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  • Return of Prison Break

    Any idea, guys, when Prison Break is showing the premier of its return?
  • Okay show

    I don't like Prison Break nor I hate it. It is an okay show. Good to watch when nothing else is on, same with Survivor. But I like Survivor better. Prison Break is an alright show.
  • The best

    I think wait I know prison break is awesome and they should make lots more episodes. I fall asleep watching prison break every day and last night I had a dream I was in the actual movie. That dream is my dream and I hope it comes true. I wish I could play in PRISON BREAK.
  • If analytical, script fails after season 1.

    Season 1 had me hooked. The writers created a main character with a "genius @ planning" superpower. Then took it away season 2(?). Even superman would be boring taking away his superpower. Everything Scolville plans, fails; down to jet, van, backpack even the car had to be impounded on top of that, search button on the radio for explosion. Like the writers are bored? Why add onstar? (Out of place) Why would teabag call onstar and let them know where hes going in victims car? Why keep running if everyones dead or in prison in their life? Too many died, even lawyers.
  • To Prison break lover:*

    This is for everyone who loves Prison Break as much as we do. We will be posting photos and updates about prison break. help us to get more and more visitor:) we waiting for u:*
  • Best Show Ever

    I've literally watched this show 4 or 5 times... the whole series. I can't wait until it returns in 2016!
  • Prison Break

    Prison Break is an action, crime, thriller series that is about a man who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. His brother makes up an elaborate plan to help him escape prison and clear his name. You can watch this show on netflix all seasons from 1-4. I absolutely love this show!! It is full of suspense and excitement about what all the convicts are going to do next, there's always a little eye candy to look at as well (Michael Scofield). This show continually delivers with new content making me want to stay up late in the night or watching it all day long just to find out what is going to happen - I know this from experience. It is definitely one of those shows that hooked me from the start. Watching this show forces the viewer to react with many different emotions; some angry, happy, and sad. You will also be shocked about how knowledgeable and sneaky some characters are as well. Prison Break is definitely one program you could sit and watch with your spouse, friend, or even your whole family, if you have children who are old enough to handle the cruel things that happen to some characters and the coarse language. Prison Break will give you lots of material to keep conversations going throughout the whole series and by the time you get to the last season you will be wondering when the heck a new one will be coming out. All in all the storyline is fantastic and I would recommend this series to anyone who wants to watch a show that will keep them at the edge of their seats!
  • Brilliant

    Absolutely love Prison Break!! I finished all four seasons in a week I'm so addicted! Has to come back, soooo many questions! Love Wentworth made the show what it was! Season 5 please..
  • So excited!

    Was so upset this show ended. Cannot wait until it returns!
  • the best tv series ever

    amazing.. i am happy for every minutes which i spent for this series. i am addicted to prison break.
  • Another one of my all time favorites

    This show was incredible in the first season. It had the great emotinoal story line, about Michael trying to break his brother out of prison, to save him from death penalty for a crime he didnt commit. Thee casy was amazing, and realistic acting made this show so very good.

    Story developed pretty well over the 4 seasons, but in my opinion, going back to a prison story in season three was a huge mistake. And whats the thing about using half a season making a plan and execute it only to see it fail, then you do the same thing in the other half of the season. This was also the plan for season 3, but because of the writers strike, they had the failed try in the 6th or 7th episode and the one where they succeed in the 13th and last episode. Ridicilous is the only word to describe it. So extremely predictable.

    The thing that makes me give the show a 9, is the end of the series, and the movie they made. The endings for both were incredible to say the least.
  • is the Best in the history !!

    is the best Tv-Series in the world & in the history ... !!

    I am loving Prison Break

    I watched this tv-series 25 times
  • one of the best

    the first show i have seen and it makes me love american tv series

    and cuz of that show i watched alot of tv shows and still watching

    it's really amazing show

  • Best show

    Best show I have watched ever !!! <3
  • prison break

    the best show ever made in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
  • A lot of twists are stupid

    It is reasonable to have those twists for a series to survive, but not reasonable for a thoughtful people.

    So many stupid of them, often come from the carelessness of the characters and not supposedly happen, that make it frustrated to watch the series.

    Love very much the first season. Love very much the main characters too. I gave them 10/10.

    Overall, the series is quite good though. Nevertheless, for the stupid twists, I gave an overall score of 7/10 to the series.

    Last, I have to say that I really like the character Bellick and the actor. They are both so impressive.

    One of my all time favorite TV shows i have ever watched loved everything i hope i find a similar TV show<3<3

    Season 1 & 2 are well written, well directed and well produced. Season 3 & 4 take on new writers, directors, and producers. The only thing that stays the same are the actors. Because of the bad directing and writing the actors lose the chemistry that makes the show so compelling. The entrance of Michael Rappaport greatly diminishes the quality of acting. If you simply liked season 1 & 2 you will be disappointed. But if you fall in love with season 1 & 2 you will be down right disgusted with the direction that the show takes. The show completely losses it's humor, it's romance, and it's edge. It gets down right boring. Save yourself several hours of hoping it gets because it doesn't.
  • Sara sucked

    Sara n Michael didn't have good enough chemistry would of liked to have someone else replace sara as the love interest .other than that amazing show . Wentworth miller amazing ! Love him
  • season 5+



  • fantastic

    Best show I have ever seen. Loved Michael Schofield. Trying to give it 10 out of 10 but for some reason it will only let me give it 9 but now you know I mean 10
  • loved itt!!

    Can sum1 tell me wen the show will air again??
  • loved it

    Fantastic and Wentworth Miller well made it easier to watch

    Fantasic me gripped from beginning to end

    Loads of twists and I jumped a few times as well

    Well worth a watch
  • You Simply can Not Leave it Untill you Watch The END!!!!!!!!

    Even though some may say otherwise this show was packed with though slow At some episodes you feel good once you have finally watched the the best shows i have watched so far

    This show is by far my favorite. After the first few episodes I was hooked and as the plot unfolded I was addicted to watching it. This show is suspenseful and full of unexpected things. I would have to say the 2nd season is my favorite. The ending is just.. wow, it was uncalled for really. The whole story line is just.. amazing. Adding to the great plot, the protagonist is very attractive also. ;-)
  • First couple seasons are great.

    Then it becomes really lame. Same group endlessly trying to get over on each other first for the bag of money then for this stupid "cilla" device. Really weak at the end .
  • Excellent Story & Cast

    Prison Break, along with The Fugitive, are about my two favorite TV series ever. Both dealt with an against all odds fight against injustice. That said, they couldn't be more different. What's similar is they with layered with fantastic characters as well as a superior central protagonist. Both shows featured changing locations that were interesting as well. Being on the run and fighting to get justice just doesn't get better. This show warrants repeated viewings because at present nothing seems nearly as compelling.
  • Way too good to end ;(

    Watched all episodes at least 2 times loved it , people were saying fox took it off the net because they had no more idea's there was still alot to have for example should continue season 5 with the company find there ways again , bring back Michael scofield alive as they did not show body or even tells they found a body he should be hidden and should come back fighting the company with Sarah Callies. But should make it as Sarah seeing Michael in the distance maybe thinking she seeing things, Example
  • Love this show

    My second favorite show, right next to supernatural. Wish it was a never ending show!
  • Awesome show!!

    I just finished watching prison break and I'm sad it's over. I feel like watching all 80 episodes again because it's so good. The actors did an amazing job, especially Robert Knepper and Wentworth Miller. All of it's good but I probably liked season 1 the best. I don't know why everyone hates season 3 though cause I thought it was good. This is by far the best show ever!!
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