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  • The best, most refreshing, first class suspense TV series I have seen in many years. Cudos to all involved.

    I applaud the writers/actors of Prison Break. This series is one of the best I have ever watched on TV. It has everything, first class actors, great great script, keeps you totally interested for the entire hour, never boring, tons of suspense - really makes your heart race. The only series that has kept me "on board" this many seasons. The writers should get an award for making each season so good and yet the plot so fresh and new. The change of venue in each season has been terrific. Can't say enough of this show and wish it could go on forever. And a personal note - wow, that Wentworth Miller is good looking isn't he!!! And also, so glad that Sara is back.
  • season three is so fake that i am really considering of quit watching it.

    Prison Break was one of my favourite shows and i couldnt waint until the next episode come up...
    that was until the forth season... i will start from the idea of bringing back sarah.... his (stupid) brother saw her head in the box nad also did we. i mean come on get serious .are the screenwriter becaem so poor?the only thing that i see is that they had no more ideas so they came up with this "surprize" to keep us watchin they think that we have links iq?or maybe theirs? i mean i really liked sarah and wished she didnt die in season 3 but brinking her back is just redicullus... and about the main idea of the new season...redicullus too...every episode, a new card stolen. a card which to be stolen would need a plan being prepared for months by proffessionals, in front of sconfeilds iq and an unspecialized team, this is just a game. season three is so fake that i am really considering of quit watching it. and the only reason that i am thinking of keep watching it is the amazing sucre and the very smart Mahone (who reminds me the L from deathnote if you now what i m talkin about) and the missions they both have to do
  • A Great Show Broken...

    Overview: Last year I started watching Prison Break and I got fastly addicted to this show but recently I have seen the shows quality decline.

    The Cast: 10
    The cast has been amazing from the original cast to the newcomers you will love all of the characters on the show.

    The Story: 8.5
    Great first season and second season made this show one of my favorites you are rooting for Michael and Lincoln all the way through the first two seasons. The third season was a drag that ended quick due to the writers strike. The fourth season has gotten even worse, it's a completely different show and in my opinion it should have ended by now.

    The Writing: 9.5
    The writers have always kept you on the edge of your seat waiting for what will happen next. Sadly at season four it's like same old, same old.

    Overall: 9.5
    The show was a great show back when it started but it is currently punching over its weight and it should have ended by now.
  • I am watching this show again.

    Season 2 was soo bad so very bad I lost all interest with this program. When they killed sara that was it the final straw for me and shortly after I quit watching the show. I decided to watch the season opener and instantly fell in love with this show again, thank you writers for bringing her back. Now that the gangs all back it is interesting again. To take out the company seems impossible perhaps they should change the name of the show to Mission impossible since thier not in prison anymore. I'm just kidding. The cloak and dagger, narrow escapes, tracking and aquiring of the cards that will bring it all down and continuing character developments have me liking the show again.
  • Prison Break > > >

    Prison Break the best series in the United States Amartikip series and the best in Europe but one of the best sitcoms in the wide wide world. . . Representatives of the best and most beautiful Lawn and representatives of the world . . . . . . .

    Prison Break the best series in the United States Amartikip series and the best in Europe but one of the best sitcoms in the wide wide world. . . Representatives of the best and most beautiful Lawn and representatives of the world . . . . . . . . .
  • I really love this show since day one.

    I don't care what other says about prison break, but for me I Love this Show and hope to see more exciting new episode. For me it's always be the number one Show on Earth!!! I love michael scofield, lincoln, sucre, t-bag, all characters that contributed on the show to make this successful and won't forget and looking forward on watching every episode each week. I hope it will last longer. More seasons and more exciting episode in the future. Congratulations to all the actors and actresses whose on the show from the start to present. Job well done!Keep up the good work.
  • Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies is like the Hepburn and Tracy dinamic..they are just BRILLIANT and AWESOME!!!! the chemistry and vibe they give to the audience is just overwhelming..Brilliant and strong actors by miles!!! =)

    PB as for season 4 is just heart-wrenching plus i got anxiety through out the episodes..and i definitely can't wait for the next and next and next episodes..its just very interesting and the level of anticipation and curiosity is very high..i want to know what will happen in the next episodes..i just hope this won't be the last season as the writers CAN come up with a great storyline for the next season and PB should end on the FIFTH season!!! let's kill for another season and let season 5 be the end of it..come on PB writers!!!! we are counting on you guys..=)
  • Simply fabulous

    I`m addicted to this show,to say the least!! The suspense, mysteries,castings, all awesome ..unique!! This is one of the best show on tv!! I love it! After 3 tension filled season, Season 4 looks to be the concluding chapter and it has started all promisingly. So if you are a fan of such show, don`t miss this , I guaranteed you`ll become an addict. This is a must see for the fans of the genre. The characters, the stories, the dialogues, you`ll have everything, action, romance, comic relief, thrill, everything thing. Add to that some great actors, you`ve got a Prison Break cocktail and it is fun.
  • Better every season

    Prison Break is one of my favorite shows. I like Heroes, that super power based drama is awesome, truly and Smallville is cool also. Past its prime, sure..

    Season 1 was all about escaping a prison and free an innocent man. Season 2 was about staying alive and hide from the company. Season 3, here we are, back in a prison and what? yep, you got it right.. trying to escape, again..

    It did ok. Plot twist in the beginning of season 4, a very pleasant one, I might say. And I really feel like watching every episode of this awesome tv show.
  • Greate Show

    WEll Well, a supriseing start whit season 4...
    I have been a against Prison Break Seance i watched season 1 and 2, thay were great. but whan season 3 come i thuth that thay realy shuld stop makeing it, beacuse season 3 is more like season 1 and its all about a prison break, just a new place and a couple of new convicts.
    But now, after the season 4 aired i was suprised shockt, beacuse of the story line, you can say that season 4 is just like season 2 but it isent, season 2 was to escape from the low whit the compeny hanging after tham. but season 4 is all about helping the goverment to take revenge on the compeny. to do that thay need to get a hold off 6 memmo card. Season 4 is all a new kind.
    But after this season i realy think the producer shuld kill the show, since thay have had 3 soon 4 great years and it whuld have been a shame to lose all the viwers. I am sure not going to stick whit the show, if all of tham are but in to jail again.
  • Simply amazing, can't wait too see where they take the show later down the road.

    This show is incredible, the writers are constantly making you think outside of the box. The major characters are definitely what makes the show what it is, great job of casting! Simply put, it's a great way to spend a Monday night when the football game sucks!! I have to admit the 1st and 3rd seasons are still by far my favorite seasons to date, though this season is shaping up to be a true contender for that title. If anyone is a fan of The Fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, this show will not disappoint. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good action movie, this show is action packed.
  • basicly i dont rele kno wot to put cuz i put all ma stuff in the review, but yeah sarah should of stayed dead, maybe they will kill her off again! and why the Heck did u kill off veronica? what we're u thinking?? seriously???? what was the point?

    i think prison break is 1 of the best shows ive ever watched, but i think the latest series is a good series but they are killin it now, they shudda jus gave mike,LJ,n Lincoln,a sunset ending at the end of the last series :)

    i like the fact that thier twisting in that mike could b sick n I Really Do Believe On A Serious Note they shudda kept sarah dead, cause what good is she in the show? honestly????


    basicly i thank the producers and writers for keeping me on my toe's at the end of every episode :P cheers! x
  • Bleahh

    I mean..ok it's always cool and Wentworth is so cute, but c' it possible they do all these things in no time n no one recognize them? They're messing bigtime with the Company!
    And Sarah is so useless...and the black guy is boring...
    Thank god Mahone is still on the show because it seems to be the only interesting character right now.
    Even's not the usual one: the genius which can manage all the situations.
    It seems more casual when it comes to a solution.
    Ok, the show is still good: hey, it's entertainment!
    But i'm still waiting for some better writing here...
    Sorry, guys...
  • Prison Break is just one of the greatest shows out there right now!

    Ok, lets start from he beginning: since Prison Break started until now, it has been the most action packed AND interesting show that i've seen these years. We have to be aware that the show can't be perfect, because of the many things that came up that weren't planned on the beginning; like the writer's strike and so on; and that forced the writers to make some changes to the story line, and it is still one of the most well thought shows.. You constantly feel that: "Well, ok.. Michael Scofield is a fictional character and he has not such intelligence", but then i think again: "But the writers of this show must be quite as they picture him!"

    I sincerely love this show! Sorry for my english. :P Shenzu, Dominican Republic
  • love it

    An engineer (Wentworth Miller) installs himself in a prison he helped design, in order to help his brother (Dominic Purcell), a death-row inmate who insists he did not commit the crime for which he has been sentenced to die and help him escape.
    Lincoln Burrows is on death row for the murder of the vice president's brother. He insists he's innocent and only his brother Michael Scofield believes him. As an engineer who helped design the prison where Lincoln is being held, Michael takes drastic measures to help his brother. He gets himself arrested and sent to the same prison so that with his knowledge of the building the two of them can escape together. However, while inside, Michael discovers a massive conspiracy that is determined to see Lincoln's sentence carried out. Breaking out will be more difficult than he thought, but he's still going to try.
  • One of the best show I`ve ever seen

    Prison break is shockingly good. The plot is just very catchy. The whole breaking out of prison break is just something you don`t expect to see on TV. 4 Years later, Prison Break is still going strong. The writers cleverly managed to reinvent the show, season after season. The characters are great, gotta love them all. The amount of suspense in here is overwhelming. Being a concept show, Prison Break can`t go much and some may say that to be on its 4th season, it must have jumped the shark. Well I don`t know, I don`t care. I`m not of of those who consider themselves TV specialist whatever, I watch prison break, I love it and that`s all I care about.
  • Can`t believe some here are rating this below 5.

    Wow, this is a nice site but I`m pretty shocked to see people rate Prison Break 2 or 4. I mean someone watching this must have liked it at least to give it a fair 6. Anyway I respect that. It any event, prison break is a must watch for people looking for quality entertainment. Just sit back and enjoy. All first 3 season will leave you at the edge of your seat, you`ll love it. Season 4 has only just started and you can bet it is looking fantastic. It is clearly underrated here but I`m sure most of those who really watch it liked it.
    I give it a perfect 10 because it deserves it for the entertainment it gives me even tho it is not perfect, nothing is.
  • What's wrong with Prison Break?!

    Oh my god what's wrong with Prison Break. Season four is no more like a breaking prison TV show! It is not exciting. Some events just are not logical. For example about Sara, I think a head in a box cannot be lie as soon as L.J said that they have killed Sara in the same place where he was. Yes He said he had closed his eyes but what? They have changed Sara with someone else when he closed his eyes?!! Also the moment Sara and Michael meet each other was not special. After all those sad days and pressure on Michael the moment was so cold. I don't like it. Hope to see some differences in next episodes.
  • heartbreak

    this show is written by the bunch of highschool kids.Maybe it's not so bad anymore,but the first season was...Innocent man in prison and his perfect brother to rescue...ou my god how lame is that.Also the season is too long...there are couple of meaningless episode There is some good stuff too...stormare,tunney and some prisoners were pretty example is theodore bagwell there are moments when the pervert inside him is very believeable...Some day,when I am very bored,I'm gonna watch the second season and it's quite possible that I will like it,but until then Aaargh...A a a r g h. Arno Z
  • This review is just with Season One.

    This review is just with Season One. By far, this is the best TV show I have seen. I got the total twenty-two episodes at a time and I watched it continuously for about 15 hours. I really enjoyed for the quality a TV serial has. And by seeing the episode names, I was guessing the total story. And everything or some matched with my expectations, hence by 18th episode I was bored, because the twenty second episode was named as FLIGHT, and I was thinking as usual that they would board the FLIGHT, but for my astonishing it wasn't. And this made me puzzled. But its GREAT.
  • A mildly interesting show from the beginning, but has gotten better as the seasons go on.

    I watched this show from the very first episode. I liked it, I watched it when I could. But then, I forgot about it.

    Up until this season (4) I didn't watch it. And I must say, it hasn't changed it's quality and still has most of the original cast from it. It's a fast pace show that makes you squirm at times, but at the end of the episode, you're dying to watch the next.

    I like that Sarah and Michael still have that relationship and the rest of the inmates from season one are still very actively involved. I'm actually quite suprised the show found ways to keep the show interesting when they broke out of prison. But the original name of the show doesn't seem to match the show now a days though. A good watch.
  • Prison Break is about an intellect, Michael Scofield who will do anything to get his framed brother, Lincoln Burrows out of jail. This is just the beginning of the work of 'The Company' and the brothers are never safe from them.

    Prison Break is great! It's a brilliant idea by the creators and keeps you on the edge of your seat literally every second of the show. Wentworth Miller is amazing in the show and is a true actor, he completes his character Michael Scofield. It has action, drama, suspense and has a couple laughs once in a while. This show is seriously addicting, I can't get enough of it. If you want to watch a show that will keep you interested in and out, this is the show for you. Prison Break has new ideas every season and if you haven't watched it, you're missing out!
  • You can make a choice but can't choose the consequences.

    This show has evolved a lot over the past couple of seasons. Although it is called Prison Break, the meat of this show is more about choices and consequences. There is no easy answer to fixing a problem and finding a solution. Someone does not simply make a choice and everyone is powerless to do something about it. Everyone in the show does something that affects everyone else. Action and reaction is the norm of life and this show does it great with obvious dramatized flare. Season four was a bit jarring as to the abrupt ends and re-openings of things that they spent the entire last season developing. Pacing is the new enemy of Prison Break now. The story all over the place and characters are now loosely tied together for the new upcoming plot. Enemies are now friends and the company seems to be a monolith no one knows or cares about but certain government workers are die-hard at bringing down and go to a bunch of convicts to have it be brought down. As forced as this may seem, it still has great character development and it is a show that delivers on great acting and development of the characters in the show. Prison Break is entertaining to watch. However, Season four had better slow down with the story and put some better resolve for this season from last and not be so abrupt. Also--and I'm sure the producers will do this--put some focus on the emphasis that it is called Prison Break for a reason. The show is a procedural as much as an action drama and should have some insight that the characters have to break in or out of some sort of prison. It was and is the reason I watch the show.
  • Breaking out of prison has never been so exciting.

    The first time I saw this, I though Shawshank Redemption rip off. Nothing comes near to shawshank redemption for what it was, a film is amazing dialogues and great story. Of course the ending (which I won`t ruin for anybody) is of an awesomeness but was never really a film about breaking out of prison but rather life in prison. But this deals with escape and in the field, nothing beats Prison Break. The excitement provided by the show is overwhelming. Of course it is not very realistic in the long run as the show surprisingly keeps on re-inventing itself but who cares? It is as entertaining as ever.
  • One of the top shows atm

    Lincoln Burrows is on death row for the murder of the vice president's brother. He insists he's innocent and only his brother Michael Scofield believes him. As an engineer who helped design the prison where Lincoln is being held, Michael takes drastic measures to help his brother. He gets himself arrested and sent to the same prison so that with his knowledge of the building the two of them can escape together. However, while inside, Michael discovers a massive conspiracy that is determined to see Lincoln's sentence carried out. Breaking out will be more difficult than he thought, but he's still going to try.
  • Sarah..

    OMG ! This show was good but now i feel like i'm watching "bold and beautiful". [spoiler alert! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !] First Sarah is dead then she's alive and Michael is whining about her all the time .. It's not fun anymore. It was a good show and now it's a romance. I don't like it, it's boring and I'm not going to watch it anymore. Just my personal opinion :) It's as good as 90210 for me (which is so bad, it's almost funny :P) , lol :P :P :P :P
  • Action, thrill, suspense, tension, intensity,romance,cliffhanger, that`s prison break.

    Prison break is a hit, make no mistake about it. It is impossible, inhuman not to get hooked after the pilot. Wows after wows, prison break never seize to amaze and re-invent itself. After a unique season 1, prison break proceeded to an equally unique season 2. Season 3 was a return to roots, which felt like a drag but gave quality entertainment. Season 4 is another re-invention, an angle with which we could make a new TV ala mission impossible, I love it. The characters are just awesome, we have those we love and those we hate with passion only to realize that we love them too.
  • Prison were made to be broken.

    Prison Break is a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated American action/serial drama television series that premiered on the Fox Broadcasting Company on August 29, 2005. The series revolves around two brothers; one who, as of the pilot, has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other, a genius, who devises an elaborate plan to help him escape prison. Created by Paul Scheuring, the show is produced by Adelstein-Parouse Productions in association with Original Television and 20th Century Fox Television. The current executive producers are Scheuring, Matt Olmstead, Kevin Hooks, Marty Adelstein, Dawn Parouse, Neal Moritz, and Brett Ratner.[1] Its theme music is composed by Ramin Djawadi, and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2006.[2]

    Having completed three seasons, the fourth season, planned at 22 episodes, premiered with two episodes back-to-back on September 1, 2008 in the United States and September 2, 2008 in the United Kingdom. Prison Break features a serialized story structure, similar to that of its companion show during the first season, 24. The first three seasons of the series were primarily filmed outside of Hollywood; the first season was shot in and around Chicago, with the primary location being the then-recently decommissioned Joliet Prison while the second and third seasons were filmed mainly in small towns around Dallas. With the fourth season, the series is now filming in Los Angeles.
  • It is amazing how a show can challenge an audience's intelligence and thrive off good writing for three seasons and flush it down the sewer for no real reason. (spoiler alert)

    I'm sorry -- after such a great run I expected something better than "but did you get a good look at the head in the box?" On top of that, and the never-answered question of why one short-term hostage would get tortured while the other one is left completely alone, when the dust settles and the object is set, both the security system and the plot to foil it are pretty bland. And I guess I have trouble with the machination of the homeland security agent being willing to pull so many strings to get together a team of people the Company is already intimately familiar to bring it down felt convenient and rushed. The laser tattoo removal was a bit of a stretch as well -- it seems to me that in a situation where they have your shirt off, passing for someone else is pretty much out the window. As for the cast, they do the best they can -- Wentworth Miller does seem stuck in scowl mood, but for a bunch of people who just got out of prison -- again -- the team as a whole seem surprisingly blase about the situation. But I have trouble giving the cast a fair evaluation when they have been asked to play out such a rushed and subpar storyline. I do hope that the rest of the season returns to the pace and standard of the first few seasons. So far the spy vs. spy thing really feels like a low point in the series, and the pacing and delivery really needs to look back on the success of previous deliveries to bring it back into line.
  • Can't wait for tonight's episode!

    Can't wait for tonight's episode! Sara tancredi's back is the perfect element for fourth season to be watched. It is amazing how the creator of the show find other stories to tell about Michael Scofiled. Great mind! I have to add that the chose of the actors has been perfect. They compensate each other. Charismatic Michael Scofield; his brother's energy; Sara Tancredi's brain; enemies' beauty (both in the lady and in the birds' man).
    As soon as they keep on giving us this kind of stories the show will be at number one in my personal choices! Big thanks to everybody!
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