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  • Mid season, was bored, so decided to have a look at some new material. God im glad this happend!... With only the Pilot (pre) released, i am left hungry for more.

    From the second i started watching this masterpeice, i was enticed by the originality and quality of this show. The show starts with the main character Michael Scofield being tattoed. From here on in alot happens in a sort period of time. The show becomes quite complex and in the beginning is abit hard to follow, but all is explain as the episode progresses. Whilst complex, the story is revealed extremely well, and by the end of the episode i was left satisfied and wanting more. If the rest of the series is as good as this episode, than this show is certainly going to rack the ratings.

    Wentworth Miller's (Michael Scofield)performance in the pilot has satisfied my likings, and im am anxious to see how his character progresses as you learn even more about him. I would also like to keep my eye on Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows) who didnt appear a great deal in the pilot.

    If you enjoy a show that will keep you thinking, but also keeps you entertained than this show is defently for you.
  • I'm missing it...

    [Spoiler] When I saw the end of the series, I was extremely depressed, frustated and sad. For a lot of days *__*. Well, I know it was kinda foreseeable but still it hurt. Not only the end, but also the whole series was very emotional. This series was a adrenalin kick. Every single Episode. The cliffhanger were epic. It didn't get boring at any time. Summarized: Prison Break is highly addictive! Superb Entertainment.

    Oh and girls? [Another pro:] U cannot deny it: Wentworth Miller is amazingly hot! :D xD
  • This is very likely going to be the big hit of the new fall season. Wentworth Miller is fantastic.

    Great cast, great storyline, great concept. The pilot was well executed and well-written - this is definitely worth a look on Monday nights. The first episode had me totally hooked within the first five minutes and I cannot wait to see the rest of the season!

    This looks like a real winner for Fox and the viewing audience!
  • Prison break . . . . . . . . Is AWESOMEE E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E watch it and you wont regret it.

    You will be entertained from beginning to end. Make sure you watch season 1 and 2, they are the best ones. This show is original, and my opinion is that it is flawless. The actor/actresses are auperb. They will grow on you evenually. The story line is so original and there are moments that are so special! I hate how I have to wait a week until the new episode come out! Monday just doesn't come fast enough! It is a shame to see it lose ratings because of season 3. I mean, the bar was set too high from season 1 and 2.
  • I love Prison Break!!! It's one of best TV shows ever!!

    Prison Break is an amazing show, yes it can be no THAT realistic at all, but what show really is??!!.

    For me, it's great in many ways, the eye candy aspect nobody can't deny, but it isn't the only reason: acting is... WOW!, I mean William Fichtner, Wentworth Miller, Robert Knepper, Amaury Nolasco, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies and the majority of the cast, the manner how they deliver their lines and their Corporal Expression are absolutely faboulus.

    Besides, story has evolved through years, each season has been reinvented itself.

    Is true, production has its flaws on continuity and plot development (*cough* Michael & lincoln's mother cause of death *cough*), still AWESOME!!!

  • This is why I watch Prison Break. Because everything you think they couldn't do they do, and everything we antecipate, they are a step infront of us.

    When I watch prison break, my body enters to this state in which it doesn't stop shaking, and you know why? Because it doesn't know what's is going to happen next. This episode was all about that.
    The episode has some interesting aspects that I would like to comment about.

    The General, almighty, untouchable General surrendered, and not only that, he was under the brothers control. Even when we thought that it was a bad thing that the General was going down to the Scylla safe room, Michael had it already figured out. Since Gretchen wasn't able to get the sixth Scylla card, Michael already thought of how to get it. Even after the scene in the safe room, in the Generals office, this suspence was starting to built in since the company agents were about to break in with some heavy weapons, but then, once again Michael was one step ahead of them. This is basically what happened in the episode, but as usual the episode had its own unknown & unexpected part.

    Agent Self who we thought was one of the good guys, all of a sudden changes sides. I have been a loyal Prison Break fan, and after 3 seasons, you think you know the writers head, but they somehow always make me wonder. Agent Self in the end of the episode, shows his true colors, but not entirely, leaving us all freaked out, waiting for the next episode to answer our questions. The thing is, this episode was all filled with emotions and I found it interesting how they make you think that in the end, everything is alright, but this feeling of confort, and that it is finally over, soon ends, with a traitor.

    This episode overall is everything that is good in prison break, showing not only the complexity of the story, but also showing the reason Michael was able to escape two prisons, and survive.
  • Prison Break is easily the best show on televsion today

    Prison Break is my personal favourite TV show because the character development is exceptional and the show will always keep you guessing. I have watched every single episode so far and have never been disappointed. The other really cool thing about the show is the fact that the theme each season has been different, for example Season 1 - Break out of a normal prison (easier said than done), Season 2 - On the Run, Season 3 - Break out of the worst prison in the world (which made Season 1 look like a cakewalk) & the current season is focusing on the main characters breaking into a maxium security complex. The are many appealling characters from different backgrounds with different styles so there is something for everyone in the audience. You will not be disappointed by the action and suspense that this show offers.
  • prison break the best serial in the world

    no words can express my feeling toward prison break , specially prison break season 1 , they are a great team michel, link, alex and sucre . i think they should continue after prison break season 4 and i think many people love prison break and should take number 1 in the world because thier are alot of thinking in this tv show and . prison break the best serial in the world and i have never seen tv show like it . lock me up with scofield lol lol he is so handsome and like t bag said pretty ...
  • about prison break season 4

    prison break is my favorite show it's the best series!!!it's better every season, there is always new things, new characters and a lot of action and emotion.season 4 is so exciting it isn't like what i expected but it is more wonderful and it's a big change from the other seasons because they are not in prison and now they have to get the "syella"
    all the group work together:Michael, Sarra, Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone and Bellik it's so beautiful seeing all the group together although T-Bag is still making troubles but it's ok. then Michael is more and more intelligent and he's always making plans... Michael is the best!!!!!!!
  • i love to spend all my time with prison break really wonderful

    i like all the actors really they are good and i hope evry body to watch prison break only i love it and i wish all the actors will be in good helth for ever and they well come in saudia airibia any time it`s there country evry body in saudia airibia waiting there and waiting the program but i wish evry episode more then 2 hours > even my children they spend there time to watch it my greeting to all prison break team and to the directors and evry body in USA i hope to see them there soon > thank you
  • The best, most refreshing, first class suspense TV series I have seen in many years. Cudos to all involved.

    I applaud the writers/actors of Prison Break. This series is one of the best I have ever watched on TV. It has everything, first class actors, great great script, keeps you totally interested for the entire hour, never boring, tons of suspense - really makes your heart race. The only series that has kept me "on board" this many seasons. The writers should get an award for making each season so good and yet the plot so fresh and new. The change of venue in each season has been terrific. Can't say enough of this show and wish it could go on forever. And a personal note - wow, that Wentworth Miller is good looking isn't he!!! And also, so glad that Sara is back.
  • prison break is the best show ever and will remain so

    prison break is the best thing on tv.i have watched many great series such as twin peaks and the x files but prison break is really wonderful it's the best there's nothing like it.i really love to watch every season to see what the bunch are up to.i like to see every character their struggles and frustrations their blending together it's a symphony really.i haven't been able to continue watching 24 it's very edgy and nerve wrecking unlike prison break it's entertaining and the same time it makes my brain working through out the's not that i see what happens in the episode and then i close the tv.but in prison break i keep thinking how are they gonna get out of this dilemma i hope they won't do this ,it's better they do that etc.i hope and pray form the bottom of my heart that prison break should continue entertaining us for more and more years all other alternatives have been inferior for the last years.
  • most men would do anything to get out of Fox River but Michael Scofield will do anything to get in. To save his brother from execution he must get in and break him out.

    When Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is framed for the murder or the Vice President's brother, his brother Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) gets himself incarcerated in order to break him out. Inside he meets his new cell mate Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) who will be involved in the break out. Scofield also has people inside involved in the break out and some note wanted. Mob boss John Abruzzi (Peter Stormare) Ex military Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin (Rockmand Dunbar) Murderer Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell (Robert Knepper) suspected DB Cooper Charles Westmoreland (Muse Watson). Also Being flying under the rador of Wardon Henry Pope (Stacey Keach) and Captain Brad Bellick (Wade Williams) and falling for Dr Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies).
  • this season is absolutely insane. every week i cant wait for the new episode.

    this series is a must see. the seasons seem to get better every time but i always find myself rewatching the first season as it is pure class. it is on a whole-nother-level. schofield is so inteligent and its a little bit sad that he is very ill, but it puts a bit of an edge to the show as it is another thing that sets things off. i am completely hooked on this show and would reccomend it to anybody. it is a must see. i hope that there will be more series to come as it will be interesting to see what genius plot the producers come up with.
  • I have to say that i absolutely loved season 1 and 2 season's 3-4 just seemed to drag on for me.

    I loved prion break, however, the show has no basis to continue so i am glad that it has ended, although i regret the fact that michael died, why couldnt he have lived -'happily ever after' i mean after everything the poor guy went through thats the least he deserved. In the series finale the fact that they didn't show L.J or Marie cruz was dissaapointing and having Kellerman spat on was random.

    To sum it up i found prison break s01-02 brilliant, season's 03-04 were deal breakers, thats a huge leap from seriously adictive to pathetic which is what i considered the last 2 seasons to be.
  • best show ever.

    FOX NEEDS TO BRING BACK THIS SHOW! NOW!! This is seriously the best show I have ever watched in my life. Wentworth milller has the most gorgeous eyes. I love this show so much damn. The script of this show is amazing. So original, never seen anything like it before. I cried at the end of the movie where sara and lincoln were watching the clip that michael recorded of himself. It was so sweet :")
  • The success of the series has also inspired short videos for mobile phones, several official tie-ins in print and on the internet, and a video game in development.

    The series was turned down by Fox in 2003, which was concerned about the long-term possibilities of such a series. Following the popularity of serialized prime time television series Lost and 24, Fox decided to back production in 2004. The first season received generally positive reviews,[3] and performed well in the ratings. The first season was originally planned for a 13-episode run, but was extended to include an extra nine episodes due to its popularity. Prison Break has been nominated for numerous industry awards, and won the 2006 People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama. The first three seasons have been released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc (Season Two is not yet on Blu-ray), and the series has been aired internationally, including several non-English speaking countries.
  • A fantastic show...

    A brilliant show from day one up to now. The start of season one was an opening into a new concept for a series. A brother who intentionally wanted to go into one of the worst prisons to break out his brother. We all wondered whether it would be possible and sure enough he pulled it off. Prison break is one of those shows of which once you are hooked you want to come back for more,the only trouble is the episode never seems long enough so you can't wait for the following weeks episode. Ive never known a show with so many twists and turns to the story line, that's why its a thrill and a personal fave.
  • An intellectual architect breaks his innocent deathrow brother out of prison, along with a few other convicts. The fugitives try to clear their names and take down The Company, the organizaton that framed the brother and continues to threaten lives.

    This show has been unique and full of suspense from the start. I love seeing how each week brings new conflicts or plot twists to what would be straightforward characters in another show. The show also keeps you on the edge of your seat when it comes to who lives or who dies each week. There may occasionally be sluggish episodes like other shows, but the following episodes redeem the past ones and then some. The creativeness of this show makes it a favorite of mine among others like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles."
  • i have been watching prison break since day one and i love it more and more each season!

    i think this episode was amazing. i think the writers and actors did extremely well. i love watching this show, it is one of my favorites, i can't wait to see what happens next. in my opinion this episode so intense, it really kept your attention. i figured Don Self would turn on them, because he was always a shady character! i hope he gets his when the time is right. i love watching Wentworth Miller, he is absolutely amazing. his expressions, intensity & talent are amazing. i hope they can continue to keep this show going as long as possible, i love Wentworth Miller and i don't know what i would do without it!
  • Nail biting and simply sizzling

    I really do not care what other people say but this right here for me is it! Robert "T-Bag" Knepper for starters is in a class of his own and not many actors get to potray that. Wentworth Miller just absolutely amazes me and this ain't something that is easy to do with me. I thought William Fitchner too was absolutely fantastic and I like the way the writers have a twist to their tale. It feels like everybody fits and because of this they got me. It ain't easy to get actors who are going to blend with one another and potray their roles in a manner that keeps the show relevant. I love it, simply love it. The creators are absolutely on point
  • Breaking the prison is so entertaining and exciting.

    This is one of the greatest shows of all time.Each episode gives a new turn to the show.I think this is the only show that matches with 24 in a long time.Even the great show like 24 has some annoying characters(eg:Kim Bauer),but this has not even a single annoying character.And this involves u throughout the show.I literally got tears in my eyes at the end of the show(The final break).

    BTW great cast.
  • prison break is the shit

    i loved all the seasons and all the actors the best show i have ever watched and then they took it away you need to get all the fuckers back together and start this thing up again you have alot of fans to entertain cant wait to see wentworth millers the loft
  • This episode made me cry.

    Yes, Bellick was an arse but in the end he was a hero, risking his own life to help out the brothers find the truth about scylla. I didn't expect him to die like he did. So yes I cried when he drowned to death, can you imagine what would be running through his mind at that time? I cannot fathom it at all. Now I was glad to see Mahone kill off that **** that killed his son, he deserved it. But the only question remains is now The Company is expected him to pick up his reward and in a special hiding spot, will the FBI agent dude know where that drop off is? If not, then The Company will become suspicious when he doesn't come get his money. This was a good episode except killing off Belick's character:(
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  • Greate Show

    WEll Well, a supriseing start whit season 4...
    I have been a against Prison Break Seance i watched season 1 and 2, thay were great. but whan season 3 come i thuth that thay realy shuld stop makeing it, beacuse season 3 is more like season 1 and its all about a prison break, just a new place and a couple of new convicts.
    But now, after the season 4 aired i was suprised shockt, beacuse of the story line, you can say that season 4 is just like season 2 but it isent, season 2 was to escape from the low whit the compeny hanging after tham. but season 4 is all about helping the goverment to take revenge on the compeny. to do that thay need to get a hold off 6 memmo card. Season 4 is all a new kind.
    But after this season i realy think the producer shuld kill the show, since thay have had 3 soon 4 great years and it whuld have been a shame to lose all the viwers. I am sure not going to stick whit the show, if all of tham are but in to jail again.
  • I am watching this show again.

    Season 2 was soo bad so very bad I lost all interest with this program. When they killed sara that was it the final straw for me and shortly after I quit watching the show. I decided to watch the season opener and instantly fell in love with this show again, thank you writers for bringing her back. Now that the gangs all back it is interesting again. To take out the company seems impossible perhaps they should change the name of the show to Mission impossible since thier not in prison anymore. I'm just kidding. The cloak and dagger, narrow escapes, tracking and aquiring of the cards that will bring it all down and continuing character developments have me liking the show again.
  • One of the great shows of this decade.

    Season 1 was an all time classic. What else can I say? It was a new, unique and original concept.

    Season 2 lived up to the standard and reinvented the show, while remaining loyal to the original idea.

    Season 3 felt like a bit of a rough patch for me. I just didn't like the environment and the new characters weren't all that great. That and the fact that the strike kind of ruined it and probably forced the writers' hand a bit didn't help.

    Season 4 is almost as good as season 2. My favorite part by far is seeing Mahone working with the brothers and the fact that they've kind of forgiven him for all the horrible things he did is very intense. I've really enjoyed it.
  • How many people died on the show Prison Break? Find out in this rewiew. Be sure to review my review ( thumbs up baby and not thumbs down)

    How many people died on the show Prison Break? 107 Here is the list from season 1 episode 1 till season 4 episode 16. The list Is In Chronilogical order (NOT in episode order) For Ex: # 1. and 2. Were killed in a later season and episode but was the first to be killed in time order.

    1. Driver
    2. Man with the Suitcase
    3. Crab
    4. The Bishop
    5. African-American Guy from the "Black Side" 6. T-bags Tag
    7. Latish a
    8. Truck
    9. African-American Guy 10. Bob the Cop
    11. Lucas
    12. Ljs Mother
    13. Ljs Mothers Boyfriend
    14. T-bags Tag 2
    15. Sebastion 16. Nick Savern Project justice
    17. Danny Hale
    18. Cop 1
    19. Cop 2
    20. Nick Saverns Dad
    21. Nick Savern
    22. Charles Westmoreland
    23. Veronica
    24. Veterinarian
    25. Governor Tancredi
    26. tweener
    27. Sara Tencredi Look Alike (Kelly)
    28. Aldos Body Guard
    29. Aldos Body Guard 2
    30. Aldos Body Guard 3 (Who tried to kill Lincoln, lj, and Aldo)
    31. Roy Geary
    32. Michaels Foster Father
    33. Aldo Burrows 34. Mexican Pilot
    35. Veteran 36. Denise
    37. Stedmans Body Guard 38. Stedmens Body Guard 2
    39. The Company Worker (Blondie)
    40. Tarremce Stedman
    41. Abusive Father
    42. Haywire
    43. Kims Driver
    44. Gun Salesman
    45. Presidents Security Guard
    46. Therapist
    47. Prostitute
    48. Prostitute 2
    49. Kims Body Guard
    50. Kims Body Guard 2
    51. Mystery Person (Kellerman or Guard)
    52. Bill Kim
    53. Sona Prisoner
    54. Sona Prisoner 2 (Runner)
    55. Sona Prisoner 3
    56. Sona Prisoner 4
    57. Sona Prisoner 5
    58. Sona prisoner 6 (Dealer)
    59. Grave Digger
    60. Sona Prisoner 7
    61. Sona Prisoner 8
    62. Company Driver
    63. Sona Guard 64. Sona Guard 2 65. Sona Guard 3
    66. Sona Guard 4
    67. Sona Guard 5
    68. Sona Guard 6
    69. Sona Guard 7
    70. Company Gunman
    71. Sona Prisoner 9
    72. Sona Guard 9
    73. Sona General
    74. Sona Prisoner 10
    75. Sona prisoner 11
    76. Sona Prisoner 12
    77. Sona Prisoner 13
    78. Sona prisoner 14 (Lechero)
    79. Scylla Dealers Guy
    80. Scylla Dealer
    81. James Whistler
    82. Company Guy
    83. Sancho
    84. Bruce
    85. Self's Friend
    86. The Company Worker (Baldie)
    87. Chinese Guy
    88. Company Worker
    89. Andrew Blauner 90. Roland
    91. Wyatt
    92. officer Brad Bellick
    93. Chinese Guy
    94. Chinese Guy 2
    95. Chinese Guy 3
    96. Mr. Xing
    97. Girl Agent 98. Howard the Cardholder
    99. Stanton
    100. Company Worker
    101. Company worker 2
    102. Company Worker 3
    103. Scylla Buyer
    104. Scylla buyers Driver
    105. Scylla Dealer Guard
    106. Scylla Dealer Guard 1
    107. Scylla Dealer
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