Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Mahone takes an interest in the story of DB Cooper. In their quest to find Westmoreland's treasure, Michael and Lincoln travel house-to-house in Utah. Haywire's journey outside the prison walls continues. Sucre bumps into an acquaintance.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break michle and the others tbag and the tweener are getting ready to go inside the garage to dig and the fbi agent gets really ineterest in db cooper story and sucre bumps into cnote while driving a motor cycle and he picks him up and they go to utah and decide to join the others on the digging. and sara keeps getting those letters with the birds in them with a number .this was a good ep i thought it had alot of excitement in it and that is why i gave it a 8.5moreless
  • Unreal

    Ok so this is an entertaining series but the writers have lost any idea of reality (unlike in series 1 where there weren't such mistakes).

    1. Money buried 5 feet under ground. Oh dear

    2. The two guys meet randomly in the street (wasn't whatshisname in Vegas not long ago?)Oh dear

    3. They miraculously have uniforms to go into that woman's house as electricians. Oh dear

    4. They walk around town without any form of disguise. Oh dear

    5. The two guys just happen to turn up at the woman's house and manage to get in without her knowing? How did they even know that house was the right one anyway?? Oh dear

    6. OH DEAR!!!

    Reality has left this programme from minute one of the series and it's a real shame..moreless
  • Solid Episode!!!

    From The Writers Perspective:

    After some setups, was time to put things on action.

    This mean that Sara father finally see what this is all about. This also means that he have to warn his daughter, but it is too late now. Mahone will caught of the six fugitives.

    This also means that Michael found the house with the money, but there are the usual complitations, and side the audience like the kind of tension that season 1 had, was time to bring Sucre and C-note and put a familiary territory for the audience. This means also play with this the entire episode and bring a complication to make a cliffhanger.

    Is this interesting? Of course!!! Make you feel that a lot happened.

    My Point of View:

    Comparing with the Last Episode, this was much better, still it wasn´t powerfull enough to make me thing this episode was great.

    I mean, if this episode was great, then Season 1 type of tension was more than greater or superb. In Sara plot nothing special, only in the ending was interesting.

    The Escape Squad are in trouble, but the only one who is in real trouble was tweener since the beginning. The writers managed in a good way this storyline in the house of this woman, until further complication arrived.

    Overall, the tension was good, but nothing great, since next episode will be better, since will be the second pay off.

    Haywire scenes was garbage.moreless
  • Awesome.

    Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag and Tweener search for Westmoreland's money and are unexpectedly joined by Sucre and C-Note. Mahone arrives in Utah while Haywire surfaces in Wisconsin. Governor Tancredi sees Kellerman at the United States Capitol. What can I say about this episode? Well it was aweomse seeing everyone working together, I loved it to be honest. Haywire was back, I loved him, hope we see more of him soon. I love the scene were Tweener was running away from Mahone. It was awesome! He got caught though, I just hope he escapes. Can't wait for the next episode after seeing this one!moreless
  • Mahone continues on the trail of the Escapees

    Peering at the subdivision where a ranch should be, Michael threatens to kick T-Bag to the curb unless he can spit out the map and locate the buried treasure quick sharp. It turns out to be under a house inhabited by a horny older woman. T-Bag suggests taking a screwdriver to her head but settles for playing footsy with her over a whisky and lemonade while the rest of the gang dress up as electricians and get digging. Whilst hitchhiking towards Utah, C-Note happens to get a ride from none other than his old buddy Sucre. They join the digging crew and it's just like the bad old days of Prison Industries. But the good times are short-lived. Preparing the getaway car, the hapless Tweener gets recognised at a petrol station. Hot on the trail of the money, Mahone corners him and presses his gun to his head. Michael panics as a police-woman approaches the house.moreless
Amaury Nolasco

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre

Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell

Lincoln Burrows

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Special Agent Paul Kellerman

Robert Knepper

Robert Knepper

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Rockmond Dunbar

Rockmond Dunbar

Benjamin "C-Note" Miles Franklin

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies

Dr. Sara Tancredi

Alexandra Lydon

Alexandra Lydon


Guest Star

Mitchell Laurance

Mitchell Laurance

Tim McGilicuty

Guest Star

Joe Inscoe

Joe Inscoe

Lyle Sands

Guest Star

John Heard

John Heard

Gov. Frank Tancredi

Recurring Role

Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison

David "Tweener" Apolskis

Recurring Role

Silas Weir Mitchell

Silas Weir Mitchell

Charles “Haywire” Patoshik

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • How did Sucre and C-Note find the dig site? They didn't have the map or any indication that the silo was in that place. They only knew the money was in Tooele, Utah. So, how did they find the house?

    • It's revealed that Mr. Kim's first name is Bill.

    • In "Manhunt", some of the convicts's information didn't include their alias. However, when Tweener looks at the paper in the store, you can see that all of the convicts have their alias. The only ones that can be perfectly read are Linc The Sink (Lincoln) and C-Note.

    • At the FBI field office in Salt Lake City, a framed portrait of J. Edgar Hoover is visible.

    • The numbers written inside one of the wings of the origami swan received by Sara in this episode are: 786-369-6468. Using the second line of the dotted code from the first origami swan in Manhunt (which if read numerically, becomes 4221312231), a word can be deciphered. Given the first number from the third origami swan is 7, the first number from the first origami swan, which is 4, indicates the fourth letter of the number 7 on a phone keypad ("At your fingertips," as Michael explains) - "S". Following this procedure for the rest of the numbers, the letters "SUNDOWNHOT" appear, which can be grouped into the words "SUNDOWN HOT". Combined with the message deciphered from the second origami swan in Map 1213, the phrase "RENDEZVOUS SUNDOWN HOT" appears. Since there is a third line of dots on the first origami swan, it can be presumed that there will be one more swan delivered to Sara that will complete the phrase.

    • Michael mentions a website called as being a place that the convicts can go if they want to communicate by posting in the forum. The website exists but it has no way of posting in the forums.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • T-Bag: I was only looking, Pretty! What's that old chestnut? I can look at the menu, doesn't mean I'm going to eat.

    • Jeanette: Do you know what the best cure for a broken heart is?
      T-Bag: Do tell.
      Jeanette: Get back on the bike. Whatever bike it is.

    • Lincoln (his shovel hits something hard): I got somethin'.
      Michael: It's the silo's foundation.
      Tweener: Hells yeah!
      Michael (whispering): Thank you Charles.

    • Tweener: Yo man, this is not good. We got her up in our grill checkin' in on us all the time.
      T-Bag: The boy's right. My hand says "I can't dig". I'll volunteer to keep her occupied.
      Michael: You don't touch her.
      T-Bag: Who are you, Sister Mary Francis? I know how to play nice.
      Michael: I'll be watchin'.

    • Michael: We're gonna get back to work now.
      Janette: No. I think y'all are done. And I think y'all need to leave now.
      Michael: We're almost finished.
      Janette: No, I think you are finished, okay? And I want you to leave my house now!

    • Jeanette (sees policewoman outside): Oh thank God!
      T-Bag (holds hammer to Jeanette's neck as she tries leave): Where you goin'?
      Michael: T-Bag!! Let her go!
      Jeanette: Oh God…
      T-Bag: She's our only way outta this, pretty.
      Jeanette: Ahh!
      T-Bag: Don't say a word, you old whore. Or I'm gonna cut your throat out.

    • C-Note: 'Aight man, one hand or not I think hillbilly needs to be up in here diggin'.

    • Michael: Sucre…down the road, if you get in trouble, It's what we can all use to communicate. Post a note on the message board.

    • T-Bag: We really need to get started, ma'am. We wouldn't want a pretty little thing like yourself sitting in the dark tonight, now do we?
      Jeanette: Now that depends on who I'm sitting with.
      T-Bag: Touché.

    • C-Note (to T-Bag): Damn man, you still alive?
      T-Bag: And kickin', homeboy.
      Lincoln (to C-Note): How'd you find us?
      C-Note: Man, if I can do rapid deployment with satellite communications for Uncle Sam all over the world...

    • T-Bag: Whiskey always makes me feel irascible.
      Jeanette: I don't know what that means, (laughs), but I do like the sound of it. (she rubs her finger across his chin and he grabs her hand and inhales)
      T-Bag: Are you wearing angel perfume?
      Jeanette: I am. (a dark look crosses his face) Oh, that reminds you of an ex I take it?
      T-Bag: Yeah.
      Jeanette: Now, is that good memories or bad memories?
      T-Bag: Both.

    • Gov. Tancredi (on the cell phone): No, no, plans change. Sara, you remember that guy I met with you in your apartment? (talking about Kellerman) I want you to stay away from him.
      Sara: Who? Lance from, from my group?
      Gov. Tancredi: Yeah, yeah. That's him. He is not who he says he is. I found out some other things, too.
      Sara: What are you talking about? (she turns around to find Kellerman has come up behind her)
      Gov. Tancredi: You were right, Sara! You were right!
      Sara: I gotta go. (hiding her apprehension, she hangs up)

    • Lincoln: What?
      Tweener: Whoa! Okay, check it. This fool came in the shop, he was acting all shady, he got a bad vibe. So, he picked up his celly phone, he started making calls, so I popped him.
      Lincoln: What?!
      Tweener: I hit him with a shovel man, I didn't know what else to do! So, I just-I tied him up and put him in the back with that other country hick.
      T-bag: Here we go, here we go.
      Tweener: I came through you gimp!

    • Sucre (coming across a hitchhiking C-Note): You walk here?

    • T-Bag (about sending Tweener to the store): Mistake. Big mistake.

    • C-Note: Ain't we did this dance before? You know, I say I want in, you say no. Then I threaten to tell somebody about what's goin' on here. Then you decide to play nice and we're one big happy family. Why don't we just stop wasting time, alright?

    • Michael: Well as always, your timing is flawless.
      C-Note: I don't follow.
      Michael: Let me try to explain it to you. We're tryin' to run something here, and we can't have people walking in off the street.
      C-Note: Oh, oh, okay. So you want us to leave and then you can just mail us the check?
      Michael (walks over to Sucre): Sucre, I know you trust me and you know I'll cut you in on that money, but the two of you being here right now jeopardizes everything.
      Sucre: I'm not going nowhere. I want my share of the money.

    • Michael: Where'd you learn about electricity?
      Lincoln: Used to steal copper wires from transformer boxes. Sell 'em on the docks, make a few bucks. When you were at school, of course.

    • Agent: What makes you think that these escapees know where they money is?
      Mahone: Because they may have been locked up with the real D.B. Cooper.

    • Michael: I want you to go back to that garden center and get everything on this list. And gas up the car. We'll meet you right back here in one hour.
      Tweener: Aight.
      Michael: And David...don't screw this up.
      Tweener: This ain't Fox River anymore, man. You're lookin' at the real deal now.

    • T-Bag (seeing a woman in the house on top of the money): Ain't no problem a screwdriver to her temple won't fix.

    • T-Bag: I remembered the best I can, gents, but I didn't know this place would now be smothered in tract homes. So, you know, sorry I'm not Rain Man over here.

    • Kellerman: You know, to be honest, I was expecting to brief the president.
      Agent Kim: Yeah, about that. Right now, as you can imagine, Caroline's quite busy.
      Kellerman: She's always been busy, I've been working side by side with her for fifteen years.
      Agent Kim: Paul – she's the President of the United States now.
      Kellerman: Yes, Bill, and I helped to put her there.
      Agent Kim: Well, if you'd like for her to remain in office, you'll take my advice and just stay on the sidelines for now.

    • Lincoln: Ranch is gone, Michael.
      Michael: Well the 5 million might not be.
      T-Bag: And you gonna find it how? What, you got a divining rod tattooed on your ass?
      T-Bag: You watch your tone with me, boy.
      Michael: I will watch you get tossed to the side of the road to fend for yourself, boy. Because if you can't remember where that silo was, you're worthless to us.

    • Tweener: Yo, we gots company.
      (C-Note and Sucre walk in)
      C-Note: What's up, snowflake?

    • Michael: You see these two trees? They're shorter than the rest. They were all planted at the same time. But those 2 didn't get as much sunlight.
      Lincoln: Something was in their way.
      Michael: The silo. Our money should be right there, under that garage.
      T-Bag: You better be right, boy.
      Michael: This isn't a high end subdivision. They slapped this place up overnight. The silo's foundations might still be there. To save money they probably just laid that concrete for the garage floor right on top of it. We'll dig straight down. If we hit the foundation, we stay. If not, we go.

  • NOTES (2)


    • T-Bag: Sorry I'm not all Rain Man over here.

      T-Bag is referring to Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie Rain Man. Hoffman played Raymond, the autistic savant of Tom Cruise's brother, Charlie. Raymond had extraordinary skills in math and with numbers in general and T-Bag is comparing his own photographic memory to that of Raymond, whose, he is admitting, is superior to his own.