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  • the show is not as good as it was in the first 2 seasons but its still pretty good.

    i didn't like the way that in the end of season 2 after all the trouble they went through to get the 5 million dollars, they just end up losing all of it but i have to say that I at first thought that Michael ending up in another prison would be stupid but after watching season 3 I think it is a great thing they did. They should not bring back Sara, her head got chopped off. How are they gonna bring her back ? The show should not go over season 4 or 5. They should end it on a high note.
  • An awesome show full of twist an turns and many different characters. The plot is brilliant and keeps you at the edge of your seat.

    One of my favorite shows which follows two brothers Link and Micheal Scofield as they try to escape from prison. The plot is brilliant with the concept of having the escape plan tatooed on his body. The show is full of many twist and turns even after they escape the prison and get captured in a Panamnian prison. There are many characters in this show such as the Scofield brothers, Sucre who follows them throughout most the show, Agent Mahone who is the bad goverment agent, and many other convicts and government and normal civilians. This is one of my all time favorite show and I will continue to watch it now that they escaped the Panamanian prison.
  • Prison Break is a show that starts with Michael robbing a bank just so he can get into a prison.

    Prison Break is a show that starts with Michael robbing a bank just so he can get into a prison. That prison is Fox River, where his half brother is on death row for a assassination of the vice president's brother. Whom is still alive!
    Michael was the engineer. Who last redesigned Fox River and he had the planes tattooed over his complete body. This is the foundation on which his plan to get his brother out of prison. However, for his plan to work he needs help from other inmates in Fox River. Consequently his plan begins. But the other inmates are not persuaded as easily as Michael hopped they would be. Michael, the other inmates, Fox River staff and his brother make up the cast. Prison Break is one of my very favorite shows on TV to day. I only gave it a nine because, I do not give out tens. Nor do I give out zeroes. I do not believe that there is anything that is perfect or a nothing.
    Having said that I do think that Prison Break, is very creative and ingenious, it breaks through the bounds of the old stuffy fit in the box, same thing next week that most shows have today. Also each weeks episode ends with a cliff hanger that will keep you guessing until the next installment.
  • This drama focuses on a prison designer who gets himself thrown into one of his own prisons to help his falsely accused brother escape death row.

    Minutes after his arrival at Fox River State Penitentiary, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) meets a corrections officer just as cartoonishly menacing as those you've seen in the movies. "The Ten Commandments don't mean a box of piss in here," Captain Bellick (Wade Williams) tells the new inmate. "We got two commandments and two only: The first commandment is you got nothing coming." And the second? "See commandment number one."

    "Gotcha," Michael says, his blue eyes pulsing with amusement. "Just trying to fly low, avoid the radar, boss. Do my time and get out." So far, so okay. But then Bellick speaks again ("There isn't any flying below my radar"), and it's clear just where Prison Break falls on the rehash-to-send-up continuum: it's all about the cliché.

    In the first two episodes, writer/creator Paul Scheuring serves up an array of chestnuts, including, "You're already dead to me" (angry teen to his death row inmate dad) and, from the prison's resident mob boss, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Prison is overpopulated with familiar characters as well, like the warden (Stacy Keach) who wants something from the new prisoner, and the aging inmate (Muse Watson) over-invested in his pet. And as the title reveals, the escape plot is in motion from Episode One. This is a weekly Shawshank, tweaked to pull in the younger, less schmaltzy set.

    To that end, Scheuring tries hard to make Fox's latest suspense drama hip and humorous. Michael is almost cheeky as he robs a bank at gunpoint (his way of breaking in to prison, so as to get his brother out), and the teller's deadpan explanation that she can't open the vault because the branch manager is at White Castle ("They serve those little square burgers") is straight out of Dark TV Comedy 101. Once inside, the burden of humor shifts to Michael's friendly cellmate, Fernando (Amaury Nolasco. A model prisoner allowed conjugal visits with his girlfriend, Fernando seeks another word for "love" while penning a proposal. "What's the context?" Michael asks. "The 'I love you so much I ain't never knocking over a liquor store again' context. Except, you know, classy." Michael's answer is aptly vague: "Try passion."

    This is something Michael has in abundance, all channeled into his outlandish plot to free Lincoln (Dominic Purcell, as the death row dad) from Fox River. A structural engineer who knows something about the prison's floor and security plans, he has just 30 days to get the job done before his brother will be executed. Linc the Sink (as he's known inside) was convicted of killing the Vice President's brother, and initially both Michael and Lincoln's old girlfriend Veronica (Robin Tunney) believed he was guilty. Lincoln swears otherwise ("Whoever it was that set me up wants me in the ground as quickly as possible"), and since the series cuts frequently to illustrative flashbacks and the current shady machinations of two Secret Servicemen anxious to see the execution go on as scheduled, odds are good big brother's telling the truth.

    As Veronica is now digging into the case, she's in jeopardy, too. In a Gatsby-ian bit of blocking, she meets with a nervous potential witness in the shadow of the new Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park. While they whisper, one of the Fountain's videotaped faces looms behind them, seeing all. Subtle and unsettling, the scene is undercut by a tired reveal of those sinister agents, who are watching from afar.

    Indeed, as locations go, Scheurling got lucky. Prison action is shot at 147-year-old Joliet Correctional Institute, which once housed serial killer John Wayne Gacy and closed up shop three years ago. Even as it's representing this comic book world, the Joliet complex manages to intimidate. Alas, the same can't be said of Prison Break. For every step forward (intricate plotting, Wentworth's engaging lead performance), the show also manages to stumble back (rote subplots, incessant lame dialogue as exposition). If we exchange "blueprints" for "plot," Lincoln sums up the series' problem best: "You may have the blueprints of this place, but there's one thing those plans can't show you. People." The good and bad guys swirling around Michael might cry, fight, screw, and bleed, but they still look like cardboard to me.
  • There should have been more... or less

    The action series awoke my attention right from the start, but I must say that they still must struggle to keep it that way. I like the plot and the characters, but I feel like something is missing.

    When I was a kid, Monte Cristo was my hero, so any story about a prison break fits in my schedule. And if the character is wrongfully accused, here I am, stuck to the TV screen. I loved the tale of the escape, but when the plot twisted and turned back and forth and I saw Michael Scofield sent again to prison, I got a little bored. I think that it would have been best if the series had been cut short to the first season or if they had made up a miniseries.
  • who ever thought that a show about breaking out of prison could be so much more....

    from the outstanding ensemble of characters, the full range of acting, the great writing, and the tatoos prison break has been the best show on television since it came out back in 05. Everybody hates mondays because it is back to school or work but Prison Break has been the best thing on a monday since color television. Michael is the problem solver, Lincoln tags along except when he was a major contributor in season 3, sucre is pure fantastic, what more can we say about t-bag, c-note brought a lot to the cast, mahone is fantastic, abruzzi was one of the best characters since episode 1 and hundreds of more characters i have not even mentioned like kellerman and etc.
  • I can't wait for season 4. I thought it's gonna be great with Sara back and all. This is my absolutley favorite show EVER!

    I can't wait for season 4. I thought it's gonna be great with Sara back and all. This is my absolutley favorite show EVER!

    Do anyone know if you can buy prison break magazines in sweden? I would love to have them but i don't think they sell them here.. :( --
    I can't wait for season 4. I thought it's gonna be great with Sara back and all. This is my absolutley favorite show EVER!

    Do anyone know if you can buy prison break magazines in sweden? I would love to have them but i don't think they sell them here.. :(
  • Brilliant story.

    The show has had me hooked to it ever since I watched the very first episode back in Season 1. The show has fallen quality wise and the story has been getting repetitive ( and old ), but it still manages to keep me coming back for more.

    It is very well written and each episode is packed with action and adventure. There are plenty of twists and turns that always keep you on your feet, the viewer truely has no idea whats going to come next in this brilliant show. Lately it has become more predictable than it initially was but it still is one of hte best shows out there.
  • fox river has thousands of inmates, and some of them have interesting stories to tell.

    Although i am only on season 2 episode 7 currently this show is becoming a favourite of mine, i had heard of it before but thought the idea of a prison break could only go so far- i was wrong! in seasin one michael robs a bank in order to get into a prison!!! why i hear you ask? to save his brother, who is on death row for a crime he says he didn't commit. i wont spoil it for those who havent seen it and are reading this to see if it is worth a watch, but, season 1 is full of plenty of tense moments and cliff hangers- it is also very clever and well written. if you like 24 for the rollercoaster ride and adrenaline rush each episode gives you then watch this.
  • After season 2, this show has started to go down hill.....

    This show started off amazing. It was completely different to anything else which I had seen before. It mainly focused on Michael and his brother Lincoln. Lincoln, was sent to prison for murdering the Vice President's brother. Only he claims to be innocent and Michael believes him, and has to prove that he is innocent. The whole how to escape from prison with tattoos and the obstacles in the whole was amazing. And then the whole company behind it all (the murder and the set up) developed, and I also loved that aspect of the show. Season one was brilliant and had me on the edge of my seat. Season 2 was also good; the whole on the run, focussing on different members who got out, and I also loved how the whole Michael and Sara relationship developed. But then season 3 started, and for me personally, this is when the show started going downhill. Perhaps it was because the show ended up, back where it had started. Season 1 is definitely worth watching and so is season2, but for me personally I would stop there.
  • Prison Break

    Airs Next: FOX at Monday 8:00 PM (60 min.) Status: Returning Series Premiered: August 29, 2005 Show Categories: Action/Adventure, Drama Prison Break is a drama from executive producers Brett Ratner, Paul Scheuring, Matt Olmstead, Marty Adelstein, Dawn Parouse and Neal Moritz.

    After getting himself incarcerated in Fox River State Penitentiary to free his wrongly accused brother, Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield is now on the loose–along with his brother and six other convicts. Set to uncover the $5 million hidden by D.B. Cooper, the escapees attempt to evade capture–being tailed by both Captain Brad Bellick and FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone
  • You've heard the hyperbole, seen the moody trailers, read a hundred reviews praising it in the highest terms. And it is a fun show. But at the end of the day, the nicest thing I can say about it is: it's not as bad as Lost.

    It's not big, and it's not clever. Keeping the viewer so completely in the dark that they have no clue what's going on beyond the contents of the current episode quickly wears thin. Because, y'know, we start to wonder whether the writers and producers really know what's going on either. This kind of show walks a fine line between suspending disbelief and losing any sense of narrative.

    And Prison Break started so well! The first season showed so much promise. The actors were OK, the writing was OK, the direction was good, and most importantly: the plot was tight and well managed. We were carefully supplied with enough answers to keep us interested, and the characters made us care about them.

    Season two had to work very much harder, the central core of the story having been lost - the prisoners were out, where could they go? William Fitchner's FBI agent carried the second season, and supplied the required foil for the other characters. But it couldn't last all year. During the final eight episodes, Prison Break started going off the rails. We passed the point where belief can be suspended. The plot got lost and all we were left with was a production team that wanted to string it out.

    The female lead sensibly left, gutting the character dynamic for the preposterous third season, in which the protagonists are: back in prison! An improbable number of the central cast all end up there, by completely different means, and without the careful planning of the first escape it became a make-it-up-as-we-go-along farce.

    Prison Break could have been truly great. But it lost its way, and became a story for the sake of a story. Paul Scheuring, JJ Abrams, and all the others, need to go back to school on J Michael Straczinsky. Watch Babylon 5 and weep, losers! A story with no ending isn't a story at all. Stop stringing it out, and do some proper plotting for once!

    So, this all begs the question: why am I still watching it? Is it the memory of the one-and-a-half glorious years? Maybe. It's not nearly as compelling as it was. I guess that's why it's called a guilty pleasure...
  • Awesome, just awesome. This show should never go off the air!!!!!!!

    Awesome, just awesome. This show should never go off the air!! Just when you think you know what will happen, bang, you lost it and everything changes. The brothers are blood and that is the strongest bond there is. So they go to great lengths to save one another so they can live free even though they have really never done anything wrong except get set up by bad people. And when you think Sara is dead and decapitated, out of know where she rises from the ashes and gives so much life back to the show. Best series of all time!!
  • The Best Show Ever Made!!! That's what Prison Break are

    Prison Break is the most intriguing, heart-breaking, action packed show on tv right now. The history of the two brothers, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows involved love, loyalty, determination and is the most emotional history on tv.

    Murders, deaths, good/evil, action/adventure, love, loyalty are some of the elements that we find in every episode of Prison Break.

    The act is the best on tv. Wentworth Miller is the best actor right now, his Michael Scofield is the hero of our time. Dominic Purcell plays a Lincoln brave, his portrayal is fabulous and the chemistry between the two is amazing, they really look brothers. Robert Kneeper, Willian Fintcher, Amaury Nolasco, and the supporting cast are all fabulous. Kneeper (T-Bag) is a joy to wacth.

    The crew are superb too. This is the show that everybody needs to wacth. It use all the potential that television could offer. And the history is original and unique, helping the show to be the best.

    The act-breaks are the best on tv and the cliffhangers are all amazing, if you wacth one episode, you'll want to see them all.
  • The first two seasons was OUT of this WORLD !!!!

    Season 1- One of the most realistic prison (based) drama that you can (ever) see.

    Season 2- Amazing suspence and thriller aspects are brought in my adding up conspiracy theories and charractor biographies.

    Season 3- Bit dissapointing compared with the other 2 seasons ,but the first 6 to 7 episodes were right on the money.

    One of the most aspired charactoristics of this show is how the influential charactors get killed without any warning.This show does it better than 24.

    hope with the writers bak on track the fourth season will become a BLAST !!! - - - - - - - - 6
  • The greatest show on right now because the story never wears off its influence. I wish this show lasts a few seasons.

    A perfect show which fills out every character's history in the first season and then gets even more interesting after the break out as more attention grows towards the escapees. Agent Mahone introduced in season two is well played by William Fitchner. You will notice that the action is far more exciting out in the open then it was in the enclosed space of Fox River Prison.

    On the run looking for the five million dollars is exciting and makes a great adventure. I don't have a lot of time so I'll just say this, Prison Break is a must watch show. I just wished they explained whats happening to show right now.
  • I Watched 1-2 series but then stoped showing on channel 4 so i couldnt watch it no more i it was left on a cliff hanger grrr Bought the dvds the didnt work Miss The Show Hoping to buy the dvds again

    I Think Prison Break is a Excellent Show ! ! !

    Great Story Line I started to watch it but didnt like it so i stopped watching it ----Bad Mistake Luckly i didnt miss alot of the first series and started watching in again. I got into it a lot more and more every episode The story Line is so good it gives out high adrenaline rushs!!

    Also A Other Great Idea Was To Tatoo The Prison Plans Everyone On Your Body As A Map... Because Michael Scoffield just had to be the designer of the prison Didnt He lol

    Thats The End Of By Review Thanks For Reading :)
  • Best Show Ever Inveted Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From the first time I seen the first episode I was Hooked Season 1 is better than any other T.v. show on in 2005. Great Actors & Actress, There's twist & turn in every episode. Every comircial break is a cliff hanger there's nothing else on T.v like it. Season 2 & Season 3 are just as good but in there on way. Season 2 was filled with alot of Action,Cleverness & emotion and I loved every minute of it. Season 3 was more Violent & grusume and as a male fan I loved every minute of it. What more you want me to say Im Addicted and can't wait for Season 4 Sara's Back & hopefully Kellerman this may be the best season Yet. Prison Break The Best Thing On T.v Period
  • When Michael Scoffield decides to get his set-up brother out of prison, Lincoln Burrows, he really does mean it. He ahs tatooed the prison all over his body so he knows what way to escape with his innocent brother. But will they get out... a

    Prison Break is one of the best prison escapes TV shows, or even movies ever. It has a great story line and is pretty easy to follow if you listen carefully. This show reminds me a bit of "Shawshank Redemption" because of the fact that an innocent man is trying to get out.
    Michael Scoffield is probably the best ever thinker in the world. I know its just a TV show but the way Michael escaped is just fascinating, even more fascinating is how he did it with his brother and also other people from the prison.
    A great TV show that has always been consistent with the critics saying its a good show. I bet a lot of prisons around the world watched this show and wondered...
    Do we have a Michael Scoffield in here?
  • What a show prison break is. An exciting series were lincoln burrows tries to free his brother from jail.Because he suposely shot some politician. Every episode is exciting to watch. Also the fact that their is a cliffhanger at the end of every episode.

    What a show prison break is. An exciting series were lincoln burrows tries to free his brother from jail.Because he suposely shot some politician. Every episode is exciting to watch. Also the fact that their is a cliffhanger at the end of every episode. The location of an jail is fantastic for the show. The Lincoln character is incredible smart everytime you'd think the game is up he still manages to get out of a sticky situation. The first season is still the very best of the series. I'm waiting for the 4 th season to be aired here in europe.
  • I think this was superb series.

    Characters are fines, and scenes are greats.
    But, too many hot girls. Maybe the scene of the next season is Island of L3sb0S
    Great show, .. im waitnig for 4x01
    OKey, theres my fav characters:
    Sofia, the most prettiest woman in the show. T-BAG, the cold-blood psycho killer
    Linc, The bulldog, muscle-man
    Mahone, The ex-FBI agent, who has special tricks to busted a dirty criminal.
    Ehh, 100 words is too much. Sona wasnt a cool place, and i think the next season is about the second escape, i hope. Maybe Sofia and Linc were a couple, and we watched lot of bed-scenes :)) It will be very good.

    So, i would lik more no.1 girls, and more ****
  • Ohhh brother! the first season was superb. You did notice I used the word "was" in the last sentence?. Yes, this show used to be great! but now, I say hang'em. After the first season................

    After the first season PB lost the magic touch, I just can't watch this anymore. Now dont get me wrong, the writers for PB are great, I just think that the show is way too predictable for me, I guest that since I had been watching since the begining I was expecting a bit more. The story completely deviated from the original story setting. The reason is because the writers are constantly having to improvise,(FOX never planned for this show to last that long). FOX network doesn't want to air good shows any more, they want to air shows that will keep suckers watching,at least for that day, how?, by overloading your mind with aimless suspense, you just want to know what is next, but when next arrives it's a big dissapointment. My opinion.
  • Engineer gets himself imprisoned into the jail he designed to rescue his falsely imprisoned brother. A conspiracy that reaches further than anyone could believe slowly unravels.

    It took me a while to warm up to this show, I'm embarrassed to say now. I thought it was going to be "Oz" all over again, and that was too much cynisism for me. But hey, some of the best things in life are like coffee; you don't like it at first, then it grows on you..

    Still going strong in it's second season, this is a show that keeps you guessing what's gonna happen next. The characters are great, my favorite is the despicable but charming southern boy T-Bag, but there's a lot of talent here, both in front and behind the camera.

    I love the story lines, and going back to prison was a stroke of genius I think.

    Now what's gonna happen?
  • SUMMARY: Prison Break killed half of my homework time! There are three things that make PB such a great show. First, it's the essence of the characters. Secondly, it's the amount of knowledge that Scofield has. And lastly, the suspense and thrill.

    REVIEW: There are many ways of discribing Prison Break and I think "makes your hand squeeze your heart" are just the right group of words.

    Before I go on to the details of how much Prison Break made my heart race, I want to tell you that Prison Break killed about half of my homework time and had me doing the rest on the school bus!

    There are three things that make Prison Break such a great show. First, it's the essence of the characters. Michael Scofield just kills me. I don't think I would become an outlaw to save my brother! Each character is different which makes it so hard for them to get along. It makes me so moved when I see these characters be forced to become one and get out of prison. It's just the moment when they're using their own skills even if its harming or killing that brings them all together. If there is a violent character, then there is a soft character that calms him down. That's exactly the show I wanted to see. But once they're out of prison, all that moment goes away and it's every man for himself!

    Secondly, it's the amazing amount of knowledge that Michael Scofield has. When you see this show, you will see how Michael Scofield will solve through problems with his knowledge. I mean breaking out of prison relates to everything that can help them getting out. Such as a body fresh sprayer to break fences or a piece from bleachers that can open the back of the sink. This is one of the reasons why I watch this show over and over again.

    And lastly, the suspense and thrill. One of the scenes that I can remember if I hear "Prison Break" is the scene where you think Michael's still at the pipes when the CO comes to his cell and shines a light at the buldgy blankets that Sucre had made. The exact lines that the CO says is "Show some skin, Scofield!" Now there was an internal conflict in my brain the first time I saw this scene. Should I skip to see what happens or just let my heart stop? I had to bite through my finger nails to stop me from clicking on my remote control. This is the fun in Prison Break. It creates an internal conflict with yourselves.

    Now beore I end my review, I want to explain why I rated this TV Series 9.8 instead of 10. The reason why is that Prison Break, although fun, was violent and a bad influence. Now you're thinking "Bad influence? Well what good can a kid do with a knife?" The thing is that even though a kid might not be able to stab a CO or splat some brains over a car, it gives them an image and feeds them violence. I'm not saying that they'll just become a T-Bag or anything but I'm saying that maybe younger kids should not watch.

    Anyways, when you're living on this earth, this show "Prison Break" is the TV Show you must watch. Because even if you are in Heaven after a hundred years (which I hope you'll live that long), you'll be crying "WHY DIDN'T I WATCH PRISON BREAK!?!"

    That's the end of my review for "Prison Break"
  • One of those shows that come every couple of years and hit the world.

    Just like Lost or 24 some time back, Prison break came and rocked the world as one TV`s best show. The level of geniality of this show hard to describe. If you haven`t watch this, hell you`ve missed so much. I highly recommend this show to everyone, you will NOT regret. You`ll be a new pb addicted from the first episode and 3 seasons later, Prison Break will marked you forever as one of the most entertaining things you`ve seen in your life. It`s not over yet, season 4 is coming and i cannot wait. Bring more quality episodes, I love this show.
  • Although I don't like them as much I used to, they are still great!

    They were my favorite show before Heroes came! Now they are 2nd or 3rd on my list (I still don't know which one is better - Prison Break or Desperate Housewives)! 3rd season wasn't so good... But the 2nd season was great!!! I loved every minute of it!!! It was breathtaking... But not anymore. Prison Break is a great show but I don't know what happened to them.. Maybe I don't love them that way anymore cause of Heroes but maybe they really got a little worse but still they are fabulous!!! It's so stupid Sarah isn't in this show anymore.. :(
  • Prison break is da best

    ven though the 2005-2006 TV season doesn't officially start until September 19 (the day after the Emmy Awards), one network has decided to start their season early. That said network would be FOX, and their first show is the prison drama "Prison Break." Despite having a slightly unbelievable concept, it is a great way to start the season off on a good foot.

    Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is a desperate man. His brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), a death row inmate confined to Fox River State Penitentiary in Joliet, Illinois, is scheduled to die in a little over a month for the murder of the Vice President's brother, Terrence Steadman (David Lively.) Michael has an elaborate plan to break Lincoln out of jail, and in the opening scene of the pilot, he is seen having the last of a series of tattoos applied to his body. Those tattoos are the blueprints for Fox River. In 1999, he was involved in a retrofitting job of the prison, and he still has all of the plans of the building with him. After doing all the extensive research, and adding those notes to his tattoos, he gets rid of all of the evidence.

    The next day, he goes into the downtown Chicago branch of United Savings Bank and attempts to steal over a half million dollars. When he is arrested, he is put on trial for armed robbery. He pleads no contest to the judge (Cheryl Lynn Bruce), despite the objections of his lawyer and childhood friend Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney.) The judge sentences him to five years, with parole in two and a half. Michael has requested to be sent to Fox River, which the judge grants. Veronica still doesn't understand why Michael is doing this, because he isn't violent and he doesn't need the money. Also, he was the only positive influence for LJ (Marshall Allman), Lincoln's son. LJ lives with his mother, Lisa Rix (Jessalyn Gilsig), and her husband Adrian (Philip Rayburn Smith.) He has been getting into trouble lately, having been busted for possession of marijuana, and Lisa doesn't know what to do about it.

    When Michael gets to Fox River, Captain Brad Bellick (Wade Williams) greets him, and tells him that he has nothing coming to him. Michael meets his new cellmate, Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco.) Sucre is engaged to his girlfriend, Maricruz Delgado (Camille Guaty), though a friend of hers named Hector (Kurt Caceres) has been making a play for her. He just wants to do his time and get out so that he can get married.

    Meanwhile, Veronica is still troubled by the case. She is engaged to an investment banker named Sebastian Balfour (Anthony Starke), though it appears that she still thinks about Lincoln, who used to be her boyfriend.

    Back at Fox River, Sucre tells Michael about Charles Westmoreland (Muse Watson), whom everyone whispers is actually the infamous D.B. Cooper, who parachuted out of a plane thirty years ago with a million and a half in cash (he actually only got away with $200,000.) Charles has a cat named Marilyn who was grandfathered in before Fox River prohibited pet ownership.

    Michael tells Sucre that Lincoln, or as the other inmates call him, "Linc the Sink" (because he'll come at you with everything but the kitchen sink), is his brother. He wants to know how to get to Lincoln. Sucre tells him that the only way to do that is through "P.I.," or Prison Industries (meaning the inmates who behave get to do work for the prison.) Former mob boss John Abruzzi (Peter Stormare) runs P.I., and he is the only one who can get Michael approved for it. Michael later asks Abruzzi if he can be hired for P.I., giving him a paper origami swan and telling him that he has something to offer the mob boss. Abruzzi scoffs at this new "fish" and throws away the swan. Michael does have something to offer Abruzzi though. Fibonacci is a mob informant whose testimony put Abruzzi behind bars, and he, along with mobsters Gavin Smallhouse (Gianni Russo), Philly Falzone (Al Sapienza), and Maggio (Rich Komenich), are very interested in finding the man, who is currently in witness protection. His testimony could land all of them in jail, and Falzone specifically threatens Abruzzi with harm to his kids if he doesn't find Fibonacci.

    Michael visits Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), the prison doctor. Sara is the daughter of Illinois Governor "Frontier Justice" Frank Tancredi, a fact that she doesn't like to tell many people about, because she differs with her father in their political beliefs. Michael has to go the infirmary for his regular insulin shots, because he has Type I Diabetes.

    In Washington D.C., Special Agent Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) and Special Agent Danny Hale (Danny McCarthy) are trying to thwart the efforts of anyone who might free Lincoln. A man named Bishop McMorrow (Chelcie Ross) has a lot of influence with the Governor and may persuade him to grant a stay of execution. They decide to visit him and "persuade" him to back off by accusing him of tax fraud. McMorrow won't be bullied, but later in the episode, he is shot and killed in his bed.

    Back at Fox River, Warden Henry Pope (Stacy Keach) asks to see Michael. He knows that Michael is a structural engineer, so he offers him three days of work a week in Pope's office helping him build a model of the Taj Mahal made out of toothpicks. It is for his wife for their fortieth wedding anniversary, but he can't seem to get the proper reinforcements to keep it from collapsing, and that is where Michael comes in. Michael turns down the offer at first, but a few days later, he accepts the offer when the warden threatens to throw Michael in the SHU (solitary confinement) for ninety days for fighting. The reason he was fighting was that Abruzzi got a call from Maggio that they received a picture of Fibonacci and a folded up swan. He realizes that Michael does have information about Fibonacci, and he demands that the fish tell him where the informant is. Michael will tell Abruzzi the information, but not until they are both safe outside the walls of the prison. Abruzzi takes offense to this, and he has his goons beat Michael up (he later ends up supplying Michael with his P.I. work card though.)

    Back in Veronica's office, she finds out that McMorrow has been killed, and she realizes that Michael was right when he told her that Lincoln had been set up.

    Michael needs PUGNAc, an insulin blocker, because he is only pretending to be diabetic so that he can spend more time in the infirmary getting things ready for his and Lincoln's escape. He approaches a black inmate named C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) about supplying him with some PUGNAc.

    Michael then looks for a bolt on a specific set of bleachers out in the yard. He has the serial number for this specific bolt tattooed on his forearm, and he finds it, but before he can screw it out of the bleacher, Theodore Bagwell, a.k.a. T-Bag (Robert Knepper), stops him. He is the leader of the Alliance for Purity, a white supremacist gang, and he has his submissive partner May Tag (Brian Hamman) with him. T-Bag says that a race war is around the corner, and he offers his protection. Michael turns him down, which ticks T-Bag off, forcing Michael to leave the bolt half-unscrewed.

    Veronica finds Tim Giles (Keith Diamond), Lincoln's public defender, and asks him about a man named Crab Simmons (Tab Baker), who could have cleared Lincoln's name. Crab is a five-time felon, so it would be a waste of time. The next day, Tim visits Veronica in her office and gives her a surveillance video of the parking garage where Lincoln had allegedly killed Terrence Steadman. It was meant to be a form of closure for her. She watches it, and then she visits Lincoln in jail to ask him about it. He tells her that he never fired his gun, and that she should do some more research.

    Michael goes back to finish unscrewing the bolt, but T-Bag and May Tag catch him again. T-Bag makes Michael hand over the bolt, who gives it to May Tag. Michael later goes to Abruzzi to ask him about shaking down an inmate, which he tells him he will do, as soon as Michael tells him where to find Fibonacci. Michael further frustrates Abruzzi by telling him that he will do that once they escape.

    Bellick does a search of Michael and Sucre's cell (Sucre is in the SHU for having a shank during a previous shakedown) and finds the serial numbers for the bolt (he doesn't know what those numbers mean though yet.) The numbers are accompanied by a name: "Allen Schweitzer." He has a fellow C.O. look up the name, but he comes up with nothing.

    Michael searches for the bolt in May Tag's bunk, when he is caught by T-Bag and May Tag again (they are everywhere…aren't they?) He tells them that he wants T-Bag's protection, and that he needs the bolt to protect himself. C-Note sees this and gets mad. He later shows Michael the bottle of PUGNAc, but tells him that he chose the wrong side of the race war, causing Michael to leave empty-handed.

    Veronica finds Crab's residence and runs into Crab's mother, who tells her that Crab is dead. Back in her office, Veronica gets a call from Leticia Barris (Adina Porter), Crab Simmons' ex-girlfriend. She meets with Leticia, who tells her that she believes that the same people who killed Crab are trying to kill Lincoln. Veronica thought that Crab had O.D.'d, but Leticia said that Crab had a bad heart and would never touch drugs. He conveniently died a week after Lincoln had killed Steadman.

    Hale and Kellerman had already questioned Tim about his visit to Veronica, and now they have witnessed her meeting with Leticia. Kellerman calls a mysterious woman, who instructs him to "do what you need to do to make this go away."

    During a prison riot, another inmate fatally stabs May Tag, but Michael is able to get the bolt away from him. T-Bag assumes that Michael had done the stabbing, and he vows revenge. Michael sharpens the point of the bolt to become an Allen wrench, which is the perfect size to fit into a bolt underneath a toilet (we later see in the coming attractions that behind the toilet is a tunnel, which I assume is the escape route.)

    C-Note gives Michael back his PUGNAc, because he realizes that Michael wasn't in cahoots with the Aryan Nation. Michael takes the medicine, and Sara later administers her test. She confirms that he does have diabetes, but she is a little confused as to why he is so happy about it (Michael has a horrible poker face.)

    On the way out of the infirmary, Abruzzi and his thugs grab Michael and force him to give up the location of Fibonacci by putting one of his pinkie toes into the path of some pruning shears. He refuses, and the episode ends with one of the thugs cutting off the pinkie toe.

    The director of the Rush Hour movies, Brett Ratner, executive produces and directed the first hour of this show. Paul Scheuring, the writer of the 2003 Vin Diesel movie A Man Apart, created this series and wrote its first two episodes. They have constructed a show that is a little bit far-fetched, but interesting. The fact that Michael conveniently goes to the same prison as Lincoln, and that Sara is only mildly inquisitive to Michael's diabetes problem is a little hard to believe. Also…when are they going to explain why Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows have two different last names? Are they half brothers?

    The acting is great though. It's amazing how alike Miller and Purcell look. Maybe it's the buzz cuts, but I could actually believe that they were real brothers. Stormare always makes a great bad guy in movies, so he is giving us another good one on the small screen. Knepper plays a very creepy bad guy, and he is very effective at it too. The two love interests are good, but they don't have a lot of time to establish their romances with their respective men yet. Callies is obviously going to fall for Miller, and I seriously doubt that Tunney will be seeing a wedding in the end with her fiancé.

    "Prison Break" reminds me of ABC's "Lost," in which I like the concept, but I can't see it going beyond a season. "Lost" proved that it could provide an ongoing plotline that will last its inaugural season, so I'll have to have faith that this one will do it as well. This show had so many questions yet unanswered in the first two episodes, and the durability of it might be one of those questions. Welcome to the fall season!
  • Prison Shows ROCK! But this one doesn't.

    When word got to me that this show was out and ran to watch it. Ive always enjoyed Prison dramas, and from what I was told I was convinced it would be my new favorite show. It wasn't

    Prison Break is another axample of a show that spends most of its time NOT getting to the point. It took what 24 episodes for them to break out spending most of it time doing flashbacks, giving us a full psychoanalysis of why each charecter is the way he is? Am I wrong?

    This show is the space in between the adverts, it doing something to please you but it doing what a GOOD show does in 1/5 of the time. This show succeds because after, what is it now 3 years, you still havent seen happen what the show outlined in the first few episodes. Its a waste of my time.

    In its credit it is presented well, thiers a fist full of eye-candy and it does 'tense' well. It does most things well, in fact ive never seen nothing done so well. I know this show is really popular but it doesnt impress when youve been a fan of several prisons shows that did similar stories very well and pulled it of in a much shorter time.
  • pretty good but should not be #1

    "Prison Break" is an ok show but its seriously not the best show on teliviosn. Its still well, good though. I enjoy watching it every couple episodes. I dont really keep track of it I just like all the action. I have a few eps on my iPod but thats it. I dont want to see this show get canceled and it probably wont. It gives me something to watch when nothing else is on. Im planning on getting the DVD box sets that are availible and watching it from the beginning. It looks really good to me! Keep watching it!
  • Prison break = high adrenaline rush!!

    Superb, fabulous,I love Prison Break. I just can't stand the final episodes of this show because it means I have to wait to see more. They get so much into an hour show, it is amazing. And the cast , they are all great as well. The story line is great. Can't wait to see the coming season. I get so excited when I watch this show. Before I started to watch this show I was very sceptic. Who can the make a season or more out of a prison breaking story. Boy was I wrong it is one hell of a show. I even purchased the box set to be able to watch it over and over again.
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