Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

As Michael MacGyvers at an undisclosed warehouse, he calls Linc and tips him off about the Sandinsky-MamaSco connection. So Linc gets shouty with Sandinsky, "Where's Scylla?!"

Michael then calls his dear mother from Sandinsky's phone. MamaSco tells Underling to trace the call. She tells Michael that Sandinsky's an old friend and asks to meet. Michael says he wants Scylla. Underling announces he's got the location. They move out.

SOTNUS. The others have joined the hollering. Linc slugs Sandinsky and Self says maybe Michael was lying. T-Bag agrees, but Rebel Restless Mahone backs up Linc. That is, until he shoves a gun in Sandinsky's face and gives him three seconds to tell him where Scylla is. "Burrows!" Oh look, SOG has arrived, Salesman in tow. He says he's taking over the Scylla search. He's also pissed that Linc didn't tell him about MamaSco. Linc's all, "We just found out." SOG turns his attention to Sandinsky, saying he's been with the Co. for twenty-one years. He asks why he's in Miami and when he doesn't answer, Salesman snaps some fingers. Ooh, CQ/Kellerman flashback! Ah, good times. Sandinsky cries that MamaSco invited him. SOG then orders everyone, sans T-Bag, onto their knees. Linc gets shouty again and when Sandinsky says he knows where MamaSco is staying, SOG orders the Stooges to get Scylla.

New new credits.

As the Stooges leave, Mahone warns T-Bag to stay away.

MamaSco and entourage arrive at the warehouse. As they check it out, Michael slips something into the vent in the MamaScoMobile. Then he and Doc get into their car and burn rubber. The bad guys hurry to the MamaScoMobile and as soon as Underling guns the engine, gas fills the vehicle. Cue the coughing/sputtering. The bad guys stumble from the MamaScoMobile. Michael stalks up and Whaps! a Goon. Then he drags MamaSco to the car and tosses her into the trunk. Awesome.

After commercials, MamaSco comes to, taped to a chair. She blah blahs for awhile and says Michael can't manipulate her; they're too much alike.

The Stooges toss MamaSco's suite. Linc's on a mission, people! He is laser-focused. Self's babbling as Mahone's flipping out. Uh-oh! Is Cpt. Crackers making a comeback? "They were here, but, of course, there's nobody here now," he huffs. "We're always one move behind, every step of the way." Yes! Mahone's got it! He's finally figured out he's on a tv show and that's the way things go down. At least until the finale. Then all bets are off. Linc finds a rental receipt for a van and Self finds an envelope with the logo "DMB."

SOTNUS. So a crabby old guy, a pedophile and a bible salesman interrogate a scientist. That's not the beginning of a joke, I swear. Sandinsky spills that he was supposed to speak from a script prepared by MamaSco at the energy conference. He also says that SOG thinks "too small" and that they'll "all be dead before Laos pays off." Linc's call interrupts the love fest. He wants to know what DMB means. "Dade Miami Bank."

Doc suggests she talk to MamaSco, seeing as she wasn't the one MamaSco abandoned. The chat doesn't go well. MamaSco guesses that Doc's pregnant and that Michael doesn't know. Doc storms out.

Bank. The Stooges try to access the safe deposit box, but Underling's already emptied it. And he just left! The boys follow.

Naveen calls Underling and demands to speak with MamaSco or else the deal is off.

Oh great, it's time for MamaSco to mess with Michael's head. As if her being alive and EVIL wasn't bad enough. She babbles about the differences between Michael and Linc (oh God, is the show really going there?) and then says, wait for it, that Linc really isn't Michael's brother. Sigh. They really went there. Why would that matter anyway? Does it change the experiences they've had? I'm Michael's age and if I suddenly learned that my brother and I weren't blood-related, it so would not matter. He'd still be my brother. What-the-frick-ever. Anyhoo, MamaSco says Linc's parents were Co. agents and were killed when he was three. SilverFox brought him home without asking for MamaSco's input and she never bonded with him. As Michael reels, she goes on to say that, on some level, Michael could tell she didn't feel the same way about Linc as she did about Michael. That just makes her a shitty mom, doesn't have anything to do with Linc. And since when are adopted siblings not siblings? Stupid show. Michael gets shouty when MamaSco says he pissed away his life to bust Linc outta prison. "You don't know why I did the things I did! You weren't there!" So hot! MamaSco snaps back with, "But you always felt like you had to make less of yourself, to make Lincoln look less pathetic in comparison." She's a peach, this one. Michael stands by Big Brother, saying while she left, Linc stayed and took care of him. When MamaSco hints that Linc's in trouble (again) Michael tries in vain to reach him, but he's too busy bickering with Self. Michael demands she tell him where Linc is and what he's up to and when she won't answer, he hauls her to the bathroom. He shouts a lot (swoon) and begins to fill up the tub. This takes us through commercials and then MamaSco gives up the energy conference. Michael stumbles from the bathroom, crying. He tells Doc he doesn't know what to believe and she sends him after Linc.

In the bathroom, the Evil Mother begins her own MacGyvering.

SOTNUS. SOG tells T-Bag he'll be rewarded for his loyalty. T wonders about employment opportunities. "What do sexual predators from Alabama typically do, aside from the obvious?" SOG posits. Hah! Love! It! SOG says T-Bag will have one last test: when Linc brings them Scylla, T is to put a bullet in his head.

MamaSco calls Doc into the bathroom and babbles at her about motherhood and other bullshit. "The only thing I get from you is a great example of the mother I don't want to be."

Back to SOTNUS. T-Bag's managed to get the speaker/guest list for the conference. SOG peruses said list and a lightbulb appears when he comes across Naveen's name. Seems he's the prime minister's son. Hmm.

Michael's still trying to contact Linc. Nada.

The Underling chase continues.

MamaSco cuts the tape from her wrists and manages to get Doc's gun.

Run, Underling, run! Mahone stops and points out the hotel which is holding the conference. He also spots the rental van and surmises it's MamaSco's getaway car. Linc hurries to the hotel, completely not listening to Mahone's warnings. Underling calls MamaSco and complains that Linc's right on his ass. After the call ends, MamaSco tapes Doc's hands together and leaves her with, "Maybe I can meet my grandson one day."

MamaSco then calls Naveen and smooths things over.

Self and Mahone search the rental van and learn it was rented in Linc's name. They also discover passports for each of them. Mahone concludes that it's a set-up.

Linc's badge is scanned and he gets in.

SOTNUS. SOG's mighty testy. His lightbulb is still burning bright. He says MamaSco needs and incident that will trigger a war and therefore interest in solar weapons technology will rise. Sandinsky sneers that SOG is "out." Salesman doesn't like it when people smart off to his boss and prepares to shoot Sandinsky, but SOG orders T-Bag to do it. So he does.

Michael sneaks into the hotel. Great security.

Underling hustles to the second floor and gets on an elevator. Linc loses him and spies a waiter prepping a rifle. Linc thinks real hard as said waiter shoots Naveen who's at the podium. Cue the pandemonium! Waiter leaves a shell casing behind and beats it. Linc's still thinking.

Michael spots Linc and joins him on the second floor. He tells Big Brother he was set up.

Underling meets up with MamaSco who asks for a report. He says things went smoothly. Linc tossed the suite, leaving his prints everywhere, including on the shell casings. He was also caught on camera trying to access the safe deposit box at the bank. Plus they got the van and passports. It's all good. Underling does say it's too bad about Michael not wanting to turn EVIL, but MamaSco shuts him up. She's too busy pouting (and being EVIL) and doesn't want to hear it.

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