Sara Trancedi's (Sarah Wayne Callies) medical expertise, they managed to curtail Scofield's symptoms to a certain degree that enabled him to continue with the others on the mission. These scenes of Scofield deciding what to do added another dimension of apprehension to the characters that later segued nicely into the tension and excitement in later sequences.

    Meanwhile T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) decide to use sex as a tool to get the General's card (the sixth card), with Gretchen dressing up as the naughty school girl, in a much too short plaid skirt and a much too tight white blouse. The scene was hilariously cheesy, and didn't particularly fit into a dramatic story like Prison Break, but nonetheless even that scene between Gretchen and the General added tense layers to this episode, as we saw Gretchen's plan turning to dust.

    Despite being a very tight episode, it wouldn't be Prison Break without some flaw in logic as we saw T-Bag assume that Trishanne (Shannon Lucio) was a federal agent, by her simple refusal to take her jacket off for a thousand bucks. One wonders what sort of women the producers and writers socialize with if they think all women shed clothes for some quid.

    The paths of Trishanne and Self (Michael Rapaport), Gretchen and T-Bag, and Feng all come to cross as Gretchen and T-Bag figure Trishanne and Self are in cahoots, and they cue Feng in on this.

    This all leads in to the final segment which has the Gang attempt to break into where Scylla is kept, which is a bunker that has noise and temperature detectors, thereby posing a humongous challenge to Scofield and gang to overcome. The entire scene plays out without dialogue, and it's all about the action, which proves to always be Prison Break's high point. And this time it did not disappoint.

    The anxiety was built up from the start, and with the characters moving slowly and cautiously, the audience was able to feel every bit of eagerness and uncertainty as well. The direction employed in these scenes by director Kevin Hooks was appropriate and highly suitable for allowing the audience to experience the dilemma and apprehension of the characters in peril, thereby contributing to the exhilaration this episode brought.

    Prison Break does very well when it gives us situations that are anticipatory in nature, and that make us bite our nails along with the characters on screen, which is a feat the show so easily achieved in season one. Hence it was a great treat to watch this particular episode return to its previous caliber as "Quiet Riot" had high anxiety and well placed tension throughout, and it ended with a good cliffhanger as well.
  • Fantastic

    The whole season's been leading to this moment. All those episodes of digging, collecting Scylla cards, and Bellick's death, have been building up to Scofield and the team getting their hands on Scylla. With time running out before Scylla is moved, Scofield decides to forego a life-saving operation in order to help out. The breaking was one of the most exciting suspenseful moments in the shows history.
    Overall, this was another exciting episode of Prison Break, but the final payoff of getting their hands on Scylla was awesome with a great cliffhanger. Next week should be another revealing and exciting outing. Can`t wait.
  • A mid-season triumph

    While traditionally "Prison Break" has saved its biggest mid-season moments for its mid-season hiatus, this season has broken a few patterns and tossed the usual plans to the winds. So perhaps it makes sense for the writers to place a huge moment for the season arc in the very center of the story: episode 11. The anticipated midpoint of the season and the heart of the "complication" phase of the story, this will launch the characters into the final leg of this long and laborious journey.

    Most of this episode is elaborate set-up for the real action in the next episode, but it still manages to pay off a number of ongoing plot threads in the same instance. Most importantly, the Escape Squad makes their play on Scylla, breaking into the Company stronghold using a plan that is nothing short of ingenious. Would it work in the real world? Certainly not, since the writers take liberties and the audience is left to disregard some of the obvious gaffes.

    For example, at one point, Michael has a serious seizure in the middle of the operation. Setting aside the fact that Michael should know better than to risk the entire operation when he's having random attacks, he makes more than enough noise to trip off the alarm. Before that, however, the episode shows that one human body is enough to affect the thermal sensors. Yet somehow, when Lincoln has to save Sucre from falling off the rig, the thermal sensor is completely unaffected!

    Equally interesting is the gambit developing between Gretchen and T-Bag. That subplot was always waiting in the wings, but now it's finally having an impact on the rest of the story. I'm not one to complain about Jodi running around in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, but bearing the General's daughter? There's an unwanted theory confirmed! Thankfully, her mercenary ways led her to betray her erstwhile allies, ending the pain.

    T-Bag's alliance with her against Michael was no shock, since he's been looking for revenge since the beginning of the season. But I was a bit surprised and impressed to see T-Bag wavering. He was actually thinking about setting aside his criminal ways and living life as a slick and successful salesman. I imagine that would have worked out for him, since it plays directly to his talents.

    If the show's history tells us anything, it's that the direction of the season will likely take a harsh turn for the worse before things get better. I anticipate a hefty body count before the end, and I'm sure that Michael's decision to postpone medical treatment will be mined for all its worth. Hopefully the writers and producers will hear about the fate of the series and the rest of the season soon, so a suitable and satisfying final chapter can be prepared.
  • They've almost got it...

    With time running out before Scylla is moved, Michael decides to go ahead a life-saving operation in order to help out. The break-in was perfectly executed, with all the planning and precautions coming off really well. Padman realizes that Michael is about to get his hands on Scylla also is it also revealed that he has fathered a child with Gretchen. (I think we found that out a couple of episodes ago) T-Bag, on the other hand wants revenge, he's also smart enough to figure out that the secretary isn't who she seemed she was after slipping Whistler's name. Gretchen gets the Chinese Scylla buyers to abduct them.
  • Wow. where do i start? what an excellent episode!

    Prison Break will always be one of my favorite television shows because of episodes like this one. This episode got back to that extremely clever and well written feeling that was the first season. I absolutely adore that mahone seems to genuinely care about michael. I also enjoyed the fearless act of sucre being out in the middle of no mans land. This season will most likely be the last and although im glad it will soon be over just because this season has been great and it will hopefully end it well, im also sad because ive been watching prison break since season one and have loved it. Like they say, all good things most come to an end.
  • This is why I love prison break

    WHAT AN EPISODE!!!!!!!! So much suspense, this is why I love Prison Break. No other show can bring so much suspense, no other show. The break in was amazing. There was a lot of build up but it was well worth it. And the ending was so annoying because we have to wait another week. I cannot wait to see the outcome of this. May go anyway here. Maybe Michael is in real trouble and trapped literally or maybe it`s just part of the plan because remember, the General still have his card after Gretchen`s fail attempt to get it. Getting Scylla wouldn`t mean much without the card. Next show be equally awesome as the General send his men down the hole. So many other cliffhangers too with Self and Trishanne captured and T-Bag/ Gretchen waiting for the team to double cross. Cliffhanger on all characters, just leaves you wanting for more. That was a classic.
  • My Personal Opinion and Predictions -PB ADDICT

    I have been a fan of prison break since day one. And I must say that I am really addicted to the show. I can analyze the show more than anyone of my friends and they are shocked whenever I notice something that they don't. I watch the show with keen observation and I pause and replay whenever I don't understand something. Take for example episode 8. Go ahead and pause the 40min50sec mark of the episode where the general was entering the room with the card holders. You will notice that one card holder has files of michael scofield's picture that was shown very quickly. Moving on, this is my first time to write a review and what triggered me to write one is the comments of other people about what happened on s04e11. Yes, it is silly to put someone like scofield who has a tumor to do the job "breaking the glass" and getting hold of scylla. But do you think that he is that stupid that the company would not know if it is touched or removed. I believe that Michael has a plan. Like what he did when he escaped SONA in s03. Knowing what tbag & lechero would think. Its all part of the plan! He did it on purpose. I may be wrong. Lets see!

    Also, what made me more curious is what gretchen gave to michael in an envelope which made him change his mind. I believe its very important with regards to their plan. It says something about the "flight" quotations.

    I am also noticing the good side in t-bag. I think he is going to realize at the latter part of the show that he may have a life after all in Cole's image. Being able to have a decent job and life is more than any X Convict could ask for. I really believe that its whats in store for him at the end of this season. Trading everything for a brand new start.
  • There is at least one of these every season of Prison Break - an episode more nerve wrecking than the SATs.

    Like any of the times Michael tried to break out of prison, this episode kept me on edge. Knowing how Prison Break is, it made the experience even more stressful, knowing that there would be some sort of screw-up (which is what I love best about Prison Break considering that nothing ever goes perfect in real life). As mostly any other episode of Prison Break (the best show in existence), this was cleverly plotted. Especially closer to the end, many things were going on simultaneously which made it all the more crazy good. Now, despite my enthusiasm, there's a reason this episode didn't get a perfect ten. I'm no expert which is why I can't say much about the incident that happens with Sucre, but, it struck me as very strange that it didn't set any of the detectors off. In any case, what I can definitively say is that I didn't like the fact that Michael, out of all the people, the person that gets dizzy every five minutes went to... cut the glass? On top of the logic-**** there, it ended up being a cliche scene from a 1980s movie where a circle was cut in the glass, WITH A KNIFE NO LESS, and then popped out. I don't see it possible to SCRATCH through glass, especially as thick as that, and pop it right out. That's besides the fact that Michael did it by scraping only that one circle - at least from what they showed anyway. It's even further besides the fact that it would have to have been a special knife that wouldn't make an outrageously loud sound when cutting the glass (though that is conceivable). The writers should have detailed more on what Michael was using. Normally, that would be enough for me to bring the rating of anything way down but knowing Prison Break, I'm relying on the fact that it will be at least hinted towards why Michael went to do it. Optimistically (which I am only likely to be with this show), they might even somehow further explicate the whole entire process of what went on this episode. Finally, what bothered me about the end was that the general seemed more excited than he was worried when he saw Michael with his hands pretty much on what he has been going crazy about for the past 3+ episodes. The only reason for that could be that hes overly confident that they'll get Michael so is therefore eager to confront him OR it was just bad acting. All that aside, I enjoyed this episode and my optimism that I only have with a show like Prison Break allowed the things that I mentioned slide by, in hope of clarification in the following episode (though honestly, with the way it ended, I doubt that will be of any focus). I guess you can say that this was a generous rating just because of my lack of doubt for the series but all-in-all, this was an amazing episode despite the possible issues that can potentially remain with it.
  • nice suspense, but some things are just ridiculous.

    there was some nice suspense in this episode. but why send the guy with a tumour in his head and frequent collapses into the vault, threatening to brings everyone down? anyway, it's nice to know that you can silently destroy a steel-reinforced wall with just two car batteries and a hammer, and behold! when the concrete is removed, the steel grid magically disappears! then the heat detectors apparently is just a thermometer and cannot detect localized increases in heat. The sound detector cannot detect the metallic sounds that were removed in post-production. No motion detector. Why is there a glass wall? Why is it not reinforced glass? why make a vault so huge? etc, one could go on and on.
  • It drives me crazy in a very good way

    At first his into the surgery but than he redecide its better if they are going down if the plan don`t work he will be with them , and that sounds fair surely i doesn`t want to michael to get hurt more and finally when he, he passed the glass wall and watched sycilla its awesome. Even i guess that it must have a motion signal under the hard drive, Because its normal a treasure thing to have that protective devices. But the look on the general face was incredible when he saw scolfield holding the scyllia. And finally and this is killing me to wait till next monday if micheal will confront the general or behind him against t bag and gretchen. Hope that make it time for surgery !!!
  • wow

    The boys put together a pretty sophisticated plan that involves liquid nitrogen, silent drills, and a crazy bridge built of of metal rails in order to break into the Scylla room. While this is going on Gretchen and T-Bag manage to set up Self and Trishanne, which leads to them being captured by Feng. Gretchen is not so lucky, however, with Pad Man, who quickly realizes she's up to no good, only wants him now to steal his card, and tells her to bugger off. In the meantime, Michael agrees to go to the hospital and then changes his mind at the last minute because he just doesn't want to miss the action that's happening in the tunnels beneath GATE as the the team makes its way into the Scylla room. And Sara's on spy duty as she keeps an eye on Lisa Tabak.
  • Even if it was not flawless but can`t give it less that 10.

    Even if it was not flawless but can`t give it less that 10. I don`t make any sense do I? It just that the episode was so amazing, so good to watch. I just don`t care about those flaws. Whether Michael didn`t have to be the one etc. It`s true but doesn`t really prevent me from considering the episode as a classic. It had the intensity that takes me back to season one.

    The scene(s) where they everyone has gone silent and we[the audience] just watch everything happen with out a real explanation of what needs to happen and who will do what, is one of, if not THE, coolest things they've ever done on the show. It was an amazing piece of film making. But gosh dang it why did it have to end when it did?! That was another classic Prison Break move. 24 does it too, it drives me crazy.

    I guess I really don't have anything negative to mention. More like a question. Why was Michael the one to go out on the bridge to remove the glass and get Scylla? Everyone, including him, knew he could spaz and fall. Why would they risk that?

    So what I'm interested in is, they've gotten to Scylla in 11 episodes, a half a season basically, so what now, they've got a whole other half of a season to expand everything that is going on. So what is next, what complex twists and reveals await us
  • This was probably the best episode of this season. Well, at least so far.

    This episode made me jump up and down and I couldn't sit even on edge of my seat. The tension was amazing! I've missed this kind of tension in PrisonBreak lately because it's on of the most attractive features that PrisonBreak gives - you keep jumping up and down during the whole episode and don't even notice that the time has come to end the episode. So the ending is unexpected and you are left screaming with eagerness to see the next episode. That' why I love PrisonBreak and I'm so happy to see this kind of episode again. Love it. Love it a lot!
  • Stunning episode. Exactly what I had been waiting for and PB writers delivered it!

    I have never written a review on before, but this episode made do it. It was just splendid. Hats of to the PB production team!

    From the lows of 3rd season, it is now back to where it belongs. This was one episode I will remember for a very long time. It had just about everything we ask for. Mystery,action, romance, deception etc...

    The Michael-Sarah chemistry was supreme in this episode. I just love it when the PB writers bring a lot of technicality into the matter. This is why I appreciate the 1st season so much. Michael's planning and just a pleasure to watch. I'm just so excited and can't wait for the next episode.

    Nothing less than a 10 for this one! Keep it up guys..
  • Well, I'm not gonna write a summary here. Please don't be irrational; read the review and see if its logical.

    It is obvious that this is the huge episode of the season. It could be extraordinary.It could be hilarious. It WASN'T.
    The Acting and stuff was like before and good. The story was solid, too. What I have a big problem with, is the logic of the episode. First of all, the protection of Scylla was ridiculous. Sound detector was very very weak. They clearly made a lot of noise (oh, Michael..) and nothing happened. The pressure sensors where exclusive to a special place in the room( The place that needed it the most , lacked it .) No motion detectors AT ALL for a high security computer. These days even public washrooms have those! (Joking...uh...obviously). No laser Sensors.
    OK, let's accept the flaws of the system. The team was the stupidest team on earth. They dress very casually while they need to be silent ( Dude was wearing is that not dumb?). The noise of hitting the walls with the metal thingy was present through the whole operation, and Sucre hit the ladder thingy with the liquid Nitrogen tank like a million times and nothing was heard ( nice job , sound editor, real professional work!). And the most dumb of all things is that they needed to send a guy in the room and who did they send? Michael-Tumour Head- Scofield!! Seriously???!! Do they need his "expertise" or something? like "expertise" in cutting glass? To conclude, the story was great. The real deal was a disaster. A total logical mess. And I wonder , from a cast and crew that big, no one noticed these things?
    Great Stuff.
  • One of the most suspenseful prison break episode to date.

    Wow. That was untakeable. One of the most suspenseful prison break episode to date. The scene with the crew heading towards Scylla while they can`t make a noise reminds me of the break out of Fox River when they were on the rope. Michael refuses surgery to be with the team which is great because it wouldn`t be the same without him obviously. Gretchen`s funny trial to get the Pad Man`s card fails. So no 6th till now but looks like Sara is into it.Self and Trishane were captured and wonder what kind of deal will come out of it.
    All and all, perfect episode.
  • One of the best...

    This episode was simply amazing. It was for sure the best from season 4 with such an ending no one could imagine. Don Self and the girl were caught but Mr.Feng as he was getting ready for giving $125 million for Scylla.
    I was surprised how the General, actually we learned his name Johnathan, understood was Gretchen wanted to do about the card. I liked Linc with helping out Sucre and how Mahone said to Micheal that We won't let you down. I hope they don't kill Micheal at the end of the series because I think we all want a happy ending with Sara. MiSa was down again, we haven't seen something special and I hope we do see soon.
    Looking forward to the next episode!
  • it was an awesome episode as we get near to SCYLLA now

    This week on Prison Break, Michael came face-to-interface with Scylla, T-Bag set a trap for Self and Gretchen continued with her plan to double-cross the team. Read on for the full recap!

    "I was born on a mountainside..."

    Such was T-Bag's reaction to see Gretchen dolled up in her schoolgirl outfit, and though I have no idea what he meant by it, I have to say, "Ditto." Alas, Gretchen put more thought into her stockings than she did into presenting any semblance of subtlety. Instead, he plot to lure the General and his Scylla card into her clutches was telegraphed a mile away, and she nearly paid for her lack of tact with her life. Instead, the General issued this stern warning: "If I ever see you again, I'll shoot you on sight." And if he doesn't, you have to believe that his other right-hand woman, Lisa, will.

    Over at GATE, T-Bag was offered a lucrative cruise as thanks for his hard work with the Iowa guys (to whom he related his tribute to Bellick). "Cole," though, had to decline the invite, lest he miss out on The Big Day with Scylla. T-Bag and Gretchen later laid a trap for Trishanne (the receptionist/federal agent), who led Self and her... self to a bogus drop location. There, the two were cornered and captured by Feng. And yet Feng doesn't cap them right away. What could be his plan? "When Scofield hands you Scylla, you hand it to me?" Why would Don go along with that? He seems ready to die for his mission. Hmmm.

    Meanwhile, 11,000 miles beneath the earth's core (as they say on my son's Super Friends DVD)....

    Sucre and Mahone manage to whisper-quietly drill some holes into the Scylla wall, and plant a camera. The group meets "up above" to discuss the plan, which proved handy later because it provides narration while the guys have to remain absolutely silent during the actual break-in. Michael originally is not involved in the plan, since he's got an appointment with the doctor. But after a chat with Mahone - who meant to assure Michael that the rest of the team could handle the mission - Scofield instead opts to forego his health and do his part. As he put it to Sara, "If they all die because I 'called in sick,' how am I go to live with myself?"

    The break-in gets off to an OK start, as they used an electromagnetic field to compromise the steel-reinforced concrete and virtually "melt" it away. Sucre then climbs through and starts assembling the "bridge" which Michael will walk across, over the pressure-sensitive floor, to reach the Scylla chamber. There's a near-scare when Sucre drops the liquid nitrogen canister, but Linc saves the day.

    Oh, I forgot the umbrellas that capture the loose plaster.

    Cue Michael. He begins his trek across the bridge, but about halfway across, despite getting some sort of illegal injection from Sara, he suffers some attacks. He recovers, though, makes his way to the glass wall, cuts his way through a hole, and then comes face-to-face with Scylla.

    And then the alarm goes off, the General spies the break-in on his security camera, and he and his guards race downstairs.
  • GOOD episode.....season 4 is moving forward rapidly now..

    well well here we are.....SEASON 4 is moving rapidly as we are almost on the edge of the syclla thing.....and this episode was pretty much a pivotal episode for the next episode to come as we see that GRETCHEN and Tbag planning a very good but a little bit scary move on agent Self and Thrishanne.....and my GOD iloved the scene when Sara was holding Michael from behind...Michael's health getting worse...i hope he remains good until the end of the series...I really thought Gretchen would get the key from General but it didn't happened.....Sara was looking gorgeous in this the end i hope PRISON BREAK to continue its season until the final episode......10/10
  • This was a classic episode. It had the intensity that takes me back to season one.

    This was a classic episode. It had the intensity that takes me back to season one.

    The scene(s) where they everyone has gone silent and we[the audience] just watch everything happen with out a real explanation of what needs to happen and who will do what, is one of, if not THE, coolest things they've ever done on the show. It was an amazing piece of film making. But gosh dang it why did it have to end when it did?! That was another classic Prison Break move. 24 does it too, it drives me crazy.

    I guess I really don't have anything negative to mention. More like a question. Why was Michael the one to go out on the bridge to remove the glass and get Scylla? Everyone, including him, knew he could spaz and fall. Why would they risk that?

    So what I'm interested in is, they've gotten to Scylla in 11 episodes, a half a season basically, so what now, they've got a whole other half of a season to expand everything that is going on. So what is next, what complex twists and reveals await us?