Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2008 on FOX

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  • Lovely Series

    I liked it
  • And then they finally lost me.

    I loved season one, liked two, and only made it through three with some long delays. I've just done four episodes of the final season, and it just doesn't compare with the earlier stuff. Episode one has some plausible set-ups, and a nice concept in getting the old team to work together, but the writing and directing is really lacking, and the plot just takes too many shortcuts. Sadly, I'm not at all interested in this show anymore. I considered just reading the episode recaps on here, but holy hell, what happened?? These are the worst recaps I've ever seen on this site - lots of code, lots of gaga star reverence, lots of completely immaterial observations that make it like it's a little inside joke to people who have seen the episode three times already and just want to relive the steamy moments. Enjoy your egostism, editors, it's a damn waste of a resource.
  • When did Prison Break turn into Oceans Eleven.

    Reeling from some shocking news about Sara's death, Michael is recruited to recover a crucial data card that could bring down the Company once and for all. Meanwhile, T-Bag holds the key that will lead him to Michael. With T-Bag and Wyatt closing in on them, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone and Bellick team up with a tech-savvy hacker to retrieve and decrypt the Scylla data card.
    The first two episodes were ok it was a very, very slow premiere until the final twenty minutes were the team got the first card. THe shocking death of Whistler really dissapointed me and Lincoln annoyed me by acting like a jerk throughtout the entire episode. Bellick was funny but I think that the character is not the same old Bellick we used to know in season one and now he is just there for comedy value. Some good acting from Fitchner in the scene were he drives up to his house.the reunion with Mike and Sara was cool and I'm glad that she is back.
  • A generous 7 as it was extremley rushed

    When season three ended i thought their was several new storylines too look into and explore most of which involved Sona. However it suddenly burned down simply so they could put t-bag bellick and sucre into their plans. This annoyed me as it was almost like they regreted keeping them in their!! Also suddenly Sara is alive and back on the show???? Another regret obviously. this episode was rushed so much we have no idea what L.J and Sofia will do know that Lincoln is gone!!! I realise that this episode is preparing us for the new storyline but it was sloppy writing and it was a poor start to what i hope will be a good final season. But after seeing this i really can't see how this can keep me gripped like the first 3 seasons did. Despite the fact this show has got less believable each series!!
  • This season 4 premiere, moved the plot to fast, and this created some holes in the plot and some non sense, but overall, was nice to see some characters back and now seems that this season is justified to be the last.

    Presentation Phase - » (8/10)*3. You can expect a great beginning and a twist/surprise which was nice, however expected form Sara fans that read about Prison Break news, but after that some things solved very quickly and strangely.

    Take for example Gretchen, why kill her, of course, until you see her body with some holes, nothing is confirmed. Sucre, T-bag and Bellick managed to get out of Sona?? WTF. It seems that Michael is not the only genius here. So, Sara is not dead, Sucre, Bellick, Mahone, Lincoln, also Michael were caught? So easily? The writers just invented a way to put all of them together, only Sara and Mohone have outside motives of revenge because of what were done to them. Michael has to be a genius for everyone, Lincoln is just there to make his presence for now, the same goes for Bellick and Sucre. T-Bag is involved, but the writers decided to create filler for him.

    Complication Phase - » (6/10). All is set, they have to bring Scylla, which is not something easy.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10).Absurd progress, Sucre, T-bag and Bellick out of Sona, everyone caught, and reunited to bring Scylla and end the Company. Gretchen status is unknown, Mahone son is killed, so much in one episode… Time and Scene Management - » (7/10). Difficult to notice filler when things are moving so fast, but overall, this was in my opinion fair management. In my opinion, I don´t rate higher than this, because the government could Capture Bellick, Mahone, Lincoln to do the Job, was unnecessary for all of them to be caught before and so easily.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (7/10). So much plot holes, from the beginning to the end, but it doesn´t matter address them all, this show is about suspension of beliefs, but the writers exaggerated this time.

    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10). Good tension and surprising, all of them were caught, so the tension wasn´t great,

    Drama - » (10/10). Sara and Michael reunited was great, Mahone son is dead, this is very sad.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (9/10). This episode was a surprise, things moved very fast, some characters caught, some dead, and the main cast reunited for a mission.

    What I liked -» Sara is back. The murder Mahone son´s

    What I Didn´t Liked -» How Sucre, Bellick and T-bag get out of Sona. How Michael and Co was so easily caught. Gretchen in the side of the good ones?

    This season 4 premiere, moved the plot to fast, and this created some holes in the plot and some non sense, but overall, was nice to see some characters back and now seems that this season is justified to be the last.
  • Sarah and Michael are reunited

    We open the new season of Prison Break with a recap of what has happened from Michael himself. We see Gretchen and James getting something that they needed and Michael goes to kill both of them. We then see James copying a file. Gretchen admits that she never killed Sarah, and that she is in fact alive. Even though Michael doesn't believe her she talks him round. We learn that Gretchen was the one who hired James and she was the one who had him broken out of sona. We see her meeting her bosses and then we see a gun being pointed at her. We learn that Lincoln that Sona burnt down and that some of the inmates were missing including some of their old inmates from River Fox. Michael tells him that he was told that Sarah is still alive and then he asks him if it was definitely Sarah. But Michael seems unconvinced. Alex meets with Michael to tell him that Gretchen is dead and that Whistler (James) knows about Sarah. We learn that it has been a month since Michael learnt that Sarah was murdered. A James talks to Alex and Michael he is shoot dead. When Lincoln is attacked is manages to survive by using the preps gun on him, but then the police turn up and he is arrested. Someone from the company goes to Alex's ex-wife's house, and asks about him. Michael then also gets arrested. Alex returns home and discovers police at his house. We see that Sucre's girlfriend has had the baby ad it's a girl. We see that he has been set up and so runs for his life. Michael and Lincoln get taken to a house where they find Sarah inside, safe and well. Later on Sarah shows Michael her scars from what the company did to her. Shots are fired through the window and they just miss Sarah and Michael. They run. Lincoln and Michael agree to help bring down the company. Michael and all the old team are there to bring down the company.
    Michael goes to see a tattoo person who removes them to have all of his removed. It causes him a lot of pain. Because as he says there are something's you can't hide. At the end we see everyone getting onto a US airplane to go to a different destination.
  • Average.

    Michael has trailed Gretchen/Susan, Whistler and Mahone to L.A. Chaos reigns in SONA while T-Bag, Bellick and Sucre go missing. Lincoln and L.J. continue to stay with Sofia. What can I say about this episode? I mean it was awesome, but the episode over all was just rushed. I mean it didn't really explain scenes very well. I can't believe Whistler dies. I really liked him in season three, should of at least been in the whole episode like. This episode was exciting, I mean it's been a while but think it was action packed just rushed. I hope the other episode arn't rushed like this episode.
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  • Just sad..

    Why did they do this?
    they ruined everything..

    Season 1: Best show on tv, period!
    Season 2: They could have ruined it at this point, but no they kept going and it was awesome.
    Season 3: Extremely thrilling, i am amazed how they still manage to make this show so interesting and i couldn't wait for the next episode.

    i have just finished watching all 3 first series again, i saved the season 4 episodes until today so i could really get in the mood and have the storyline and excitement properly.

    Season 3 ends with a ton of storyline to play off, particularly Tbag has taken over control in Sona while Sucre was just put inn.

    And what happens?? nothing! they just barely hear 'it burned down' or something stupid like that.. how does a building made completely of brick and iron burn anyway?? and what about all the guards and action that must have been, why couldn't we see that!???

    For some weird reason unknown sucre and belleck end up together.. sara is still alive like nothing happened etc etc..

    Everything in this season, from Micheal's speech in the beginning just smells like a horribly boring regular action drama with no dept at all..

    I can say with confidence this was this show's worst episode ever.
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  • Rushed.

    I liked the episode but not much was explianed it seemed rushed I think the reason for this is because the writers wanted to move on quickly and get Sarah back. Whistler's death was predictable but it was pretty cool. That new Kellerman guy seems a decent character he just seems to be better at his job. The new cop, (Sorry I don't know any of the new characters names yet just watched the episode you see) is great I like him I have always fought the actor who plays him was good I have seen him in loads of stuff most notably True Romance. Some things weren't explained in this episode like what happened with Sofia and LJ. All in all a decent start, this season could be very promising because I get the feeling that the first episode was just a move on to a new story episode. 8.6 out of 10.
  • The 4th installment starts very promisingly.

    There is nothing that they could have done to make this episode any better. I look forward to the rest of this great season!!!

    Sarah is alive, and is working with Michal and the gang to take down the company once and for all, and with the complex system that "the company" has it's going to be harder then they ever imagined. Sucre, Lincoln, Michal, Sarah, Bellick, and Alex, are going to have to put their differences aside, so they can take down the company once and for all, because each person has reason to want them down, Michal most off all. T-bag is on the hunt for Michal, with the book that Whistler needed so badly to expose the company once and for all.
  • A episode that went on very quickly.

    Season 4 of this amazing show starts off with an episode I consider controversial. The writers apparently had much to show in the limited 10 minutes of the episode, so I guess I they did the besxt they could. This episode had a couple of wow moments with the highlighting one being Whistler`s death which I totally did not see coming, specially given his importance in Season 3. His death gave like a shock and I love it. The new company killer is pretty good, oddly reminds me of the Terminator, lol. Also Sara returns and am not against, she`s lovely and kinda assure in some way a happy ending to the show. Good start.
  • The first episode of Season Four of Prison Break was an average episode, though informative. (Spoilers)

    I thought the first episode of Season Four of Prison Break was only average. Mainly because not too many unexpected things happen. I predicted Whistler would get killed. I didn't know it would be this early, but it was kind of obvious. I knew everyone was going to be arrested so they could be put into a team for Agent Self. This episode wasn't as much like past Prison Break episodes as I would have liked, but it was better than Season Three. The good parts of this episode were, of course, Mahone's scenes. When he got to his house and found out something bad had happened, it got me even more excited about his character. The other actors of course did good but I still think Mahone is the best acted character out of all of them. Overall an average episode to start the new season.
  • Hire some new writers.

    I cant say the quality of the writing is inn fokus her. The choices the characters makes does not give them any dept, and Im like: "What? What happend? Have they forgotten everything?"

    And the scene in the desert, you know which one I mean, that was just ridiculous! I laughed my butt of watching that! Inn my opinion, they killed the character involved right there and then. He has no more credibility, and runs now around like a clown, unimpressive and silly. I think everybody involved with this show has lost their motivation or something. I really hope for the shows own good, that they come up with something a little bit more interesting and inspiring.
  • The running stop, now it`s time to bring the villain down!

    Prison Break is back and yet another re-invention. After 2 seasons in prison and one on the run, prison break comes back with some very promising premises.
    The premiere starts 1 months after the Season`s finale. Things goes pretty quickly as I guess the writers had a lot to tale in little time thanks to the strike. Michael learns about Sara pretty quickly and we learn that Mahone is working against the company pretty quickly too. The first wow moment comes pretty quickly as Gretchen is apparently shot down by the new (cool) company hitman. Hte big surprised was Whistler, probably the most important character last season is shot down pretty unexpectedly that I love it. Our favorite characters are somewhat all sent to jail again. A new twist in the Mahone story story as his family gets killed/hurt (we don`t for sure so far). But a government proposal:Working together to bring down the company instead of being in jail. Meanwhile Michael realize that Sara has walked thru hell in the 1 month she disappeared. The company man goes after them which mean they have option, they have to bring down the villains.
    The unholy alliance is formed, Michael, Linc, Sara, Bellick, Sucre and Mahone all team up to bring down the company. Current objective: track down Scylla.
    one off moment of the episode was Michael removing the tattoos. I know they are useless now but I just did not but that. But overall, hell of an episode, a bit rushed but you can thank the strike for that.
  • This season opener developing sequence needed some work.

    Overall I this episode was OK. I am happy that they brought Sara back and that Michael gets to be team leader, even though he's still taking orders. The beginning resembled the effect of Michael playing a PI role, which I thought was cool. It reminded me of the pilot episode where he was mapping his 'Fox River' breakout plan, which was kind of funny, but it worked. Michael is on a vengeance role where he plans to avenge Sara's 'murder' which we later learn from Gretchen, wasn't a murder at all. I thought the reveal that Sara escaped and they staged her death was a good cover over, but we already knew that Sarah Wayne Callies was reprising her role as Sarah in Season four, so her coming wasn't that much of a surprise. I would have enjoyed it better if it wasn't so easy to find her.

    I didn't really like Michael and Sara's reunion, it was too dry for me. The connection they once had slowly been diverted towards getting Whistler out of Sona throughout Season 3 and this episode needed to remind their viewers of their close bond for each other. I wanted to see some of their old moments together, like in Fox River or when they were in Panama, would have been a fine reminder, so I could actually appreciate their reunion a lot better. When Sara and Michael started 'making out', it was just ordinary and I didn't like that; I didn't get the 'staring at the screen in awe and compassion' for this couple.

    I thought the whole bit about Sona was too convenient for the plot. I don't really feel that hatred T-bag has for Michael, you know that thirst to get back at him. T-bag's blaming Michael for everything is just too, 'blah'. I thought that if they were going with that plot with T-bag, maybe they should have included some old clips or flashbacks where Michael betrayed him over and over. I'm just wondering, 'why go after Michael, when you could have a life of your own 'free'?, that part was also to convenient. They should fixate T-bag on the bird book that Whistler once had. I could actually more picture T-bag going after whatever was in the book rather than trying to 'get back at' Michael. T-bag has also lost some of his filth in his character, in the previous seasons he surprised his viewers many times over, now I just could not care for his revenge towards Michael. The whole Sucre and Bellick teaming up was a joke and when Michael and Lincoln just gave themselves up without a battle to the cops, it was no surprise that Bellick and Sucre was next. Micheal's capture was a disappointment. In previous seasons it would have been impossible to catch him and Lincoln and just like that they were spotted by some cops and arrested, that was too unbelievable. Most of the events were predictable. I knew Sara was alive, I was just waiting for the right moment for her to be revealed. From the time they started arresting everyone one I knew someone was going to group them up into a team and some of the events were too sketchy, like when the guys were all brought together, there wasn't much tension, well Bellick's character had been down graded in Sona and I really didn't see the purpose of him being there. Lincoln's anger towards Mahone really was not threatening enough, their scenes are too polite. As well Gretchen just disappointed me, for her to whine for her life was just a let down, it turned her rock of a character into a pile of dust.

    I still loved the assassin hired by the company, he is very nerve wrecking, which is exactly the character Prison Break needs. I would definitely love to watch more episodes, because Prison Break always had the ability to capture it's audiences at the end of each episode, which is another factor this show needs. I enjoyed Prison Break from Season 1 and I still enjoy it. It just needs a little fine tuning if it expects viewers to buy into it any longer.
  • incredible show!!!! the best show on FOX

    incredible show!!!! the best show on FOX and i like it me , my mother and my sister.but i think i noticed a mistake was there double for dominic purcell this episode when he was arrested??plz reply,and i wish a happy ending,not bad for micheal and sara ...,every episode in prison break i cant wait to know what is going to happen in the next episode,micheal ,sara , sucre ,mahone ,bellick,all of the crew are awesome,and i hope there would not be a strike in season 4 whatever happens prison break is the top show on fox the lost then house
  • Good tie-ups of the loose ends from the abbreviated season and good intros for new storyline. New baddie almost makes you feel sorry for Gretchen...almost.

    Solid take-off for the 4th season. Definitely enjoying the Michael/Sara dynamic and the "Dirty Dozen" undercurrents in the new storyline. Well-earned applause for the writers' "shades of grey" approach to all of the main characters...allows for empathy, even with the former nasties of the cast. T-Bag, as always, deserves special mention. This good ole boy is in a class all by his lonesome (possible political career anyone?)Just a little more sceptical about the obvious medical foreshadowing with regard to Michael. Please tell me this scenario won't turn all soap opera (ie. lovers reunite only to be torn apart by inoperable brain tumour...gag reflex at this point.) Here's hoping it's all in my head and not Michael's.
  • Awesome!

    Maybe it was just because I havent had my dose of Prison Break in a long time (well it feels like a really long time to me anyway), but the episode was fantastic.

    Ive definately missed the unique style Prison Break has to the episodes, so well written and always has you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire episode, and even more at the end, cant wait to see the next episode.

    Alot of good parts throughout this episode, even though there is alot going on, I found it easy to follow, which is a problem with other shows.

    Sara's back! Great news. 9.5/10.
  • Another challenging season

    I found the first episode of this 4th season very interesting...first because it shows how another breaking is being planned, it shows the people that are going to be involved...Second because of the cleaning situation- people whom appeared in 3rd season and have met their purpose have been eliminated,and this proves that this season is going to revolve around a lot of action,and unpredictable situation in the search of the elimination of the Company... Read some reviews about the events of Prison break not being related to the title...I find it wrongly stated,because when I think of the term Prison,I don't only consider the place where people who have mistaken to society do their time,but also something U need to escape from...A Prison can be something U don't enjoy doing,like going to work in a place you resent and doing something you don't like...In this case ,the meaning is Michael's attempt,his and his groups to break out of the Company's "hands" and destroy it so they wont feel threatened by it:)
  • Prison Break is back but many things happened since we last saw it...

    I didn`t know prison break was back, only learned it yesterday on IGN. Actually I knew it was back but rather forgot. Heard the audience is not too good, hopefully many people were same as me and just forgot and will tune in.
    Anyway, Prison Break return but many things happened since we last saw it. It is great to see this show still gives so much entertainment. Sara is back and we learn it pretty quickly in the episode, after 1 minutes we already know Michael already know sara is alive and we know that some cards are very important to the company. Nice to see pad man back too, he does look that scary when he talks tho. :P All the characters somehow get together. Mahone`s life takes yet another tragic turn that promises other great William Fitchner moments. And Bellick is hilarious. He maybe a character most people hate but Wade Williams is a great actor. Of course the show is no longer really realistic (when was it ever) but I don`t care cause I still love as I am entertained every time I watch prison break. A major "hic" here is Linc`s characters, I think he has lost a lot of credibility from not knowing Sara was not dead to having a nice at the market while his brother who gave it all for him was in trouble.
    Anyway, by the end of the second hour (nice ending too) we all know the direction of the season and I like it. Of course it needs some working. The second episode was better that the first mainly because it is more driven towards the Season 4 plot.
    Glad it is back.
  • I actually liked this episode and maybe it would be a exciting season.

    Prison Break was the worst show for me. But i actually liked this episode and maybe the season. I liked the fact that they are all together and fighting the company. The fact tha Sarah lives was expected but cool. The other thing that i liked was the cards. It is nice that they have to get the 6 cards so the season is going to be interesting and with a lot action. One thing that i didn't like was that Wisler died. So if anyone read my other review should know that i changed my opinion but only for this season because the other 3 was awful for me. So yeah i actually like Prison Break now. I hope it stays that way. Feal free to post a comment if you like. Thanks!
  • I can speak up for myself: this new season 4 is painful to watch!

    Despite my previous reviews were banned by I return to share my opinion on this new season 4 of Prison Break. Is it in violation of terms to speak up and say that this new season was painful to watch and that as a fan of season 1, I wish it could be taken into account by the show. The first episode of the season 4 was a total joke, as many members reviewd before me: how is it possible to take it prison break seriously when sucre and bellick were able to escape Sona?... Hilarious how Grecthen begged for her life... How Tbag got robbed like an amateur... Total non-sense, very messy script and poor way to wipe season 3 and give the illusion that season 4 is a fresh start to the show.
  • Good start.

    Michael has trailed Gretchen/Susan, Whistler and Mahone to L.A. Chaos reigns in SONA while T-Bag, Bellick and Sucre go missing. Lincoln and L.J. continue to stay with Sofia. What can I say about this episode? I mean it was awesome, but the episode over all was just rushed. I mean it didn't really explain scenes very well. I can't believe Whistler dies. I really liked him in season three, should of at least been in the whole episode like. This episode was exciting, I mean it's been a while but think it was action packed just rushed. I hope the other episode arn't rushed like this episode.
  • Start of what may well be the last season of season 4

    We are thrown into the action right form the start in an episode that has so much, maybe even too much going on. We know where the characters are but we also see some of them die. Like I said, so much going on and the body count is on for sure. Sara is back but we all new that as it was well advertised which is good and bad. Good because I did not really want her back so am not sure I would have been too happy if the return was a shocker and a bad thing cause it ruins what could have one of the greatest shocker in history of tv.
    Anyway, excellent start.
  • Michael uncovers unbelievable news

    Michael uncovers unbelievable news in Los Angeles when he seeks revenge against Whistler and Gretchen for Sara's death. Michael and Lincoln are reunited with the gang and receive an offer from a Homeland Security Agent they cannot refuse. Mahone suffers a devastating loss, and T-Bag is deserted during his flight to freedom.
    The episode is mainly about situating each characters and what they are up too. There is a time gap between season 3 and season 4, some 1 month, so were are into the action right from the start.Some shockers (other that Sara) in there, pretty good start for a promising season.
  • Scylla

    Michael (Wentworth Miller) has tracked Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) and Whistler (Chris Vance) to Los Angeles. The pair are negotiating for "the Card", a disc of important Company data, and Whistler kills its current owner rather than pay for it. Before he and Gretchen can finish their operation, Michael arrives, planning to kill them as revenge for the death of Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). Gretchen claims that Sara is alive, but before she can say anything else, the police arrive in response to a murder committed by Whistler. Unbeknownst to Gretchen, Whistler has copied the Card, keeping the original for himself, and giving the copy to a Company representative on the way out. When the General discovers this, he orders Wyatt (Cress Williams), the Company assassin, to have Gretchen killed.

    Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is still in Panama with Sofia (Danay Garcia) and LJ (Marshall Allman) when Michael calls him. They discuss the recent events in Sona: the prisoners rioted, burning the place down and allowing T-Bag (Robert Knepper), Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) and Bellick (Wade Williams) to escape. Michael also asks about how sure Lincoln is that Sara is dead. After the conversation, Michael is contacted by Mahone (William Fichtner) and Whistler, who are secretly working with Homeland Security to destroy the Company. Key to this plan is the Card, codenamed "Scylla", which contains information on all the Company's agents and operations, but can only be decoded from within an unknown facility. Whistler again hints that Sara is still alive when Wyatt arrives and attacks them, killing Whistler and retrieving the original copy of Scylla. To learn the truth, Michael travels to Chicago and contacts Sara's friend Bruce Bennett to find out for sure whether Sara is still alive, but gets caught by the police. Meanwhile, Lincoln, Sofia and LJ are attacked by a Company agent. Lincoln kills the assassin in a fight, and gets arrested by the Panamanian police. Mahone returns to the home of his wife and son, only to discover that Wyatt has already murdered them. Since he is still wanted in the United States, Mahone is immediately arrested as well.

    Michael and Lincoln are reunited in custody by Agent Donald Self (Michael Rapaport). Self is the Homeland Security agent who was working not only with Whistler, but with Aldo Burrows, in order to take down the Company. Unable to trust people within the government, Self arranges to have Michael and Lincoln be part of an unofficial, off-the-books operation to recover Scylla from the Company, with their freedom guaranteed when it's all over. The brothers refuse the offer. Bruce pays their bail, and when they're released, he reunites Michael with Sara, who has been hiding out from the Company in Chicago after being tortured by Gretchen. When Wyatt attacks the group at their supposedly-secret hideout, Michael, Lincoln and Sara decide to join Self's team, believing that they can only be safe once the Company is destroyed. Also drafted into the team is Mahone, Bellick and Sucre - who were captured while trying to visit Sucre's baby girl.

    In a subplot, T-Bag is making his way from Panama to the United States, looking for Michael in order to get his revenge. He tries to get to San Diego, following direction written in Whistler's bird book (which, unbeknownst to him, contains information on where to decode Scylla), but his drivers steal T-Bag's money and abandon him in the desert with their overweight companion.
  • Proof that the the writers strike ruin the potential of season 3.

    I see that many people hate this episode or love it. I think that maybe too many things were going too fast for some. Well I think this episode is the proof that the the writers strike ruin the potential of season 3. This episode literally contains what would have been featured in the last 9 episodes of season 3 had it not been reduced because of the strike. I give credit to the writers to patch up everything that quickly and move on with the season 4 plot. Of course Sara`s return is quick, very quick actually but here again I happy all was patched up in 1 episode. The next episode exposes the plot and it is refreshing.
  • A seemingly desperate attempt to try and create a reason to make a 4th season of this show, this episode is a jumbled mess, characters all over the place with way too much going on.

    First off, I am a massive Prison Break fan, I loved the first 3 seasons, and my anticipations were high for the 4th season to begin.
    After watching the first 2 episodes, my anticipation turned into regret because I wish I had never watched these first 2 episodes of season 4 as they cannot be compared in any way to any episodes of the first 3 seasons.

    The first episode deals with bringing the characters together to form the new group to take down the company, the manner in which this is done is totally obsurd!
    The events take place about a month after the season 3 finale: we have Michael who has finally tracked down and is about to kill Gretchen (the person he believes killed Sarah), Lincoln is settled down with LJ and Sofia, Sucre is visiting his son and has teamed up with Bellick and finally T-Bag is busy eating people in the middle of the desert.

    The way in which this is handled basically totally negates the reason for the 3rd season to have even existed, they have all conveniently escaped from the burnt down prison with no reasons as to why or how each escapee ended up in their current location.
    Whistler, the man they worked so hard to break out gets shot in the head within the first few moments, this character had so many unanswered questions surrounding him which I feel will never get responses.

    Once together the gang is set up with the task of bringing down the company, secretly working with the government.

    I think having a group of people consisting of the most wanted faces in a america only a couple of months prior to the events might mean that they are easily recoginsed! Therefore working undercover could prove a little bit of a problem...

    To summarise, I wasn't too happy with the first 2 episodes, everything seemed so rushed and unplanned. Sarah's reintroduction was incredibly weak.

    Fingers crossed that episode 3 recovers what little dignity this show has left.
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