Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 7

Riots, Drills and the Devil (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on FOX
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While the riot intensifies, Abruzzi and Sucre join forces. Michael must decide whether or not to save the life of Dr. Tancredi.

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  • I like the series, but very disappointed about the 2 parter

    I've been pretty addicted to PB so far. The writers set the tone early with the toe cutting that this show means business, and that there wasn't going to be Deus Ex Machina bailouts (or at least most of the time). So I would rate the series at 9'ish so far. However, riots, drills, and the devil had several problems.

    1. The acting and action were very off. The infirmary scenes just looked fake. If someone bashes the same hole with a fire extinguisher, wouldn't you think that the hole would get larger? The inmates in the infirmary looked more like the three stooges than real threats. And the ending was too predictable where Scofield rescued Tancredi. But the fact that Tancredi found out that Scofield lied about doing PI in the vents was an interesting plot development.

    The Turk vs. Burrows fight was horribly choreographed. The first part was ok, but the part where Turk fell to his death just looked badly executed, and it happened too quickly. Why separate the fight into 2 parts, when the second part is a mere throwaway?

    2. The pacing was poor, where the same scenes were shown over and over again. It felt like there was too much filler material in order to fill up the two episodes.

    The whole CO plot was ok with me. The fact that Scofield doesn't want to murder a CO doesn't make him a goody-two shoes. Sure there is the potential that the CO will tell, but the CO could easily just get his workers comp and then get out of the prison guard biz after that trauma.

    PB is well-known for its twists and turns in the plot and adding T-bag into the escape gang just adds so much more intrigue. Not that there wasn't intrigue enough with Abruzzi and Sucre. It feels like Sucre is a safer teammate, but he is driven by love (Maricruz) which always is a wild card. I hope this 2 parter is just an aberration and the show gets back on track.

    And the ending was too predictable, where Scofield would rescue Tancredi.

    The Turk vs. Burrows fight was horribly choreographed. The first part was ok, but the part where Turk fell to his death just looked badly executed.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break its the second half of the two part ep. and it begins with the cons trying to break in to get the doctor and then michle is making his way towards rescuing the doctor and one of the mates in on the plan is threating the guards life that is chained up in michles cell. and he wants to get rid of him becasue he knows too much and the guy that is loring michles brother down below tries to kill him and choke and michles brother fights back and ends up killing him and then goes down belowe were he fell to ask who sent you. but he is dead and then meanwhile the plane is departing in washington dc and they get off and go to a car garge to get anwsers and then they go were the call was called from and find out new info but the phone rings and says there life is indagerd now both of them. and michle rescues the doctor and he lies to her how he got there and then the snipers are ready to fire and they put there aim on michle but he ducks and the guys behide them get shot after they were trying to kill them. and 2 guys that were in on the plan mangage to break through thw wall. and then after both brother meet they go to michles cell and then they say ton one of the guys dont kill this guard and then as there leaving one guys goes and hides in another sell seeks back and stabs the guard afew times and throws him over the edge and he is dead. this was a good ep i thought.moreless
  • The Tension Lowered, but even so, manages to be Very Good!!!!

    Compared with the previous episode, the tension created lowered a little, but this not afect the enjoyment that this episode can provide.

    How Michael can Save his brother, Sara, take care of t-bag and the guard who knows about the Plan? All this is answered, with a episode filled with tension.

    Lincoln assassin provided a better situation in the previous episode, since this time this ended very quickly.

    Michael and sara interaction was interesting, since michael comitted a little error during the conversation. The Last scene is filled with tension.

    The guard situation is resolved by the predictable way, but there no better way than this.

    Overall, a strong episode, that provides you with intensity, tension, curiosity, well, the usual characteristics that you already know and can expect from Prison Breakmoreless
  • Amazing.

    Michael puts the escape plan at risk to rescue Sara from the rowdy prisoners in sick-bay, leaving Sucre, Abruzzi and T-Bag to continue the digging. Lincoln must fight off an assassination attempt. Veronica and Nick follow a lead to Washington D.C. This episode was awesome. Eventhough Part one was better. This episode was very, very nevre wracking but I loved every bloody second of it. There was so many brilliant scenes in the episode. I cant wait to watch more episodes of this awesome show. All I can say is that I love Prison Break, oh and I also love Wentworth Miller of course.moreless
  • Part 2

    Michael (Wentworth Miller) realizes that to complete the digging job inside the walls, he needs to spend a good block of time there, which has been proving difficult as he has to keep coming back to his cell to make count. After explaining this to Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), Sucre admits that "there are only three certain things in life. Death, taxes and count" and that the only time count doesn't take place is during a lockdown. Michael uses his access to the inside of the walls to turn off the air conditioning. The prisoners suffer in the heat, leading T-Bag (Robert Knepper) to start a fight with a guard who then initiates a lock-down while some of the prisoners are out of their cells. The prisoners riot and break into the prison cell control room, in which T-Bag opens all the cells and then finds a set of keys, giving him and the rioters access to the entire prison.

    Brilliant episode with alot of suspence.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Marshall Allman

Marshall Allman

Lincoln Burrows Jr. (LJ)

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare

John Abruzzi

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz

C.O. Robert “Bob” Hudson

Guest Star

Ana Berry

Ana Berry

Flight Attendant

Guest Star

Braden Moran

Braden Moran


Guest Star

Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Lisa Rix

Recurring Role

John Heard

John Heard

Gov. Frank Tancredi

Recurring Role

Muse Watson

Muse Watson

Charles Westmoreland (D. B. Cooper)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (21)

    • (L.J.'s stepfather knocks him down)
      L.J. (to his mother): You love that man?

    • Abruzzi (to Sucre): You should never underestimate a wall. You see, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just won't give in.

    • Gov. Tancredi: Just cut the crap, Warden, and tell me where my daughter is!

    • Warden Pope: That's the governor. Whatever happens, don't say anything.

    • T-Bag: You making the rules now, ese?

    • Lincoln: And the pedophile thinks he's in!

    • Sucre: The devil marks the wall so you know where to drill the holes.

    • Sara: Why are you here?
      Michael: What do you mean?
      Sara: Crawling around in the ceiling, risking your life.
      Michael: You needed help, and uhh…I came to find you.

    • Michael: We can't go this way.
      Sara: We have to, there's no other way to visitation. This is it.
      Michael: No it's not. It's back this way.
      Sara: This won't help.
      Michael: Trust me.
      Sara: Michael, if you're wrong…!
      Michael: We don't have time!

    • Governor: Sara! Sara!
      Sara: Dad? (crying)
      Governor: Sara! Are you alright? Are you okay? I told you, I told you when you took this job I knew something like this was gonna happen. Didn't I? I knew something like this was gonna happen!
      Sara (crying and laughing): God dad, how about 'I'm happy to see you alive'?
      Governor: Oh sweetheart, I just want you to see what you're doing to yourself. I mean, there is nobody that is forcing you to be here.
      Sara: I know. Thanks dad.

    • Pope: Bellick…
      Bellick: She's walking, that's a good sign.
      Pope: Good observation. Maybe you'd like to share that with the governor.
      Bellick: I was tense, I was just tr…
      Pope: Next time you bad mouth me to one of my superiors there are gonna be serious consequences! Do I make myself clear, Captain?!
      Bellick: Yes sir.
      Pope: Good…

    • (pay phone rings)
      Veronica: Hello?
      Man's Voice: Veronica.
      Veronica: Who, who is this?
      Man's Voice: That's a problem, Veronica. You ask too many questions. Now I have one for you. Is Lincoln Burrows really worth it?
      Nick: Here, give me the phone. Who is this?
      Man's Voice: Nick Savrinn. I just wanna let you know…as of now, both of you are dead.

    • Sara: Wait, I can't leave you here!
      Michael: You don't have a choice. I'm one of the bad guys, remember?

    • Michael: You have to go.
      Sara: I can't. They'll kill you!

    • Michael: Ever been to Baja? Mexico? There's this great place down there – 20 bucks a night, hammock on the back porch, beers are 50 cents. 25 cents at happy hour. (Sara laughs). You ever been to Thailand? Thailand's great…
      Sara: Michael if you're trying to calm me down you're doing a terrible job.
      Michael ( laughs): But I am trying.

    • Sara: What's happening in A Wing?
      Michael: All hell's breaking loose. But I think if we stay up here we should be okay.
      Sara: I can't believe this is happening.

    • Sucre: I got a question for you, fish. What if we do all this work and the pipe is ten feet that way?
      Michael: It won't be.
      Sucre: You got X-ray vision?

    • C.O Bob: (to Sucre) Wait... don't leave.
      Sucre: Sorry, I'll be back.
      T-Bag: Don't worry, I'll cover for ya...(T-Bag puts up the sheet while Sucre leaves) Don't worry C.O., all right? I'm not gonna hurt nobody... I'm part of the team now.

    • Abruzzi: Give me that thing! Demolition runs in the family...

    • Abruzzi: You're drilling holes with an eggbeater?
      Sucre: I know. Crazy, huh? It's called the "Hooker Law." It says that if you poke exact right holes in something big and strong, it gets very weak.
      Abruzzi: That's true.
      Sucre: When the wall is weak, we can take it down. At least that's the plan.
      Abruzzi: Yeah, that's always the plan.

    • (After T-Bag kills the rookie guard)
      T-Bag: One for the team.

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