Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 3

Shut Down

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2008 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Michael attempts to track the cardholder and avoid going back to prison.
Wyatt finds new information regarding Sara's whereabouts.
T-Bag uses a new identity to make a new life for himself.

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  • bad writing, lots of plot mistakes. (SPOILER ALERT)

    Have anyone noticed that T-Bag first shaved his beard, then was drinking wine and singing in the shower with a full beard, and then he has been shaved again...Okay, Michael is such a genius, he figured out where the server room is, but do you think that Link (being Michael's brother) is smart enough to figure it out too? And come on - Michael Rapaport, a special agent? War At Home - okay, Prison Break - no, thanks. Pathetic acting, absolutely out of place in these series. Great performance by William Fichtner, tho - extremely believable, without overdoing it. But somehow the whole show lost its appeal - now it looks more action/adventure game scenario - find the 6 cards/keys to open all the door in the game.moreless
  • A underated episode.

    Wyatt goes to extreme measures to find Michael and as the team tracks down the remaining five Scylla cards, a coded message uncovers a secret meeting. Another episode and another break in, episode three is much more entertaining than the premiere, the whole episode was exciting. The scene where Michael and Roland are trapped in the room with no oxygen was cool. I dont like the new character Wyatt he is no Kellerman and the scenes with Bruce were dull. The scene were T-Bag is singing in the shower was hilarious but again his storyline has started off really slow. Lincoln is still acting like a jerk and mostly to Roland which is annoying. Lincoln has redeemed himself slightley after all his jerk dialogue by starting to forgive and pity Mahone.moreless
  • This episode continues to show that can deliver interesting episodes with scenes filled with tension.

    Ok, six cards, that is realistic, but if the writers would only have 9 episode of season 3 to writer, this could be considered pure filler, just to fill episodes. The existence of six cards allow the writers to explore more Michael skills and some Drama to Mahone and Sara.

    Let´s talk about the most boring scenes. Bruce scenes was pure filler, irrelevant to the main plot, but even if it was, they could make one scenes only.

    The Best scenes was Mahone, very touching and Sad, the last scene was heartbreaking, I couldn´t believe Lincoln attitude, just excellent.

    As you can guess, T-bag scenes in it majority, worked as filler, nothing really special.

    The main event was more interesting, because the writers utilized one technique that I like – all can end today – but this time I thought that could be better managed. In prison the situation can work better, but with a little freedom, you can guess the ending. The tension was good and you have suspense, we had little progress in the main plot.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10). Interesting, another situation that could end all.

    Complication Phase - » (9/10). Finding something where you don´t know where to look can be difficult.

    Climax Phase - » (9/10). Everyone being caught and only Michael saved the day, not bad. The running was nice.

    Ending - » (10/10). A unique and a spectacular and emotional ending that I will never forget.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (8/10). Little progress, at least they known who have the remaining cards.

    Time and Scene Management - » (8/10). T-bag scenes with Bruce scenes seemed to irrelevant, could be handled with only one scenes. The rest is fine

    Plot Details/Holes- » (9/10). It is strange how Michael escape from that building or how Lincoln entered without anybody noticing him, but was for the sake of the plot.

    Suspense/Tension - » (9/10)*2. There were scenes filled with tension.

    Drama - » (10/10). Mahone played an spectacular performance, mainly the last scene.

    This episode continues to show that can deliver interesting episodes with scenes filled with tension.moreless
  • Another good one

    Michael makes a promise that he may not be able to keep, that he will find the rest of the cards (all 5 of them). Alex makes a phone call to one of his old co-workers, to ask her to get something to him. Lincoln over hears him and learns that they have killed his son. Sara learns that they have until the end of the day to find one of the other cards or they will all go back to prison. Alex's co-worker (Lang) manages to get the information he needed and drops it off where he asked. The team manage to get a server to get information on the cards, Sara gets made. She manages to escape with help from Michael. The team get what they need. The server room which Michael and another member of the team are stuck in. Michael reveals that the room will suck all of the oxygen out of the room as a failsafe against fire. Michael had set of the fire alarm to save Sara.

    Lincoln shows up and mages to save the day, just in the nick of time. The team learn that they have to run, as they are being shut down. So they make a run for it and just manage to escape, but only be the skin of their teeth. The team realise where the meeting is taking place and head there. T Bag (who is still posing as James) arranges a meeting with Gate for the following day. Part of the team get captured, but Michael manages to escape from them. Alex, Lincoln and Sara are all arrested. Michael makes it to the meeting and Sara is set free. Michael goes back and tells them that they know the identity of the 6 card holders (he videotaped the meeting). So with evidence all of the team are let go. Wyatt gets the information that he needed from Bruce and kills him. Alex gets his envelope filled with information. We learn that only his son was killed and not his ex-wife. She was told to tell him that if he doesn't hand himself in she is next.moreless
  • Better.

    Michael attempts to track the cardholder and avoid going back to prison. Wyatt finds new information regarding Sara's whereabouts. T-Bag uses a new identity to make a new life for himself. What can I say about this episode? It was so much better than last weeks two hour special episodes. I really enjoyed it. Obviously the best episode in season four so far, if the episode keep getting better and better each week I will be extremely happy with Prison Break. I loved this episode. I'm so worried about Michael, in my opion I think he is going to die, but I really hope not. Oh and I felt so sorry for Mahone, glad Linc said he will hepl him out after everything is over. I was nearly crying when he shook hands with Linc. Well can't wait for next weeks episode. Bring it on.moreless
Kendall Clement

Kendall Clement


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Kevin Will

Kevin Will

Security Guard

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Eric Payne

Eric Payne

Agent #1

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Cress Williams

Cress Williams


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Leon Russom

Leon Russom

General Jonathan Kranz

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Barbara Eve Harris

Barbara Eve Harris

Agent Felicia Lang

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Self: (to Michael) The next time you run from me? I'm not going to be chasing you down in a car. It's going to be with a bullet in your back.

    • Roland: (to Lincoln) I've even tried a backdoor entry. You were in prison, I'm sure you were familiar with that one.

    • Michael: (to Self) What did you get us into? You figured you'd get us on the hook so we could find out for ourselves how screwed this all was!

    • Bellick: I'm talking about finding the card! I'm talking about finding six cards! And I'm talking about whether we actually have a snowball's chance in Haiti of doing this deed!

    • Roland: Not every geek with a Commodore 64 can hack into NASA. I mean, these servers have more firewalls than the devil's bedroom. You want those e-mails, I'm sorry, they're on a main server in Anaheim.

    • Mahone: When the government gets scared, they tend to cut the cord. Did Self talk about shutting us down?

    • Michael: If you open your mouth, I expect you to offer a solution. I'm not going to say it again.

    • Self: (to his superior) Scofield got us a card within twenty-four hours of being dropped in Los Angeles. He knows what he's doing. I'm willing to take the risk and do my job here. I don't understand why you aren't.

    • Roland: Listen, man, when I steal, I do it from home, in my boxers, eating a bowl of Crispy Crunch. No chance of being seen, no chance of being caught.

    • Michael: Self said we have until the end of the day to find the next cardholder.

    • Roland: Self told me to stay here and make with the clickity-clack on the keyboard. I'm not going nowhere.
      Lincoln: Yeah, you are.

    • Bellick: Tank's full, gas pedal's on the right, I say we get the hell outta Dodge right now!

    • Wyatt: Picnic's over, Bruce. (shoots Bruce in the head)

    • Michael: The answers are here. They have to be. If I can just find them, we might have a chance.

    • Mahone: If you were having a secret meeting, you wouldn't send the when and the where together. You'd send them separately, as a precaution.

    • Michael: (to Sara) Someday soon, we're gonna drop that lifeboat of yours in the water and disappear forever.

    • Michael: (answering cell phone) Yes.
      Self: You're in Anaheim, Michael? This is a strange time to be taking a trip to Disney. Listen to me, I promise you if you're trying to run...
      Michael: I'm trying to get you another card.
      Self: From where, Tomorrowland?

    • Sucre: (talking to Bellick) You listen to me! There's only one thing I'm thinking about. She weighs seven pounds, has her mother's eyes and my heart in the palm of her tiny hands, so if I have to find one card or six cards or six million cards, I'm going to do whatever it takes, cause I only got to hold my baby girl for ten seconds and that wasn't nearly long enough.

    • T-Bag (Picking movies): The Knobbit, Add Momma to the Train, Amateur Screen Tests #9... And we have a winner!

    • Self: Michael, we're running out of time.
      Michael: Then stop wasting mine.

    • Michael: It wasn't a meeting between two Scylla card owners Agent Self, it was a meeting between all six card owners. So now we know who holds the other five cards and that should mean something even to somebody whose word means nothing.

    • Stuart: Strange place for a meeting. A little cloak and dagger, don't you think?
      Pad Man: Belts and suspenders, Stuart, belts and suspender.
      Stuart: Why Laos?
      Pad Man: A doctor doesn't perform his first dissection on a human cadaver. First he learns on a frog, then a pig, then one day, a human. Laos is our frog, perhaps Chad will be our pig, after that, anything we want can be our cadaver.

    • Director: (to Self) I've been in homeland security since before you even had a name, since before you ever had a single short and curly.

    • (Bruce is tied to a chair)
      Wyatt: I know that you bailed out Scofield and Burrows and I know they aren't in a super max in Texas. But you know where they are, don't you Bruce?
      Bruce: You don't want any more trouble than you're already in.
      Wyatt: (holding a syringe) I'm not the one in trouble. Let me help you relax.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      UK: September 9, 2008 on Sky One
      Latin America: October 14, 2008 on FX
      Belgium: October 19, 2008 on 2BE
      Australia: October 23, 2008 on Channel 7/Prime
      Norway: October 23, 2008 on TV3
      Sweden: November 3, 2008 on TV3
      Netherlands: December 16, 2008 on RTL5
      Spain: January 26, 2009 on FOX TV Spain
      Germany: April 16, 2009 on RTL
      Poland: September 20, 2009 on Polsat
      Finland: December 8, 2009 on MTV3
      Slovakia: July 23, 2010 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: July 28, 2012 on FANDA

    • Though credited, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe does not appear in this episode.