Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2009 on FOX

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  • Overall a great improvement compared with the previous episode.

    This episodes was much better than the last week, the general assumed the command and now things moved a little forward, but as you can expect, all ended up the same. This is the type of plot that I like to call "if this X happens, what would happen?", this type of plot is interesting because you may think that all can end, but this is not the objective, the objective is to make you pay attention and think that the plot moved forward.

    This happened many times in the past seasons too, and this not means that this type of plot is not interesting. Seeing how Michael and his mother are so smart is a great touch. This is in my opinion what people will remember, they intelligence. Of course Christina plans seemed to me a little exaggerated, because she anticipated everything, but this created a nice ending that can make the next episode thrilling. Also a revelation was made, but this not change anything.

    As you can expect, Lincoln part is just distraction, like the general part too.

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10) nice and interesting,
    Complication Phase - » (8/10)*2 Nice touch, Michael versus Christina and she wins? No…,
    Ending - » (9/10) this is the type of ending that we were waiting,
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10) nice progress,
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10) the filler scenes didn´t interfere this time,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10) Christina can predict the future, everything else is fine,
    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10) Sara provided the best suspense scene,
    Drama - » (8/10) nice drama for Michael who discovers one thing,
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (7/10) nice revelation but nothing changes.

    Overall a great improvement compared with the previous episode.
  • A wary Michael meets with Christina. The General arrives in Miami. T-Bag must prove himself to the Company

    A wary Michael meets with Christina. The General arrives in Miami. T-Bag must prove himself to the Company.

    The episode was not that good overall and the big reveal at the end didn't feel very big. You kind of figured the entire time that Kristina had something larger at play with the conference. I didnt think she was going to kill the man who she had representing the conference, but the conspiracy theory was something that I had seen coming.

    There was a lot of Michaels mom in this episode, which I think is going to be my biggest problem as the series concludes its final three episodes. I expected the General to by behind everything and now he is simply a pawn playing the game like the rest of our people. Michaels Mom consisted of a little over half of the episode including big scenes with Sara and Michael. The one with Sara was really long and drawn out, so I wasn't a fan of that one. Learning that Lincoln was adopted was a fantastic twist I thought. How much does that piece of information matter to Michael? I don't think that it does in the long run, but you can certainly see the disbelief in his face.
  • Micheal and his brother back to point zero!!!!!!!!

    GOD what the hill happened in this episode hahaha i mean, Lync is not Micheal's brother, I mean how come. that was wicked man and twisted.
    and their mom, god what the hill is wrong with this women, i mean how come she can do this to her sons, that was the best scenario ever in this show.
    the general is pissed now, and fooling T-bag to do whatever he want, and that stoned cold man is ok with it.
    i can't expect whatever gonna happened next, this season is getting better and better guys. and its almost ended. . . .
  • Michael meets his mother finally

    Lincoln, Self and Alex continue to question Sandinsky until the General comes to by to say hello. He General gets Sandinsky to admit he's involved with Christina and gives the gang one day to get Scylla back except for T-Bag who's gotten into the good books of the General. The gang ransack Christina's room hoping they will find anything that will lead them to her or the where about of Scylla.

    They try to access Christina's safety deposit box but someone beats them to it and they give chase. The man in question is one of Christina's henchmen, who gets a call from Banarjee. If Banarjee can't talk to Christina before 5 pm, the deal is off. They track him to the hotel that's hosting energy conference. T-Bag kisses The General's butt and does whatever he tells him to, first he shoots Sandinsky and gets told to kill Lincoln after he retrieves Scylla for him.

    Michael on the other hand lures Christina into a trap, Christina tracks her down to a dock yard but he gets the drop on her and stuffs her in his trunk. Anything you will do for a bit alone with your own mother, how touching. Michael poses an offer to Christina that if she takes him to Scylla, she can walk away; she tells him that Lincoln is not actually Michael's brother; turns out Lincoln's parents were Company Folk and killed in an explosion. Christina plays on Michael's "mom loves me better than you" guilt and Michael yells at her about Lincoln being more of a brother than she ever was a mother. He then drags her into the bathroom for a little mother-son bonding. Christina tells him where Lincoln's at, jeez anything you would do just to get your own mother to talk. Michael set's off leaving Sara with her. Christian plan's her get away using dental floss and a doorstop and a loud thud, disarming Sara and tying her up.

    Everyone is at the energy conference, Banarjee offers $1 million in research to Christina and she accepts. During Banarjee's energy speech, he is sniped from a balcony and Lincoln is framed for it using the rifle shells with his prints. Self and Mahone find a van full of their own passports and plane tickets. They are going to be set-up, with Lincoln, as the assassins. Michael finds Lincoln and tells him it was all Christina. Finally, Henchman delivers the safety deposit box contents to Christina and they drive off.
  • One bad mother

    The past few episodes, both before and after the hiatus, made the claim that Michael was just like his mother. In other words, Christina is just as much a genius as her son, which means that Michael may have met his match. This episode is all about how clever Christina can be, and as it turns out, she's pretty damn clever. Michael hasn't had the opportunity to use that talent in a long time.

    Christina manipulates Lincoln, Michael, and Sara so well that it distracts from any thought that the whole thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Christina's plan is supposed to have been set in motion a year earlier. That's roughly around the time that Michael was doing his best to get Lincoln out of a death sentence for a crime he didn't commit. So was Christina responsible for the gambit that promised to put a Company puppet into the White House, and thus responsible for sending Lincoln to the gallows?

    Considering that she was willing to place Lincoln right back in the same position in this episode, I would think that she was behind much of the Company shenanigans from the start. And one can see why Lincoln's true origins, and Christina's disagreement with his inclusion in the family, would lead her to use him as a patsy time and again. From that perspective, it makes a certain kind of sense.

    From nearly every other perspective, it just feels like a huge plotting mistake. The fact that Michael and Lincoln are brothers has been at the core of the series since the very first episode. Undermining that sounds like a great twist, but it would have been a lot better if it had been a calculated ruse to keep Michael from running to Lincoln's aid.

    Not that it makes much of a difference in the long run; Michael and Lincoln have been treating each other like brothers all their lives, after all. So within the fabric of the show, it won't make a great deal of difference. But I just dislike the idea of making their brotherly bond a matter of choice. I realize all too well that one can choose to disown a blood relative and embrace practical strangers as family, but it's just not as psychologically satisfying.

    Christina's apparent plan (to use this incident to spark a war that will give the Company a means of funding their own Scylla-driven future programs) is a bit overly complicated, even for this series (and that's saying something). How Michael and Lincoln are supposed to overcome their current challenge and see the end of the conflict is rather hard to contemplate. At least the two of them are working together again.
  • Super Prison Break Turbo II

    The previous episode was great and this one was even better. The brothers relationship was further developed. The story focused more on the mother and her complex personality. In fact I specially enjoyed the scene between her and Sara. As expected the General landed in Miami and clashed with Lincoln's team. The whole Scylla arc was also very interesting and the writing nearly fascinating. Even after everything that happened to them I wasn't expecting that. It's a twist ! A cliffhanger ? No it's a real break through !

    The dream ending the show deserves is happening right now. Viewers, you better stay tuned !
  • Trend of improvement continues.

    After the fall finale, I was skeptical about how the show would end. When PB returned with motherlode, i was not reassured for sure. Last week`s versus was an improvement but still among the weakest episodes of an overall great season. But it`s a good thing to see this trend of improvement continue. S.O.B was definitely much better than the last 3 episodes and more importantly, it sets up the last moments of this great show.
    It was literally Michael vs. his mother, except for the fact that we thought for the majority of the episode Michael had his mum`s number, so to speak. He saw some typical Michael outsmarting his mother until the twist in the end. It was a nice one and well handled which sets up the remaining episodes and probably re-unites the brothers.
    Speaking of brothers, if I read about Linc not being Michael`s recall brother, i would have hated it. But actually, it was not that bad and much better than when it was revealed the mother is alive. It also brought some intense scene, like Michael breaking down. This was perfectly executed. So a much better story arc from Michael this week.
    On Linc`s side, it was pretty much the same as the last 2 episodes which is not bad. But the best about the episode here is that Michael and everyone else will have to work together again. Well minus T-Bag. Nice development for him.
    Overall, great episode. Glad to see things finally move in the right direction.
  • Sarah might've been on hospital-grade morphine when she was a member of the AA, but the writers were more than likely on smack when they storyboarded the final third of Prison Break's closing season.

    Sarah might've been on hospital-grade morphine when she was a member of the AA, as she takes great pains to point out to a 'mistaken' Christina, but the writers were more than likely on smack when they storyboarded the final third of Prison Break's closing season. Just to keep things consistent, 'S.O.B.' adheres to the show's new-found penchant for asinine allegiance shifts as deals are made left, right and centre. Everyone's doing it: from Christina and Naveen to the General and Bagwell to Christina and Michael, doubt and grudge are cast aside in favour of, well, moving the plot along a bit! Yay! And what better way to do that, I ask you, than to have everyone run around for half an hour?! Christina runs to find Michael, the Three Amigos (Linc, Mahone and Self) run to the energy conference, Christina's lackey runs to the energy conference, Michael runs to the energy conference and, you guessed it, Christina even runs to the energy conference in a taxi that travels faster than the speed of light! You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd tuned into the London Marathon or something. In a similar vein to last week, the two 'separate' plot strands, centred around the brothers (sorry, they're not even that any more but we'll get to that one in a second), have the same essential goal and so the actual plot is stretched wafer thin; everything else that happens is just extraneous incident. At least it looks like they've actually paired the two permanently again since it's gonna be a bit tough for Michael to high tail it now that Linc is apparently framed for murder. This, in itself, is enough to induce a case of the groans as where's it inevitably going to lead? To more running as the police chase after them! Linc is 'back where he started', remarks the lackey at episode's end and instead of it being a satisfying cyclicality, it's just plain boring. Mind, I will acknowledge that the set up itself is quite cleverly established and not particularly predictable, given that it is wrapped up in so many convoluted alliances, pacts and motives, but even this is flawed, since it is very dependent on the chain of events unfolding as it does. Of course they'd have the stupidity to touch the shell casings! Obviously they'd find the letter and Sandinsky would give them the code and so on and so forth, ad infinitum. Still, at least it is somewhat entertaining and, thankfully, there are other high points too: the acting is top notch in places, particularly from Wentworth Miller in his scenes with Christina. You buy into his anger and resentment and actually start goading him on when he threatens to drown the woman. William Fichtner is also rather good as Mahone starts to unravel in the hotel room and at least T-Bag's story is mildly engaging, even if it is obvious that he will fail to execute Linc. However, these aren't enough to gloss over the colossal mistake that is the 'Lincoln is adopted' reveal. This is yet another familial retcon that undermines the show's history, feeling less like a satisfying and unexpected twist and more of a forced artificial U-turn in a direction that no one really wants to head in. Oh sure, there are logical elements to this. Patches of Christina's dialogue actually make sense and are even (dare I say it) well written, but after the swerves about their father a couple of seasons ago, and their mother being alive and having worked for the Company a few episodes ago, it just seems like one alteration too far. I don't doubt that the show will do a decent job of maintaining the strength of the 'brotherly bond' between the two characters but meh, it just reeks of desperation. There are a couple of other, slightly milder, stinkers too: Krantz's arrival in Miami within the first four minutes of the episode is absolutely ridiculous, since it was only at 38 minutes into the last one that Bagwell told him about Christina and virtually no time has elapsed between them. And then there's the continual skirting around the issue of Christina's reasons for leaving her sons and abandoning them to fate when they were in Fox River, which is achieved this week by having her reference Sarah's pregnancy. More stalling for time for the writers as they try to cobble something together and more frustration for the rest of us who just want to see this faltering drama put out if its misery. Around 15 minutes into 'S.O.B', Mahone remarks, "this whole thing, it's just crap." And it's hard to argue with him.
  • One of the best episode I saw.

    After the hiatus,people are expectating a lot from the show. With its comeback episode definite disappointment to the viewers, this episode shows the prowess of the show. It showed the real Prison Break and got me in the initial mood and hype it gave before it went hiatus.

    The asset of this episode was going back to the puzzles and unexpected twists along an episode. This episode goes back to the Prison Break we first loved. But this time, more than breaking out, it showed how much a non-familial bonds could surpass any kind of storms and trials.

    It is definitely one of the bests of Prison Break!