Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on FOX
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Michael tries to save his brother and himself from the unstoppable Mahone. Kellerman's testimony at Sara's trial proves different from what was expected. Sucre puts everything on the line to save Maricruz. Just like old times, T-Bag and Bellick are at it again.

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  • Season 2 recap

    This season clearly showed that prison break was never thought out for more than some episodes of first season. They never prepared for the long run, instead they ensconced themselves in short run spectacles, where the story changes by spectacular actions very frequently. In wake of these decisions the show lost in my eyes part of its integrity and believability of this whole world that creators wanted to show us. Trust me, even in fantasy, when theres a storyline, that is outside of the logic of the world, it has serious quality consequences. The problems of season 2 were these kind of problems, where actions are often made just for the spectacle effect instead of story effect, where supposedly smart people are doing dumb things just to prolong the spectacle of the action and where everything seems so short term thought. Almost everything happened in s2, because there was so much of things - so many place changes, so many character changes, so many situation turnarounds and yet it still feels so simple, without a pinch of complexity, without the story substance, incredibly plain. All made for that short term shocking effect to keep the viewer invested in whats happening. But when you do things for simple purposes and when you do not trust your viewers to be intelligent, then the inevitable will happen and thats the decrease of the quality, episode by episode, season by season.

    Not to say that there were some interesting moments in this season, that actually bared some standarts, but they all have been visible and none of them did more than scratch the surface.

    The romance storyline delivers again, mostly because of the good matchcast and it shows again after s1 that Sarah Wayne Callies is the right babe for this kind of the show + it wasnt forced as much as the action aspect of the show, only a little bit.

    Yep thats pretty much it.moreless
  • Just left me with more questions!

    If there is one thing this show does to me is leave me with more questions than when I start an episode. First and foremost why would Lincoln, Michael and Sara run after shooting Chen? It does not make sense. It was self defense and it would have been very easy to prove. Why did Lincoln stop following Sara after she was questioned? If Sara was let go Lincoln would not be in trouble either. Was that Bellick laying on the ground in the prison? I think it is but it was hard to tell. I ranked this episode pretty high but a season finale should have been a bit better. The last thing that gets me is when Sara shoots Chen he falls in the water before the cops ever got there so they did not know what had happened yet, especially since Chen called them.moreless
  • Awesome.

    Kellerman's testimony frees Sara and Lincoln of their charges. Michael tries to save his brother from Mahone. Sucre searches for Bellick in order to find Maricruz, while T-Bag meets Bellick in a Panamanian jail. Awesoem episode, very, very entertraingin to watch. This episode "Sona" is very intense too. I love every minute of it, it's everything what Prison Break is, which is awesome of course. I loved the way Michael said it was him too, he is so cute with Sara. Oh and it just left me with more questions. Oh I loved the way Kellerman helped Sara out too. I love Kellerman oh and I love Prison Break!moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the season 2 final of the show prisonbreak michle meets up with sucrew and belick and they team up togeather to get to tbag who is hiding in a hotel. and so they go up after him and they tie up the guys who are falling tbag and they follow tbag up to the hotel and they coner him and it was a set up a body was hiding be hide the door and bullock is arrested and michles goes after him and stabs him in the arm and tbag and bullock are in the jail togeather and michle goes back to save his brother but thing the chinness guy goes and its a shoot out between mohone and the others and kellerman givs his testmoney and he is shot dead and sara is waiting for michle at the boat the guy got for them and mohen is on his way to prison also for the drugs michle set up and sara shoots the guy and they go on the run as michle admits to the plan and he gose to jail as sucrew is left tring to find bullec who hesees in the street chained up and michles brother is looking for sara as michle meets mohen in the same prison and the company says the plan is goint the way it should be . this was a a good finalmoreless
  • Season Finale!!!

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10). This is the final episode of this season, so Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Sara fate is decided, so what you being waiting to see since season 1 finale is here, unfortunately in form of continuation.

    Time and Scene Management - » (10/10). This is strange, but actually the producers rushed things, which makes me think what they didn´t use two episode instead of one, but ok, less filler is better.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (1/10). T-bag arms are totally fine which is strange, the writers did another strange job, Lincolns is free without going to a judgment or being present, T-bag, Michael, Bellick and Mahone are in the worst prison I ever seen and yet, they don´t have at least one judgment to prove their innocent or guilty, the Mexican police just followed the script. The worst flaw was that the cops already had seen Sara running with the gun, however, they believed in what Michael said, unbelievable.

    Drama - » (7/10). Mahone plans didn´t go so well as he planned, Sara and Michael together and he was willing to do a sacrifice.

    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10). Mahone with Michael delivered good tension, Mr. Kim appearance to kill Lincoln was too.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (8/10). The fast beginning it is a surprise.

    Beginning - » (10/10). Wow, Sara judgment is over and also Lincoln is a free man too, see, this is what I am talking about, when there is no fillers, things go pretty fast and to the point.

    Complication Phase - » (7/10). Save Lincoln, avoid being caught by the Mexican police, and keeping the money.

    Climax - » (9/10). At least, Mr. Kim delivered something.

    Ending - » (8/10). Michael in a new prison which not only seems poor but very dangerous too, even the guards avoid to enter in Sona.

    What I liked -» Mr. Kim dead. Mahone in Prison and also T-bag too.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» The Mexican police following the script. Michael in Prison, again.

    Season 2 had very little relevance/quality material to cover (the money, reunion with LJ and Sara and Escaping), so through all this season, the writers used filler material to fill every 40 minutes episodes. Compared with season 1 which had fillers mixed with material of great quality/relevance, and even the fillers was very good and explored some interesting things, which made every episode to be crucial and left a feeling that every episode was important. This season lost this magic, but at least delivered some interesting episodes. This episode is good, but as many logical flaws, because the writers didn´t know how to do better, hope that season 3 relevant/quality material mixed with fillers will make every episode seems to be important and deliver that type of tension that only season 1 could deliver.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies

Dr. Sara Tancredi

Wade Williams

Wade Williams

Captain Brad Bellick

Mark Harelick

Mark Harelick

Marty Gregg

Guest Star

Joey Thackery

Joey Thackery


Guest Star

Maritza Guerrero

Maritza Guerrero

Female Doctor

Guest Star

Reggie Lee

Reggie Lee

Bill Kim

Recurring Role

Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne

Pam Mahone

Recurring Role

Wilbur Fitzgerald

Wilbur Fitzgerald

Bruce Bennett

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Sucre is at the hospital, the doctor calls him "Sr. Gonzalez". He obviously used a fake name. However, it wasn't shown if he still used his first name, because that way he would be Fernando Gonzalez: the most famous Chilean tennis player.

    • Toward the end of the episode, Michael is shown outside of Sona getting off of the prisoner transport van in heavy rain; his sweatshirt is soaked. However, once inside Sona, his sweatshirt appears as dry as can be.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Mahone: I face more prison time than you. I sort of jumped ahead of you a few spots on the public enemy list. You're my way to freedom, Michael. And I'm yours. We both know what the other one's capable of. Come on, let's treat each other with respect here. No games, no nothing. Just two guys doing each other a favor.

    • Kim: (to Pad Man) The stars are finally aligned, sir. Mahone's got Burrows and Scofield is on his way.

    • Lincoln: I'd call her (Pam) back if I were you. Tell her to forget you were ever born, stop the cancer in your life from spreading to theirs.
      Mahone: Cancer of my life? I wouldn't be begging her to meet me in this third world dump if it weren't for you and your life.

    • Michael: Is this the part where you go back on your word?
      Mahone: No. As of now, they want you alive.

    • Pam: It can't be like it was before.
      Mahone: It will never be like it was before. I know what's important now. I know what matters.

    • Lincoln: (to Mahone) There's no way out of this, for you, or for any of us.

    • Mahone: You know how it is, good men doing bad things because of circumstance.

    • Kim: Where are we?
      Mahone: I'm in Panama. Good weather, cool breeze.
      Kim: (gritting his teeth) The brothers...where are we with the brothers?

    • Michael: So, you kill him (Kim) and frame us. Why?
      Mahone: So everyone will leave me alone!

    • Mahone: Just come be with me, Pam. Be with me.

    • Michael: Give me the gun.
      Sara: I took a man's life!
      Michael: We're gonna walk out of here together. And we'll tell them exactly what happened. (Sara covers her face and begins to sob) Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me (turns Sara's face so she's looking at him). Now, we're going to tell them what happened.
      Sara: Okay.
      Michael: We're going to explain everything. And I'm going to do whatever I can to help you, okay?
      Sara: Yeah.
      (Michael strokes the side of her face reassuringly)
      Michael: Now give me the gun.
      Sara: Here. (hands the gun to Michael, who pockets it.)

    • (In the abandoned shack)
      Michael: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon (steers Sara towards a wall and both crouch down)
      Sara: Michael, I took a man's life!
      Michael: Don't think about that now. You and I have a date remember? Two limes, a couple of beers, don't forget that.

    • (Sara embraces Michael)
      Sara (whispering in Michael's ear): I love you.
      Michael: I love you too, Sara.
      (Sara kisses Michael)

    • Reporter: Larger unexpected fireworks at the trial of Dr. Sara Tancredi in Chicago today. New testimony has implicated that former president Reynolds was complicit in the falsification of her brother Terrence Steadman's death. The fallout from all this, the purported killer, Lincoln Burrows, who has led the country on a nationwide manhunt, will be exonerated of all charges effective immediately.

    • Lincoln: You know I'm innocent.
      Mahone: Yeah, probably.
      Lincoln: Yet, you don't care.
      Mahone: I don't care about anything other than getting my life back, no.

    • Mahone: Michael, that's a beautiful boat.
      Michael: Just promise me you'll change the name when you take it. I don't think my mother would have approved of you.

    • Michael: We did it.
      Kim (gun drawn): No, you almost did it.

    • Mahone: This is as far as I go.
      Bill Kim: Or is it something else? Another reason we're all here. Like that, like a double-cross.
      Mahone: Yeah, just like that. Say goodbye.

    • Lincoln: You want the money? Take it.
      Kim: You think this is about the money? Pocket change. 5 million.
      Michael: Then what is it about, my brother has been exonerated, the President stepped down, we're not a threat anymore, it's over.
      Kim: You may be done with us, but we're not done with you.

    • Bellick: You know, Bagwell, out of all the guys, all eight of you, you were the guy I was hoping would go down in a blaze of gunfire.

    • (On the phone to each other)
      Mahone: Did you buy the tickets yet?
      Pam: No, I'm still looking.
      Mahone: Don't...
      Pam: What?
      Mahone (fighting tears): Forget about them. Forget I ever existed.

    • Sucre: Bellick! Where's Maricruz!
      Bellick (screaming): You wanna know where she is? Get me outta this!
      (The truck carrying Bellick pulls away)

    • (Michael pays Chaco for the boat)
      Chaco: She's very pretty.
      Michael: She'll get us where we need to go, right?
      Chaco: Not the boat, Señor.
      (Michael and Lincoln turn around and see Sara)

    • (DeJesus realizes there is a reward for capturing Michael)
      DeJesus: You just gave me a hundred thousand reasons... to turn you in.
      Michael: That's true. I guess I'll just have to give you a few more not to.

    • Bellick: You're busted.
      T-Bag: Am I?
      Bellick: Where's the money?
      T-Bag: Pretty Boy's got it. Out there with a Royal Flush. And you're in here with a busted straight. Hardly seems right, does it?
      Bellick: Your hand don't look much better.
      T-Bag: Maybe I got an Ace up my sleeve.
      Bellick: You know something I don't?
      T-Bag: You should rest your leg, Boss.

    • (Last lines for Season 2)
      Aide: Scofield back in the pen. Gotta be honest, didn't think we'd see it happen. You know he's going to break out. It's in his blood.
      Pad Man: That's exactly what we want him to do.

    • (Michael and Sara come out of the cabin)
      (Michael grabs Sara and points a gun to her head)

      Michael: Don't move! I'll shoot!
      Sara: Michael, what are you doing?
      Michael: Nobody moves! Nobody!
      Panamanian police officer: !Tiene un rehén! !Tiene un rehén! (He's got a hostage!)
      Michael: You sacrificed everything for me once... No, don't move!
      Sara: No, I'm not gonna let you do this... Michael, Michael!
      Michael: Now it's time to say thank you.
      (lets go of Sara and raises his hands)
      Michael: It was me! It was me!
      Sara: He's done nothing wrong!
      Michael: I did it! I did it! (drops the gun). It was me!
      (Officers arrest both Michael and Sara)

    • (Sara's Trial)

      Paul Kellerman (regarding the conspiracy): What I'm about to divulge to you will in all likelihood get me killed. Actually, I guarantee it.
      Defence Lawyer: Then why are you doing it?
      Paul Kellerman: Because this was supposed to be about country, about loyalty, about what's right, but it wasn't because I wronged people who should not have been wronged.
      (the trial continues)
      Paul Kellerman: Those orders were given by Caroline Reynolds who was Vice President at the time. Acting on those orders, I planted evidence, I procured a body, I lured Lincoln Burrows into that parking garage that evening under the auspices of a different hit. From the ground up, we framed him. (flashback of Paul supervising the editing of the CCTV footage of Lincoln pulling the trigger). See, Lincoln Burrows gets executed, people forget about Terrence Steadman, the controversy surrounding him and the presidency and nobody ever knows about.. "The Company".
      Prosecutor: Ah yes, which is a shadowy cabal of corporations that pretty much influence everything that happens in this country. But I fail to see how any of this is relevant to Sara Tancredi and the fact that she aided and abetted, that she jumped bail... (Kellerman cuts her off)
      Paul Kellerman: She did so because she feared for her life - which was appropriate – as I had orders to kill her. (there is murmuring followed by gavel pounding in the background).
      Judge: It's all here. Everything Mr. Kellerman said is corroborated in these documents. In light of this evidence, my question, I guess to you is whether your time and resources are best spent in pursuing charges against Dr. Tancredi.
      Prosecutor: No. My office will drop all charges, effective immediately. (more murmuring, the judge bangs the gavel). But, Your Honor, I would like to devote my time and attention in prosecuting this man, Mr. Kellerman.
      Judge (signals to take Kellerman away): Officer...
      Sara (to Kellerman): I-I literally don't even know what to say to you.
      Paul Kellerman: It was good knowing you, Sara.

    • Chaco: Magic Mystery Tour right here in this box.

    • Transport Guard: Once seated, your four-piece will be mounted to the floor mount. During transport, do not speak to either...
      Paul Kellerman (cuts him off): I know the drill.
      Driver: Get in.
      Transport Guard (to the driver): So, what do we got, 30 minutes?
      Driver: Yeah, something like that.
      Transport Guard: Why didn't you take the freeway?
      Driver: Rush hour... Aw, hell.
      Transport Guard: What?
      Driver: The engine light just came on. (Kellerman can be seen with a distinctive smile on his face)
      Transport Guard: It just got serviced at motor pool.
      Driver: Yeah, we better pull over just to make sure. (pulls over under a small bridge, out of public view) All right, I'll check it out. (exits the van, leaving the transport guard in the back with Kellerman)
      Paul Kellerman: In the French resistance it was considered a high honor to face a Nazi firing squad.
      Transport Guard: I thought I told you to be quiet.
      Paul Kellerman: Meant you did your job. The highest honor was to smile when they shot you. (back doors open to masked gunmen) Took you long enough.

      (7 shots are fired into the back of the van)

  • NOTES (4)


    • Chaco: Magic Mystery Tour right here in this box.

      Magic Mystery Tour is the name of a 1967 album by The Beatles.

    • Bellick: That Siamese Cat smile just makes me want to open you up that much more. T-Bag: It's Cheshire, Cheshire Cat smile. The Cheshire Cat is a character from the 1865 children's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The cat would often grin broadly and then disappear, leaving only a smile.

    • T-Bag: Louis XIV, the sun king of Panama... Louis XIV is one of the most famous kings of France, known as "Le Roi Soleil" (the sun king). During his reign, France became the most powerful country in the European continent.