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  • Mid season, was bored, so decided to have a look at some new material. God im glad this happend!... With only the Pilot (pre) released, i am left hungry for more.

    From the second i started watching this masterpeice, i was enticed by the originality and quality of this show. The show starts with the main character Michael Scofield being tattoed. From here on in alot happens in a sort period of time. The show becomes quite complex and in the beginning is abit hard to follow, but all is explain as the episode progresses. Whilst complex, the story is revealed extremely well, and by the end of the episode i was left satisfied and wanting more. If the rest of the series is as good as this episode, than this show is certainly going to rack the ratings.

    Wentworth Miller's (Michael Scofield)performance in the pilot has satisfied my likings, and im am anxious to see how his character progresses as you learn even more about him. I would also like to keep my eye on Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) who didnt appear a great deal in the pilot.

    If you enjoy a show that will keep you thinking, but also keeps you entertained than this show is defently for you.
  • The initial premise itself was a little unlikely, but I reckon that will be more than made up for by what I suspect will be strong writing, characterisation and and an action- packed & suspenseful narrative.

    I quite enjoyed this prepilot when I watched it, though personally I found the pacing to be a little bit too slow. Obviously, it was all the big setup for the eventual breakout and they did it very well, but I'll be hoping to see a little more forward momentum in the feature length series premiere this fall (which I suspect will be the case, with a further 42 minutes or so added to the episode).

    The cast was good, and the characters were all well introduced - I'm intrigued to see how they'll be able to work all of the people that they introduced into future storylines on a prolonged basis (I think they WILL, but I don't know HOW yet, so I can't wait to see how they pull it off).

    The initial premise itself was a little unlikely, but I reckon that will be more than made up for by what I suspect will be strong writing, characterisation and and an action- packed & suspenseful narrative.
  • great show

    great show cant wait till the fall, with out giving too much away,

    the characters are amazing, actors are great the only problem i had was with the scret service agent, he just wasnt quite \\\\\\\"evil\\\\\\\" enough for me but other than that great casting and great acting

    directing was top notch also, i cant wait till the end of august.
  • This fantastic show demonstrated a mans determenation to help his family when they are in need of his help. He purposefully gets himself into jail by shooting up a bank and the show shows his arrival and what he does at the prison to help his brother get

    This show was phenominal. It was great and portreyed every character with such a believable force that it blows you away. It leaves you waiting for the next event. This show will defidentally be one of the biggest hits of foc this fall and I hope will be finished with an exciting ending
  • Stupid Premise for a show

    Stupid Premise for a show
    1.Man designs prison
    2.Mans Brother goes to jail
    3.Man Robs Bank
    4.Man goes to jail
    5.Man Trys to break Brother out of jail
    6.Fox allows show on Air

    I mean this is dumb if his bro is innocent why didnt he work to get him out of jail without putting him self in jail it doesnt make any sense ever for a TV show but it figures that a show like this would be put on FOX a network that carries all the weird in closing dont watch and hope it tanks after a couple of episodes we can only dream
  • Prison Break

    Well i hope this show to be at last the half good, than John Doe was, cause fox has been canceling my favorite shows, one time and another in past years, Dominic Purcell is a great actor, and i was very dissaponted when John Doe was canceled in 2k3, lets see
  • The best show

    The best show i ever saw since 24, this serie is fabulous, it's the kind of show that you cant wait the next episode comes. . .

    A really original idea, showing the reality inside the walls, a really good show, i advice everyone to at least see one episode, and i can tell. . . you wont be able to stop watch after that.
  • The new 24-esque Drama from director Brett Ratner makes an interesting and very sure footed start, instantly dragging you in and making you eager for more at the jaw dropping conclusion.

    Brett Ratner. Not a name thats got much adoration in the past. But after seeing this confident Pilot episode you have to give him credit. In directing this episode he's sculpted a confident opener which should have people coming back eagerly in episode two. I know I'll be there.
    The set up starts simple: Michael Scofield(Wentworth Miller) 'holds up' a bank so he can get thrown into the same prison as his brother Lincoln(Dominic Purcell) who is on death row after(what seems like) being falsely accused of murdering the vice-president's brother. Not only that, he wants to break him out!
    Added to this is Lincoln's son who's getting into drugs and Michael's lawyer(Lincoln's Ex) who's starting to believe Lincoln was set up by a very powerful force.

    The prison has plenty of interested characters to develop and Miller looks to be a break out star for this season.
    The show it's probably most similar to is 24 but it's still quite original. The cast is strong and the first script is entertaining and gripping enough to lead the way into a great series.

    But in the end it's Ratner's strong direction which took notice most for me and will keep me watching through the series.
  • Looking for another alternative to 24 besides Alias? Look no further than Prison Break.

    Looking for another alternative to 24, which won't premiere its fifth season until January, to watch in addition (or instead of) Alias? Look no further. Fox brings you a great new show in Prison Break.

    Starring Wentworth Miller, who has "It" star written all over him, the show's concept follows Miller's character as he tries to free his brother. The brother has been wrongfully accused of a high profile murder and is currently sitting on death row. How this will work out is anyone's guess, but that was part of the fun of the first season of 24 also. In any case, be sure to tune in to what should rightfully be the next big show from Fox.
  • This is very likely going to be the big hit of the new fall season. Wentworth Miller is fantastic.

    Great cast, great storyline, great concept. The pilot was well executed and well-written - this is definitely worth a look on Monday nights. The first episode had me totally hooked within the first five minutes and I cannot wait to see the rest of the season!

    This looks like a real winner for Fox and the viewing audience!
  • This show has a building of a great show it was interesting and informative of some real life issues it was very up in the air like wait what is going on but it was very good!

    It was very weird at first but then you catch on to his plan it is very interseting becuz it is very much like prison it is prison! fights and arguing its real life the question is it going to turn very boring breaking out of jail is hard and it looks like the guy has every thing planned out but does he know what do when he gets out and his brother is some were else in a different part of the prison how will he get him out we need watch and see and his cell mate his life seems really interseting too is he going to get into this whole sceem just to marry some girl who seems to have another thing with this guy hector i mean it looks like it will be good or will it be some boaring thing you watch when your board like watching the home and garden channel this is going to have to have a little bit more of story then what they gave us they should give us more or we dont know what is really going on it is like coming into a movie two seconds before the end creadits roll i mean it has to be more than he didnt do it hes not guilty and we need to get him out of here we need to no his whole case!
  • Well, it's not 24. But what is, really?

    Okay, this show was so hyped over the past several days that I knew I had to tune in. The verdict? Mixed, at this point. I like the actors, even the already-maligned Robin Tunney. Wentworth Miller isn't all that we were promised, and we saw (comparatively) very little of Dominic Purcell. But it was a pilot, which means that the upcoming episodes will be more refined than tonight's effort. As for the writing... uh, could be better. The pilot showed flashes of the super-cool (the random sewer drops, the insulin/hypoglycemia thing, snipping Mike's pinky toe), but interspersed were some really dumb things (the tattoo? Come on.) and some really cliche things (secret service conspiracies -- we've never seen that before!). Also, the alleged "character" moments (Lincoln and son, Lincoln and ex-squeeze, ex-squeeze and fiancee, etc.) left much to be desired from both a writing and an acting point of view. The show has potential, but I just don't know whether it can last 22 shows... or the initial 13, for that matter. Time-slot juggling won't help, either. It is an interesting concept, but I wouldn't invest too much in it yet, especially (ESPECIALLY!) with FOX's track record. It's stylish, to be sure, but the scripts had better improve, and fast, for this one to stick around.
  • Micheal Scoffield gets arrested and sent to the prison where his brother is on death row with the hope of escape....

    For all those people looking for a new Dominic Purcell drama(after the marvelous John Doe)and people who like riveting, on the edge of your seat action this one's for you. The action's fast, brutal and unforgiving, but look past that and you get a remarkably smart drama. The lucrative premise is overlooked by great direction and acting. This show is really cool, can't wait to see what's in store.....
  • A flawed show about a man who gets himself thrown in prison to break his brother out. His brother is accused of killing the Vice-President's brother. Despite revealing footage, he insists that he is innocent. His still-pining ex-girlfriend,

    It seems a wee bit conicidental that the man accused of killing an important goverment figure just happens to have a structural engineer for a brother and a lawyer for a pining ex-girlfriend. Just what he needs to get out of jail and subsequently have his name cleared.

    The two-hour pilot was chock full of cheesy lines and gapping lot holes. You're not sure why the tattoo map warranted the dramatic music, because you're too busy laughing, and you wonder why the prison guard is stupid enough to hate a man based on a two minute conversation but intelligent enough to check for paper indentations to see what he's up to. Oh, and, yeah, why does he think he's up to something again? I missed that part...
  • Original but weak.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to end up standing by this show. Originally the idea of "Prison Break" seemed kind of cool by having a clean-cut guy getting himself sent to the same prison that his brother was in just so that he could break him out. As I was watching the show though, I kept thinking to myself... This whole thing is stupid. I'm not a 100% sure why. Maybe it was the whole over stereotyped portrayals of the prison lifestyle, inmates and corrupted guards/warden. Maybe it was the whole "conspiracy theory" thing revolving around why his brother was sent to prison to begin with. I'm not too sure, but when I find out, I'll be sure to update.

    What I did like about it though was the idea of a structural engineer using a prison’s natural resources to try to break out. Hopefully that'll keep me interested enough to continue to watch.
  • How far would you go to break your innocent brother, who is on death row, out of prison? Well we will see how far one man is as he gets himself arrested just to break his brother out of prison.

    This review may not mean too much about what I think of this show, because at this time I have only seen one episode and a half as I fell asleep (I was really tired and I was watching a latter showing of it.

    Anyway It seemed like they did a good job of building up this great storyline. That's what I like about Fox shows, they have action shows.

    I noticed some of the charactors were sort of like the charactors in the 1994 movie the Shawshank Redemption. You would have to see both to understand, but if you watch the pilot of Prison Break and you watch the Shawshank Redemption you would probably see it (the Shawshank Redemption is about life in a prison also).

    So I am gonna keep watching this show to see what happens.
  • Great Plot, great acting

    Prison Break is a winner. If it doesn't make it through the season AND renewed for future seasons then those responsible for its demise at FOX should be fired. Great plot. Good and moving action. Look forward to watching it this season and adding it to my list of favorites. Palmetto Point producers could take some lessons here.
  • An extremely determined brother risks everything to save his innocent older brother from being executed by holding up a bank in order to get himself incarcerated alongside his brother in River State Penitentiary.

    I pretty much accidentally stumbled across this new Fox series and have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised.

    For most of the first episode things seem to go more smoothly than can be expected, but the series manages to keep suspension high nonetheless.

    There are some minor annoyances with the starting plot: structural engineer Michael Scofield robs a bank in order to end up in the same jail as his brother Lincoln, who is on death row. Lincoln says he's innocent of murdering the brother of the U.S. vice president. Michael plans to free him from prison and has the sheer luck to have worked for the firm that designed the prison. It's a bit stretched, but this should not stop you from watching the show.

    The camera movement is awesome and well worked into the plot, for example showing Michael's tattoo in which he's embedded names, numbers (an idea earlier coined in Memento) and an entire blueprint of the prison.

    Incredibly entertaining and set in a great atmosphere, Prison Break is a series well worth following.
  • Sure u might be saying "im not gunna watch this, its been done before alot already and they just trying to get ratings back." This show is truly great, alot of detail, action, violence, what more could u ask for?

    the director, writers and producers of this show are absolute geniouses, everything happens for a reason, and when u least expect it, BAM! it all clicks together to perform the best show currently on tv. sure i cant possibly see another season for this show, but ill be sure to enjoy it while it lasts.
  • what a great concept!

    the show was outstanding. i had no idea what was coming next. the show kept me glued to my seat for two hours. i am really looking forward to the next episode. it was so different from other prison shows due to its unpredicability. the cast is new and refreshing. i think this will be a hit. bravo!
  • A man's brother is sent to jail for a crime he is inoccent of., and is sent to death row. The man robs a bank and is thrown in jail with his bro. Unknown to others, the man has designed the jail, and knows the proper way to break out.

    I didn't think this show would be very good, but it was Monday night, and I was bored so I decided to watch. It was surprisingly good, and I really enjoyed it. The plot is semi-simple but has several characters that really bring the show to life. I hope to watch and see if he can actually break out.
  • Pilot was weak and hokey, but the second episode was really cool.

    I thought the pilot was incredibly hokey, brimming with prison cliches and multiple far-fetched plot elements. It showed some promise, but most of it was downright silly.
    Rating: 5/10.

    Episode 2, "Allen," was leagues ahead of the pilot in termes of story, character development, and general excitement. This is the episode that makes me want to keep watching the show. It has the potential to be very compelling and the cliffhanger elements are quite exciting. I'm jazzed to find out what Michael's plan is; the apparent complexity is very intriguing. The plotline involving the cellmate and his girlfriend seems absolutely unecessary and until they come up with some connection to the larger plot it will continue to be annoying.
    Rating: 8/10
  • Awesome...

    Its about time a good prison drama came along. I had been waiting for one since Hbo Oz died. Although it can be unbelievable at times, its still a cool show with great acting - SO FAR! Hope the season continues to be as good as the pilot episodes were. Ching Ching
  • When this first started, I thought \\\"its been done before\\\", but this drama is fast paced, and truly unique to prove the depths of brotherly loyalty.

    Michael goes as far as to get the entire blueprints of the prision structure tattooed on his body, rivals in racial wars, and fakes diabetes to help his wrongly convicted brother Lincoln of killing the vice presidents\\\' brother. It is suspenseful, violent,dramatic, and gritty. Add in a few corrupt government officials, a warden bent on personal gain, corruption, you\\\'ve got an instant hit.
  • Better Than I Expected

    I was gonna avoid this show completely (how could it last more than a year? plus the reviews have been pretty bad). But I found myself with nothing to do Monday night so I sat and watched the 2 hour pilot. I love Robin Tunney, and I'm glad she's in the show. Anyway, I'll give the show a few more episodes before I decide if I'm gonna watch it all season long.
  • Exceptional....right up there with Desperate Housewives, 24 and Lost !

    This is what quality television is all about! Last season we were given Desperate Housewives and Lost....this season we have been given the gift of Prison Break ! What a great show....I almost didn\'t watch it but so glad that I did! It will be one of my favs this season...and hopefully for many seasons to come ! With this type of quality on television, the season looks very promising indeed !
  • Really dont want to give a summary if you're interested in watching it and didn't get a chance the first time it will be on tonight.

    I really, really like this show. After the first hour I was so glad that the pilot was 2 hours long because I couldn't get enough. Its been a while since I've been so excited about a show. Its well written and has lots of drama. They did a really good job with the casting because the two actors that play brothers actually look alike. Trust me once you watch it, you'll be hooked.
  • Prison Break is an action packed suspence. A brother goes to jail for the death of the vice presidents brother. The prisoners brother is in the firme that built the prison and so he robs a bank so that he can break his brother out.

    I think that this show is going to be the biggest hit of the year! I think that all the networks are gonna get in to this idea of a show. I can almost promise you that NBC is gonna try to copy it. This show is action packed, suspenceful, and dramatic. Prison Break is going to make the actors in it famous. The first two episodes left me on the edge of my seat! I promise you that i will not miss an episode all season. Hopefully the writers will be able to keep it as action packe as the first two episodes. When i saw the previews for it i thought it would be a miniseries, because i just dont see how they can make it as interesting after they get out of the prison. But I am confident that they will because the last two episodes have shown how good of a writes they have on this show. So if you haven\'t seen it yet I recommend that you find a way too, you won't regret it.
  • Its new, fresh, exciting, and gets my heart pumping.

    I love this new show becuz of how micheal scofield has everydetailed plan out. But of course he also has some pumps on the other inmates and some sercurity guards. there are also the mystery if michael's bro is really innocent or not, which we arent to sure of, which makes it a great show.
  • Wow! Prison Break really took me by suprise! I thought it would just be another one of those shows, but was I ever wrong!

    Prison Break is a show about 2 brothers. The 1st brother is in jail and sentinced to death. The other Michael, gets thrown in jail for robbing a store. However, he doesn't want the money.....he just wants to get in jail. Sounds strange right? Wrong. Michael wants to break out his bro. He helped design the prison they're being kept in! He also has the blueprints tatooed all over him. You think it would be easy, but being in the slammer isn't as hot as all that. And Michael needs to pick a "side" fast, or he's gonna have a broken limb to deal with, on top of everything else.
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