Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on FOX

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  • I don't think Prison Break should be in the "Action/Adventure" or "Drama" categories anymore. It should be on "Comedy" category.

    Every single minute of this episode was pure crap (oxymoron, anyone?) I haven't seen such bad writing in any of the previous 3 seasons, nor in another TV series I ever watched. All the tough guys acted so stupid, as if they aren't trained pros. You're best damn paid agent and you just take the backpack, without checking what's inside? And you're so naive and surprised to see a book instead of Scylla with all the "convicts" journey through the streets of LA? All the nasty Asian killers were so easy to gun down? And Gretchen is so damn bad with the M5? With all her training? And she was afraid of the FBI agent armed with a hand gun, so she left the building? I will stop here. Writers should return the wages they earned for this particular episode.

    But hey, maybe not - I enjoyed this comedy allot. Now they may have to take Michael to "Scrubs" for a brain surgery?
  • There is no doubt, this was by far, the best episode that this season could deliver, it had everything that was necessary to create a superb episode, almost perfect. This episode only sin was not to end it all.

    Finally, after so many setups and wasting time with filler, the payoff gained form. All the scenes in this episode were almost perfect. Let´s begin with T-bag and his bad luck. What Gretchen did was interesting, holding everyone in Gate has hostage, than the way the situation solved was nice. I liked the fact that she was trying to get rid of T-bag, wasn´t expecting that T-bag would be arrested. But then, T-bag finds himself in a worse situation, it feels like so many happened.

    Speaking of Michael, the beginning was excellent, the way he handled the General, even the dialogues were perfect. Than the twist was nice too, because the General we finally learn where the other General daughter was, Sara really played an important role here. The situation was so impossible that this Michael plan worked perfectly. This connects with Self scenes, where in the beginning he didn´t want to kill the Scylla buyer, which was strange, but not enough to suspect anything. The situation in the airport was another great scenes, where Michael proved that he anticipated all, really nice stuff.

    Then, Self is with Scylla, T-bag is arrested, the General don´t know what to do, and Michael and Co received the papers they needed to officially release then from charges and everything seemed nice and was perfect to end it that way, but unfortunately, the twist was big and not the plot will go to another direction.

    In my opinion, this episode was perfect to end it all.

    It is not necessary to say that was impossible to find any filler, the progress made was great and there weren´t any plot holes that can be easily noticed. The tension was the best of this season, the drama played nice, the twist was big and this is way the end was one of the best. From the beginning to the end, a almost perfect episode, the only thing I didn´t like here is that was a perfect opportunity to end Prison Break.

    Presentation Phase - » (10/10),
    Complication Phase - » (10/10),
    Climax Phase - » (10/10),
    Ending - » (10/10),
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10),
    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10),
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10),
    Suspense/Tension - » (10/10),
    Drama - » (9/10),
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (10/10).

    There is no doubt, this was by far, the best episode that this season could deliver, it had everything that was necessary to create a superb episode, almost perfect. This episode only sin was not to end it all.
  • Don Self screws the team over and takes off with Scylla.

    The episodes have been good up to this point, until this one. Don Self is a leader of a team of guys who help to take down a company and retrieve a vital piece of hardware. Self turned out to be just another bad guy. I always had a fishy feeling about Don Self. Here was a man that was suddenly introduced at the season beginning with little to no character development. I was never too sure of him and really never got to know him. Don's betrayal was anything but surprising. But the worst part of the whole thing was that a person like Michael and the rest of the team could fall for something like this. Each individual of this team has been on the run since S1. You'd think they would have learned to trust no-one. Michael, in particular, is supposed to be a person of high intelligence and someone who least trusts anybody. He's able to successfully engineer two prison escapes, yet this same guy doesn't even bother looking inside the envelop? This is unlike S2, when Mike & Linc waited for the presidential pardon that never came. The producers did that one much better. I fell for it myself.
  • And it was all going so well, too…

    And it was all going so well, too… Kalinda Vazquez's 'Selfless' is, for the most part, a thoroughly enjoyable episode. The decision to parallel Michael's apprehension of the General with Sara's bathroom abduction of his daughter works sublimely on both a character level, demonstrating just how far from their original personas the two have come, and a dramatic one, as the two strands feed off one another and therefore intensify the already substantially heightened level of tension. There's some absolutely cracking dialogue here too; when presented with the opportunity to have the two heavyweights locked in a room together, the writing staff truly do not disappoint. And how about the look on the General's face when Michael pulls out all the Scylla cards, eh? Marvellous. It's just a damn shame they had to go and ruin it all with that last, truly, truly awful minute and a half. Look, I realise that a reboot was needed if the season was to continue. But did Self really have to swerve? Yet another freaking corrupted government agent? In my review of the season opener, in which the character actually states that "not everyone in the government is corrupt, some of us actually want to get the bad guys" (or words to that effect), I said that if they turned him, that'd be the last straw, the end of my association with the show. And while that really was my inner drama queen bounding straight out of the closet, I reserve the right to be thoroughly miserable about it for the rest of the season. I mean God, I liked Don Self. His character was refreshing in his straightforward, no frills drive to actually, you know, do good. That little thing that cops are supposed to do. Having yet another law enforcement representative switch sides is just tiresome and reeks of what it is: a bunch of writers having written themselves into a corner, desperately hunting for something to get them out and hitting upon the first convenient thing, rather than, you know, actually thinking about it for a bit and coming up with something creative. Meh. Spoiled the whole episode for me, that did and I'm sure it's going to ruin the rest of the season unless they do him off in the next couple of weeks. Excellent 'til 39:47, hugely disappointing after that. Two full points off the score.
  • Againsh the general

    It was the greatest episode of the fourth season until episode 16. The Scenes where:Sara was with Lisa and she threatend her. When we found out that Lisa is General's daughter. When Lincoln got nervous when General refered his mother's and father's names. And especially when Self killed off Trishanne.Poor girl...She's an agent at all.It was really adventurous episode. It reminded me Season 2 episodes when the escapes were running for their lives. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .
  • Wow!

    This is Prison Break at its best! A lot of people have been talking about how the show has decreased in quality, but I just happen to think that season 4 has been quite good - just not as good as seasons 1 and 2, but still. This episode was, if not the best, one of the best so far this year. Sara, for once, was really good in all of her scenes. Even with all the drama surrounding Michael's illness, he managed to be his awesome self. Speaking of which, Michael Rapaport has done a pretty decent job over the past few episodes and he certainly peaked with this one. Self, you bastard!

    So, with all of that action, suspense and even huge twists and turns, there's no way this episode could have sucked. Good job, guys!
  • This was yet another superb episode of Prison Break with a shocking plot twist at the end of the episode. (Spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode of Prison Break, mainly because it was suspenseful and the good guys were finally winning for once...until the end that is. This episode is called Selfless for a reason, and, as every Prison Break fan probably knows by now, Agent Self has betrayed the team which is the shocking plot twist at the end of the episode. I enjoyed the scenes when Lincoln, Michael, Sucre, and Mahone were talking with The General, mainly because you got to see everyone's reaction to talking to the man who had caused them so much misery and pain. Again, great acting by everyone here. I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode, because this season just keeps getting better and better. Overall I give this episode, Selfless, a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Awesome!

    What? I have to say it again what? They got me good this time, was just about to resign to the fact that this time they got it right and it was all coming down to what they really worked for. The episode was packed with the full suspense and towards the end there was an easy calm that I laid off, put a smile on my face and was thinking at last all the hard work has paid off. Shock on me! Hence the thorough surprise that it was Self all this time. Rarely do I see Scofield out thought but I keep finding myself wondering what is he going to now? Top of the shelf. Absolutely top of the shelf!
  • wow what a turn around for the show again...they just can't win can they.

    This is exactly why I watch this show I was on the edge of my seat for the whole entire episode. I was afraid to move even on commercial because I was afraid to miss any of it. This was a crazy and great episode with how everything was switching up right till the very end. One of my favorite parts of the episode is when they Linc and Michael are at the airport and the company gets the backpack from michael and then all of the sudden here comes the police and pull them away and when they are in the room and he pulls out the book, haha joke was on them. Michael is the best!!
  • The last five minutes were unbearable!

    You knew something was going to go wrong as the season arc was over with 5 minutes to spare! The whole episode was nerve-wracking from start to finish which ranks it on par IMO with Season 3's 'Photo Finish', 'Hell or High Water', Season 2's 'Disconnect' and Season 1's 'Riots...' & 'Go'.

    A fast-paced eppy that made me feel a bit sorry for the General and angry at Self. The ttle was a big give away when I heard that one of the A-Teamers was going rogue! Self-less, get it anyone?? What next for our favourite team? And I cant help but wonder why they didnt use this ep as a fall finale. Lets hope Dec 22nd episode tops this one!
  • Oh MY GOD!!! poor Micheal and his crew!!

    things turn up ugly at the end of the episode, but let me say it was the best episode so far.
    I mean how actions turned in this episode was awesome.
    Micheal seams to be so smart when he were waiting for the general to take his sixth card to be able to open the device and take Scylla from it, and i was shocked when that check was the general daughter damn that was shocking.
    i admire the writer of this episode, how the events turned the show upside down, now the bad guy seams to be Self!!! that was shocking. i mean i was expecting something to happen now with Scylla with them, and the show can just end that easy, Self was planning for this from the beginning and he wanted Scylla for him self!!!
    i can't wait to see what things are about to happened now, i just feel sad for Micheal and his crew.
  • A great twist at the end.

    Michael and Padman come face to face with Michael needing his card for the puzzle in Scylla. The escape from the Company headquarters was perfectly played Sara's kidnapping of the General's daughter was well-timed and watching Michael and friends walk right out of the building despite being surrounded by armed guards was extremely satisfying. The big twist came at the end when Don Self took for Scylla for himself and selling out the gang. It was completely unexpected, T-Bag seemed like he wasn't too keen on going through with Gretchen's plans. T-Bag was trying to turn over a new leaf. Now that he's witnessed Self killing the undercover agent could he be the Self's next target?
  • Yay, they did it!! Wait..

    The episode was very well written. The idea of getting a hostage to get out of the building was clever. It was pretty intense with T-Bag blowing off his cover but I liked they used the young agent here.
    She had a lot of screen time, saved the people in the office and even arrested T-Bag later on.

    But I knew something was gonna happen. Usually, the ending happens huh... in the end!! lol
    I mean, the conclusion of plot happens in the last episode or one before that. But we are at like episode 12, right? They got the cards pretty fast. It was kinda obvious that some plot twist would take place.. maybe someone stealing Syla and they trying to find it afterwards.. new set up, new allies.. season 5 theme..

    Self!! You bastard!! He used the team to get Syla and killed the hot redhead :(
    I was really surprised there. Well done.
  • Nail biting

    Talk about a ride. This episode had everything, not a single boring moment, just action and nail biting moments. This is why I love this show,because of such episode, keeping you at the edge you seat.
    Of course, we did get a little break from the action for some minutes as everybody thought it was mission accomplished and freedom was archived but hey, it would be Prison Break there was no twist in the end. The twist is a major shock, Don Self, they man who made the operation possible, turn of the team, kills his colleague and keeps Scylla for himself.What will happen when the likes of Linchon or Mahone get their hand on him? I cannot wait.
  • Very good episode over a long time.

    I was thinking that Prison Break goes down but this episode was really good comeback. It was reminds me why i watching that show. Only two episodes left in this season and i cant wait them. It was very very painful to watch it. The end was sad. They was really thought that this is over but, self was showing his real face. But this is a Prison Break. Hard turns. I was like that even General didn't know what to do next. Hope that Micheal goes okay. Maybe this season ends and he dies? Hope no. Very good job Prison Break team.
  • Everything comes full circle, or does it?

    Last week, the gang left us with a huge cliffhanger as the General found out they had Scylla. This episode was all about action, suspense, twists and was nail bitting and left me on the edge of my seat from start to end..typical Prison Break stuffs.
    The long awaited confrontation between the General and the gang did not dissapoint. A good part of the episode was actually about the General getting owned big time and it was great. There were some good interations with the General trying to manipulate the gang. Total lockdown in the company`s headquarter build up big suspense and Scofield did it again.
    Even Sara was ok this time around. It was nice to see Graham McTavish as the company`s hitman...I hope they keep him...comapny needs a relevant hitman. Fun thing his character ot fooled at the airport with "All's Well That Ends Well" book in Scofield's bag tho.
    Meanwhile Gretchen did not go the soft way with the hostages, although she is not very good with a Machine gun, but there`s nothing more bizarre than T-Bag with a gun, I prefer him with Screwdrivers. :) Speaking of whom, since last episode, it looks like T-Bag is rethinking his plans and wants to get away from the mess. So which direction will he take?
    On the the final scene. Of course most people realise the happy ending thing was total BS, there are still some episodes left here. Self betrays the gang. Was it predictible? Well to some extend yes. I didn`t pay attention to the episode title but the moment he went to meet Trishanne..well it was clear the would turn on them. Trishane dies (**Cries**). I liked her, Shannon Lucio is hot and the character was ...well interesting. But it was obvious she`d die soon the moment it was revealed she was working with Self. As for the latter`s betrayal, it makes sense. There no real character development on him..there was very little revealed, maybe only his Wife`s death. Besides, the good cop fighting all alone since 5 years thing...a little too convinient. The things takes a new direction as Prison break gets more and more exicting. The blank papers in the end was a nice was way to put it...they are screwed once again. Self has the law on his side..they will be on the run again. T-Bag will probably get a deal out of the situation. Bring on the next one.
  • The gang has finally got Scylla!! Self is a b*tch!

    Prison Break is best to its very best. Selfless was the best episode of this season. I will probably be in the top 3 episodes of all time. This episode was magic!

    They finally have Scylla. I loved the expressions on generals face. When Michael said "frustration must be killing you" to the general, that part was pure gold. And then Michael as always had a plan, and took Scylla and went through the companies headquarters. I loved the part when the gang was walking through the headquarters, and all the guards were walking behind them not being able to do a thing. It was also good to see that they remembered all the people that had died.

    I feel bad for T-Bag. He would have been a good Cole Phiefer. But now he is again on the loose end. I expected Selfs betrayal. I can't believe that Michael didn't see it coming. I can't wait for them to catch Self, I especially can't wait for Mahone to get his hands on him.

    All in all, an amazing episode. One of the best ever. Can't wait till the next one!
  • Turnabout is fair play

    Someone needs to tell the FOX promotion department that telling the audience that the last five minutes will be "shocking" is far less effective when the title of the episode is already too suggestive. It doesn't take much to figure out that either Agent Self will be killed or circumstances will force the Escape Squad to lose his protection. Thankfully, it was a little more complicated than a simple killing.

    The episode, in my opinion, was a massive example of irony. We have Michael pulling off one of his best (and most brutal) gambits yet, getting one over on the General without missing a beat, only to be completely outplayed by Agent Self on the cusp of total and final victory. Now, not only is Scylla still out there, but the Escape Squad will have the Company and Homeland Security breathing down their necks.

    It's a great plot twist, because it's so damned infuriating. There was no chance that the war against the Company would be won this early in the season, but this really puts Michael and the gang behind the eight ball. Michael in particular has the most pressing situation. His chance to resolve his medical situation has all but disappeared.

    All of which happens at the same time that T-Bag finds his chance at legitimacy dashed against the rocks. Granted, who would be stupid enough to leave automatic weapons hiding in plain sight, when they're already sitting within reach in that nice little bag? And one would think that they would come up with a story before someone came in and asked a few basic questions. But the writers did give T-Bag that moment of regret, where he was left to wonder what might have been.

    One thing I definitely like is everyone's self awareness about themselves, individually and as a group. The task of retrieving Scylla gave them a reason and a desire to overcome differences and see the best in each other. It also gave them time to recognize what the past several months has done to change them. Michael accepts the darker side of Sara, because he too has lost much of his early innocence. Would the Michael at Fox River even recognize the Michael now on the run?

    Definitely the perfect way to start off the second half of the season, and as anticipated, it should serve as the beginning of the end. One way or another, Michael is being forced to find a way to bring this to a close, once and for all. The question is whether or not he'll live to see that end.
  • Awful.

    ***Spoilers Below***

    Jesus christ, this episode was terrible. Everyone knew that they'd pull some kind of betrayal twist at the end, but for god's sake, Don Self? And the way that he did it? If Michael's really as smart as he's been portrayed, thinking three steps ahead of everyone else, then how did he fall for that lame trick?

    This was bad enough that I'm seriously considering not even bothering watching any new episodes. However, I just read that Prison Break might be ending this season. If so, I'll watch it til the end just to get some closure. If not, I think I'm done.
  • Come on guys, how's about thinking up some intelligent plot twists.

    Seriously gutted with the lack of imagination in this episode.

    It started off so well after last weeks huge cliff hanger. Then they ran through the first meeting of the boys and the company. All well and good so far. Even Sarah did a little more than her usual moaning.

    After that though, they seemed to go over board, cracking on about how it was all over and how they'd never have to worry. But seen as we all know this isn't the series finale, something had to go wrong.

    I was kind of hoping for some intellectual battle of wits between micheal and the general, but instead, the writers opted to go for turning a good guy bad.

    I'm sure they'll have a great plot idea and it'll get back to its best again, but this episode just didn't really do it for me.
  • its such a shame to see this show nearing its end but god damn is this exciting or what???

    Prison break season 4 has been almost as creative and clever as seasons 1 and 2 which is quite the statement because in my eyes, they were some of the best episodes of any show to ever grace television. In this episode we see just how clever the team is by the well planned thing they do to the general including taking his daughter lisa hostage until he releases the team. We also see that Self is just like all of the other scumbags that have been on this show that want nothing but the money and will do anything to obtain it. I love prison break and cannot wait to see someone beat down Self.
  • Best episode of this season so far(easily)

    It was such a nice episode that i got on the edge of my seat biting my nails for whats gonna happen the next moment.....really you couldn't guessed a single moment of this episode about whats happening next...This episode shows us some classic ingenuity of Michael....some good acting by General(suck it)...and some good performance by Sarah....oh i failed to mention one name Thrishanne (the secretary of Gate),she showed us some brilliant skills of her....but i was kind of sad seeing her being shot dead by Self....and my GOD agent Self betrayed them now....i am thinking now Will Our Heroes Ever Get Some Freedom.....well once gain an awesome episode.....i didn't like the ending though.....the next episode will be good too.....10/10
  • Well, the finale of an arc anyway.

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat. After 4 years (to us, it's less than 6 months in Prison Break time) the company is finally beaten. You just new something was going to go horribly wrong when everyone was celebrating already.

    What did surprise me though is that the company was actually beaten. I didn't expect that, and I don't expect then to just bend over and take it.

    I always thought Self was a bit too much of an idealist to be real, and the name "Don Self", come on. Though I was surprised to see him reveal his true colours like that at the end.

    I'm looking forward to monday's episode. This show has changed from what it was on season 1, it's definitely not the same anymore, but different isn't necessarily bad.
  • Amazing

    How good was that? Prison Break just did it again. Maybe season 4 has peaked ir maybe not. But that was quality TV, great action sequences and a huge twist in the end.
    Self! Didn`t see that one coming but that`s what`s great with Prison Break, you see nothing coming. Now what happens now? Is his only motive Money? He could be the only way out for T-Bag.
    The confrontation between the General and the team was great, long time in the making. It did not disappoint and we had some good dialogues here. Gretchen unleashing hell was great too, I can`t believe she tried to kill T-Bag. So much for their rumored love story.
    Overall, it was amazing. Hopefully, Season 4 hasn`t just peaked yet.
  • That. Just. Happened.

    This actually would have been a good series finale for me, minus the Self betrayal at the end. All you would have had to happen is show the company falling via the general getting arrested, show Michael and Sara together, LJ and Lincoln together, Sucre with his family, and then Mahone go back to Pam and start another life. They had it. Right here. They had the ability to end the series and have just about everyone be happy. Enter Television. Wow, what an amazing episode from Prison Break. Best Ever? I think so. This episode was the climax of the drama between our guys and the company and it looks like Self was in on it all along. I don't think Self works for company, but there is some other motive there that drives him. If he wanted in the company he could have gotten in a few episodes back. I think he wants to be "The General" in a sense. He wants that power which is why he needed Scylla. I'm not sure how much, if anything, that he knows about Scylla but the next episodes should be interesting. T-Bag always gets put in the best situations. First in Sona and now in the fourth season Self seems to have just dropped himself onto his lap. I didn't think that the reveal was "forced" or "unreal", I think a lot of that matters on how they tell the story afterwards. What drove Self to do this? They gave us a little history of his wife and daughter being killed, but is that why he ultimately went bad? They need to make sure they tie all of this up in the next couple of episodes. They have just had an amazing 12 episode run and episode 13 will be the start of a whole new storyarch, so we will see where it goes from here.
  • Prison Break Rules.

    This was the best episode of the entire prison break series. The confrontation micheal has with the general was just mind blowing. The plot was very well written for this episode. Sarah's aggresiveness was fun to watch coz coming from her it was totally unexpected. You just cant help and be amazed at how micheal's brain works and how he gets away with it. Its also fun to watch T-Bag get screwed everytime. Paul T. Scheuring take a bow. I was hoping the episode would never end and when it did i was screaming for more. This show is the best.
  • What can I say?!?

    Exactly Why I Watch The Series
    This is getting a bit old but I have to say it again, it was the best episode of the season. It really reminds me of the suspense in season 1 and with such quality episodes, this season can top it.

    I was sad that girl died, don't remember her name, except from hot I liked her character but I don't liked that she worked with Self. The title was simply amazing, I actually didn't get it before I saw the episode, but then I realized what it meant.

    I am wondering what will T-bag do, after Cole is gone he has no reason for him to want Scylla. Gretchen left, and actually I 'd love to see her with T-bag, you know evil couple!Overall I give this episode 10 out of 10
  • Suck it, General

    Let me state that I love this season now. The first 5 or so episodes were simply bad, but ever since then, since the show dropped the "1 card per week" storyline, it's been better than S2 & S3 combined! S1 level easily.

    It was, simply, genious. Exciting, suspensful, nerve wracking, full of twists, characterization, brilliant dialouge, mystery, and the ending... While the Title "Selfless" is a dead giveaway, it was still played nicely.

    One thing I pity is that Shannon Lucio's character was killed :( I agree, she was not only cute, but extremely cool, especially when she was gunning Gretchen and T-Bag.

    To cut to the chase: this was the best episode of the season, classic season 1 prison break, nothing on TV matches the suspense of this show. Thank you, crew & cast.
  • Out of all the season of Prison Break, and all the episodes that I have ever freaked out on, this one had to be the best. I mean, I didn't see the twist until it was to late!!

    To think...the man I thought who was actually going to end all the pain for everyone, turned his back and was stabbing and laughing at them all the WHOLE TIME!! All the hard work...all the people dieing. And for what, to have there back stabbed. I feel so bad for Michael, ALL OF THEM! And now poor T-Bag. To tell you the truth, I can't think of any words to say to describe how angry and shocked I am, I mean, as soon as Sylla was handed over, I instantly thought, "What if Self is one of them!?" By the time I figured it out, too late!! But, strangely. This is one of my favorite episodes of all the seasons.

    Prison Break are geniouses.
  • I loved this episode. But WHY, WHY did Shannon Lucio have to die, just like what the above review said. WHY. shes so hot and cool and pretty. I find her character more interesting than Sarah's character. She's also so cool.

    I loved this episode. But WHY, WHY did Shannon Lucio have to die, just like what the above review said. WHY. shes so hot and cool and pretty. I find her character more interesting than Sarah's character. She's also so cool. I'm hoping that she survives. because it just shows her getting 1 shot in her abdomonom, and she fell. I'm begging that next episode, when Self leaves, she calls the cops and she is brought to the hospital and she survives. But I don't think this will happen cuz there isn't any need of her character anymore, so.....sob, sob.
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