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  • prison break is the shit

    i loved all the seasons and all the actors the best show i have ever watched and then they took it away you need to get all the fuckers back together and start this thing up again you have alot of fans to entertain cant wait to see wentworth millers the loft
  • Prison Break it's one of the most amazing, exciting, and dramatic series which is worth to see it without any regrets.

    My first impression about this series after first episodes was: Another series without any interesting story or future.
    But after other two or three episodes, I discovered an intrique and thrilling series which keept me in front of TV every week to see what happen next.
    Prison Break it's a brand new style of thriller, and the actors who acts in this series are fabulous adding to this series a new perspective of acting.
    For those who didn't start to watch this series I advise them to start do this, and after first series I would like to see theirs toughts here to see if i'm right about all this things above.
    So, Happy Watching and enjoy this fine series.
  • Creative and exciting

    Loved this show when it was on TV. Kind of thankful they decided to end it when they did. I still like to re-visit the odd series here and there to be reminded of how good this show was. First and second series were my favorite but loved them all! :)
  • JUST S01

    Prison Break show.. just season one was amazing--i love it

    Watched the whole thing in 6 weeks, got my sister and her gf into it! Topped my favorite show(the Vampire Diaries)and that's hella hard to do. Now I heard from multiple people that there's going to be a 5th season this fall(2012)on FOX, if this doesn't happen I'm going to SHIT rocks and BLOW UP THE WHOLE MOTHAFUCKIN OPERATION! I KNOW FOX DOESN'T WANT ME TO COME DOWN THERE AND WHOP SOME ASS! I know a bunch of gangstas that while comply and if we get sent to jail MICHAEL SCOFIELD'S GONA HAVE TO COME BACK AND BUST OUR ASSES OUT OF JAIL! EVERYBODY'S LIFE GONA BE RUINED! ARE YOU READY FOR THAT FOX? ARE YOU READY?!
  • I love prison break

  • I love prison break

    I know it's been a few years since they ended it but you honestly should start a season five and keep going , cause I know you can still get tons of hits starting it now . It's my favorite show . It's amazing .
  • i absloutly love prison break...

    i absloutly love prison break...its my absoloute favorite i have been watching it ever since it favorite actor from prison break is wentworth miller (micheal scofield) he is so good at acting it out.evrey time it comes on i cant wait to watch the next episode i would wish for it to come on evrey day because it gets sooooo interesting that you cant wait to watch the next episode but i think it is better off coming on once a week because then you know what day it is coming on and plus like that you wont miss an is really interesting and i love watching it!!!
  • I don't se why people liked this. Its absolutely awful.

    Before we even get into the acting and plot let me get the premise straight. First of all, his brother just so happens to end up in the prison he designed????? Thats a bit of the most incredible coincidence in the whole wide world!!! I was told this show was believable. This idiots brother was prepared to kill a man, but did not do it simply because the man was already dead. So he isn't really all that innocent. He was totally prepared to commit the murder. Attempted murder actually carries the same exact sentence as murder. So attempted first degree murder could have easily earned him the chair. I don't understand why anyone would go to the trouble of even differentiating the two. he is just as evil for having been willing to kill for money as if he had done it in my book. What i also don't understand is why they bothered to set him up. if he was willing to carry out the killing, then why did they kill the victim themselves? Why just pretend that he killed the guy? Why not allow him to do it? Then he really would be given a fair execution. The whole thing seems silly.

    The other really big head scratcher is why go INTO the jail to get the brother out? If you have the blue prints, why not simply get him out while you stay on the outside? It actually would have been easier. And no one had a problem with the guy being in the same jail as his brother? No one even noticed? I don't think so.

    So right from the start I have no sympathy for either brother. An attempted murderer is just as bad as a murderer in my book. And someone that decides to free him as if its Ok is morally lacking. That would have been a funny defense "I was about to kill him your honor! But he was already dead!" You wouldn't go free even if that was proven true.

    The whole black and white prison thing really doesn't interest me in any way. the doctor doesn't make any sense. What is her trip? She thinks its better to what? Let murderers and would be murderers walk around in society? No one is that stupid.

    Its like idiots, doing idiotic things for idiotic reasons all over the place. I usually like Robin Tuney. But she is the most annoying character of all in this series. I don't even need to say why.
  • Amazing

    I love this show. I just started it two weeks ago and finished it last night. I loved every bit of it and was upset the last two episodes. I wish there was more and more of Wentworth Miller who is amazingly sexy...
  • i just love it

    this is one of "the best" series i have ever watched so please continue it...............
  • What goes up must come down! This is exactly what happened with this show.

    Just recently finished watching this series and I must say I have a mixed reaction after doing so. As many people here have already highlighted the 1st season is Gold, 2nd season slightly slips so I will say Silver and then we have a completely pointless season in 3. Finally the worst till last. The whole idea of this shadowy organization known as the company and what's even more absurd is a structural engineer yes not genius an engineer, a doctor and their gang of bandits manage to take this organization who are supposedly more powerful than the Government+presidency, down. Yes its unrealistic and just silly. The 1st season was believable as he is a structural engineer with all the blue prints tattooed on his body and with a reason and a mission to break out of prison. From this Michael becomes like a superhero Einstein or something. To be honest when watching season 4 I wouldn't have been surprised if Michael pulled a lepricon out of his ass or managed to knock down a few of Krantz guards with telekinesis powers! Or, or even better yet find a way to rise back from the dead!! And we have our self's season 5. Unbelievably ridiculous how it goes from being soo promising to embarrassing.
  • This is a Bangie tv show, ITS FAB!

    This Tv show is sooo cool, people say that its soooo long that they dont want to watch it, But if ur a starter YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS! the sad bit is when Michael Dies in the end, His real nameid Wentworth Miller! I love Him <3

  • Shocking.

    The show is always shockingly good. There are lots of unusual events that happen.

    Plot: Great, well thought! Michael, (the main character in this series) really wants to free his brother out of jail, so he pretends to be a robber by robbing a bank to get inside the prison. There they see unusual and unpredictable things, the other inmates and guards, have other issues as well. Some guards power-play, inmates suicide and sometimes even fights each other. And it serves as a problem to them.

    Characters: The characters have their own agenda and good kinds of personality.

    Effects: Not really an CGI effect, but it has a shocking and adrenaline producing effect by the events on this show.

    Overall: 10. They should really get this back to the tv. It's perfect in all ways.
  • Prison Break

    They really need to continue this series. Point blank.

    Prison Break, is by far the best action-drama TV series of all time. Every episode, is an achievement. You\'ve got to watch it, to believe it. I have never been so much intrigued during an episode of any series. The story is excellent and the characters that are involved in it, are very special. Each one of them has its own lives and background. Their acting is also remarkable. I cant wait for the next episodes. The mid-season finale was so revealing and kept me wanting more and more.

    Those who have not seen \"Prison Break\" yet, they must do themselves a favor, and give it a try. You wont disappointed at all!!!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &lITS MY FAV.SHOW !!!!!!!!!! <3 PEOPLE'Z GOTTA STOP HATIIN !!!!THEY NEED A SEASON 5!!!
  • Awesome

    Prison Break is one of my favorite shows. It has a great cast of characters combined with great writing and acting. I was hooked throughout the first two seasons, and season three was still great. However, season four wasn't as good as the first three.

    The story is about an engineer, Michael who wants to break his innocent brother out of prison. He gets himself into the prison by pretending to rob a bank. In the first season, he carefully plans out his escape with his brother as they encounter many problems with guards and other inmates. Each episode had me on the edge of my seat, and I just couldn't stop watching. This show is very fast paced and I never found myself getting bored as I watched. Overall this show is fantastic and I would highly recommend it.
  • Masterpiece

    wow!!!!!!!!!! I don't even have the words to decrribe the awesome story, the critical point. Done by perfect and done with you Michael and linc. borrows......................
  • What they wanted to make?

    There's a possibility writers aimed who doesn't know much about criminal justice system,as watcher.Of course this is drama,so this is fiction,but too unrealistic.

    inmate in Death Raw can contact general population,(who is not getting Death Sentence)it happens.but with his brother,who is also an Architect?

    There's lots of factor which induces Adrenalin, but also too many factor which made me disappointed.

    Sometimes they wrote Michael like a Ninja,(by the way,many of Ninja tale is Myth and Tactics)

    All actors were so good,but this "lack of reality,only Adrenalin induced"story makes me feel

    This story is rather suits for Animation".
  • amazing

    its an awesome show and Michael is by far the best in it. I really enjoyed season 4, most ppl didnt like it that much but i liked the fact they changed it a bit was gettin fed up of him being in prison all the time!
  • awesome

    watch every single show of prison brake and if u read this and have a ps3 send me a friend quest is my online id MOOSE476 and in the middle 4 and e put a line at the botom
  • "A" for Effort

    This is one of those shows whose title ends up being the death of them. The title instills an inevitable build up--breaking out of prison--so when the characters actually break out of prison the show has nowhere to go but down. Season 1 was brilliant. Great casting, genius writing and an engaging plot (minus the conspiracy theory part that ended up loosing me in season 2-4). It was one of my favorite television shows on TV, but even then I knew the end was near.

    Season 2 hit and the writers and producers realized their mistake. Now that they were out of prison the show had no where really to go. After foundering a bit writers and producers finally settled on sending the main characters right back into prison...thus they then spent another season trying to break out of yet another prison. And that's when the show lost me.

    I understand the producers predicament, great show so you need a second season, and if you ended right after they broke out of prison everyone would wonder what happened next. But sometimes leaving the audience wondering is the right step to take.

    Rating: 8 -- Season One was a 10, but proceeding seasons did not live up to its promise
  • Teribad

    First and foremost, I loved the actors. Great characters, wonderful feel of the moment for the individuals.

    Now comes the harsh reality. This show is the perfect example of what is wrong with tv nowadays. The only better I can describe is maybe reality tv shows.

    The show starts off great, ingenious characters, a great balance of action and drama, everything mixed together for a great recipe of entertainment. But about halfway through the first season, the show becomes as predictable as a "See Spot Run" book. And let's not forget the need to put forty-seven problems in every episode. It's rather overwhelming. People need time to breath, to feel for what is happening, to focus on a singular problem wondering if there will be a twist. There is no room for development in this show. When something good happens, you automatically know something amazingly wrong will happen. Why is it that every time there are four or five people around, they always keep one person alone? How many times before you realize that people have to be in groups of two or more? And how many times do you have people say, this is the last time I do this? Or this is the last time we do that? only to continue doing it.

    The fact is, I don't know if it was the writers or the directors or everyone that made this show what it was, but truthfully this show is no better than a common crappy mtv reality show. There is a great motto the people who made this show should have followed..."Less is more."
  • you must watch it

    Very great show, it had me hooked from the very first episode. I'd have to admit that ive watched it (all seasons) numerous times! Great show!
  • love it

    i love prison break soo much and i so want them to bring out more
  • awsum creation.......

    we want michel schofield back.......
  • prison break season 4 seaon 5

    After watching the show from start to finish for the 3rd time I noticed something that may be true or not.

    thIs is what may have happened in my opinion and it is posibble

    In the final break we all now the real reason Sarah is in jail Co's the feds want Micheal.

    Alex start working with the feds and if u notice when. Micheal gives Alex the DVD and papers. He says it might be a better way but u never see what he says.

    I reckon Malone told schofield that he could make a deal with the feds. That he could trade places and work for them if Sarah goes but the catch is noone can now and it has time look like a prison escape and he died to protect is family. The general could be let out of prison and find out that scofiled is alive and go for is child to bring Michael out of hiding to go and get sylla. Back from the un ect

    What's ur thoughts I think season 4 I got I right not sure about season 5 tho maybe a beter. Story out there let me now
  • Prison Break-5


    Plz director of prison break , start making the new series of Prison Break i.e season 5. I'm ready to provide you the story.It is going to be the world most viewed and popular T.V show if you make prison break season 5--Its gonna be Huge hit!!!!

  • prison break 4 ever

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