Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 13

The Killing Box

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2006 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Nagel: The DA is willing to offer a deal. Twenty-five years.
      Bellick: No.
      Nagel: Brad, they'd drop the capital charge. No death penalty.
      Bellick: No! I'd be almost 65 when I get out.
      Nagel: But you'd get out. If this case goes to trial, there's an excellent chance that you're sentenced to death. I've been doing this a while, Brad, and I can tell you, these things never go down good. When the system wants you, they get you, one way or another.
      Bellick: Part of the deal is gotta be, I do my time in Illinois, so I can be near my mom.