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    This show is by far my favorite. After the first few episodes I was hooked and as the plot unfolded I was addicted to watching it. This show is suspenseful and full of unexpected things. I would have to say the 2nd season is my favorite. The ending is just.. wow, it was uncalled for really. The whole story line is just.. amazing. Adding to the great plot, the protagonist is very attractive also. ;-)
  • First couple seasons are great.

    Then it becomes really lame. Same group endlessly trying to get over on each other first for the bag of money then for this stupid "cilla" device. Really weak at the end .
  • Excellent Story & Cast

    Prison Break, along with The Fugitive, are about my two favorite TV series ever. Both dealt with an against all odds fight against injustice. That said, they couldn't be more different. What's similar is they with layered with fantastic characters as well as a superior central protagonist. Both shows featured changing locations that were interesting as well. Being on the run and fighting to get justice just doesn't get better. This show warrants repeated viewings because at present nothing seems nearly as compelling.
  • Way too good to end ;(

    Watched all episodes at least 2 times loved it , people were saying fox took it off the net because they had no more idea's there was still alot to have for example should continue season 5 with the company find there ways again , bring back Michael scofield alive as they did not show body or even tells they found a body he should be hidden and should come back fighting the company with Sarah Callies. But should make it as Sarah seeing Michael in the distance maybe thinking she seeing things, Example
  • Love this show

    My second favorite show, right next to supernatural. Wish it was a never ending show!
  • Awesome show!!

    I just finished watching prison break and I'm sad it's over. I feel like watching all 80 episodes again because it's so good. The actors did an amazing job, especially Robert Knepper and Wentworth Miller. All of it's good but I probably liked season 1 the best. I don't know why everyone hates season 3 though cause I thought it was good. This is by far the best show ever!!
  • Love Linc

    yay, everybody wants he's alive. But life is not full of pink !

    Amazing show ever !
  • Best Show ever

    I started watching this show about a month ago. After I saw the first 2 or 3 episodes, i was completely hooked. The first season was downright incredible. Season 2, was suspenseful but just not as gripping as the first season. Season 3 was kind of dull, but still interesting. Finally, Season 4, I felt, was amazing. You could really see every character's true colors. I personally though the final season was one of the best seasons to ever be aired. The plot was complex, with interesting subplots woven in to the story seamlessly. However, I just hated Don Self
  • Bring it BACK!!!

    "We dont like the fact of how the ending had ended" so could there really be a Season 5. They could of carried on with there life so we could see how it turn out to be like and we got addicted to it so how could it just end like that. You could always change the name have the same characters yall are some smart and intelligant people yall had the whole house in

  • Should start season 5

    It is a great TV serial I have ever seen. I got so addicted of this. Pleaseeee make another season and make happy ending this time, with scofield alive living with his family.
  • A case of diminishing returns

    My introduction to Prison Break was stumbling across the first of the two-part 'riot' episodes from the first season. I marked it down as one of those really enjoyable low-budget cult movies you sometimes stay up too late to watch late at night, but was delighted to find it was a television series, when the episode ended. I looked it up, and have never, to this day, been as gripped or felt as tense watching any piece of television. The first season is a masterpiece.

    The second was a very pleasant surprise, as the writers thought out of the box to give us a season full of twists and turns, sparing no character if the plot required their disposal and continuing the sense of terror committed by and closing in on characters viewers had grown to love.

    The third season is where it starts going wrong. Affected by a writer's strike, the seeds of one of the more ridiculous conspiracy storylines in modern television is born, and the nightmare vision at the end of the second season fails to materialize into anything much more than a dull, repetitive few episodes I'd sooner forget. But the third season had nothing on the fourth for absurdity. One can only imagine what the writers must have been smoking to conceive of such silly storylines that betrayed all notions of gritty realism that first got me hooked at the start. It's like watching a different show.

    'The Final Break' offers some comfort but by then it's too late. Latter seasons of this show betray the former, and undermine its place as a great television show. I'll always recommend the first two seasons, but this is a show with a finite lifespan, stretched beyond breaking point for the sake of network renewals.
  • excellent

    the movie was the best ever. it was addicting
  • Ended way too soon...

    What a great tv show!About getting in and breaking out,really interested,the relationship with Michael Scoffield and his brother Lincoln 1 in prison was one of the best bad it ended after 4 also a movie but it doesn't tell you the exact just 1.30 hour of footage that was not told in details in the final episode of season 4.
  • The Best

    This was an awesome show. Do anyone here know of any other show that is similar and is currently running on tv?

    THE BEST TV SE ALL THE TIME ..........
  • This is ART!

    One of the best series of all times, I watched it all over for the second time and I thought to register on this site just to compliment myself with everybody involved in the making of Prison Break.

    Watching it is an amazing experience, you can feel the adrenaline rush, the heart beats for love and for fear, the characters are so amazing and so well done that you feel like jumping into the tv to give a hug to Sucre and a punch in the face to T-Bag.

    Very well done! It reminds me of the 90's series. I wish I could find more recent series that can achieve this greatness, but I already know that a series like this is 1 on a billion, an art masterpiece.

    Again thank you for making this.

    It is an awesome series of Wentworth Miller is superb actor,All the credits of this series goes to him. And I have a big crush on Sarah Wayne 3 <3 <3
  • Love prison break shows

    Prison break was a good tv show its been the best I've seen n I just started a month ago watching it n I'm done watching it n now I'm angry cuz there is no show like it the characters played so good n it's like they were the perfect faces for the part . There need to b some more episodes cuz I really loved that show.
  • Amazing prison break spoiler alert

    I just finished watching all four seasons on netflex and its my favorite series of all time im just so sad how my sexy hot genius michael dies :( i loved everything except the fact that he dies i actually cried at the end alot because its an emotional experience watching this show and i got really attached to the characters especially michael but its still my favorite series of all time please make a 5th season
  • Is there a season 5

    The best series, love it. However, I'm ready for season 5 but base on what I have seen I don't know if it is out, or if it is coming out. Bringing Michael back will be a great add to the series and I'm sure all the fans are waiting for that.
  • season 5

    please make season 5 , please
  • I'm missing it...

    [Spoiler] When I saw the end of the series, I was extremely depressed, frustated and sad. For a lot of days *__*. Well, I know it was kinda foreseeable but still it hurt. Not only the end, but also the whole series was very emotional. This series was a adrenalin kick. Every single Episode. The cliffhanger were epic. It didn't get boring at any time. Summarized: Prison Break is highly addictive! Superb Entertainment.

    Oh and girls? [Another pro:] U cannot deny it: Wentworth Miller is amazingly hot! :D xD

    I recently stumbled across this show on Netflix. This series had me so in the zone, it was difficult to remove myself from the TV. Typically, I am not the one to be glued to the coach, however this show was so amazing I immediately became addicted. Everyone has to admire that brotherly love, from the brothers Schfield and Burroughs-to the other bonds established with Mahone and Sucre. Its always facinating to see how Nature vs. Nurture play out on screen. I think this series should be taken to the BIG Screen!!! Big shout out to the writers, you are the best, what an amazing cast!!!
  • Great Show

    Despite its drawbacks and unrealistic plot, Prison break is gripping and addictive during its life span and tv at its best with pure action and superb characters. its sad that it ended so soon but remains one of the best of its time.
  • best show ever.

    FOX NEEDS TO BRING BACK THIS SHOW! NOW!! This is seriously the best show I have ever watched in my life. Wentworth milller has the most gorgeous eyes. I love this show so much damn. The script of this show is amazing. So original, never seen anything like it before. I cried at the end of the movie where sara and lincoln were watching the clip that michael recorded of himself. It was so sweet :")
  • How about Nika?

    I love prison break its fun and keeps you on the edge. The one thing i will say i hated was the way they left things with Michaels wife Nika. When Michael broke out of fox river all Sarah did was left a door open. What about all the crap Michael put Nika through (bring me a credit card, get me Sarah's key, let me hide at your house, bring me you car, trick belick and help us escape) wow i would be pissed off at them to i think anyone would. Then everyone was mad she was going to turn Michael and Licoln in. They put her ass through hell, she loved Michael and wanted to be with him and he just left her :(. If there is a season 5 i hope to see her again becouse sorry Sarah fans Nika was way better and not to mention she was WAY HOTTER to lol.
  • All Excitement...

    Never letting you distract...

    I miss the first two seasons, they were more realistic and unexpected at the same time.
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  • Kept Me Entertained

    I really liked Prison Break when the first season came out, and it hooked me immediately. The mix of Action and intensity was brilliant. Although i must admit that Season 2 was not as good as the first, and then Season 3 was a major dissapointment (could be partially due to the writers strike). But alas sason 4, although not in a prison redeemed itself in its full entirity. Season 4 had everything you would want in a show. The only dissapointment (and if you are reading this before you watch) was the extra "Movie" they made after season 4. It ruined it slightly for me and i would have prefered for them to just have finished and left it as it was
  • Breaking the prison is so entertaining and exciting.

    This is one of the greatest shows of all time.Each episode gives a new turn to the show.I think this is the only show that matches with 24 in a long time.Even the great show like 24 has some annoying characters(eg:Kim Bauer),but this has not even a single annoying character.And this involves u throughout the show.I literally got tears in my eyes at the end of the show(The final break).

    BTW great cast.
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