Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 6

Riots, Drills and the Devil (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the first shot of Michael and Sucre's cell, there are clothes drying on the rope. However, in the next shot of the cell, all the clothes and the rope have suddenly disappeared.

    • Hooke's Law of Elasticity, which Michael refers to when explaining his plan for breaking through the wall, is completely out of context and irrelevant to tensile strength.

    • Goof: In the middle of the episode, when the situation's escalating in Gen. Pop. and C.O. Geary is facing T-Bag, right after the "Ain't that hot?" line, C.O. Mack can be seen just behind Geary. In the next shot, however, he is shown walking into the cell block.

    • The devil projected up onto the wall was originally supposed to be an image of Christ on the crucifix. It was changed at the last minute because Fox didn't like the idea of drilling into Christ and hitting Christ with a sledgehammer. In the original scenes, this was the character Sucre objected to drilling into. Michael traced the devil picture off a tattoo on his arm. Why didn't he just trace dots on the paper in the right spots (Horns, eyes, ect.) He would have drilled in the same spot without going through all the trouble of tracing the devil.

    • It takes less than 5 minutes for the prisoners to break the huge metal fence of the guard room, when they need more than half an hour to open the wooden door of the infirmary.

    • We learn in this episode that Sucre strongly believes in God and fears the Devil.

  • Quotes

    • C.O. Patterson: Show some skin, Scofield!

    • T-Bag: Did I say you could talk, Cherry? You'll know when I want you to open your mouth.

    • T-Bag: (to Bob) Don't worry, I don't got the blickey. My pipes are clean.

    • Turk: Burrows is as good as dead.

    • Veronica: What the hell are you doing here?
      Nick: Talking to my client.

    • Diamond: I've been out of the life for years. You know that.
      Kellerman: I know. Problem is, Diamond, nobody's going to believe that if I take the heroin out of my pocket and put it in the glove box of the reasonably-priced minivan you've got parked over there. I will cuff you, I will drag you out of here in front of everyone.

    • Bellick: You know, Teddy, you really let me down. And that's hard to do because I don't expect much from the inbred child of a retard...That's right, Teddy. I read your psych records, about how your daddy raped his mongoloid sister and then nine months later, little Teddy pops out.

    • T-Bag: Bellick, I've got one for you. What do you call a piece of white trash who couldn't pass the cop's exam and now makes less than a mailman? A C.O.!

    • Sara: Hottest April on record.
      Michael: Global warming.
      Sara: Probably. You got a minute?
      Michael: 'Bout 5 years worth.
      Sara: Sorry, right.

    • Sucre: You were supposed to turn off the AC, not turn on the furnace.

    • Sucre: I was raised to believe the devil's got some crazy power, but I don't think shining him on this wall is gonna bring it down. Not unless he's got a sledgehammer with him.

    • Michael: Somewhere on the other side of this wall is the main drainage pipe to the prison's old sewer system. If we can get through this wall, we can get into the pipe. We can get into the pipe, we can get to the infirmary. And if we can get to the infirmary, then we can get out of here.

    • Sucre: There's 3 things for certain in life. Death, taxes, and count. Only way to stop count is…
      Michael: What?
      Sucre: Never mind, it's a bad idea.
      Michael: Worse than the idea of losing Maricruz?
      Sucre: A lockdown. We get gen pop lockdown for a day, you'll have all the time you need.
      Michael: And no count?
      Sucre: Bulls don't even come by. Only one problem...
      Michael: How do we get a lockdown?
      Sucre: Can you get to the prison AC unit?
      Michael: Maybe.
      Sucre: You want a lockdown? You better get the inmates riled up. And if you want to piss off the meat in concrete, turn up the heat.

    • Sara: You never told me Lincoln Burrows is your brother.
      Michael: Never came up.
      Sara: Right. I'm curious if that isn't because of my father, the governor. He may not be the one pulling the switch but you and I both know he has the power to grant clemency and he won't. And he never does.
      Michael: My old man was an abusive drunk who abandoned his family. I don't judge anyone by their father's actions…or inactions. If that was your concern.
      Sara: Just so you know, I don't…agree with his politics. And I'm sorry about your brother.
      Michael: I appreciate that.
      Sara: Hey, this isn't much, um…I have to give Lincoln a weekly checkup now. If you want, I could schedule those visits to end right before you come in for your shots. That way, you could at least see each other even if it's just in passing.
      Michael: Thank you.
      Sara: Yeah.

    • T Bag: I'll be damned, a rookie CO and it ain't even Christmas.
      Lincoln: (to rookie CO) Take the cuffs off, gimme the key (takes cuffs off). Get outta here, T Bag.
      T Bag: Oh, I see, you found him first, finders keepers? Ah you know I respect that I do, but uhh I think we can work something out.
      Lincoln: What you got?
      T Bag: Oh I can make your last few days on Earth quite, quite enjoyable. Get you some demerol, some X... you know make you forget about that big bad chair.
      Lincoln: No deal.
      T Bag: You've got to learn the art of negotiating. Lesson 1: bargaining position, yours just changed. No blood needs to spill sink.
      Lincoln: Then walk away.
      T Bag: We both know that ain't gonna happen.
      Lincoln: Yeah (gets ready to rumble)
      T Bag: You ever see one of those safari shows where a bunch of cheetahs just jump all up on a antelope. Guess which one YOU are? Hahahahaha... (They fight)

    • T Bag: Geary, you gotta do something about the heat.
      Officer Geary: Doing the best we can.
      T Bag: Your best is garbage, it's a hundred degrees in here.
      Officer Geary: Look like I got frostbite to you? (bell goes off) LINE IT UP!
      T Bag: (walks out of line) Why don't you transfer us someplace cooler, like Africa.

    • Abruzzi: You got things backwards, pervert. You're in as much trouble as he is, you understand?
      T-Bag: Go ahead, go ahead. Stick me. Stick me. Let's see how many times I can shout out about your little hole in there before I bleed out, huh? 'Cause every con in here is gonna know about your little escape, before one drop of my blood hits the floor. So you see "friends"... Either I'm through that hole with you or I'm gonna sing like Johnny Cash!

    • Scofield: I need you down there. It's a two man job. Let's hang a sheet.
      Sucre: No way, man. You only hang a sheet when you and your cellie want to get friendly, you know?
      Scofield: You wanna protect your prison rep, or do you wanna get out of here?

    • Geary: Don't be a baby, T-Bag. It ain't that hot.
      T-Bag: Not that hot?! (points to an African American prisoner) When this guy woke up this morning, he was white!

    • Inmate (indicating the young inmate): We got you a little get well gift.
      T-Bag: Awww, it's just the right size, thank you boys. I'll catch you later.
      (T-Bag walks in to the cell)
      T-Bag: What's your name?
      New inmate: Seth.
      T-Bag: You new, Seth?
      Seth: (Nods)
      T-Bag: Look at me boy, you've probably heard stories about me. Well, they're not all true.
      (T-Bag pulls out his left trouser pocket)
      T-Bag: What do you say we go for a walk.

    • Scofield: It's just math.
      Sucre: What if your math is wrong?
      Scofield: You'll drill into one of a dozen gas lines behind the wall. There'll be an explosion and we'll be burned alive.
      Sucre: But you're good at math, right?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • T-Bag: So you see friends... Either I'm through that hole with you or I'm gonna sing like Johnny Cash!

      Johnny Cash is a famous country singer. In this case, T-Bag means he's either going through that hole or he's going to tell everybody what he knows about the escape plan.

    • Inmate in infirmary: What's up, Doc?

      Famous line from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

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