Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 04, 2006 on FOX
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Michael and a wounded Lincoln try to outmaneuver Mahone, who is hot on their trail. Sara gets a surprise visit to her bedside.
Following his termination, Bellick recruits a resolute partner to aid in his quest to get the escapees behind bars.
Sucre and C-Note head out for their family reunions-regardless of being observed by the authorities.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle and licon are tring to get away from the fbi agent after licon is injured and bleeding. on his leg.and so they go to a old friend to have her stich it up. and bleic after being let go with the worden he deieds to almost kill himself but hears of the reward money and is on the run for it with a old parner from the prison. and there both trying to find each and every one of them. also sucrey and the c note are both tring to get back with there familys. this was a good epmoreless
  • Some of them try to meet their families but Michael and Lincoln just try to get away - and look like dead.

    This episode was somehow very balanced and well written - we had some action, a lot of but there was also many deeper moments and much things to think about. Mostly Sara storyline and her dialogue with her father - how can some parents be like that?

    It this episode it is confirmed that Michael do understand what that Mahone is more than just a usual agent and he can understand his plans so he as a surprise for him - they way Michael has every thing planned - it is just amazing. And I adored the way to get the explosion. And ofcourse Michael trying to get the car back first and Mahone calling there at the same time. He is after him but not ahead him. And the ending was something that really made me want to see next episode.moreless
  • Setups!!!

    From the Writers Perspective:

    Since the writers want do delay the Utah plot, it is their function to create some side plots that will distract the audience until they decide to bring us the Utah Plot in episode 6-8.

    This is exactly the cause. As Expected, some characters that show their faces in Season 1 are back. This is a setup and is well tied since Bellick will cross michael path very soon.

    Since this have to happen, the writers give Bellick all the tools necessary to accomplish this, with is former friend Gary. Their first scene had a comic side. The way the found Michael was well written.

    In this Episode, Michael tried to fake is death with is brother, but this only fit in this episode as a filler, and to give time to Bellick cross their way without Mahone interference. It is that type of plot that is necessary, but at the same time can be used to create filler scenes. How they escaped form that explosion is a mystery and was bad written.

    C-Note Family Plot is another one, we already know that is expectation is too high, if not impossible, but the writers need to buy more time in the next episodes and this one too. His Plot is interesting when a more sensetive person is watching his story. How C-Note Managed to approch is daughter without been noticed continue to be a mystery for the writing staff.

    Sucre also play his filler scenes too. He is not very smart, so how he will pull is romance mission, it is unkown, but the writers decided to create some unnecessary tension form him, since sucre is one of the Main characters, he can´t be caught so soon. Is escape was bad written.

    Now Sara extra Justify her presence in this Season. Since Veronica Died, nobody could continue this Conspiracy plot, but that is a lie, since the writers could easily tie sara to it, and that is exactly what happened. Kellerman will be her character support.

    My Point Of View:

    Bellick and Gary scenes were fine, nothing bad, we have here good material and they already know michael location. That was more fast that I could preview.

    Michael and Lincoln scenes were nothing special. How they escaped from that explosion was bad explained. Mahone did his job as usual, nothing bad here.

    C-note scenes is that kind of drama that is fine by me for now. Good details there, nice turning point too. Sucre Scenes wasn´t good or had a comical side for me.

    Sara Scenes were Ok, her conversation with her father was very good. Her last Scene with her support character is fine too.

    Overall, another good material, but not enough to be great.moreless
  • Amaxing.

    Michael and Lincoln go to Nika for help. Sucre searches for Maricruz, while C-Note seeks out his family, despite their being observed by the authorities. Sara is arrested for aiding the escape. Bellick and Geary become bounty hunters. Another awesome episode, Prison Break never lets you down. I felt sorry for Sara in this episode I also feel sorry for Sucre too. I really like seeing the Fox River eight outside of the Prison though. It's always nerve-wrecking when I watch them, I love it though! Bellick is a awesomem character too, I thought it was so funyn when he attcked Geary and bit him. Can't wait to watch more of Prison Break.moreless
  • Intense and Gripping

    Michael's distraught to discover the escape car has been towed…and robbed. "Looks like we've got our first mistake," Mahone cackles, rifling through the brothers' passports. But there's no time to dwell: the duo head west towards money and LJ. While Sucre risks life and limb to prevent Maricruz's marriage and C-Note busts a gut getting a message to his wife, Sara receives a ticking off from Governor Tancredi. "Breaking out was just the beginning. Now it gets a little bit more interesting…" Michael turns to his tattoos, and Nika, for guidance again. Pulling up at a bridge he loads the car with bloody plastic bags as substitute for body parts. Michael switches on the radio. Once he hits scan and the radio gets to 103.7, the car should explode. He hits scan and sends the car over the side of the bridge...and it doesn't explode! Lincoln crawls in and escapes the blast by the skin of his teeth. But an ecstatic Bellick is eyeballing the brothers as they skip over the horizon.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Rockmond Dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar

Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies

Dr. Sara Tancredi

Wade Williams

Wade Williams

Bradley “Brad” Bellick

Maurice Ripke

Maurice Ripke

Petey Cordero

Guest Star

John Heard

John Heard

Gov. Frank Tancredi

Recurring Role

Holly Valance

Holly Valance

Nika Volek

Recurring Role

Matt DeCaro

Matt DeCaro

Roy William Geary

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • The FBI gains possession of the backpack which was left in Michael and Lincoln's car and taken by a vagrant. As Agent Mahone goes through its contents, he finds a passport with Michael's picture in it.
      Scofield's alias was "Phineas McClintock", born August 8, 1974 in Rector, Arkansas.

    • Geary's first name is revealed to be Roy in this episode.

    • The tattoo of the barcode on Michael's wrist:

      38 – Michael and Lincoln turn down Route 38.
      12 – When the odometer hits 12, Michael stops the car on the bridge.
      1037 – Once Michael hits the radio scan button, they have 30 seconds before it comes to station 103.7 and blows up.

    • The train which Sucre hitches a a ride to New York is the same train that appears in Manhunt (2.01) except the train number has been changed from 3012 to 3806 and the carriages are in a different order.

    • During the scene with C-Note and his daughter, from one shot we see him hiding behind the pillar. Yet from the shot, from behind, the pillar can not be seen, from the next shot he is again behind the pillar.

    • It's weird that the FBI isn't monitoring Sucre's brother or Michael Scofield's wife (the green-card deal - they are married after all). It would make sense to put the close relatives under surveillance in case the convicts turn up at their place (as it did actually happen with Michael and Sucre, the latter is about to ride his brother's bike all the way across the U.S.).

      EDIT: Maybe I'm wrong, but I think they just call each other "Bro". Which man would call his own brother by his last name? He would have called him Fernando, not Sucre.

    • There are a few errors in the scene where Sucre is stopped by a Pennsylvania State trooper. The Pennsylvania State Police do not use motorcycle officers, although many cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia do, and the uniform features a green shirt, not a light blue one.

    • When Sucre goes to see his friend, he is supposed to be in Brooklyn, NY. However, the skyline seen at the end of the episode is that of Dallas, TX.

    • Sucre takes his friend's 1952 Ural Motorcycle to ride to the wedding in Las Vegas.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Sara (To her father): Do you even want to hear my side of things?
      Governor Tancredi: Not particularly Sara, no. Especially when I have no idea whose side you are on. But I do know this, somebody is going to go down because of what happened in Fox River and it would be in both of our best interests if that someone was not you. But to ensure this, certain steps need to be taken. One, you should go to a daily recovery meeting. Two, you need to go before a judge and plead not guilty and three...
      Sara: I....
      Governor need to tell the DOC everything you know about how that prison was being run and that Warden Pope, how he was granting favors to Scofield because Scofield helped him with his personal projects thereby exposing him to certain restricted areas where he might have been able to obtain a key to the infirmary.
      Sara: I can't do that.
      Governor Tancredi: Oh yes, you can Sara. You can do that, and you will.

    • Sucre(on the phone to Petey): What day is today?
      Petey: Thursday bro, sorry man.
      Sucre(He looks at a car parked in front of the phone): All right, you gotta get her to your place, tonight.
      Petey: Wait, hang on man.
      Sucre: I've only got one shot to make her change her mind, dude. Just find a way to get her there, okay? (he hangs up the phone)
      Petey: Wait, Sucre, hang on man.

    • Petey: Fernando! Slow down, man. I was trying to tell you, but you hung up the phone, man. The wedding is in Vegas.
      Sucre: (stunned) The city?
      Petey: Yeah, and they left a few hours ago, bro.
      (Sucre glances at some keys hanging up)
      Petey: No, wait! No, no! Nonononono! Come on! Hey! (He follows Sucre.) Fernando!
      Petey: It's pristine, man! It's just -
      Sucre: It's going to be back to you in one piece, bro. (He puts the keys in the ignition.)
      Petey: Can we go back to the part where I said "No"?
      Sucre: I wish I had a choice.
      Petey: You do have a choice! Come on, man! This is a 1952 Euro Motorbike, bro. If you so much as scratch it
      Sucre: I won't scratch it. (He kisses his fingers). I promise. She's the love of my life, bro. I gotta do something.
      Petey: You look like Hell.
      Sucre: I've been through Hell, Papi. Now, I've just gotta get to Vegas.

    • Sucre: Where's Maricruz?
      Petey: Hey, look, man -
      Sucre: No, no, no, Petey! You look. I haven't slept in 72 hours, I've seen a man's hand get chopped off, I've been-I've been shot at, dug up a grave, stolen a car, jumped on a frickin' train! So please, just tell me where she is!

    • Kacee: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you in right now.
      C-Note: You know what? I'll give you three: me, you and that beautiful little girl of ours. Baby, look, I've got a plan. I've got a plan that's gonna get us some money and you and I and baby and nobody can ever find us or bother us again! You've got to trust me. That's all I need is the opportunity for you to hear me out, all right?

    • Petey (over the phone): Hello?
      Sucre: Petey? It's Sucre.
      Petey: As in Fernando Sucre?
      Sucre: Is there another one?
      Petey: I hope not. But my boy Sucre would not be calling me on the telephone and therefore making me an accessory to his dumb-ass escape, man.
      Sucre: I'm sorry, bro. I jus- I just- I need you to get a hold of Maricruz. I can't call her cell because the Feds will be all over the place.

    • Bellick (to Manche): Humpty-Dumpty climbed the wall, Humpty-Dumpty made a great fall.

    • Bellick: I knew the little whore'd take us right to 'em.

    • C-Note: Do you understand what Daddy is going through right now?
      Dede: Sorta, but the kids at school have been saying stuff.
      C-Note: Okay, what have they been saying?
      Dede: They're saying you're on TV because you're a bad man.
      C-Note: And what do you think?
      Dede: I think if I were some place and they wouldn't let me see you, I wouldn't do what they said, either.

    • Wheeler: Just got this from surveillance. Remember that voice mail Scofield pre-paid for before he went off to prison?
      Mahone: Yeah.
      Wheeler: Someone just left a message on it.
      Mahone: Who?
      Wheeler: Scofield. Something, something about a meeting. Sounded like he was waiting for someone else to check the message and then call him back.
      Mahone: This prefix. That's a cell phone number. As long as it's turned on-
      Wheeler: -we can track exactly where he is.

    • Lang: We've got chatter. It's Franklin. He's at a pay phone down town. Mistake #2.

    • Sara: You look familiar.
      Nurse: You-you were the attending when I first started here.
      Sara: Sure. Would one of you mind calling me a cab, please?
      Nurse: I don't think so. Look, Dr. Tancredi, I, I just want to say good luck.
      Female Cop: Sara Tancredi?
      Nurse: I'm sorry.
      Female Cop: You have the right to remain silent.
      Male Cop: Please put your hands behind your back.
      Sara: If you have any questions, I'm happy to come with you.
      Male Cop: Miss Tancredi, out of respect for your father, I won't ask you again.
      Sara: My father?
      Male Cop: I'm sure he'd prefer that this went without incident. (handcuffs her)
      Female Cop: You have the right to speak to an attorney before you speak to the police. Anything you say my be used against you in a court of law. You can have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.

    • Kellerman (on the phone): Caroline, they're taking her in. Of course. I'll keep an eye on her. (hangs up)

    • Petey: Listen, listen, man. You have got to forget about that girl.
      Sucre: If I could forget about her pendejo, I'd still be at Fox River sitting in cell 40 on your old bunk!
      Petey: Yeah, well, I hope you're holding onto something tight because I'm about to break it down for you, brother. She's getting married to Hector on Saturday.

    • Mahone: Looks like we've got our first mistake.

    • Nika: Michael, you should not have come here. The police have been here asking questions.
      Michael: We didn't have a choice.
      Nika: Listen, you know I'm thankful for the help with the green card, but I just don't want to get involved -
      Michael: I know, I know. It wasn't part of our deal! I know, I know! (sighs) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. There was nowhere else to go.
      Nika: When I saw you on the news I was worried. I just hoped you'd crossed the border by now.
      Michael: So did I.

    • Mahone: I don't want gratitude. I need leads, progress, answers. Anyone who can't deliver that--don't even unpack.

    • Michael: I don't care about the broken window, Chuck. I had a backpack.
      Chuck: Not anymore, you don't.

    • Michael: The radio must have jammed. We're gonna have to set it off manually.
      Lincoln: Car can blow any second, man.
      Michael: They're gonna be here in about 2 minutes. If it doesn't look like we're dead, we will be. (holds out fist) Rock paper scissors. (Lincoln walks towards car) Linc!
      Lincoln: It's my turn.

    • Geary (about Manche): Did he sing?
      Bellick: Like a fat sweaty bird.

    • (After fighting in the store)
      Bellick: Know what's crazy is taking it out on each other, the way all things turned out. You want someone to blame, how about those convicts staring up at us from the papers every morning.
      They took my job, my pension, my dignity.
      When they went over that wall they took all of it, right along with them. Everything I worked for my whole life.
      Geary: You see that reward they got? Those ass-heads are worth more dead than you and I are alive.
      Bellick: Not for long.
      Geary: What d'ya mean?
      Bellick: I mean somebody's gonna get that money, might as well be me.
      Geary: You know a job like that might go a little smoother with an extra pair of hands.
      Bellick: You really think I wanna split that reward with ya?
      Geary: Just saying... you run into those brothers, 2 of them, 1 of you. You might find yourself wishing for a good wingman.

    • Sara: Um... Hi I'm Sara and I... uh... (long pause). Over the years I worked with more than a few people who had a history of addiction and uh... I would tell them that I could understand what they're going through because I... used to be just like them. I used to be an addict too and I think... uh... I think that what's becoming clear to me is that... the reason I understood was because I am like them. I never used to be an addict. I uh... Hi my name is Sara and I'm an addict.
      (Everyone claps)
      Kellerman (undercover): Hi my name is Lance and I'm an addict. I guess a lot of what Sara just said resonates with me and what I'm going through.

    • Michael (after Nika arrives with a new car): Looks like I owe you another one.
      Nika: It's okay.
      Michael: Okay. Well, ah once we get to Mexico I'll send you $10,000 like I promised, plus another 3 for the car.
      Nika: Are you meeting up with her? The doctor?
      Michael: Sara? I don't know.
      Lincoln (interrupts): We should get moving. Next town's a few miles away.
      Nika: That's fine. I can get a bus from there.
      Michael: Thanks again, Nika.

    • Agent Wheeler: Oscar Shales, it's this guy Mahone tracked for a while. Nasty little bottom-feeder, you know the type. He's still on the run.

    • C-Note: I served my country, and my country served me up.

    • Lincoln: Man, it's quiet out here. Inside, there was always noise, you know. Someone yelling, guards making rounds. Kinda got used to it.
      Michael: You're right. We should go back. (both burst out laughing)

    • Sara: I did it, dad. I left the door open, me and no one else.
      Gov. Tancredi: That's not true.
      Sara: Yes, it is.
      Gov. Tancredi (firmly): That's not true. Sara, just do what you're told. Otherwise there will be…consequences, that will affect us all. Do you understand what I'm telling you?
      Sara: Yes sir.
      Gov. Tancredi: In one week, I will be appointed the new Vice President of the United States. There will be a ceremony, you will be invited. You will not attend. Goodbye Sara.

    • Lincoln: The tats, they weren't just for getting out, were they?
      Michael: Breaking out was just the beginning. Now it gets a little more interesting.
      Lincoln: 'Cause me being strapped to the electric chair wasn't interesting enough?
      Michael: All I'm saying, is inside we had the element of surprise. No one knew what we were planning. There's something about this guy…the one in the elevator. It's like…it's like he knows where we're going, what we're thinking. If that's true it's just a matter of time before he finds out about the money in Utah, bolshoi booze, our way into Mexico…everything.

    • Michael: I gotta go back and get our car.
      Lincoln: Forget the car, we can get another.
      Michael: I don't need a car, I need that car.
      Lincoln: Why?
      Michael: Because in that car, is everything we need to disappear.

    • Gov. Tancredi (visiting Sara in jail): Sara. I paid your bail.
      Sara: You took your time.
      Gov. Tancredi: I'm the governor, I do have things I –
      Sara: Go to hell, Dad.
      Gov. Tancredi: You keep this up, this may be the only place I'll be able to see you.
      Sara: Do you even want to hear my side of things?
      Gov. Tancredi: Not particularly, no.

    • Lincoln: It's fine, let's just keep moving.
      Michael: We keep moving, and that leg keeps bleeding. That leg keeps bleeding, and we're not gettin' out of Illinois.

    • Wheeler: Mistake #3. Someone reported seeing a man matching Fernando Sucre's description stealing a car.
      Mahone: Where?
      Wheeler: Defiance, Ohio. Someone's going down today.

    • Chuck (answering phone): Brewster's Towing.
      Mahone: This is agent Mahone with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Who am I speaking with?
      Chuck: Chuck.
      Mahone: Okay Chuck, I want to alert you to a possible situation. Are you listening to me, Chuck? An individual may be coming out to inquire about a vehicle, a grey Accord, probably with a busted rear window. Has anyone come by looking for a vehicle that matches that description?
      Chuck (looking at Michael): Yes sir.
      Mahone: When?
      Chuck: Ahh….
      Mahone: Chuck, can you tell me when he was there?
      Chuck: Right now.

    • Mahone: What's the hardest thing in the world for a con to do?
      Miss Lang: Nothing?
      Mahone: Three things in life are certain, Miss…?
      Miss Lang: Lang.
      Mahone: Death, taxes, and the fact that a man on the run will make a mistake sometime in the first 72 hours. Needing distance, he'll steal a car. Needing money, he'll rob a store. Needing help, he'll trust someone he shouldn't. And when he does, he'll leave behind the crumbs that will take us right to him.

    • Mahone: Dead men can't tell us where their friends are.

    • Michael: How do you throw the hunter off the scent?
      Lincoln: Get rid of the prey.

    • Medical Examiner (presuming Michael/Lincoln are dead): You put in all that work to break out of prison, only to end up dead at the bottom of a ditch. So which one of them was it?

  • NOTES (3)