Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 2006 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle and licon are tring to get away from the fbi agent after licon is injured and bleeding. on his leg.and so they go to a old friend to have her stich it up. and bleic after being let go with the worden he deieds to almost kill himself but hears of the reward money and is on the run for it with a old parner from the prison. and there both trying to find each and every one of them. also sucrey and the c note are both tring to get back with there familys. this was a good ep
  • Some of them try to meet their families but Michael and Lincoln just try to get away - and look like dead.

    This episode was somehow very balanced and well written - we had some action, a lot of but there was also many deeper moments and much things to think about. Mostly Sara storyline and her dialogue with her father - how can some parents be like that?

    It this episode it is confirmed that Michael do understand what that Mahone is more than just a usual agent and he can understand his plans so he as a surprise for him - they way Michael has every thing planned - it is just amazing. And I adored the way to get the explosion. And ofcourse Michael trying to get the car back first and Mahone calling there at the same time. He is after him but not ahead him. And the ending was something that really made me want to see next episode.
  • Setups!!!

    From the Writers Perspective:

    Since the writers want do delay the Utah plot, it is their function to create some side plots that will distract the audience until they decide to bring us the Utah Plot in episode 6-8.

    This is exactly the cause. As Expected, some characters that show their faces in Season 1 are back. This is a setup and is well tied since Bellick will cross michael path very soon.

    Since this have to happen, the writers give Bellick all the tools necessary to accomplish this, with is former friend Gary. Their first scene had a comic side. The way the found Michael was well written.

    In this Episode, Michael tried to fake is death with is brother, but this only fit in this episode as a filler, and to give time to Bellick cross their way without Mahone interference. It is that type of plot that is necessary, but at the same time can be used to create filler scenes. How they escaped form that explosion is a mystery and was bad written.

    C-Note Family Plot is another one, we already know that is expectation is too high, if not impossible, but the writers need to buy more time in the next episodes and this one too. His Plot is interesting when a more sensetive person is watching his story. How C-Note Managed to approch is daughter without been noticed continue to be a mystery for the writing staff.

    Sucre also play his filler scenes too. He is not very smart, so how he will pull is romance mission, it is unkown, but the writers decided to create some unnecessary tension form him, since sucre is one of the Main characters, he can´t be caught so soon. Is escape was bad written.

    Now Sara extra Justify her presence in this Season. Since Veronica Died, nobody could continue this Conspiracy plot, but that is a lie, since the writers could easily tie sara to it, and that is exactly what happened. Kellerman will be her character support.

    My Point Of View:

    Bellick and Gary scenes were fine, nothing bad, we have here good material and they already know michael location. That was more fast that I could preview.

    Michael and Lincoln scenes were nothing special. How they escaped from that explosion was bad explained. Mahone did his job as usual, nothing bad here.

    C-note scenes is that kind of drama that is fine by me for now. Good details there, nice turning point too. Sucre Scenes wasn´t good or had a comical side for me.

    Sara Scenes were Ok, her conversation with her father was very good. Her last Scene with her support character is fine too.

    Overall, another good material, but not enough to be great.
  • Amaxing.

    Michael and Lincoln go to Nika for help. Sucre searches for Maricruz, while C-Note seeks out his family, despite their being observed by the authorities. Sara is arrested for aiding the escape. Bellick and Geary become bounty hunters. Another awesome episode, Prison Break never lets you down. I felt sorry for Sara in this episode I also feel sorry for Sucre too. I really like seeing the Fox River eight outside of the Prison though. It's always nerve-wrecking when I watch them, I love it though! Bellick is a awesomem character too, I thought it was so funyn when he attcked Geary and bit him. Can't wait to watch more of Prison Break.
  • Intense and Gripping

    Michael's distraught to discover the escape car has been towed…and robbed. "Looks like we've got our first mistake," Mahone cackles, rifling through the brothers' passports. But there's no time to dwell: the duo head west towards money and LJ. While Sucre risks life and limb to prevent Maricruz's marriage and C-Note busts a gut getting a message to his wife, Sara receives a ticking off from Governor Tancredi. "Breaking out was just the beginning. Now it gets a little bit more interesting…" Michael turns to his tattoos, and Nika, for guidance again. Pulling up at a bridge he loads the car with bloody plastic bags as substitute for body parts. Michael switches on the radio. Once he hits scan and the radio gets to 103.7, the car should explode. He hits scan and sends the car over the side of the bridge...and it doesn't explode! Lincoln crawls in and escapes the blast by the skin of his teeth. But an ecstatic Bellick is eyeballing the brothers as they skip over the horizon.
  • Awesome.

    Michael and Lincoln go to Nika for help. Sucre searches for Maricruz, while C-Note seeks out his family, despite their being observed by the authorities. Sara is arrested for aiding the escape. Bellick and Geary become bounty hunters. Another awesome episode, Prison Break never lets you down. I felt sorry for Sara in this episode I also feel sorry for Sucre too. I really like seeing the Fox River eight outside of the Prison though. It's always nerve-wrecking when I watch them, I love it though! Bellick is a awesomem character too, I thought it was so funyn when he attcked Geary and bit him. Can't wait to watch more of Prison Break.
  • Go Prison Break...

    Michael and Lincoln go to Nika for help. Sucre searches for Maricruz, while C-Note seeks out his family, despite their being observed by the authorities. Sara is arrested for aiding the escape. Bellick and Geary become bounty hunters. The third episode of the second season of Prison Break was great but in my opinion not as good as the first two, I really like seeing the Fox River eight outside of the Prison I think its great and the new character Mahone just gets better and better, Bellick was funny when he attacked Geary, and he bit him lol. the show gets better and better.
  • Review

    I liked most of the thigns that happened in this episode, but there were some things that brought the episode down for me.

    I really like how they are bringing back characters to play small roles that we would have never thought we would see again in the second season. The fat guy in the prison that couldnt escape was one that came to mind, and the woman who Micheal got into the country in exchange for all of her help.

    Some of the things I didnt like was Sucres escpae from the cop who had him in custody. I mean - without a doubt the cop would have been keeping an eye on the man he suspected to have just broken out of a prison. And then instead of Sucre driving past the train so the cop couldnt follow him, he gets out of the car and runs to through a field - all without being noticed? Even for me, who forgives for a lot of continuation mistakes in shows, couldnt take that one.

    C-nots storyline is boring I think. Hes into getting his family back, which pretty much dooms him for failure real soon. Tancrettis storyline wasnt the greatest either. And Kellerman is back, but not in the way that we are accustomed to seeing him.
  • This episode is like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better with time.

    What is up with all the pills the FBI keeps poppin'? Are they something to do with his stress, painkillers, or is he a junkie like Sara?

    The cops saying, "Out of respect for your father…" that is a bunch of hogwash if I ever hear such. The senator is a*s! You can tell all he's interested in is money and power, of course being placed as the new vice president gives him everything, and he can hid his daughter, Sara, away so that she doesn't ruin his new image.

    I'm glad that Frank's woman is standing by his side. A partner knows more about the other than any freaking government does. Looks like everyone is headed for Utah, except we haven't heard about Haywire, Abruzzi, and Frank hasn't started that direction yet.
  • Another brillant installment

    We see another great great part of michaels plan!! he really is a genius!! we start with a flashforward of mahone standing above mikes car which is upside down and in flames! and mahone saying this is where they end up...then we go back to the present, mike goes to Nikas place and gets her to help them clean up lincs wound! mike then goes and has to get the car because it has been towed! Mahone is hot on his tail though! it turns out that when the radio in the car will blow up when it reaches a certain frequency! and with big slabs of pig blood in the car it will look like mike and linc! Nika then picks them up! but bellick who has teamed up with geary is hot on their tail!
  • i don't think it could've gotten any better then this!!

    This was the best episode of prison break all-time...i don't think the writers can ever match this episodes brillance. It starts out with michael and lincoln's car being towed, then when michael goes to get it back, the backpack with everything inide is stolen by a homeless guy. Michael then has a voivemail setup so he can call it and be tracked by Mahone, so Mahone will think he died. How smart was Michael loosening the bridges railing's bolts months in advance. Then with the pig blood, and the directions on his arm, and the explosion, wow. I loved this episode.
  • Season 2 is just starting up and this episode kicked it into gear.

    An impressive installment that sets up big plot changes nicely. From the looks of it, Bellick is a more important character to the overarching storyline than I had originally thought, and he looks like he'll be one of the bigger thorns in the brothers' sides this season. I can easily see S2 getting ten times better from here on out.
  • Stay Out. Stay Free. Stay Alive.

    Agent Mahone investigates a car crash where two men were killed in the explosion. It's presumed that they were members of the "Fox River 8." Flashback to twelve hours earlier at the FBI field office, Agent Lang tells Mahone that the escapees' families are under surveillance. Mahone says that escapees make mistakes in the first 72 hours. A homeless man brings in a backpack containing Michael and Linc's cell phones. He tells the FBI where Michael's car was located when he stole the back pack. Michael and Lincoln visit Nika's apartment to get medical supplies to dull Lincoln's pain from the gunshot wound in his leg, and Nika says the police have already been to visit her. Michael leaves to retrieve the car, but it is gone and all he finds is broken glass in the parking spot. Tracking the car to the towing company, Michael fills out the appropriate paperwork to get it released when Mahone calls and is told Michael is on the premises. Stealing the keys, Michael narrowly escapes in the car before the police can arrive. As she is released from the hospital, Sara Tancredi is arrested and Agent Kellerman reports to Caroline Reynolds that he will keep an eye on Sara. Her father, the Governor, pays her bail and tells her that he will be sworn is as Vice President and she must lay the blame for the escape on Warden Pope. Meanwhile, Bellick and Geary team up to track the fugitives and interrogates Sucre's cousin, Manche, for more information. Sucre arrives in New York, only to find that Maricruz has left for Las Vegas to marry his cousin, Hector. C-Note contacts his wife and asks to meet her in the "rainbow room." Agent Lang assumes C-Note means the Rainbow Room in New York, but in actuality he is referring to his daughter's room. C-Note gets a message to his wife to leave the porch light on at 7pm if she plans to meet him. She does so just as she meets with Agent Lang. Michael utilizes a tattoo on his wrist that looks like a bar code. It reads, "38 12 1037." The number 38 refers to the Highway they use to reach the bridge, 12 is the number of miles from the turn on to the highway to the bridge, and 103.7 is the radio station that triggers the bomb which explodes the car. The car holds pig remains to make it look like they were inside and were killed in the blast. Having tracked Michael's cell phone to the site of the crash, Agent Mahone arrives on the scene and in his distress, he mentions the name, "Shales." One of the other agents explains that Shales was an escaped inmate who Mahone never recaptured. To calm himself, Mahone takes some pills hidden in his pen. On the other side of the hill, Nika arrives with her car and Michael promises her $3,000 for the car and $10,000 once they reach Mexico. Bellick and Geary spot them as they leave.

    - Alex
  • Great..

    This episode was one of the best this season. what i want to know is how all the people are so smart. Micheal and lincon, The 2 that worked at the prison, and the fbi agent that is tracking them down. like micheal said in the show " its like he knows what im going to do next" they all think alike. Also in this episode you dont see many people all your see is sucre c-note micheal and lincon. you dont see john t-bag or that kid. i just cant wait to the next episode. and if you are wondering why i am posting this review so late its because i live in australia and it only just came out here. Tune in next week it should be good ^^
  • It just gets better!

    Heres my story with season 2 of Prison Break. I live in Australia so I only get the episodes more than 4 months after the US. I downloaded the first 5 or so and watched them and I really didn't like season 2 compared to season 1. Now that I am rewatching them, for some reason, I really enjoy this season. This episode "Scan" was a little bit confusing due to the 2 different repeats of the same happenings. It was still very good but I find it a little annoying how 1 week we see 4 of the escapees and the next week we see 5 but not the same ones.
  • The excitement continues.

    Scofield and Burrows abandon their attempt to rescue LJ for now, at the mean time they have to get Mahone off their tail and the FBI agent gives them a really hard time. After Bellick loses his job at the prison, he links up with another prison guard and they go on the hunt for Scofield and Burrows. Sucre, C-Note, Abruzzi separate from Scofield and Burrows and head back to their personal lives. Mahone uses everything under his control to hunt down the escapees and his so good with his job that he works so fast and he covers every trail possible. This episode is so much fun to watch.
  • Just one of the best ways to spend some beautiful time.

    Great episode, great scenes, maybe not to be seen by people with heart problems, lol. That Michael Scofield is a real genious!!!! I know we all knew about that since season 1, but everytime there comes new plans, the big size of scofield\'s brain makes his job. I wonder what other things that tattoo has, I can\'t wait to watch the next episodes.
    Sucre\'s story is getting exciting as well. He really cares about his Maricruz, and it\'s very clear that he would do anything to be with her. But I found a little unbelievable how did he manage to get out of the car without being spotted by the cop.
    C-Note is making his plan to reunite with his family, it is still not very clear how will he do it, but I hope he\'s succesful.
    I missed T-bag and Abruzzi in this episode. This could be the only negative point of the episode, but I\'m sure they\'ll be back with very interesting stuff.

    i loved it this was a really good epiosde and i really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really reallyreally really really really love this show and i L O V E W E N T W O R T H M I L L E R he is really hot is is super hot he is very caliente this was a great epiosde i i wish it will go on forever ( the show) i love love love love this show
  • This episode shows why Prison Break is a \\\"must see\\\" series. The music and the continuity of the ideas keep you in guard, but you only want it to end. It\\\'s too stressing!

    First of all, Michael let us know that he might break down if anything goes wrong. He expects to follow the plan as exactly as it was planned in the first place. He didn\\\'t expect his brother to get shot, so he had to improvise even though when the special agent had all of their new lives in his hands. This episode tell us that there\\\'s no plan at all, that everything you\\\'ve worked and fought for, can fell down in any second. The other guys just amuse us with their desperation for recap their lives as they were, but they do not concibe that reality might change if you don\\\'t keep the track of it.

    I\\\'ll have to say that the series goes up in every ending episode, so we expect more of it the next week.
  • Wow!

    Wow, I mean Wow, I'm sorry that's all I can say but WOW! I did not see the ending coming! Micheal isn't just cute his a GENIUS (and ye we figured that out in the pilot, but he is just a PURE GENIUS)

    Nika plays a part in this episode, I'm sorry but she is just pathetic, arghh!! I hate her character, I mean that stupid accent and she's always asking Micheal about the 'lady doctor' its sooooo obvious she has the hots for him, my god woman get a grip, it's nevvverrr going to!! Him and Sara are destined :)
  • Exiting

    Hey i did say someone is ganna die in theis seaosn and guess what, Abruzzi\'s the 1 that gt capped. That was suprising :p

    What i wanna know is how the hell does bellik know that mick and link went dead at the end of ep 3? And the FBI agent, how the hell does he know michales plan so well? In reallity the way mike planned it the two brothers wud in in mexico eating taco\'s and livving like kings. dont get me wrong i love this show, it compares to progrmas such as LOST! But the FBI agent thing is so wrong. But then again it wunt be a good show if it wenrt like that!

    Also what the hek happened to HAYWIRE!!!
  • This was a great episode!

    I loved seeing all the characters, each trying to escape or find the escapees. I really like how Mahone makes the show so much more intense, because now there is someone who is getting really close to getting Michael. He is a great character. I love how you see the convicts trying to get what they want, their family or girlfriends, and yet it seems like they ones they love are the ones that are turning them in. One person we havn't seen for a long time is Haywire. I want to know what is up with him. I figured he would have been caught by now, but obviously he is still running around. It seems like nothing can throw Mahone off the sent. This was a really good episode.
  • Totaly exciting, this episode was a perfect example of why i watch this show. It was perfect!

    "Scan" was nerve-wraking and well writen. I yelled and t.v so many times in this episode and screamed, i cried and i cheerd. This episode is my favorite epsiode so far I am scared for sara right now, and i acctully thought lincoln might have died?!?! "Scan" had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was a well-writen,cleverly plotted, nerve wraking, edge of my seat tearjerking very hard to watch episode. excatly why i watch the series. If you didn't watch this episode you should be sorely regreting it right now. If i could watch this episode over and over again i totaly would.
  • prison break it is not so ogood! Some things I didn't like about the 'Scan' episode: It was so obvious that Linc didn't die in the explosion, everyone seems to escape at the right time in this episode,

    Some things I didn't like about the 'Scan' episode: It was so obvious that Linc didn't die in the explosion, everyone seems to escape at the right time in this episode, including Sucre! I mean, how is it possible that the officer couldn't hear him close/open the door? Hold on.. Maybe he climbed out the window.. but still, I would've heard something! I also didn't like how they didn't show clips of ALL the people who escaped, like T-Bag and Abruzzi. And what REALLY happened with LJ? We never got to find out! And I think I speak for everyone when I say... Mahone figures out stuff too quickly! Either Mahone and Micheal are having an affair, or Mahone is physic but the script ain't that good anymore.

    Some things I liked about the 'Scan' episode: Sucre is gonna get his lady back, LOL! I wish him luck. I know thats only one thing I liked, but I have a feeling Prison Break will bounce back. Keep watching people!
  • Suspenseful.

    Who's going to get caught first!? That was the biggest question I had after this episode. I was enjoying the chase for the past two episodes but after this one I feel BIG HUGE mistakes are being made and the characters are getting vulnerable. Also...when is Linc and Michael going to realize the tatoos are helping the police. C-Note is acting emotionally and not rationally. He went and met his daughter at school. That is a huge no-no. He's also planning on going to the house. SUSPENSE. Sucre made it all the way to find out that his girl is getting married in Vegas but before that he was pulled over by a motorcycle cop. SUSPENSE. This was a great episode.
  • Micheal and a wounded linc set out for UTha, Sucra barrows a harley and heads to vegas to stop a wedding, C-note, tries to keep his wifes trust.

    I love prison break, its like my drug of choice. Its so cool!! This episode was awesome! The twists, the turns! Micheals giant brain! The faking death is classic, I thought that it might've been Sucra...I was worried. just a warning: People with heart conditions should not watch Prison Break! The excitement will get your blood pressure so high!! Anyway, great episode, I don't know how they keep coming up with this stuff but they do and I'm glad. I do wish they will bring Haywire back, he was always a nice comic relif for the show. And more of Tweener!!
  • I can't believe the tatoos are still helpful!

    After the first season I thought the tatoos would be useless. However, I had no idea that they would be constantly used. I really liked this episode because it showed more of Michael's ingenious planning and it had more tatoo hints. This episode really had me scared. I really thought that Lincoln was going to die. When the commercial came I said, "If Lincoln dies, I stop watching." The new mystery with the Shales guy is very interesting. I think that Shales looks a bit like Mahone (maybe he is Shales). This all will be revealed eventually. I thought this was yet another great episode of prison break.
  • Prestenting the story of each con on the run

    There is a lot of love in this episode, Sucre running madly trying at all cost to stop the love of his life from marrining the wrong man, Ben desperately trying to reconnect with his family which he so much misses. Nika having a secret crush for Michael who still has feellings for Sara. The two masterminds, Scolfield and detective Mahone, "tackle" each other, Michael slipping trough his fingers at the end. Sacked and with their carriers over, the lust for money and revenge brings toghter sworn enemys Bellick and Geary who, having the advantage of manipulation and connections inside the prison track down and follow Michael and Lincoln. All of the characters have a hard way ahead, Ben - a wifehurt by her husbands lies, Sucre - a girlfriend too far, too late, Michael - a enemy that plays by the same rules, Lincoln - a son in need of his fathers help, Sara - a father that cares more of his job than of his daughter + Kellerman(surprise, surprise:P)
  • Prison Break Season 2 episode 3

    WOW, another episode that had me on the edge of my seat, fantastic writing and so incredibly clever. This is a very exciting series, really keeps you on your toes. I found c-note to be so loving in this episode and i feel so sorry for him and what his wife is going through, and his daughter is so cute. Fernando is so funny, love the way his charater is developing i really hope he stops the wedding. Nika intrigues me and i still find it incrediably funny to watch Holly Vallance play a character with such a fake accent, i just remember her from Neighbours and cant imagine her without her Australian accent but to give her creidt she has done a great job over in the states prison break is a big show and shes done well. Boy do i hate that Kellerman muscling in on Sara what an ass he is. Michael is so smart and i love the way that he is so in tune with everything around him and how he cares so much for his bro. Will be very interesting next week to see how that Bellick thing goes man he annoys me too. One thing i absoutly loved was the scene between Michael and Link in the car and they were talking about going back to Fox River and then when they laughed, classic love their laughs. Anyway fantastic epsiode can't wait till next week should me interesting. Charlene (New Zealand) :)
  • I found it painful to watch because I was worried about Michael and Linc the whole time! I was so into the show that I got tummy aches when things didn't work out for these boys.

    Throughout the whole show, I was afraid that something would spark between Nika and Michael. Nika is hot, don't get me wrong, but I personally like Sara a lot more. She's not a stripper, first of all. She's got the brain and a unique personality. It was an awesome episode, however. I liked every second of it! The fake death part was the best. I think that's very original! Worth a watch. Highly recommended it, for those who haven't seen it!
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