Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 5

Safe and Sound

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on FOX

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  • Another good episode of Prison Break that reminded me of Season 1...

    As Wyatt's dogged pursuit continues, Self and the crew concoct a plan to steal data from within the Los Angeles federal building. Meanwhile, Sucre and Belick go after T-bag.
    This was probably the best episode of the season so far, I like seeing the elements of season one come back into play and it was also intresting to see Self get involved in the game. Mahone's hunt for Wyatt is intresting and the chase scene in the begininnig with Sara and Wyatt was cool and set the pace for this episode. Also T-Bag's storry arc seems to have picked up with Bellick and Sucre nearly finding him and his life getting threatened for Scylla.
  • More soft than the previous episode but continues to be interesting.

    Again Mahone had one more scenes with great drama, very touching. His other scenes were his usual investigation skills at work that had some progress.

    Sara managed to escape in a scene filled with tension/suspense.

    The main event was funny, another impossible situation, but again, Michael has a plan where at least Bellick and Sucre was essential help. The writers used that to their advantaged and Michael and Lincoln had their conversation. Also agent Self provided some help.

    T-bag had another filler, mixed with some relevant material like a new partner and a new buyer.

    After some episodes being captive, the writers finally decided to make her way to be free, her role in this Scylla is unknown and has to be determinate.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10). A very unique beginning, sadness and suspense.

    Complication Phase - » (8/10). The complication was softer this time.

    Climax Phase - » (8/10). The situation with the safe was good.

    Ending - » (8/10). Interesting.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10). One more card, three remains.

    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10). Another entertaining episodes with necessary scenes, mixed with little filler.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10). Again the impossible happen, but this is Prison Break, it is necessary to suspend your beliefs.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10)*2. Five scenes with suspense were enough for this episode.

    Drama - » (8/10). Only one scene with nice drama when Mahone reunited with his former wife, but that was enough.

    More soft than the previous episode but continues to be interesting.
  • Good episode

    In this episode of Prison Break, the following happens. Sarah gets followed by one of the men, working for the company. Luckily she manages to escape. We soon learn that the man following Sara is also the same man who murdered, Alex's son. The team soon learn of where one of the cards is being hidden. So they come up with a plan on how to brake in and download the card. They manage to get into the building, with the help of a friend. Yet again during this, Michael's nose begins to bleed. Alex sets out to track down the man who murdered his son and followed Sara. When he gets a lead he heads straight there, but he has already checked out. But as Alex leaves the office and heads to the room, the man in the office, calls the murderer, to let him know someone has been looking for him, but before he can tell him so, Alex comes back into the office with a gun and so the man tells him that no one has come looking for him. Luckily Michael and Lincoln mange to copy the card in time, and manage to escape before anyone can see them. We see in this episode that Gretchen is still being held, but when one of the men holding her goes into her cell she kills him with a nail and escapes.
  • Good episode

    I liked this one - it was fashinating and exciting and the whole thing on that federal building. They always come up with more and more unlikely targets and they always manage to work it out.

    I really most say I liked Mahone's storyline. When that char was first introduced I did not like him at all but with every episode he has become more and more likeable. And T-Bag.. it looks like his life is not so easy at all and the man who he blamed to be seems to be very deep into the Scyall thing.. And the end got really interesting
  • Some interesting questions about my favorite show.

    First of all, for the record – I'm a fan of this show. I love it being a nerve wrecker. However, I'm starting to have some questions as for the realistic details. What is the time? It seems like it's all happening in one day. At the end of last episode, Michael said to Sarah on the phone: Come home, we'll have dinner and we'll fond some time for ourselves (something like that). However, when Sarah returns, there is no dinner, no time "for ourselves", the hunt for Scylla begins all over again and it never ends. We don't EVER get to see them sleeping, eating, or living their lives whatsoever. I get it that time of the episodes is very limited and in order to make it interesting, we have to skip the small talk and stuff like that. It was quite ok during the first episodes but now we've had what – five and still there is no clue about them being human beings above all. Besides, I miss any relationship between Michael and Sarah. I don't mean it should become a soap opera but imagine a situation where you think your loved one is dead and now you have them back! There is too little going on between them. How do they act at the end of the day? Do they sleep together? It's not likely. And not only about sleeping – if I were them, I would hug, kiss, hold hands, touch, not necessarily meaning sex if there's a reason against sex (by the way, that's an interesting question as well), but maintaining any physical contact would make it more realistic after everything they've been through. Having said this criticism, I still love this show and it's my number 1 nerve wrecker every week. :)
  • Review

    Season Four went downhill a little bit (in my opinion) last week, but got it back on track with this episode. This episode was everything I expect from the fourth season of Prison Break and really hope that the show continues to deliver just like this. Many people don't like the new style, but I have just fallen in love with it. This is the endgame of the show. The company set all of this up way back in season one. We are never going to get the season one feel again, its impossible. I respect the writers motivation to try and reinvent themselves. I like this season (so far) better then at this point through season one. This show has changed so much its unreal to think about it sometimes. This episode in general I loved Mahone's storyline. I loved the emotion he showed at the diner with his wife. I think that was by far the best scene in the episode. Getting the second card by breaking into the government building was solid. I think it would get slightly boring if they did this six times, but with Pad Man saying everyone must carry the card on them I think we might be safe from the continuous breaking and entering plot. T-Bag has the most pointless plot this entire season, I'm hoping it picks up soon because he is the only reason I am not enjoying the new season. I also find it slightly wierd that no one recognizes the Fox River Eight anymore? Sucre is just walking around a government builing? I mean, its only been about 4-7 months or so since the escape. Other then those very minor things I thought the episode was very well done.
  • Another great opportunity for Michael to prove his great skill in improvising

    Another clever episode from my point of view... Michael&Co are supposed to go after another card, and this one is much more though to get, as they are supposed to break in an FBI building, and break a safe in order to recover it and record whats on it...Chance for Michael to prove again that he can enter any building he decides to, by using a good plan and improvising...Using Agent Self he gets in and with good luck and chance manages to recover it...Other scenes I liked were the one when Gretchen managed to escape and T-Bag being in a though situation thanks to him almost being discovered by Bellick and Sucre, as well as that chines guy entering and threatening will be interesting to see him escape.
    Last but not least, another interesting fact was the Company's leaders leaving the country...I reckon is gonna be for a meeting, which will ofcourse bring a lot of sweet action:P
  • Awesome

    I loved this episode to bits!

    I loved the Michael/Self interaction, and Mikes sarcasm when welcoming him to 'the club', it was another action filled episode and at times, i felt like laughing. Especially when my beloved Sucre was cleaning up with Bellick, Priceless!

    My favourite part of the episode was the safe cracking bit, it was full of suspense and just rocked! Its gonna be harder from now on though I reckon, as Pad Man has ordered the card holders to have their cards on them. Im really loooking forward to Linc nd Mike meeting Pad Man up, fireworks!

    I wander if we will find out more about him now, as the cliffhanger was interesting!
  • We've seen five episodes so far, and a lot of scenes reminiscent of the previous seasons action and suspense. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    We've seen five episodes so far, and a lot of scenes reminiscent of the previous seasons action and suspense. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    It's great to see these guys back, and also to see them work together. The story is ok, but I think some scenes are just too predictable. Like when that cardholder is about to open the safe, we knew that Michael and the others were going to come out ok. I guess that's part of making it exciting, but we need new stuff to get us into this show.

    Some parts go too fast. Like T-bag and Sucre getting out of SONA pretty conveniently (the prison had a fire) or when Self suddenly recognizes a cardholder and then suddenly they're in the building with all the materials and stuff.

    I also hate it how some storylines just suddenly disappear. Like when the president in season 2 announces that she is stepping down, and then suddenly we don't see her again. Or how the whole point of season 3 was breaking Whistler out when he suddenly dies at the start of Season 4. It's just hard to patch up all the storylines from the first season till now.

    I still give this episode (actually the first five episodes) a 9.0 for maintaining its suspenseful scenes, but I want to see something new, logical, mind-boggling and exciting for the future episodes.
  • just when you thought the writers were going to bore us with another cliched kidnap plot....

    the end result is Mahone chasing Wyatt who is now chasing Self. Brilliant! Dubious as to how Mahone got Wyatt's location so quickly but i'll not argue with anyone who says it was entirely feasible.

    There was more creative thinking as to how they were going to acquire another card; the overarching series plot revealed; T-bag's predicament which will surely bring him into cahoots with the gang. all good stuff.

    but give me one good reason why Bellick shouldn't be killed off in the next few episodes - his character has had nothing to offer outside of Fox River.

    Also i'm bored already of the writers reminding everybody in every episode that Michael's nose is bleeding just in case they want to develop that. no doubt he will collapse at the most inopportune moment sometime in the next few episodes. reeks of Jack Bauer in the last season of 24.

    overall this is still an entertaining series, regardless of how it could be picked apart if you really wanted to.
  • Gretchen:)

    What is up with Michael and the nose bleeding, something when he was thirteen. I'm actually a bit concerned about his well being. Maybe he should indeed talk to Sara, since she's a doctor and all. Especially after the talk about telling the truth, when Sara confessed about the bar.

    Gretchen finally escapes and I couldn't be more happy. When we first meet her I kind of hated her, but she's now the girl I love to hate. She has really grown on me, and it's gonna be very exciting to see if she teams up with Michael and the others.
  • it's such a wonderful episode i miss prison break being that tense and interesting since season 2 i really didn't like season 3 because misa was hell down but season 4 seem i love prison break i love prison break i love prison break i love prison bre

    it's such a wonderful episode i miss prison break being that tense and interesting since season 2 i really didn't like season 3 because misa was hell down but season 4 seems very powerful and strong it reminds me of season 1 and 2 i really love prison break i hope misa would end up togeather because they deserve to be happy and i hope nothing bad would happen to them and also i hope i see them making love or something because i adore misa and they were the very reason to watch this series from the beginning because i knew from the very beginning that there was something special about those two
  • This are moving faster than I thought but it is for the better

    The quest for the scylla 6 is moving faster than I thought but it is for the better. My guess is than they will collect all of them by episode 13 or even before. I`m glad they are moving faster with it, the fast pace has always been an asset.
    I don`t want to spoil it but let`s just say this episode features the best break in yet this season. THe season is definitly good, yes the first 2 episodes were rushed and controversial but you can thank the writers strike for that. The characters are still as amazing as ever and I am eagerly waiting for the next episdoe.
  • Great

    So the rip-roaring ridiculousness of Prison Break rolls on, and yet again, Michael and his crew are on the trail of the Scylla cards, the little black books of the elusive Company that undoubtedly carry pictures of some half-naked twenty-something socialite. Wanna know how it all went down? Then let's do this thing. More Prison Break after the jump... MICHAEL'S CREW - While looking through the photos and video that Michael took of the six Scylla cardholders out at the power plant, Don Self recognizes one of them as a U.S. Treasury secretary who has an office in the same building as his. You know what that means, right? Break in! Whoo! The only problem with that idea is getting anywhere near the damn thing, as the building is highly fortified, not to mention the ridiculously secure safe that the Scylla card is kept in. Don sweet-talks his way into the guy's office to get a look for himself (and maybe a chance to just download the contents of the card while Treasury Guy opens the safe to retrieve something), and yeah - this **** gonna be damn near impossible. The portable hard drive's wireless downloading capability won't work through the walls of the safe, and what's more, the damn thing is absolutely top-of-the-line when it comes to shooing away bad guys. However, does that mean anything at all to Michael and his crew? You better believe it doesn't. The guys (and girl) hatch a plan to break into the office next door, break through the wall behind the safe, and then cut through the back of the safe in order to get a digital copy of it with Roland's super-duper portable hard drive thing. Only one problem with that - Roland's analytical test of the safe in question reveals it to be made of high-grade cobalt, nearly impossible to drill through without waking the neighbors.

    Michael's still not phased. He mixes up some medicine that will seemingly break down the heavy cobalt structure of the safe, making it much easier to drill through. Meanwhile, Don's also a friend of the guy who has an office next door to Treasury Guy's, so he takes him out to lunch for an hour or so while Bellick and Sucre provide a diversion by dressing up as carpet cleaners and making a **** of noise outside the office. Michael and Lincoln sneak into the office by way of the air shafts (I really think these shady companies need to start maintaining better security in their air shafts, if you ask me), and if that wasn't ridiculous enough, they do it while wearing Armani suits. WTF?

    So Mike and Linc drill through the wall and then into the safe itself, and surprisingly, all seems to be going well. There are a few slight problems that occur when Bellick and Sucre almost get pinched by a woman that comes into the maintenance closet they're working in and asks for more toilet paper, but that doesn't last long. Bellick's handing her a roll of paper towels instead? LOL. Neither does the near-foiling of Don's plan to empty the adjoining office when his friend decides he wants to eat in that day. Nope, not even close. Don just tells him that he's a vegetarian and can't eat the greasy burger and fries his friend brought for him, so off they go to scarf down some rabbit food. The secretary outside the office nearly brings the whole thing crashing down when she decides she needs to get in there for a minute to drop off some mail, but Sucre uses his manly charms to talk her out of it. No, it actually looks like this thing might go exactly as they planned it for a change, but what's this? Someone's here to see Treasury Guy? Yup, you guessed it - it's Bald Guy, otherwise known as The General, big bad of The Company who's up to some seriously bad juju in Laos. He's here to chat up Treasury Guy about who knows what, and he'll just wait in his office until he gets back. Uh-oh.

    Michael and Link momentarily crap themselves when they realize who it is next door, but to compensate, they up the dosage of the chemicals Michael brewed up and turn the drill down a dull roar. It's a nail-biting moment when they finally break through and start downloading the contents of the fourth Scylla card to Roland's computer back home, and it gets even worse when The General asks to see Treasury Guy's Scylla card first-hand. That's right - the Scylla card that is in the safe as we speak, getting manhandled and downloaded by Michael through a hole in the back of the damn thing. Hurry up, Roland! We're not interested in how much coke and how many hookers you blow your money on! Get to downloadin'!

    Of course, the guys manage to pull off the download of the fourth card and get the hell out of there before things get too nasty. Like you thought they wouldn't.

    T-BAG - Always my favorite part of this show, no matter how disgusting and decadent his character proves to be. Wouldn't Robert Knepper make for a good villain in the next Batman movie? Clock King, maybe? Anyway, while everyone thinks Cole Pfeiffer is spending his time in his plush new office thinking up ingenious new sales techniques to wow everyone with, what he's actually doing in there is studying the bird book. When his handler comes in to ask when exactly the hell anyone is going to see any results out of him, T-Bag inadvertently drops a bit of his tea onto a page of the book, which reveals a cryptic hidden image hidden behind the ink in the pages. It looks like a ladder to me, but at this point, who knows? While he's busy scrubbing away at the pages of the book trying to find out more hidden information, Bellick and Sucre chat up his alarmingly hot receptionist, trying to find out where the hell he is so they can get the bird book back. T-Bag hides in fear, and while Alarmingly Hot Receptionist is tempted with Bellick and Sucre's bribe of $10,000 to give up his location, she ultimately turns it down so she can blackmail T-Bag directly for 3% of his total commission in exchange for her silence. Oh MAN, is that chick going to wind up dead, or what? I hope he at leasts postpones her demise until after we see her in a few different outfits. Wow.

    Besides all that, though, I think T-Bag really IS going to have to start actually doing something in his office besides ogling his next victim and spilling tea all over his book. Why? Well, remember last week when Mr. Xing got wacked in NYC because the real Cole Pfeiffer was too dead to show up with his Scylla card? Well, guess who showed up on T-Bag's doorstep to find out where the hell that card got to? That's right - Mr. Feng, the guy who stabbed Xing to death in the first place. He wants the card and he wants it now. T-Bag's got three days to get it to him, or he gets his head blown off. Simple enough terms, don't you think?

    SARA, MAHONE, AND WYATT - The story of these three characters got a little too close for comfort this week. After escaping from Company big bad Wyatt when he spotted her heading back to the warehouse at the end of the last episode, Sara IDs him from a few pictures Mahone's got stashed. Mahone now knows that Wyatt is not only the guy that is hot on their tail thanks to the credit card that got nabbed from Sara's purse last week, but also that he's the jerkoff that killed his son. He found out that last bit by showing the same pictures he quizzed Sara on to his ex-wife, who also positively IDed him as the guy who broke into their house and offed Mahone's kid. Can't wait to see Mahone go medieval on Wyatt's ass, can you?

    Anyway, with Roland's help, Mahone finds out what hotel Wyatt has been staying at in the area, but when he arrives there to confront him, he's already gone. What's more, Wyatt paid off the desk clerk to call him should anyone show up asking where he is. The desk clerk's about to make good on that bribe when Mahone pulls a gat on him and tells him to put the damn phone down. Knowing full well what bullets can do to brains when they meet at a high rate of velocity and force, the desk clerk puts the damn phone down. In addition, Mahone gets Wyatt's cell number from the clerk and splits. Mahone is the MAN. The scene with his ex-wife Pam where she hands him a gun and tells him to kill Wyatt so she won't have to kill herself from her grief was just awesome. Once again, William Fichtner brings his best to the table.


    Gretchen was back in the mix this week, and hey! She's free! Wyatt tried to push her torture up a notch by putting a big bucket of stanky-ass urine in the cell with her (I guess Wyatt likes asparagus), but when a guard showed up to switch out the bucket with a fresh one, Gretchen whipped his ass! WHAP! BOOM! POW! She'd been sawing away at her rope binds with a nail or something for days now, and she finally got herself free in time to kick a little ass. She kills the guard by putting the nail she freed herself with into the side of his head, and after peeling a seriously large layer of duct tape from her mouth (Ouch!), she's outta there. The General thinks he's got nothing to worry about in her, as this type of behavior from Gretchen is to be expected, and that she'll fall back in line soon enough. I wouldn't be so sure about that, General. C'mon, Wyatt kept her ass alive on water & honey and tortured her with the stench of his own asparagus piss. Gretchen's gonna go Oprah on your ass as soon as she gets back from Fatburger, so watch your grill, Telly Savalas.

    What's up with Roland's furthered attempts to turn rogue? Now he's asking people to walk past computer banks in the US Treasury so his portable hard drive can make them all billionaires. Yeah, like that would go unnoticed.

    Thanks to Michael's bloody nose dripping on the chick that asked Bellick and Sucre for more toilet paper, Lincoln knows all about it. What's more, apparently Michael's had this whole bloody schnozz thing ever since he was a kid. There's gotta be more to it than that, but what?

    Dude, Don Self is SO going to screw up somewhere and wind up on the same side of the law that Michael and his crew are trying to get away from. His flagrant lying about the Al-Qaeda operatives chatter to get himself into Treasury Guy's office was a dead giveaway.

    We got a little more info on whatever the hell the Company is doing over there in Laos as part of their evildoings - apparently, their economy is being flushed with counterfeit money, sparking riots and financial ruin all over the nation. Essentially, the Company is destroying the country from the inside so they can step in and rebuild, making a fortune in the process. You know, kinda like what the Bush Administration is doing in Iraq.

    Sara's looking hot next week, ya'll! Whoo-whoo! What's more, Michael's got a fishing hat on for next episode, so hopefully he's going to bring some Lymon Zerga action to the table. Eeyo Eleven!
  • Subplot and character rule the day

    The hunt for the six pieces of Scylla is moving at a much quicker pace than I would have imagined. I'm beginning to wonder if the writers mapped the current arc out for 13 episodes rather than the usual 22. It's keeping the season from losing its energy thus far, but I'm worried that the writers might run out of juice before the season comes to a close.

    I'm still enjoying the new status quo, and this time around, the characters have more variation in their activities. Michael and Lincoln are still focused on the mission first and foremost, but Bellick and Sucre are on the hunt for T-Bag and Mahone is chasing down his son's killer. Meanwhile, Agent Self is getting his hands dirty, and in the process, he's exposing himself to the enemy.

    The operation within Homeland Security was a bit too easy; either that, or our counter-terrorism efforts are seriously lacking. The writers did their best to keep the tension high, however, and once the initial suspension of disbelief was managed, it was a fun ride. Two other plot threads, however, made the episode that much better.

    Mahone's scene in the diner with his estranged wife was one of the best moments of the fourth season. While Wentworth Miller manages to sell Michael's genius and desperation week after week, it's no match for the broiling intensity that William Fichtner brings to Mahone. I have the feeling that his recent turn may end tragically, which would be a shame. The Michael/Mahone dynamic has not been exploited this season, and if Mahone is the first sacrifice of the season, I'll be very disappointed. I'm not sure the series can survive long without him.

    T-Bag's subplot provides a completely different level of entertainment. I love his interaction with the gorgeous and devious receptionist (Shannon Lucio is stunning, to say the least). It's also good to see a timeline imposed on his activities as well. It will practically force him to work with the Escape Squad again, and those conflicts are also worth the wait. I'm a bit disappointed that we haven't seen T-Bag attempting to do his "job", since it would be comedy gold, but I'm no longer waiting for the character to fade into the background.

    In contrast, I'm not quite sold on Gretchen's subplot yet. It seems like an unnecessary complication to an already messy situation. Then again, she could be on her way to a semi-redemptive turn similar to the one Kellerman was given in the second season, and that could be interesting. Gretchen could be the wild card of the season.
  • the episode was .. O.K

    its was a series classic .. same things that we keep seeing in this season .. no big events .. no big mystery to solve .. we still don't have the prison break taste that we used to have .
    the break in and how they copy scylla is over reacted .
    i mean come on .. plan more, have problems, the only problem that happened that when the guy entered to his disk only!!! the only action that happened that when Gretchen escaped, and now we want to know how is she going to be involved, and with t.bag and how hes going to solve everything about the book of birds.
  • Pb delivers yet again.

    The search for the next card key holder brings Michael and Lincoln to the Treasury Department. Sucre and Bellick track T-Bag, who arouses suspicions and forms an uneasy alliance at his new job. Wyatt uses his "personal touch" with Gretchen.

    This is truly exactly why I watch this show, the thrill and the cliffhangers. I`m really looking forward to the next episode, so far season 4 has delivered the good.
  • Great Episode

    Michael and the team take on their biggest challenge yet, as they break into a Federal building to track down another piece of the Scylla puzzle, with the help of Agent Self. Featuring some nail-bitingly tense moments and a several major story developments, this episode delivers some of the best excitement seen since the first season.

    Pam makes an appearance to help her husband Alex track down their son's killer, Alex gets the information that he needs to track down Wyatt; who we saw at the Start of the Episode chasing Sara to no avail.

    Wyatt tries to get information out of Gretchen thinking she knows where Michael and Co is, she later escapes. About time too! T-Bag continues to unravel in the bird book. With the nail biting ending of Padman (Head of the Company) finding out that Agent Don Self has been snooping around. Great Stuff!
  • Great one again.

    Watching the look on Michael's face as he dismantles an Etch-a-Sketch restores my faith in the show. Well, that and Bagwell's twisted comparison of himself to a leprechaun. And with Heroes moved to 9 PM for a head-to-head matchup, it's a pretty good argument for investing in a DVR.

    As Sara dashes across the freeway to avoid Wyatt, Self arrives at the HQ. As he tells Michael the video people need more time, he recognizes Griffin Oren as the third cardholder. Griffin is the head of the US Treasury's LA bureau. Risking jail time himself, Self (that had to happen sooner or later) meets with Oren, giving him a phony story and using Roland's DBH to get an idea where the card might be. After getting the plans for the building, the safe and the security checkpoints, Michael begins his plan, which involves getting to the safe's back wall, which is behind the wall of a separate employee. They enter through the parking structure. Sucre and Bellick dress as janitors, while Linc and Michael climb through the vents. Self takes the man to lunch. Sucre and Bellick clean the carpet in front of the office, drowning out the drill. Linc notices Michael's nose bleeding and refers to past incidents. Michael urges him not to tell Sara. As they begin downloading the Scylla info, the General arrives to visit Oren. He asks to see Oren's card. Michael manages to transfer the last of the data and reseal the wall just as Oren opens the other side. The General tells Oren that everyone is to carry the card with them at all times.

    After meeting his wife, Mahone starts to track Wyatt, moving backward from when and where Sara's card was swiped. When Sara ID's Wyatt, Michael knows what they're up against. Roland narrows down the possible list of hotels, targeting places without valet parking or credit card requirements. Wyatt pays off the desk clerk. When Mahone arrives, the clerk tells him Wyatt has checked out. Mahone goes to see the room, and the minute he is out of sight the clerk calls Wyatt. But in mid-call, he hears Mahone's gun click and cuts the call short.

    At GATE, Bagwell is further interrogated by his suspicious coworker Andy. A spill of his tea with lemon falls on the bird book, revealing more clues. Bellick and Sucre are canvassing the downtown area for Bagwell, but the receptionist at Gate covers for him, then attempts to blackmail him. Xing's boss arrives looking for Scylla, which is two days late. His ultimatum to Bagwell is a 50% payment if Scylla is delivered tomorrow, 25% in two days time. After three days, he is dead. The receptionist, meanwhile, looks at Bellick's number and may be reconsidering her arrangement.

    Sara notices a connection between Lisa Tabak and Griffin Oren regarding southeast Asia. She scans news reports for stories on Laos, discovering a high death toll and financial distress. Self's people come up with detailed info on two of the three cardholders, but nothing on the General.

    Wyatt uses a form of aromatherapy to torture Gretchen further. But when he is away and his associate takes over, Gretchen kills him and escapes. Told of this, the General is confident that "she'll come home." He then gets word that Self has received an image of him.
  • A nice episode....

    This eepisode was one of the better episodes of the series it was full of tension and it was very fast paced. T-Bag's story is boring me he is such a great character but his story is boring at the moment. The episode was a major improvement on last weeks which I really didn't enjoy. Mix reactions on the new season of this show I beleave it will pick up mid season. One thing that isnt satisfying are the endings we used to get some awesome cliffhangers over the years but now the episode finishes as if its going on a commercial.
  • Prison Break as fun as ever

    "Safe and Sound", which is episode five of this new season of Prison Break, returned to familiar form, much like the structure we found in episode three, "Shut Down". The usual implausible situations and occurrences aside (the starkest one being Wyatt running after Sara instead of just shooting her with the gun he had in his hand!), Prison Break once again brought the fun and amusement. Despite a few flaws, it is hoped that Prison Break continues along this line of titillating fun. However as seen from the previous season, perhaps with too many writers penning the different episodes, the quality of writing has never been consistent. Hence it wouldn't be surprising if next week saw a dreary episode. However this week should be celebrated because Prison Break was fun!
  • Ambitious

    With so many other competing shows on Monday night, one would wonder if Prison Break would get lost in the shuffle, but if this episode is any indication, the producers are more than willing to up the ante and make this series stand out. Filled with some fantastic dramatic tension and finally moving forward with some much required plot advances, it's pretty clear that the show is back and is definitely moving in the right direction. This episode featured the most ambitious brea kin yet, I love it. Season 4 is really good so far and I cannot wait to see what will be the outcome of all this.
  • This is how a Prison Break episode should be.

    The elaborate break-in sequence was extremely well planned and had several moments that would leave you at the edge of your seats. Requiring blueprints, a distraction created by Sucre and Bellick, and a lot of drilling by the brothers, the entire process was entertaining from start to finish.

    The numerous plot advances were all highly effective and were dispersed throughout the episode at an excellent pace. Unlike the season premiere, which featured too many developments at all happening at the same time, the pacing here was more deliberate and refined.

    Lincoln finding out about Scofield's nosebleed revealed a few important details, but also raises some more questions as well. It's not the first time that Scofield's nose was bleeding, as Linc tells his brother that it was a big deal when it happened to Michael when he was thirteen years old. We can all conclude that Michael's suffering from some kind of ailment, but what's the cause and where are the writers going with this?

    Also during the break-in sequence, Scofield gets to hear the Pad Man for the first time, and is made aware that he is the man who runs the Company. Finally, Michael knows who's behind the Company and who is pulling the strings. He's also made aware that Gretchen was communicating with him directly when Sara was her prisoner.

    Speaking of Gretchen, she finally gets out of her prolonged Company captivity, which consisted of both physical and mental torture elements. The use of smell as torture device was an eye opener, and her brutal escape was quite gruesome for a primetime network drama.

    Mahone's scenes in this episode were riveting as usual, and he once again clearly stands out as the best actor of the series. The scene with his wife was touching, and watching him track down Wyatt was extremely satisfying. Now that he has his phone number, he'll hopefully finally be able to confront his son's killer. It's a great story arc, and they couldn't have chose a better performer to bring these scenes to life.

    Agent Self's involvement in this episode was much more hands-on than usual, and you get the distinct feeling that he's probably bitten off more than he can chew by taking on the Company. Now that the General knows that Self's seen a picture of him, the agent's life might now be in danger.

    Even the brief scene with Sara and Michael was far more effective and thankfully devoid of the crappy dialogue they were given in the previous episode

    The Company's plans in Laos seem fairly ambitious, even if we're not quite aware of what they are trying to accomplish. Hopefully this will result in the having the boys take on an international journey for a break-in at a more exotic location.

    Finally, watching T-Bag face troubles from multiple sources was also highly amusing. The receptionist trying to string out T-Bag for a chunk of his commission, and T-Bag's leprechaun analogy would make any fan of the series smile.
  • Delivers some of the best excitement seen quite some time.

    Scofield and the team take on their biggest challenge yet, as they break into a Federal building to track down another piece of the Scylla puzzle. Featuring some nail-bitingly tense moments and a several major story developments, this episode delivers some of the best excitement seen since quite some time. The proof that the writers still have it. This was by far this best episode of the season so far and I think can only get better now. Of course it is not perfect but since we can`t vote 9.8 now, I choose 10. A note of William Fitchner, who awesome can this guy be?? he can`t stop surprising me.
  • Micheal and company located the third card member.

    This was really a great episode of Prison Break. I loved the fact we got to see some of Micheal's genius once again when they broke into the F.B.I building and how he was able to get into the safe. I do like the fact that they are letting T-Bag have a lot of air time, I really have enjoyed his evolution from what he was in season one till now. I am really glad that Susan got away, it only makes me wonder where her character is heading now that she is free. Is she going to join Micheal and company or is she going to go rogue and start taking any and everyone out she considers got her into the predicament in the first place. (some minor spoilers after the break)

    I don't but any of you but it seems Mahone is slowly drifting away from the rest of the group. I unfortunately stuck around for the scenes from next week something I don't often do and I really didn't like what I saw. I did read some where online that William Fichtner is going to be in some kind of movie or television role on TNT I hope this doesn't mean he is going to be off Prison Break :(
  • Mission impossible continues.

    If you don't believe me that PRISON BREAK is now the modern day version of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (the series, not the movies) then "Safe and Sound" was proof positive that this is indeed the case. In order to get access to one of the six keycards that is the Scylla – the nefarious Company's secret document containing all of their information, agents and contacts – the boys from Fox River must bust into a safe. Another awesome episode, really great season so far. I have the feeling we`re in for some really big thing next week. I hope the numbers survive the heroes competition, pb deserves more that those 5 millions or so viewers.
  • This week's episode was a definite improvement over last week's episode. It was a great episode and it had some excellent Mahone moments. =] (Spoilers)

    Safe and Sound was a great episode. Though it did have some slow moments, it had plenty of Mahone moments in it. I loved the scene where Mahone met his ex-wife and he broke down. It was a very well acted scene and one of the reasons why Mahone is my favorite character. Michael and Lincoln had some good moments as well. The scene where Lincoln saw Michael bleeding was excellent and well acted. I'm starting to dislike T-Bag now because he's messing up Scofield's plans. I personally think he should be helping them out, but at least he's staying true to his character. I hate that Gretchen escaped from The Company. She is, in my opinion, the most annoying character in the show ever. Wyatt should have just killed her when he had the chance. Overall, I hope Mahone gets his revenge soon and I want to find out what's going on with Michael's nosebleeds. I give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.
  • Great!

    I loved the episode as the whole team (except mahone sara and the hacker guy) are breaking into the building where another cardholder has the card in a safe. Sucre's character in this season becomes better and better every episode. I'm happy about that cause sucre is one of my favorite characters in the show. Anyway I think in this episode some great but really great thing are going to happen. Gretchen 'escaped' and I am curious of how she is going to return to the 'game'. T-Bag has to find out what the hell is Scylla or he is gonna be dead in three days. Finally mahone has the phone number of the assassin and in the next episodes we are going to find out how he is going to kill him - if he finally does.
    Cant wait for the next episode!
  • This episode seemed to be a pivotal episode for the episodes to come.

    First off, can I congratulate whoever came up with the title for this episode. It was extremely clever, in my opinion. 'Safe and Sound' could refer not only to the fact that they were breaking into a safe while trying to cover the sound of the drilling, but also the fact that Sara made her way back to the warehouse and also that they all made it out of the building with the card. Brilliantly titled.

    This episode seemed to be a pivotal episode for the episodes to come. Its purpose seemed to be setting things up for future storyline possabilities, and it worked.

    For example:

    1) Lincoln finding out about the nosebleeds, and telling Michael that it wasn't nothing when he was 13 years old.

    2) Sara confessing to Michael where she had been, and that it wouldn't happen again. Her line, 'I won't lie to you,' is going to haunt Michael, you could see it in his facial expression. It's obvious that his decision not to tell her about his nosebleeds will backfire on him.

    3) Mahone now has a phone number to tie with Wyatt, and possibly track him via it.

    4) Whatever is going on in Laos seems to me to relate to whatever the endgame for the company is, and perhaps joins with the general's speech about practicing on cadavars.

    5) T-Bag has found himself in a spot of bother, one he will most likely need Michael and Co's help to get out of, setting up a storyline for him to reconnect with the other's.

    6) Sara put together the fact that The General is the head of the company, meaning he will be the last card they go after, I'm guessing, and it will be the hardest one to achieve.

    7) The General now has to deal with the fact that Don Self accessed his information. How he deals with that, and the measures he takes will be interesting to follow.

    8) Of course the ellusive Gretchen is now in the wind, what will she do next?

    I really enjoyed this episode. Again, phenomenal acting by Mahone. The scene with hin and his ex-wife were heartbreaking. We learned a few episodes ago that she was alive, and in protective custody, so it was nice to see them interacting, and grieving together in the only way they can.

    The suspense was there, that whole 'will they, won't they' feeling always adds to each episode.

    Can't wait for more episodes, if only to follow on with the storylines that were set up in this one.
  • Great transitional episode

    I enjoyed this episode, but for the most, it was really a transitional episode, setting up the events of the episodes to come.

    Examples: Mahone tracking down Wyatt, the boys learning who the head of the Company is, T-Bag getting cornered

    So naturally, the first part of the episode was slow, but the second part was paced better and was more exciting.

    As for problems with the episode... only two minor ones:

    - Mahone's wife is alive? Huh? Totally not the impression I got after the premiere.

    - After drilling the safe, there's no way the Company guy didn't notice the god damn drilling circle. But whatever, I can let go of those.

    Overall, good episode. Loved the ending with the General finally having something (or someone) to worry about.