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  • i only need one word: lame.

    i cant suspend disbelief. i cant buy into this crap. its lame, over the top "acting" wears thin fast.

    the premise might work for a show set in the 18th century, but in the 21st? not bloody likely. you cant make me believe for a second that this show wasnt written on a crumpled cocktail napkin soaked in stale bong water with cheeto stains smeared across it.

    cancel it. please. make it stop!
  • Stupid Premise for a show

    Stupid Premise for a show
    1.Man designs prison
    2.Mans Brother goes to jail
    3.Man Robs Bank
    4.Man goes to jail
    5.Man Trys to break Brother out of jail
    6.Fox allows show on Air

    I mean this is dumb if his bro is innocent why didnt he work to get him out of jail without putting him self in jail it doesnt make any sense ever for a TV show but it figures that a show like this would be put on FOX a network that carries all the weird in closing dont watch and hope it tanks after a couple of episodes we can only dream
  • Horrible

    A horrible show. This is not possible at all. I hate this show this show is almost worst then desprte housewives not quite it has some aciton. This show is horrible. I dont think i will ever watch this show it is the worst show on fox. I think the OC is better and i hate that show.
  • I don't se why people liked this. Its absolutely awful.

    Before we even get into the acting and plot let me get the premise straight. First of all, his brother just so happens to end up in the prison he designed????? Thats a bit of the most incredible coincidence in the whole wide world!!! I was told this show was believable. This idiots brother was prepared to kill a man, but did not do it simply because the man was already dead. So he isn't really all that innocent. He was totally prepared to commit the murder. Attempted murder actually carries the same exact sentence as murder. So attempted first degree murder could have easily earned him the chair. I don't understand why anyone would go to the trouble of even differentiating the two. he is just as evil for having been willing to kill for money as if he had done it in my book. What i also don't understand is why they bothered to set him up. if he was willing to carry out the killing, then why did they kill the victim themselves? Why just pretend that he killed the guy? Why not allow him to do it? Then he really would be given a fair execution. The whole thing seems silly.

    The other really big head scratcher is why go INTO the jail to get the brother out? If you have the blue prints, why not simply get him out while you stay on the outside? It actually would have been easier. And no one had a problem with the guy being in the same jail as his brother? No one even noticed? I don't think so.

    So right from the start I have no sympathy for either brother. An attempted murderer is just as bad as a murderer in my book. And someone that decides to free him as if its Ok is morally lacking. That would have been a funny defense "I was about to kill him your honor! But he was already dead!" You wouldn't go free even if that was proven true.

    The whole black and white prison thing really doesn't interest me in any way. the doctor doesn't make any sense. What is her trip? She thinks its better to what? Let murderers and would be murderers walk around in society? No one is that stupid.

    Its like idiots, doing idiotic things for idiotic reasons all over the place. I usually like Robin Tuney. But she is the most annoying character of all in this series. I don't even need to say why.
  • Teribad

    First and foremost, I loved the actors. Great characters, wonderful feel of the moment for the individuals.

    Now comes the harsh reality. This show is the perfect example of what is wrong with tv nowadays. The only better I can describe is maybe reality tv shows.

    The show starts off great, ingenious characters, a great balance of action and drama, everything mixed together for a great recipe of entertainment. But about halfway through the first season, the show becomes as predictable as a "See Spot Run" book. And let's not forget the need to put forty-seven problems in every episode. It's rather overwhelming. People need time to breath, to feel for what is happening, to focus on a singular problem wondering if there will be a twist. There is no room for development in this show. When something good happens, you automatically know something amazingly wrong will happen. Why is it that every time there are four or five people around, they always keep one person alone? How many times before you realize that people have to be in groups of two or more? And how many times do you have people say, this is the last time I do this? Or this is the last time we do that? only to continue doing it.

    The fact is, I don't know if it was the writers or the directors or everyone that made this show what it was, but truthfully this show is no better than a common crappy mtv reality show. There is a great motto the people who made this show should have followed..."Less is more."
  • A bore of a show and concept.

    More of the same, can't think of anything scripts. Good example of terrible acting and Lousy writing.
    A bore of a show and concept. Typical of Hollywood today. Have all of the great Script Writers died?
    The new Hollywood concept. Spend Less, Hire the worse and make huge profits. When choices are few and none, it leaves viewers striving to find a reason for why they watch anything. When the options are equally bad people tend to force them selfs to find a way to enjoy an hour of boredom. You would be better off maybe writing a good Script and submitting it to Hollywood. Things will never change until people start demanding good writing.
  • I would rather be in Prison then watch it.

    I can not believe they are making another season! This show is what they made jump the shark for! It started as a great an interesting series. Now it has to be on of the most foolish and badly written shows on TV. I think the writers truly believe that the audience is mentally retarded. I would avoid this show at all cost! I am hoping that this show is cut in the middle so they can put on a better show. There were better series that were cut last year. Avoid this piece of garbage. You have been warned.
  • season 3 ok to terrible!!!!

    prison break used to be one of my favorite shows but now that its season three and sarahs head got cut off, prison break probaly lost halve of its watchers! they even made a song about sarahs head being cut off: i told yall.. It's sara's head in a box, sing along everyone! sara's head in a box babe
    It's sara's head in a box, sara's in a box girl. 1: Cut off a head for the box
    2: Put that head in that box
    3: Make linc open the box
    And that's the way you do it
    It's sara's head in a box… sara's head in a box babe
    It's sara's head in a box, sara's head in a box girl! lmaoo i would have to say i dont watch it sarah is my fav character!
  • Simply disgraceful

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    One of the worst series ive ever watched. Other shows such as heroes, lost, supernatural, jericho and even torchwood are far superior, in all aspects. It is not even compareable to anything other then boring shows such as days of our lifes etc... Why watch it?

    This show, is very boring, and VERY overated...

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
  • Mildly interesting with far too many contrivances and plot holes.

    Mildly interesting with far too many contrivances and plot holes. Prison Break is entertaining but some of the situations are so far fetched and unbelieveable that you do need to laugh at it all. The first season started well enough and had a very good buildup to the fall finale where the cons SHOULD have escaped but instead the writers decided to hit the "reset" button and try and have the same buildup again to their next attempt in episode 21, rehashing largely the same storylines and stretching out the esacpe with fallback after ridiculous fallback, leaving me feeling quite bored and uninterested. Only the episode of their actual escape held any excitement for me past the first 13 episodes of season one.

    This kind of rehashing and elongating of storylines should and mostly does happen three, four seasons down the line but for me to be seeing such stupid repetitiveness and writers trying to drag a storyline out in a show's first season is terrible. Then in the second season ... well, the main writer Paul Scheurng has come out and said in many interviews that they are just going to kill the characters off one by one "like american idol" to quote him, which kind of makes the whole show pointless. There have been enough stupid killings of main characters already and to think they are just going to keep killing characters for the rest of the season is just silly and makes fans angry. What's the point of the elaborate escape plan and getting to know all the characters, only to have the guy in charge come out and say that they're all going to die anyway? What should we watch for, then? The show is effectively pointless.
  • Prison break season II is a wrecker-----HELLO TO ALL BLAKEHURST SKOOL MATES------- TALEBO. READ FULL REVIEW YO ALL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

    it is to far fetched, the new fbi dude mahon knows 2much for my likeing this is just not right i mean ok if he knew only a lil bit, but he knows everything. i personaly think some changes should be made cz at this rate none of them will make it to utah or is that the point of this season.-----veronica is dead---wtf---either its just made to look like she is or she really is dead and chances are shes dead. she was a key character in prison break and now im starting to think wheather lincon and scofield are going to utah or out for revenge as they also failed to retreive lj, and omg in ep.01 they walk in the street with hundreads of people im sure 1 of them would have been spotted and recognised as a wanted fox river escapee but guess what nope not 1 of them were recognised and they were able to roam where they pleased with th knowledge that no1 was going to stop to call the police or approach them. this is totally **** , i advise no1 to bother watching them as they are a total waste of time and yeh thats all i have to say._-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ by talebo---hahahahhahaha i know people will disagree with this but its the truth, i reackon season 2 has wrecked the once loved prison break....ana am kasib, wu ash ellet han sah bus esah eb et farij lel prison wat do we expect michael to be a professional driver of some sort, and mahone knowing everything should he not have noticed that the bar that lincon and michael unscrewed had not been broken or anything just a clean removal from the side of the bridge. ok and how the hell is belic and the other dumbbo ment to know they were there, dis is just getting more and more ova the top as it goes on. y dont we just bring michael and linc a train ride to utah wif ova a hundred cops on the train or mabe the cops should escort them 2 utah thinking they are the president and 1st lady....handy advice to any1 reading this review dont watch it if it stays like this ima stop watching all together.
  • Man Hunt Worst Episode EVER!!!!

    Warning: Could be spoilers in this review

    I can't tell you how much I am so disappointed to where this show is heading. Biggest fan of season 1, bought the DVD set, but man, this first episode of season 2 was horrendous. Like come on, this episode is way too unrealistic. Like yeah right, 8 hours after they escape and some how the FBI agent is able to depict that the tattoos are the key and ALSO able to translate the journey in the tattoos to be able to be at the exact location and moment when the convicts are there. I wasn't born yesterday. It's just funny that they were able to get the exact clue they needed from the tattoo to be able to catch up to the convicts. Why didn't they pick another part of the tattoo that Michael will be going in a future episode? You know, that just doesnt make any sense to me.
    They better wise up on the story line because I don't have an IQ of 85. They need to be a little more original with their plot like they did with season 1. I hated hated hated this new episode.
    I hope the writers of the show get a little more creative on how they write the detective portion of the show. Signing off,
    Very disappointed fan
  • Ruined a decent show. (spoiler if you haven't seen it)

    This show really ticked me off. This is the problem with network tv. They had a great show, people got greedy and turned what was supposed to be a 1-season-complete-wrap show into something totally different. They took the original story and transformed it into something stupid. If Michael had a car and everything else, why did he need Abruzzi's plane? Why would he break out 6 guilty guys if he didn't need them? Why are the prison guards the ones looking for the escaped inmates? Who's watching the prison? Don't we have local police for this? Why are there no helicopters? Do the producers watch Cops? Do they think we are stupid? How is this FBI guy from Invasion (stupid show) able to figure out Michael's whole plan in like 20 minutes, when no one else had a clue for a year? In the space of like 12 hours of show time, this FBI guy has already figured out Michael's elaborate plot, found and interviewed the tattoo girl (but not Michael's wife), explored his previous condo, driven back out to the middle of nowhere, been all over and back, etc. The nonsense just goes on. They could have ended this show as a success, but greed has destroyed it. I could go on and on, but I'm not wasting any more of my tme. You are all smart and don't need me to point out how badly they've ruined this show. I'm done with it.
  • Bad show

    When I was looking for spmething to watch on Fox I found Prison Break and it sucked. Am I like the only one who thinks this way because this show truly sucks.I love to watch Fox but this show isnt one of its best creations.I dont know how many times they tried to get out and I dont care all I know is that they are never gonna get out.
  • Time waster.

    This show doesnt go anywhere at all! This show seems to be unrealistic and in my opinion give me a huge headache. This show is just way to serious as well. I think that the show needs to be alittle more orginal and I dont think the prison would be that easy to get out of. Too dramatic.
  • Horrible!

    This show has been a complete and utter waste of time! After giving it a few chances in the fall and again in the spring, I shake my head in disbelief that this show was as popular as it was. The acting was atrocious, the character development was nearly nonexistant, the plotline got sillier and sillier, with the single plot being a bad idea in the first place... How did this get renewed? Better yet, how did this replace Arrested Development on Monday nights??? Please folks, don't waste your time with such mindless, pointless television. Better that you read a book!
  • Worst Show Ever

    I have no clue why so many people consider this such a great show because it is fully overrated. Compare it to shows that classifyed a genertion such as Seinfeld, MASH, and The Simpsons whixh all got lower rating than this piece of uninspired trash. The only difference between those shows and Prison Braek is that those shows are good and this is the worst thing I have seen on TV since The A Team. In summation, this shows stinks more than swiss cheese which actually be handled and we should remeber the glory days of TV not this piece of dribble.
  • Biggest waste of a season ever. This should have been at most a mini-series. I wanted to throw a rock at the tv at the end of the first season. Boycott this crap show.

    Biggest waste of a season ever. This should have been at most a mini-series. I wanted to throw a rock at the tv at the end of the first season. This show is totally unoriginal and unrealistic, even for television\\\'s standards. Every time some progress occurs towards the \\\"break\\\", something else just HAS to come up to impede it. This show is like watching a hamster running in a wheel. It goes nowhere and takes forever to do it. Eff this show.
  • this show is a about some dude who wants to break out of prison.

    this show shows how tv can sometimes really suck. i mean it is a guy trying to break out of jail. i mean serioulsy what kind of plot is that. it has no interest what so ever. like i really want to see a guy planning for a whole entire epsisode on how to get away or break out of prison. they should just cancel this show or get rid of the stories horrible storyling. this show is just getting old and i feel it is so overrated. shows like avatar and the simspons are 10 times better. they actually have a good story going in them. not just some guy who can't just pay up his sentenced.
  • I can't even summarize it i hated it that much

    I really didn't like it. The plot was stupid, a guy goes to jail to help break out his brother and on and on and on. . . I feel like i wasted my time watching this show. I don't recemend it to anyone. I don't understand how this has the highest rating. . . must be because people don't write bad reviews, thats what i'm here for to warn people about the badness of this show. I can't believe that Fox leaves it on the air. Put on other shows over this. Don't waste your time watching it. Have fun watching other shows.
  • Crap

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  • Brain Drain show

    Are they kidding talk about a lame show who cares to many people go to jail now in real life and they want to get out to now you make a show of it talk about brain drain. This show is just a waste of time and intelligence who thought of such a weak idea anyway.
  • This show has been on for a few seasons and it should have just been on for one hour. Its a prison break not a soap opera which is what the show turns out to be.

    Let me first start off buy saying that the acting on this show is quite good but the primise is really stupid to me the prison break thing is fine but then the show just goes on and on and one it should have been like a 2 hr tv movie instead of a show that lasted like years. To me it is like a soap opera after a while im like yeah that would really happen. I hate to be a negative person i think i would make a kick ass movie but not a good tv show. But thats just my take on it.
  • The lazy writers of Prison Break season 4 showed a total disregard for the public's intelligence. But, then again...

    Season 4 of Prison Break is for people who have really lazy minds. It is unbelievable that someone can consider a show where four characters ( Dr. Tancredi, Kellerman, Michael's mother and another guy ) came back from the dead is the best thing on tv. The lazy writers of the series showed a total disregard for the public's intelligence. But , then again, considering the way fans of the series write here in this space, it is no surprise. You should read books, sometimes. It would be good for your vocabulary and grammar. Good luck and I hope you enjoy Prison Break season 5, when Michael Scofield will come back from the dead...
  • Prison Shows ROCK! But this one doesn't.

    When word got to me that this show was out and ran to watch it. Ive always enjoyed Prison dramas, and from what I was told I was convinced it would be my new favorite show. It wasn't

    Prison Break is another axample of a show that spends most of its time NOT getting to the point. It took what 24 episodes for them to break out spending most of it time doing flashbacks, giving us a full psychoanalysis of why each charecter is the way he is? Am I wrong?

    This show is the space in between the adverts, it doing something to please you but it doing what a GOOD show does in 1/5 of the time. This show succeds because after, what is it now 3 years, you still havent seen happen what the show outlined in the first few episodes. Its a waste of my time.

    In its credit it is presented well, thiers a fist full of eye-candy and it does 'tense' well. It does most things well, in fact ive never seen nothing done so well. I know this show is really popular but it doesnt impress when youve been a fan of several prisons shows that did similar stories very well and pulled it of in a much shorter time.
  • A good, original idea but think about it

    This would be good for a movie but c'mon, a tv show?? By the time he finally gets broken out he will only have a week left to serve. Imagine if they made the movie speed into a tv series, He keeps the bus going for the whole first season then comes back for a second season, not the best idea huh? I think prison stories like this are best left for the big screen. For the people who think this is the most compelling drama series on tv thats fine but try watching something like house, and if you dont like that maybe good drama shows just aren't your thing.
  • What is happening with Prison Break this season?!?!

    Is it just me or was this season such a huge waste of time!?!?!?! I'm so bummed. This was one of my favorite shows when it first came out and it just continues to go down hill. The whole Panama prison thing this year is so dumb. I feel like they keep throwing out one stupid road block after the next. It's just not as creative as it used to be. It's boarding on "B" something you'd see on a late night cable rerun...remember "18 Wheels of Justice" or "Pacific Blue"...kind of like boring TV with good looking guys. Ugh. Over it.
  • Dull and boring and all other possible conjugations of the the word stupid. It has to be the biggest waste of time on Television!!!

    I think this is the worst possibble idea for a a show! It is uneventfull and stupid and dull and boring and should be canceled, just becasue it exists! Why would anyone want to watch a show about people breaking out of prison?!? And you know what else? I bet it is all scripted and fake, just like wrestling!!! I agree with anyone who says it could be worse, becasue they could try to make it a reality show, cause reality shows suck!!! The only thing I like about the show, is that one of the guys is really hot!!! Wow, at the end of that sentence was exactly 100 words!!!
  • My Summary for this show is bad because the writers took one thing and turned it into a tv series and to me that is corny and that sucks. They took being in prison and turned it into an ongoing show, thats not very creative but it is very predictable.

    If it wasn't for the hot guy who has the leading role in this show then this show doesn't draw my attention at all they turn one thing into another and try to expand the show. From them being in jail causing trouble to them being framed to them escaping, sounds like a movie I already saw and very corny, I don't know why ya'll watch this show because it does nothing for me and I think ya'll watch it because the lead guy is hot.
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