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  • Oh my my !!

    Prison Break. The Best series eva !! Real good diretion and Great Story Line. I dont regret watchin it all the way from first. {though it was addictive i dont mind :P}Each and every single episode does make yu feel the pressure inside. Lovely characters and i do hate the company for costing so many lives. A story that will neva fade in our minds. Great Show. And fans dont miss to watch "THE FINAL BREAK". Micheal Surely makes the Series ! Once again. A Fantabolous one :) I myself seriously expect another series with the same cast n crew :)
    Great Work. Congrats :)
    Keep it high.
    No words more :P :) :)
    A true Fan
  • Prison Breeak was a great series

    Prison Break was one of my favourite TV shows of the naughties, season 1 was superb one of the best debuts seasons I have seen, season 2 was also very enjoyable but I think the show jumped the shark in the season 2 finale, since then Prison Break never really recovered it was still a decent show but no where near enjoyable as it used to be. The characters still are great throughout the introduction of Mahone in season 2 spiced things up, Whistler also was good until he was shockingly killed off after one season which really annoyed me. The show did pick up again midway through season 4 only to loose some steam in the last run of episodes.
  • The show "Prison Break" is more than just a story. It is a detail specific and geniusly assembled time line of events that is filled with captivating plots and settings and the writer of the story has many ways of showing his passion for his work.

    The show "Prison Break" itself is one that requires your full attention, because every detail is important and any missed information leaves a sketchy viewer guessing. There is a main plot,however there are so many plots and settings to focus on; yet one other thing the writer maximized on was the aspect of irony. The ironic events in this show add a tasteful and addicting touch to the plots and create a viewer felt sense of urgency throughout. This is not seen often and as a viewer of the entire series I am well aware of just how much I was "on the edge of my seat". The only flaw about the show is that as a series it would become difficult to follow the series episode by episode once a week. This is because of the contents of each plot; in which there seemed to be a new plot in every episode, though the main plot remained in tact. The mix of characters that are important change and if a viewer misses a critical moment, they can get confused rather quickly. The writer does seem to get that however, which is why you see a great deal of flashbacks in each episode and you get a basic overview in the beginning that reads "Previously on Prison Break". This being said the show otherwise is filled with many touching details,emotional moments, and situations that pull at the veiwer's emotions and can frankly move a person to tears.
  • Prison Break is comparable to eating at a restaurant with five star starters, four star salads, three star entrees, and two star desserts. It starts well, but quickly finds itself confused about where it is going.

    I first encountered Prison Break while on vacation in Mexico, oddly enough, and as the show had just begun airing, I found the mixture of mystery and intricacy refreshing and entertaining. The show carried this appeal most of through through the first season, and I remained a dedicated watcher. As the second season dawned, however, I found myself annoyed by the overuse of plot twisters, the cliché comic lines, and the general lack of originality that began to rear its ugly and unwelcome head amidst the previously positive elements. Still, I pressed on, though only medially entertained into the third season, which, to my horror, turned into a horribly crude rehash of the first season. By this point I no longer felt that the show contained any elements that were truly worthy of watching. If one is looking for a quick thriller and that is smart, yet followable, but with no resolution, I recommend watching only the first season. If one is masochistic, bored to death, or very, VERY easily entertained, I recommend watching to midway through the second season. Anything further, and you would find yourself in the same position I was, addicted to the show for want of closure, though dreading every moment I spent in front of the tv. Good day~
  • awesome show

    Prison Break is a show about Michael Scofield, who gets himslef arrested to free his brother, Lincoln Burrows, before he is executed. To pull this, Michael tattoes a big prison map on his body. This is a great action, drama, thriller series. If you like shows like this, full of action and suspense then this is for you. The show evolved from simply escaping from prison to escape from the government, then back to prison again and this time trying to get some guy out, and finally recovering pieces of information called Scylla that "the company" wants. The first season was the best. The second and third were pretty good too. The fourth one was good, but I think it drifted a little from Prison Break at the end.
  • Michael Scofield and his brother Lincoln Scofield work together to break out of prison and every other problem faced in their way!

    I have to say, Michael Scofield is a genious at hard work! I remember seeing this show first time when my parents out it on. I thought this show was gonna suck but I found to see this show being awesome! Michael has a tattoo on his back with all the exits and secrets of the prison that his brother Lincoln is in. Linc is apparently 'a murderer' and is going to be exiledin first season but Michael Scofield one way or another plans to take him out.

    Michael meets some friends in the prison like Sucre and meets Sara Tancredi, the nurse of the prison. When these guys escape, it causes huge trouble around the world which is also when Mahone comes in the scene in season2. Season three is all about Sona, another prison which Michael is taken into. In the final cut of this show, the gang all finally find peace (except for T-Bag that is) in season 4.

    I rate this show an 8.5 and this show gave me lots of good memories. PRISON BREAK FOREVER!
  • It's a great show ... but just that, GREAT.

    Prison Break was one of the greatest show I saw, even that it deviates from it's origin. The idea of season one was new and great: someone wants to get out of jail his brother who has go into by a mistake, a mistake who will cost him his life ... nothing new up here ... the novelty is on the plan about how to rescue: he, Michael, put a map of the prison were his brother was on his skin as a tatoo (you have to see the shows to understand the tatoo, because it's nothing like a real map). The next seasons focuses on how many people try to get them, the police, FBI, and the Company, company in which their mother has a very powerfull job.
  • Best show ever!!

    Prison Break is the best show i've ever watched!! It's so clever! It had me on edge the entire time! I Couldn't believe some of the twists and turns! The acting in it was amazing! Loved all the characters!
    Paul Scheuring and everyone else associated with PB are geniuses and I hope they write another show soon!! I loved how at times you could absolutely hate T-bag but then at other times really like him! Well, me anyway! Loved every second of it.....even though I was completely devastated with the end result!! :( I don't think I've ever cried so much!
  • Michael is dead? No way...FOX have something in mind is what I think. The best of all series is ending in 4 seasons...never seen before. So I hope Michael is alive in the Island waiting for Sara and Linc to live their lives happily ever after.

    I have a feeling that there is another episode where Sara and Linc find Michael in that Island or where they are going. I think this is not the end that FOX is receiving all this reviews to get a new move. How come the best series end in 4 seasons!??? I haven't seen a good series end so soon! So let's see what is coming. I have to say that I loved the actors because they lived their characters. Mahone and TBag where my favorites...also Michael, Sara, Linc...But those villains were awesome. So I hope there's another chapter with Michael.
  • Real good show a breath of fresh air in 2005 when it debuted. The story of a man who sends himself to prison to break his brother out was captivating.

    Real good show a breath of fresh air in 2005 when it debuted. The story of a man who sends himself to prison to break his brother out was captivating. All the actors did great in their performance but most I wasn't familiar with. I was going to watch any show with Dominic Purcell in it after the canceled John Doe from a few years earlier. The show was great in it's two phases. The first being getting out of prison and the characters and problems associated with trying to escape. The second phase being out of prison and eventually out of the country and back. Some criticized this morph in the shows general premise but I enjoyed the ever winding road and wondering what would happen next. Why the show ended up on the bottom of the rating totem pole I don't know but I'm thankful we got a complete bitter sweet ending. The show had a good run and some of the most memorable moments on tv and for that I'm grateful.
  • What a show,I say what a show... It was absolutely one of the best shows of the new age of TV and it will always remain that way.

    you see some that say it was a perfect show,some say it was great till the end of the 2nd season,etc...
    but I say non of those people hit the target,as this show like all of the others was not perfect and there is no show which is and never will be.
    but this show took it all and left us with nothing when it ended,it was never bad as some say,it always had new ideas which made it so popular.

    As for the seasons though I dont remember the first tow seasons so well but the first one was the one who made all the fans and made us to watch and continue watching and being one of the biggest fan of this show.
    as for the 2nd it was even better than the 1st one it brought the newest ideas it entertained even more.

    I got to say that the 3rd season was not the best as there was a lot of problems at that time to all Tv shows which made Prison Break lose its very powers and its coolness...
    then when the 4th came we all were waiting like we were on fire to watch and see the end,at first it was not so great but when it reached its very end it grew again and rose to the peak.

    In the end it broke our heart by that ending that almost made m throat full of cry specially at the end when he was talking on the cd fr Sarah and Lincoln...
    though I was kinda expecting Michaels death but not like that dramatic way.

    In the end I want to say horay for the cast and the crew,for us the people who watched Prison Break,and for the fans all over the world,as we all had watched something great,something that wee will remember for the rest of our lives.
  • Prison Break held my attention from start to the absolute finish.

    From the very first episode, to the last second of "The Final Break," Prison Break kept me on the edge of my seat. Superbly written and a spectacular cast made this the only show that I have ever cared enough to watch every episode in chronological order without ever missing one.

    I think it's a complete shame that the Fox Network did not air "The Final Break," reserving the real "end" of the story for people buying the DVD box set of Season 4. It wrapped up 90% of any questions that viewers could have needed answers to. It was only after watching the real end of the series that I truly appreciated the writers talent for creating a perfect show and give them my utmost respect.
  • If you've never watched this show, it really is a must-see. Action-packed, non-emotionally straining, and down right ingenious at times, especially in the first series, Prison Break is the epitome of the Action genre.

    The first series begins with a structural engineer, name Micheal Schofield, getting himself intentionally incarcerated at Fox River Prison. The question: Why? To break out his brother, framed for the murder of the Vice-Presidents brother, on death row. The first series is spent working out how to escape, the obstacles in the way, which include the inmates, the guards, and inconvenient events. The dialogue, acting, action, plot, and setting are all perfect. It is honestly one of the best seasons of the 2000's.

    Season 2: Guess what? They escaped, but they are far from freedom. Agent Alex Mahone is on their trail (which includes about 6 other inmates), working for the company that framed Lincoln in the first place. Micheal realises the only way to escape is not to run but to bring the fight to them, which almost succeeds. Almost.

    Season 3: Micheal is in prison. In Panama. Yeah, I know, WHAT??. It sort of makes sense, and this series is only 13 episodes, you may as well watch, even if it is a bit formulaic.

    Season 4: With everyone on the outside, they are almost instantly all detained again, but FBI agent Don Self offers them a deal: Find The Company's black book, called Scylla, they get their freedom. Shocking twists, and enjoyable action, the first half of the season is AWESOME. The second half is a bit silly, but ends well enough, and the last few seconds will have most in tears.A great show, take the time to watch it, you won't be dissapointed.
  • I have to say that i absolutely loved season 1 and 2 season's 3-4 just seemed to drag on for me.

    I loved prion break, however, the show has no basis to continue so i am glad that it has ended, although i regret the fact that michael died, why couldnt he have lived -'happily ever after' i mean after everything the poor guy went through thats the least he deserved. In the series finale the fact that they didn't show L.J or Marie cruz was dissaapointing and having Kellerman spat on was random.

    To sum it up i found prison break s01-02 brilliant, season's 03-04 were deal breakers, thats a huge leap from seriously adictive to pathetic which is what i considered the last 2 seasons to be.
  • Prison break is finally over, but it was a good run.

    The title Prison Break makes it seem like the show would get old after a while, but the sow is more than just breaking out of prison, really the breaking out of prison was only a small portion of the series to get the watchers hooked at the beginning of the show. The plot is phenomena, with the show cutting off at the perfect moments for the best cliff hangers. The plot twists keep the show fro getting old and the acting is top notch. This is one of the best drama series that I have ever watched, and is a good watch for anyone who wants a good and attention grabbing drama.
  • When a show gets too much so its almost boring it usualy ends. Prison Break is a survivor, at least in my eyes.

    Prison Break is one of the best shows in the 21:st Century. The First and Second Season is the coolest, in the third it turned wich it needed too. people would have stoped watching ok, they did. Because so many did not understand what happened. But thats because they where to lazy to think.

    I still love this show, seen 2 episodes from season 4 so far. But I think its COOL, to sad its ending here in Season 4. All i hope is that the show gets A FAIR ENDING. Not some ending that is gonna destroy what we have been looking for the past 4 years!
  • this story is all about the prison break, as it can be concluded from its name also. the main character involve Michael Schofield, who drag himself for his brother Lincoln Burrows acing the death penalty due to killing the Vice President's brother.

    Prison Break is yet another drama series which has been gracing the screens courtesy of American producers. Over the past couple of years there seem to have been more and more shows coming over from America, all of a considerably high standard, and once again this one is no different. Prison Break. I've never really been a fan of the hit show Lost but always enjoyed the show 24 and so was eager to see what Prison Break would be all about. The first series of Prison Break hits the screens of America back in January 2006 and not yet finished, we are currently awaiting the fourth series which is now showing in America. Prison Break basically follows the life of Michael Schofield who committed a bank robbery in order to be sent to prison to rescue his brother Lincoln Burrows who was facing the death penalty due to killing the Vice President's brother. Despite there being a great deal of evidence connecting Lincoln to this crime, Michael firmly believes in his innocence and along with their old friend and Lincoln's lawyer Veronica, goes about trying to prove his brother's innocence and get them both out of Fox River state prison. The series is based solely within the prison and shows the hatching and planning of the escape procedure and route. Of course nothing goes smoothly in the world of television and along the way there are multiple difficulties and scares which all add to the drama of the programme. The show also incorporates life on the outside including Lincoln's son and how he is seemingly dragged into the whole mess, which almost adds the whole soap opera element to the show. The series ends with the men, along with several others who have all become central to the plot, attempting their dangerous escape out of the prison. The show is quite different to any I've ever really watched before; if you've seen the film The Life of David Gale or The Shawshank Redemption then you will see great similarities in the stories. The show is screened by Fox and was premiered as the new 24 but in all honesty it's not quite the same – it's more nail biting in my opinion but lacks the alleged thrill of 24. It's a hard hitting and honest American drama which will have you on the edge of your seat, it's one you also need to be paying attention to as if you miss an episode they'll be a big gap in your knowledge as so much seems to happen in every single episode. In all honesty Prison Break is ridiculous, immensely ridiculous. But if you can see beyond the ridiculousness on the surface you'll actually discover that it's incredibly clever and unbelievably addictive. Each episode lasts about 45 minutes minus the commercial breaks and I find I'm literally on the edge of my seat for about half that time. No episode is complete without several cliff hangers and the cliff hanger at the end of each episode will leave you hammering on the TV screen begging to be told what happens next. Each episode will typically open with a recap of the previous couple of episodes to keep you up to date with what is going on. The acting is brilliant, the coolness and suaveness which Wentworth Miller employs in playing Michael is brilliant, he makes Michael taciturn and determined in such an endearing way that you'll be batting for him throughout the series. The show is strictly embedded within the drama category and it isn't really easy watching drama either, more of a serious drama. It isn't a comedy in the slightest although in some rare occasions the producers have introduced a little sarcastic, downbeat humour that does add a break to the dramatic mood that overhangs each episode. But sincerely, It seem to be full of praise for the show so far but on the other hand the first series is 22 episodes in length which sees Michael continually plotting their escape, but them never actually escaping. I did feel towards episode 16 or 17 that the series was being dragged out a little in retrospect, although at the time I loved every single minute of it and would quite happily have watched them plotting with growing tiresome.
    However the show has also received great criticism from some of American's main critics including: - The Washington Post "Prison Break would come off as more cruel than unusual. The somber pretentiousness of it, reinforced by performances uniformly overwrought, make it a heavy weight to bear, yet one resolutely empty-headed." What I would say is go into watching this show with an open mind, you have to accept the large and somewhat false coincidences otherwise you'll just grow exasperated with this show. And remember, the main reason most of us watch TV is normally to escape reality and therefore, being a little far away from realistic surely cannot be a bad thing.
    My final word, I have to be honest and say I loved the show, and am already craving the second series an abnormal amount! As long as you can disengage from looking for the plot holes and the ridiculousness of the plot then you'll enjoy the mystery and sheer addictiveness of the show.
    By Zyshan Aly Jayed
  • Action, drama and more action

    The storyline is very interesting. Every time an episode has ended you feel you most see the next one. It keep's you in a tense feeling. In my opinion the first season was better than the second even tough both of them are just great. The actors are doing a fabulous job delivering the story. Wentworth Miller is great as Michael Scofield and Dominic Purcell also great as Lincoln Burrows. There rest lets just say they do their jobs well. If you ask me, they should have strictly stuck to the guy escaping from prison and forget all the outside activity from the next seasons which is a little far fetched (the Company?!). Anyway, I'll give it an 8 mainly because I like the first season very much.
  • can't wait to watch prison break,my fav show ever !! can't wait to watch prison break,my fav show ever !! can't wait to watch prison break,my fav show ever !! can't wait to watch prison break,my fav show ever !! can't wait to w

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  • Michael is a structural engineer whose only plan is to save his brother Lincoln from sentence in prison.

    I am a big fan of prison break especially Michael Scofield but I believed that all that had been started had an ending. It is so sad that there are two more last episodes. After that two final episodes no more Michael Schofield, Lincoln Burrows, Alexander Mahone or even some of the cast of the said great show will ever see on weekdays. But most importantly they will leave us a true meaning of unconditional love. Love from family and the people around us will definitely become a great part of our lives. I am looking forward about the meeting of the two brothers and their mother. Will they approach her as they approached their father before? Is the company killed people to protect their vision or they are just trying to protect more compared to the number of people they killed. Is the general will be keep on commanding or he will die to the last two episodes because of the revenge of the people he ruined their lives. Will Michael and Sara proves that no matter how their relationships undergone so many obstacles they still end up together? I may not be surprised if one of the big characters of prison break end up of dying here in the last two episodes. I just hope that dying explains it all and it's all worth dying for. Congratulations in advance to the writer of prison break because I know that they will do their very best to give us a very good finale of season 4.
  • Well, my friend recommended this show and I just got up to date with season 4 and This is easily my favorite show! Great actors, greatly written and an awesome show! and to the people who don't like it. Just have a little Faith...

    I recently got up to the 16th episode of season 4 and Before Dexter was my favorite show, then Lost and now Prison Break! Season 4 isn't as good as 1,2 or 3 but I don't no why people don't like it? I mean it's awesome although It sucks how it's ending :( But yeah the show is about a Structural Engineer from Chicago with a clean history who's brother gets the death penalty at Fox River Prison. He knows that his brother was framed for a crime he didn't commit. And remembered that he designed the prison. So he plans his escape and who to involve in it who is already in the prison and to remember all of this he tattoos the blueprints on his entire upper body. The show has the prison characters like the Drug exporter, the Pedophile, the Mob Boss, the nice guy robber and more. The friends and family trying to help Michael and his brother Lincoln buy trying to do whatever they can to appeal to the court. Meanwhile their family and friends discover that a group of agents involved with the Vice President, the government, everywhere. Which is referred to as ''The Company'' it claims to ''Keep America safe'' a secret organization that does whatever it can to keep itself Undetected and kill anyone that's in it's way. It has undercover Agents and Assassins. The show is great because it isn't just people breaking out of prison it's them all on the run as Fugitives in season 2 and getting all the rite amount of people to help escape, also what the company is up to on the outside and doing what they do. The show is fantastic with great actors and well scripted even though Prison Break will be ending it will still be one of the most outrages fast and fantastic Dramas of the Decade!
  • i cant belive season 3 and micheal is in yet another prison but this time there are no guards to protect him and lincoln has to get his little brother out of sona before it to late.

    at the end for season 2 we see michael(wentworth miller)going to the worst prison in pananma called sona because sara(sarah wayne cailles)killed agent kim and michael said that it was him sara let michael out of fox river and now his helping her.going into season 3 we see michael wakeing up scared because of were he is but then his brother lincoln(dominic purcell)comes and vists him so michael put on a breave face.the company aproch lincoln and say that michael needs to break james whistler(chris vance) out of sona and say that they have lj and sara and if they want to see them alive he needs to break him out but not all goes well when some old faces and new ones want in on the break out such as agent alex mahone(william fichtner)who is in sona because michael put drugs on a boat he was getting away in and brad bellick(wade williams)who was in panama looking for the money but t-bag set him up for murder and of course theodore t-bag bagwell(robert knepper)who ended up there because michael wanted to put the bird back in the cage.michael hears some new about sara a company agent called gretchen morgan(jodi lyn o'keefe)cut of her head and put it in a box for lincoln to find when he does lincoln has to tell his little brother about sara the women he loves is dead.michael breaks whistler and the rest out and goes to were they are to do the exchange whistler for lj(marshall allman) the exchange is done and at the end of season 3 lj gives his uncle mike a rose which michael had mad for sara while he was in fox river then you see michael and lincoln hug as he says good bye and hunts down gretchen the women who killed sara.coming into season 4 we see michael in a room planing on how to get gretchen and whistler he tracks them down in a hotel were he is told that sara is alive and is in charigo but michael get arrested he meets up with lincoln who is on a murder charge in panama but an agent gets him transfured to charigo were agent don self(michael rapaport)of home land security needs there help retriveing scylla the companys little black book if they dont help they go back to prison.someone put up the bail money for the two brothers and then says lets go for a drive and you never guess what its to meet sara a shocked michael goes over and hugs her.after some one tries to kill them michael,sara,lincoln,bellick,sucre and alex mahone whos little boy was killed by the company all help to get scylla but things start to turn when michael has to go to the hospital it turns out that he has hemotoma on his frontal lope and needs an opration.which the company ends up doing inexchange that lincoln joins the company to get scylla back which they stole.michael is brought to a house were he is told that his mother is still alive thankfuly sara saves him.cant wait till the next part comes back on tv:-p
  • michael schofield conspires to break his brother lincoln out of prison. they eventually realize that escape is only the beginning and the race for their very lives has just begun.

    haven't missed an episode yet in 3 1/2 seasons. although i am dissappointed the show is ending after this season, i'm not surprised and glad that fox has the opportunity to end it right. michael schofield devises a plan to break his older brother lincoln out of fox river penitentiary, who he believes was framed. he gets himself arrested and sent to the same prison, and the plan is afoot. they only, however, have a few months to escape, linc is on death row for assassinating the vice pres' brother. while incarcerated, michael recruits fernando sucre, his cellmate to the plan. along the way, a few others "volunteer themselves" or get recruited in the escape plan. among them, theodore "t-bag" bagwell, benjamin "c-note" franklin, john abruzzi and several others. i fox river, mike and linc's main nemeses are t-bag and co brad bellick. warden pope take mike under his wing, but that's part of mike's plan. also part of the plan is to get access to the infirmery. in the process, mike falls hard for the prisen doc, sara tencredi. the gang escapes, and some go their seperate ways, eventually some get recaptured or killed. mike, linc and sucre stick together, there's treasure to be found, in the tune to 5 mil in cash. the race against t-bag, bellick and some new enemies, fbi agent alex malone and "the comapany". "the company" framed linc in the first place and they have an end game. s3 ends w/mike bing imprisoned in panama! joining mike in pannama are belick and malone. linc is still free, now he needs to break mike out. and the company raised the stakes, they also have to break out another prisoner, james whistler. bring in bad a** "susan b anthony", also known as gretchen. she passes along instuctions for the company.why do they need whistler and will the plan work? bad guy(or gal) #1 down, there's also lechero, he runs the prison and is also a prisoner himself. years ago the prisoners rioted and the guards basically let the prisoner run the show, lechero came out on top. as awlays, things don't go 100% as planned, there's collateral damage along the way. the guys do make it out though. wagain, why is whistler so important? that brings us to s4. it's all about the company now and their master plan to rule the world. new player, fbi agent don self. he brings the gang together, mike, linc, mahone, bellick, sara (SHE'S ALIVE!), and some new guy computer geek. agent self wants to bring down the company, and who better to do it for him but the ppl whose lives the company destroyed. t-bag and gretchen are lurking in the shadows as well. t-bag has major clues to whistler's agenda. the gang's objective, break into company headquarters and steal "scylla". what is it? mid season, we have twists and double twists. more major characters die and switch sides or show their true colors. i won't give away too much (i know, i already did that). this is the last season, fox will end the show w/dignity (i hope). tie up the loose ends and hopefully get mike and linc the justice they deserve. love the show, even w/it's ups and downs, never ever missed an ep, really! by the way, mike's full body tattoos in s1, so hot!
  • Prision Break started off with Michael Scoffield trying to rescue his innocent brother from death row and spiraled out of control into a complicated mess.

    This once great show, that started out with so much promise and originality reached it's summit in Season 2. After that there is no reason to continue watching. (Spoiler Alert) .... Once the Prisoners..Michael Scofield and his brother Lincoln Burrows.. (Why do they have different lastnames and the same father, I dont know.. and I have been watching since the first episode of season 1) escape the "first" prison it is all downhill from there. It is as if the writers didn't know where to go from there and so the Michael ends up back in prison, this time in Panama. From this point on things just get overly complicated. The show becomes burdened with conspiracies and mysterious organizations that are secretly running the world. It is no real surprise to me that this show has been cancelled, it deserved to be long before now. Something that started with so much promise and a simple premise became ridiculously complicated and far fetched.
  • How many people died on the show Prison Break? Find out in this rewiew. Be sure to review my review ( thumbs up baby and not thumbs down)

    How many people died on the show Prison Break? 107 Here is the list from season 1 episode 1 till season 4 episode 16. The list Is In Chronilogical order (NOT in episode order) For Ex: # 1. and 2. Were killed in a later season and episode but was the first to be killed in time order.

    1. Driver
    2. Man with the Suitcase
    3. Crab
    4. The Bishop
    5. African-American Guy from the "Black Side" 6. T-bags Tag
    7. Latish a
    8. Truck
    9. African-American Guy 10. Bob the Cop
    11. Lucas
    12. Ljs Mother
    13. Ljs Mothers Boyfriend
    14. T-bags Tag 2
    15. Sebastion 16. Nick Savern Project justice
    17. Danny Hale
    18. Cop 1
    19. Cop 2
    20. Nick Saverns Dad
    21. Nick Savern
    22. Charles Westmoreland
    23. Veronica
    24. Veterinarian
    25. Governor Tancredi
    26. tweener
    27. Sara Tencredi Look Alike (Kelly)
    28. Aldos Body Guard
    29. Aldos Body Guard 2
    30. Aldos Body Guard 3 (Who tried to kill Lincoln, lj, and Aldo)
    31. Roy Geary
    32. Michaels Foster Father
    33. Aldo Burrows 34. Mexican Pilot
    35. Veteran 36. Denise
    37. Stedmans Body Guard 38. Stedmens Body Guard 2
    39. The Company Worker (Blondie)
    40. Tarremce Stedman
    41. Abusive Father
    42. Haywire
    43. Kims Driver
    44. Gun Salesman
    45. Presidents Security Guard
    46. Therapist
    47. Prostitute
    48. Prostitute 2
    49. Kims Body Guard
    50. Kims Body Guard 2
    51. Mystery Person (Kellerman or Guard)
    52. Bill Kim
    53. Sona Prisoner
    54. Sona Prisoner 2 (Runner)
    55. Sona Prisoner 3
    56. Sona Prisoner 4
    57. Sona Prisoner 5
    58. Sona prisoner 6 (Dealer)
    59. Grave Digger
    60. Sona Prisoner 7
    61. Sona Prisoner 8
    62. Company Driver
    63. Sona Guard 64. Sona Guard 2 65. Sona Guard 3
    66. Sona Guard 4
    67. Sona Guard 5
    68. Sona Guard 6
    69. Sona Guard 7
    70. Company Gunman
    71. Sona Prisoner 9
    72. Sona Guard 9
    73. Sona General
    74. Sona Prisoner 10
    75. Sona prisoner 11
    76. Sona Prisoner 12
    77. Sona Prisoner 13
    78. Sona prisoner 14 (Lechero)
    79. Scylla Dealers Guy
    80. Scylla Dealer
    81. James Whistler
    82. Company Guy
    83. Sancho
    84. Bruce
    85. Self's Friend
    86. The Company Worker (Baldie)
    87. Chinese Guy
    88. Company Worker
    89. Andrew Blauner 90. Roland
    91. Wyatt
    92. officer Brad Bellick
    93. Chinese Guy
    94. Chinese Guy 2
    95. Chinese Guy 3
    96. Mr. Xing
    97. Girl Agent 98. Howard the Cardholder
    99. Stanton
    100. Company Worker
    101. Company worker 2
    102. Company Worker 3
    103. Scylla Buyer
    104. Scylla buyers Driver
    105. Scylla Dealer Guard
    106. Scylla Dealer Guard 1
    107. Scylla Dealer
  • Prison Break centers on Lincoln Burrows who is on death row for a crime he did not commit. His brother Michael decides to get incarcerated in order to free his brother and prove his innocence.

    It can't get much better than this. The plot is amazing and the message is simple. Family and love comes first, no matter what. This show definatey deserves a good rating! There are so many twist and turns. Prison Break will have you at the edge of your seat! Season one is briliantly crafted, and the same goes for season two. Season three was a disappointment due to the writers strike, but I still stand behind the show 110%. Season four is all about revenge, and tests the limits between Michael and Lincoln. Can this family stick together, or will the company tear them apart?
  • I absolutly love this show. Just when you think it's all over they throw another twist into it and it just keeps getting better and better.

    This is probably one of my favourite shows on the air right now. It will be sad to see it go, but i think that it is time. The past 3 1/2 seasons have been incredible. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. If you think that you know whats going to happen next your probably wrong. Just when you think you've got it right they throw another curve ball at you. I would have to say that the first season was definatly the best, but the other season only fall short by a bit. The acting is amazing along with the writers that make excelent episodes. This show is all about the action and it dosen't get caught up in usless fluff. I give this show a 9.7 out of 10. This is a personal favourite and i reccomend it to anyone who likes action and who likes to be at the edge of their seat until the very end.
  • For me, this is a great series, maybe it isn't the best, but I think it has all a tv series has to have, and it's very emotionant. I prefer the first two seasons because I think they are very original, but the last two seasons are great too.

    Since I see this series for the first time, I see it was a great series. It has a very good plot, great characters, a lot of action, a more... The first season was incredible, bacause you could see how the character of Michael Scofield thinks, and I think that was emotionant. In the second season, well that's not the same, but it continued with the action and the mistery. The third season, I have to say it was not the best season but well, it's imposible for a series, to have all the episodes perfect, and the season was entreataining. This season, the four, I think is better than the third, but worse than the first two. Well, my conclusion is that this is a great series, the first two seasons are better, but I still like Prison Break.
  • The story line revolves around two brothers and the people they meet, love and lose.

    I look forward to watching Prison Break every Monday night. I have several friends who also enjoy watching. There is great chemistry between all the characters with an amazing amount of depth to each character. The story line of Prison Break keeps me on the edge of the my seat, it's funny, it's sad, it's interesting, as well as the actors who are all perfect for their roles. I am extremely disappointed it only has six more episodes to go when there are so many other shows that should be pulled, not Prison Break. I will miss it when it's gone.
  • I miissed you

    Prison Break that`s typical serial for people in ever age which like a lot of drama, action and many unexpected changes in one episode. Now after three seasons and in center of the fourth season on 100% I can say that was not only waste a time , that was really nice time spend on watching PB. On the other hand thinking serious first season was perfect , second very good, third good or maybe very good too but fourth is little boring ofcourse who like this serial for example me still will be watching new episodes with the same excitement. Summary I think end this serial on 4th season is perfect decisions of producers , serial go away in glory. However I really missed Prison Break when he was finished. I think a lot of people ( ladies > Wenworth Miller ;) will be think the same.
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