Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 6

Riots, Drills and the Devil (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

We catch up with sleazy Kellerman and poor, doomed Hale at a carnival. They approach a guy named Diamond and blackmail him into doing them a favor.

Veronica's multi-tasking: she's working on Linc's case and avoiding Nick.

Michael's taking a nighttime stroll in the prison walls. He's busy pacing and marking off spots on the floor and pipes.

A guard calls for bedcheck so Sucre gets Michael's attention with a little rat-a-tat-tat.

Nick confronts Veronica about her suspiscions, but she blows him off.

After Michael returns to his bunk, he informs Sucre that he doesn't have the time necessary to get through a certain concrete wall because he has to keep coming back for count. Sucre tells him if they can get GenPop locked down, there's no count. He suggests that Michael shut down the air conditioning to rile up the inmates.

Diamond gives a faceless inmate a call and asks him to take out Linc.

Dr. Tancredi (ooh, she has such a lovely shade of red hair, they should shoot all her scenes outdoors) apologizes to Michael for her father's politics (namely his refusal to grant Linc clemency) and offers to schedule Linc's check-ups right before Michael's insulin injections so they can see each other.

Michael then procures a very spendy ($100!) old egg beater from another inmate. Ooh-is he gonna make a souffle?

T-Bag returns to GenPop and finds a get well gift in his cell: a young newbie by the name of Seth, whom T-Bag dubs "Cherry."

Michael fiddles with the AC and short circuits the unit.

When Veronica arrives to meet with Linc, she finds Nick already there. Nick says he traced the anonymous phone call fingering Linc the night of Steadman's murder. He says it's impossible for the caller to have seen Linc running from the garage that night, since the call came from D.C.

To beat the heat, Michael's doing a little doodling-tracing a part of his tatto from his forearm onto a sheet of paper.

T-Bag complains to a guard about the heat and the guard insists they're working on it. As the inmates are called out of their cells for count, T-Bag steps off the line and continues to mouth off.

Now we check in with Dr. Tancredi. She's in Sickbay checking on some prisoners. Bellick tells her she should head back to the Infirmary (which apparently is an entirely separate building from the rest of the prison) because some of the inmates in A Wing are getting riled up. She insists she has to stay since it's illegal to deny a prisoner medical attention.

T-Bag continues his rant so a guard orders the inmates back to their cells and declares a lockdown.

As they re-enter their cell, Michael tells Sucre he has to come with, it's a two-man job. Sucre says he's the look-out man and can't go. So Michael suggests they hang a sheet across their door. Sucre says definitely not, the only reason you hang a sheet is if you and your cellie want to get really friendly. He's all, "I like you, I really do, but as a friend." Michael tells him to suck it up and hang the sheet. Sucre thinks, "Maybe I should've washed his drawers for him."

Not all the inmates returned to their cells before the lockdown and those who're out rattle the main doors. Bellick shows up and taunts T-Bag with a little family history. Seems T-Bag's parents were brother and sister. His father raped his sister (who was mentally retarded) and T-Bag was the result. Wow, so I guess while other kids were playing with legos, T-Bag was the weird kid in the neighborhood who tortured small animals. Needless to say, T-Bag's not too happy that Bellick spilled the beans and it only further aggravates him.

Back to a much quieter room where Nick informs Linc that he wants to go to D.C. and check on the origin of the anonymous call and he wants Veronica to join him.

The guards retreat as the inmates manage to break through the main door and tear apart the control room. T-Bag plays with the controls and opens all the cell doors. Woo! Riot! Then T-Bag finds an overloaded key ring on the floor and holds it up to the surveillance camera. Oops!-looks like one guard will be joining the ranks of the unemployed by day's end. Bellick radios that the wing has been breached.

Instead of taking their relationship to the next level, Michael tells Sucre a little story. If they can break through the huge-ass concrete wall, they'll get to the main drainage pipe which leads to zzzz...Long story short: they need to get through the wall.

Rookie Guard interrupts Linc's visit and scoots Nick and Veronica outta there. As he's leading Linc back to his cell, he apologizes, but Linc reminds him not to apologize, it makes him look weak. Aww-Linc's taken Rookie Guard under his wing, how sweet! Anyhoo, Rookie Guard gives Linc the lowdown on the riot situation, but assures him the rioters can't get anywhere since they "always have locked doors on the other end." I think he spoke too soon. And sure enough, T-Bag arrives, looking as if Christmas came early when he sees Rookie Guard. Linc manages to uncuff himself and tells T-Bag to beat it.

Meanwhile, in the walls, Michael rigs up a little romantic light show, projecting his tattoo doodle onto the wall-a picture of El Diablo, which freaks Sucre out a little.

After Sickbay Guard radios in he's taken out by some Non-friendly Sick Inmates who then turn on Dr. Tancredi. She manages to get away and lock herself in another room. She tries the phone, but Scrawny Non-friendly Sick Inmate pulls the cord out. The others try to bash their way through the windows.

Poor Rookie Guard looks like a deer caught in the headlights as Linc tries to fight off T-Bag and his crew. Linc does get a few good shots in before he's taken down.

In the walls, Michael tells Sucre they need to drill a set of small holes through the wall and that's where El Diablo comes in: if they drill a hole at each horn tip, eye, fang etc. they'll be able to break through because of blah blah structural engineering speak. He breaks out the egg beater and gets to work. Does this mean no souffles?

Guards don riot gear as the Pope shows up (finally!) and gets a call from Governor John Heard. GJH is worried about his daughter, but Pope assures him she's fine and the rioters can't get to her. He might want to check on that as we get a shot of the Non-friendly Sick Inmates furiously trying to get into the room with Dr. Tancredi.

T-Bag returns to GenPop with Rookie Guard in tow. After T-Bag promises the rioters sloppy seconds he tries to lead Rookie Guard to a more secluded spot, but Rookie Guard puts up a fight. So T-Bag proceeds to beat the snot out of him. When he's finished he tosses him into a cell (guess whose?) where Rookie Guard knocks the sink from the wall (which Michael and Sucre hear), exposing a gaping hole. T-Bag begins to shout as we go to commercials.

And we come back with T-Bag wanting to share the news of a breakout with everyone, but Abruzzi arrives to shush him.

Back to Sickbay-Dr. Tancredi takes out Scrawny Non-friendly Sick Inmate with a well-placed sedative injection, but the others are still a-coming. So she smashes the medicine cabinet. That's it honey-get good and zoned, you probably don't want to be conscious for what these guys have planned.

Michael and Sucre return to their cell to find a party comprised of: Rookie Guard, T-Bag and Abruzzi. Michael's expression here is priceless. T-Bag wants to off Rookie Guard (and not in the way he previously desired), but Michael nixes the idea. T-Bag then invites himself to the escape party. Shut up T-Bag!

Elsewhere inside, Westmoreland finds Linc unconscious and brings him around. Linc asks about Michael, a passing burly inmate overhears this and offers to help Linc get to Michael.

Abruzzi doesn't want to include a "pervert" like T-Bag in the Great Escape (so he has a problem with pedophiles and people who kill politicians' family members, but still okay on the separation of toe and foot-got it). But T-Bag threatens to tell everyone about the Great Escape if he doesn't get an invite.

We cut back to Non-friendly Sick Inmates still frantically trying to get to the good doctor. Man, what are those windows made of? One guy is even bashing at the glass with a fire extinguisher. Dr. Tancredi whips off her lab coat and wraps it around a large piece of broken glass.

Michael's heading down the stairs when he hears a rioter say a Non-friendly Sick Inmate is "about to get the doc." Michael scurries into the control room and checks the video monitors. He looks...not happy. So he heads back to his cell, tells Sucre to finish the job, warns T-Bag and Abruzzi not to touch Rookie Guard and says he's off to Sickbay.

Burly Inmate's still leading Linc on his quest to find Michael. By the way-Burly Inmate's not just burly, he's downright huge. He makes Linc look like a Smurf in comparison, except, you know, for the funny hat and blue skin. Anyway we get a flashback to the phone call between Diamond and the faceless inmate and it looks as if Linc's walking to his doom.

Michael gets to the roof where he can see Dr. Tancredi furiously beating on a window. Michael's doing some serious thinking as a helicopter zooms by overhead.

We head back to Dr. Tancredi, who's also doing some serious thinking before we head to the three most hated words in television history: To Be Continued...

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