Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 01, 2009 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Lincoln finds a scrap of an Auto Rental Agreement in Christina's hotel room. The name of the Auto Rental Company is Lariat Auto Rentals.

      There is no Lariat Auto Rental company in the country.

      This company has also appeared on episodes of NCIS, Supernatural and X-Files.

    • General Krantz refers to Naveen Banerjee's father as 'Nadu Banerjee', but the reporter on TV calls him 'Nandu Banerjee'.

  • Quotes

    • General: (to T-Bag) Most Company operatives choose their own career paths. I can't say what would suit you. What do sexual predators from Alabama typically do? Aside from the obvious?

    • Sandinsky: I never worked for the Company.
      T-Bag: Six words that never proved true.

    • Michael: (to Christina) This is my final offer: you're going to take me to Scylla. Then you can walk. No questions, no one tells the General. You can live the rest of your life like this never happened, but Scylla is mine.

    • T-Bag: What I lack in formal education, I more than make up for with natural skills and curiosity.

    • Michael: (to Sara) If she (Christina) gives you any trouble...
      motions to gun

    • Michael: (to Christina) Lincoln was more of a brother than you were ever a mother. You left. He stayed.

    • Sarah: (to Michael) I might have some perspective. She (Christina) didn't leave me when I was six.

    • General: You have surpassed expectations, Bagwell. You're more than an informant.
      T-Bag: I multitask.

    • General: (to Lincoln) When were you planning on telling me that your mother was behind all this?

    • Michael: (to Christina) You don't know why I did the things I did! You weren't there!

    • Christina: (to Michael) None of us wants to see Scylla go to the Company. So if we can put the past behind us, maybe we can work something out.

    • General: You can help me find it (Scylla), can't you, Vincent? And you can help me find Christina Scofield.

    • Mahone: It's a set-up.
      Self: For what?

    • Downey: (to Christina) Lincoln's right back where he started. It really is too bad about Michael.

    • Sandinsky: (to General) You're out now. It's over.

    • Mahone: They want us here. Something's going on.

    • General: Christina Scofield will not be leaving Miami tonight! I want eyes at every airport and gas station between here and Atlanta!

    • General: You have today. One day.

    • Michael: You can live the rest of your life like this never happened but Scylla is mine.
      Christina: Lincoln would never let that happen.
      Michael: He doesn't have to know.
      Christina: Even as children, you couldn't agree. You fought about everything. The two of you couldn't be more different. But you know that, don't you, Michael?
      Michael: This isn't about Lincoln.
      Christina: You have blue eyes, he has green. He played with trucks. You took apart the television set. And I don't need to point out the difference in IQ or temperament. You know what I'm getting at, don't you, Michael?Michael: I don't have any idea what you're talking about.
      Christina: You've always known it deep in your heart. You just had no one to confirm it. Lincoln isn't your brother.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Latin America: June 16, 2009 on Canal FX
      Australia: June 24, 2009 on Channel 7
      Spain: June 26, 2009 on La Sexta
      Sweden: July 20, 2009 on TV3
      Germany: August 13, 2009 on RTL
      Norway: August 20, 2009 on TV3
      Poland: April 4, 2010 on Polsat
      Slovakia: August 20, 2010 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: October 20, 2012 on FANDA

    • Although both are credited, neither Amaury Nolasco nor Jodi Lyn O'Keefe appear in this episode.

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