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  • This is ART!

    One of the best series of all times, I watched it all over for the second time and I thought to register on this site just to compliment myself with everybody involved in the making of Prison Break.

    Watching it is an amazing experience, you can feel the adrenaline rush, the heart beats for love and for fear, the characters are so amazing and so well done that you feel like jumping into the tv to give a hug to Sucre and a punch in the face to T-Bag.

    Very well done! It reminds me of the 90's series. I wish I could find more recent series that can achieve this greatness, but I already know that a series like this is 1 on a billion, an art masterpiece.

    Again thank you for making this.

    It is an awesome series of Wentworth Miller is superb actor,All the credits of this series goes to him. And I have a big crush on Sarah Wayne 3 <3 <3
  • Love prison break shows

    Prison break was a good tv show its been the best I've seen n I just started a month ago watching it n I'm done watching it n now I'm angry cuz there is no show like it the characters played so good n it's like they were the perfect faces for the part . There need to b some more episodes cuz I really loved that show.
  • Amazing prison break spoiler alert

    I just finished watching all four seasons on netflex and its my favorite series of all time im just so sad how my sexy hot genius michael dies :( i loved everything except the fact that he dies i actually cried at the end alot because its an emotional experience watching this show and i got really attached to the characters especially michael but its still my favorite series of all time please make a 5th season
  • Is there a season 5

    The best series, love it. However, I'm ready for season 5 but base on what I have seen I don't know if it is out, or if it is coming out. Bringing Michael back will be a great add to the series and I'm sure all the fans are waiting for that.
  • season 5

    please make season 5 , please
  • I'm missing it...

    [Spoiler] When I saw the end of the series, I was extremely depressed, frustated and sad. For a lot of days *__*. Well, I know it was kinda foreseeable but still it hurt. Not only the end, but also the whole series was very emotional. This series was a adrenalin kick. Every single Episode. The cliffhanger were epic. It didn't get boring at any time. Summarized: Prison Break is highly addictive! Superb Entertainment.

    Oh and girls? [Another pro:] U cannot deny it: Wentworth Miller is amazingly hot! :D xD

    I recently stumbled across this show on Netflix. This series had me so in the zone, it was difficult to remove myself from the TV. Typically, I am not the one to be glued to the coach, however this show was so amazing I immediately became addicted. Everyone has to admire that brotherly love, from the brothers Schfield and Burroughs-to the other bonds established with Mahone and Sucre. Its always facinating to see how Nature vs. Nurture play out on screen. I think this series should be taken to the BIG Screen!!! Big shout out to the writers, you are the best, what an amazing cast!!!
  • Great Show

    Despite its drawbacks and unrealistic plot, Prison break is gripping and addictive during its life span and tv at its best with pure action and superb characters. its sad that it ended so soon but remains one of the best of its time.
  • best show ever.

    FOX NEEDS TO BRING BACK THIS SHOW! NOW!! This is seriously the best show I have ever watched in my life. Wentworth milller has the most gorgeous eyes. I love this show so much damn. The script of this show is amazing. So original, never seen anything like it before. I cried at the end of the movie where sara and lincoln were watching the clip that michael recorded of himself. It was so sweet :")
  • How about Nika?

    I love prison break its fun and keeps you on the edge. The one thing i will say i hated was the way they left things with Michaels wife Nika. When Michael broke out of fox river all Sarah did was left a door open. What about all the crap Michael put Nika through (bring me a credit card, get me Sarah's key, let me hide at your house, bring me you car, trick belick and help us escape) wow i would be pissed off at them to i think anyone would. Then everyone was mad she was going to turn Michael and Licoln in. They put her ass through hell, she loved Michael and wanted to be with him and he just left her :(. If there is a season 5 i hope to see her again becouse sorry Sarah fans Nika was way better and not to mention she was WAY HOTTER to lol.
  • All Excitement...

    Never letting you distract...

    I miss the first two seasons, they were more realistic and unexpected at the same time.
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  • Kept Me Entertained

    I really liked Prison Break when the first season came out, and it hooked me immediately. The mix of Action and intensity was brilliant. Although i must admit that Season 2 was not as good as the first, and then Season 3 was a major dissapointment (could be partially due to the writers strike). But alas sason 4, although not in a prison redeemed itself in its full entirity. Season 4 had everything you would want in a show. The only dissapointment (and if you are reading this before you watch) was the extra "Movie" they made after season 4. It ruined it slightly for me and i would have prefered for them to just have finished and left it as it was
  • Breaking the prison is so entertaining and exciting.

    This is one of the greatest shows of all time.Each episode gives a new turn to the show.I think this is the only show that matches with 24 in a long time.Even the great show like 24 has some annoying characters(eg:Kim Bauer),but this has not even a single annoying character.And this involves u throughout the show.I literally got tears in my eyes at the end of the show(The final break).

    BTW great cast.
  • prison break is the shit

    i loved all the seasons and all the actors the best show i have ever watched and then they took it away you need to get all the fuckers back together and start this thing up again you have alot of fans to entertain cant wait to see wentworth millers the loft
  • Prison Break it's one of the most amazing, exciting, and dramatic series which is worth to see it without any regrets.

    My first impression about this series after first episodes was: Another series without any interesting story or future.
    But after other two or three episodes, I discovered an intrique and thrilling series which keept me in front of TV every week to see what happen next.
    Prison Break it's a brand new style of thriller, and the actors who acts in this series are fabulous adding to this series a new perspective of acting.
    For those who didn't start to watch this series I advise them to start do this, and after first series I would like to see theirs toughts here to see if i'm right about all this things above.
    So, Happy Watching and enjoy this fine series.
  • Creative and exciting

    Loved this show when it was on TV. Kind of thankful they decided to end it when they did. I still like to re-visit the odd series here and there to be reminded of how good this show was. First and second series were my favorite but loved them all! :)
  • JUST S01

    Prison Break show.. just season one was amazing--i love it

    Watched the whole thing in 6 weeks, got my sister and her gf into it! Topped my favorite show(the Vampire Diaries)and that's hella hard to do. Now I heard from multiple people that there's going to be a 5th season this fall(2012)on FOX, if this doesn't happen I'm going to SHIT rocks and BLOW UP THE WHOLE MOTHAFUCKIN OPERATION! I KNOW FOX DOESN'T WANT ME TO COME DOWN THERE AND WHOP SOME ASS! I know a bunch of gangstas that while comply and if we get sent to jail MICHAEL SCOFIELD'S GONA HAVE TO COME BACK AND BUST OUR ASSES OUT OF JAIL! EVERYBODY'S LIFE GONA BE RUINED! ARE YOU READY FOR THAT FOX? ARE YOU READY?!
  • I love prison break

  • I love prison break

    I know it's been a few years since they ended it but you honestly should start a season five and keep going , cause I know you can still get tons of hits starting it now . It's my favorite show . It's amazing .
  • i absloutly love prison break...

    i absloutly love prison break...its my absoloute favorite i have been watching it ever since it favorite actor from prison break is wentworth miller (micheal scofield) he is so good at acting it out.evrey time it comes on i cant wait to watch the next episode i would wish for it to come on evrey day because it gets sooooo interesting that you cant wait to watch the next episode but i think it is better off coming on once a week because then you know what day it is coming on and plus like that you wont miss an is really interesting and i love watching it!!!
  • I don't se why people liked this. Its absolutely awful.

    Before we even get into the acting and plot let me get the premise straight. First of all, his brother just so happens to end up in the prison he designed????? Thats a bit of the most incredible coincidence in the whole wide world!!! I was told this show was believable. This idiots brother was prepared to kill a man, but did not do it simply because the man was already dead. So he isn't really all that innocent. He was totally prepared to commit the murder. Attempted murder actually carries the same exact sentence as murder. So attempted first degree murder could have easily earned him the chair. I don't understand why anyone would go to the trouble of even differentiating the two. he is just as evil for having been willing to kill for money as if he had done it in my book. What i also don't understand is why they bothered to set him up. if he was willing to carry out the killing, then why did they kill the victim themselves? Why just pretend that he killed the guy? Why not allow him to do it? Then he really would be given a fair execution. The whole thing seems silly.

    The other really big head scratcher is why go INTO the jail to get the brother out? If you have the blue prints, why not simply get him out while you stay on the outside? It actually would have been easier. And no one had a problem with the guy being in the same jail as his brother? No one even noticed? I don't think so.

    So right from the start I have no sympathy for either brother. An attempted murderer is just as bad as a murderer in my book. And someone that decides to free him as if its Ok is morally lacking. That would have been a funny defense "I was about to kill him your honor! But he was already dead!" You wouldn't go free even if that was proven true.

    The whole black and white prison thing really doesn't interest me in any way. the doctor doesn't make any sense. What is her trip? She thinks its better to what? Let murderers and would be murderers walk around in society? No one is that stupid.

    Its like idiots, doing idiotic things for idiotic reasons all over the place. I usually like Robin Tuney. But she is the most annoying character of all in this series. I don't even need to say why.
  • Amazing

    I love this show. I just started it two weeks ago and finished it last night. I loved every bit of it and was upset the last two episodes. I wish there was more and more of Wentworth Miller who is amazingly sexy...
  • i just love it

    this is one of "the best" series i have ever watched so please continue it...............
  • What goes up must come down! This is exactly what happened with this show.

    Just recently finished watching this series and I must say I have a mixed reaction after doing so. As many people here have already highlighted the 1st season is Gold, 2nd season slightly slips so I will say Silver and then we have a completely pointless season in 3. Finally the worst till last. The whole idea of this shadowy organization known as the company and what's even more absurd is a structural engineer yes not genius an engineer, a doctor and their gang of bandits manage to take this organization who are supposedly more powerful than the Government+presidency, down. Yes its unrealistic and just silly. The 1st season was believable as he is a structural engineer with all the blue prints tattooed on his body and with a reason and a mission to break out of prison. From this Michael becomes like a superhero Einstein or something. To be honest when watching season 4 I wouldn't have been surprised if Michael pulled a lepricon out of his ass or managed to knock down a few of Krantz guards with telekinesis powers! Or, or even better yet find a way to rise back from the dead!! And we have our self's season 5. Unbelievably ridiculous how it goes from being soo promising to embarrassing.
  • This is a Bangie tv show, ITS FAB!

    This Tv show is sooo cool, people say that its soooo long that they dont want to watch it, But if ur a starter YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS! the sad bit is when Michael Dies in the end, His real nameid Wentworth Miller! I love Him <3

  • Shocking.

    The show is always shockingly good. There are lots of unusual events that happen.

    Plot: Great, well thought! Michael, (the main character in this series) really wants to free his brother out of jail, so he pretends to be a robber by robbing a bank to get inside the prison. There they see unusual and unpredictable things, the other inmates and guards, have other issues as well. Some guards power-play, inmates suicide and sometimes even fights each other. And it serves as a problem to them.

    Characters: The characters have their own agenda and good kinds of personality.

    Effects: Not really an CGI effect, but it has a shocking and adrenaline producing effect by the events on this show.

    Overall: 10. They should really get this back to the tv. It's perfect in all ways.
  • Prison Break

    They really need to continue this series. Point blank.
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