Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 10

The Legend

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2008 on FOX

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  • Overall, this episode works more like a transition, gaining time, until episode 12, where things will start to move forward.

    This episode is only transitional, it explores more Michael illness and Bellick death, Sucre it clearly the more affected between them. T-bag scenes seemed pure filler and the same goes for David Bulker. I mean, if episode 13 was the final episode of the season, it wasn´t necessary his presence, but his presence here is important because it filled the episode.

    T-bag relevant material here was this woman that is working for Self which was a nice twist. Other than that, the situation with Sucre and Mahone adventure was just there to fill this episode.

    Overall, this episode works more like a transition, gaining time, until episode 12, where things will start to move forward.

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  • 'The Legend' is a bit of a step down from the roller coaster ride of suspenseful hair-pulling that was last week's episode but it certainly has more than its fair share of merits.

    After a moment's mourn at the passing of Brad Bellick (you know, the one who regularly beat the main cast up in the first and second seasons) – oh Wade Williams, we will miss ye – it's back down to business as Sucre and Lincoln are forced to face the perils of the Company's headquarters without Michael, who needs some very important surgery. 'The Legend' is a bit of a step down from the roller coaster ride of suspenseful hair-pulling that was last week's episode but it certainly has more than its fair share of merits: the 'mine' sequences are nail-bitingly intense and once again contain echoes of the kind of quality we were treated to in Prison Break's first year. Robert Knepper also puts in a stellar performance as a truly torn T-Bag, whose new life as Cole Pfeiffer shows him a side of himself he never knew existed. It's a fantastic character dichotomy and one that succeeds, again, in engendering sympathy for a conventionally reprehensible individual. Good stuff.
  • This was yet another superb episode, and it was a very special one at that. (Spoilers)

    I enjoyed this episode almost all the way through. I loved that it was basically a dedication to the recently deceased Brad Bellick, but it was slow at times. It had it's moments though. The suspense was great when Mahone was trying to run from The Company agents, and when Sucre stepped on a mine. Though, I didn't like that there was hardly any action in this episode. It was more of a filler episode, and like I said, a dedication episode to Wade Williams/Brad Bellick. It was still good though. Overall I give this episode a 9 out of 10.
  • how did Mahon get there that fast!??!!

    there is some scenes that dont make any seance in this season .. o.k this season is better from the previous one in my opinion but still there is somethings that really make the show look silly!!!
    like in this episode when they new about the mines, and Mahon ran to help socreh,, how the hill he get to there building that fast, first he get back to there base fast, but we said its o.k, but then in seconds he is in Gate!!!! i mean what the .. there is some issues that must be handled to make the show more good.
    otherwise, i want to each the next episode to see what is going to happen with Micheal!! sticky situation!!! :D
  • Another great one

    Another superb episode in the bag. After Bellick`s death in the last episode, this one was a kind of tribute to him. There are actually a couple of out of character moments in this episode. For instance, T-Bag feeling sorry for old Brad(it was hilarious to see Matt Olmstead, Nick Santora and other writers in that scene) ..I mean don`t forget that Bellick tortured T-Bag before. Still that very scene was truly special ,Robert Knepper did great here. Love the little flashbacks throughout the episode..great closure with Mahone putting the badge in the casket..farewell Bellick.

    Main objective on the episode was to get the legend for the blueprints and Mahone did the job. Great to see the efficient use of Mahone continue even after the end of his story with Wyatt..hope it continues. Getting rid of him would be a mistake.

    Great scenes with Sucre and the bomb. It was fun, suspenseful and brought Gretchen into the team. Also,we learn that T-Bag`s secretary (isn`t she hot!!) is an undercover agent working with self. Now T-Bag knows it..looks like Shannon Lucio`s Prison Break days are now numbered.

    We also got an overview of how difficult it will be to get Scylla. It looks impossible and it all promises some thrilling moments.

    Now the cliffhanger. Looks like they are really going to give us some health drama..sigh :( I don`t like this. We know Michael will not all looks pointless. I just hope there aren`t many surgery scenes in the next one.

    So next will probably focus on Gretchen getting the 6th card, the team trying to get pass the wall and Michael`s health. Apart from the health thing, it all looks great.
  • The Legend

    Of course the legend refers to the actual legend of the blue print but this episode is also a little tribute to another legend :Brad Bellick. Almost every character remembers the old man, what a journey from the corrupted prison guard to a guy every will actually miss, even T-Bag paid a tribute. The plot keeps moving tho as the crew heads closer to Scylla. Mahone is sent on mission to meet Scylla`s creator, David Baker and it was an interesting and fruitful meeting as Mahone gets in the legend of the blueprint which helps Sucre. Nice suspense in here with the bomb. Michael needs surgery in the next 24 hrs and T-Bag`s secretary is actually working with self since day 1. All in all, a great episode. Not as good as the last 2 but great nonetheless.
  • Aftermath of it all...

    So, Belick is dead and most of the episode goes to remember him and continue what they are up to. I never liked Belick's char but the way the make this episode to tribute to him - I am almost chancing my mind.. the way T'Bag talked about him in the Gate, the tears, the emotion, I could almost say anger - it was so real, and so weird also as you would never imagine that T'Bag can be so emotional or care about Belick.

    But Michael is also in trouble - his condition is getting worse and Sara takes him to hospital and they learn the truth - Michael's life is in danger.

    On the same time, the try to get to Company building continues and without a problem.. they get the blueprints but it is hard.. even harder than they thought..
  • Farewell Bellick

    I've gotta say that I'm liking the season so far.
    Prison Break has always been one of my favorites but I think the major concept of escaping from a maximum security facility is long gone. Now it's more like getting payback and getting the bad guys.

    I never really liked Brad Bellick. Tough guy wannabe and major coward til season 3. He's changed, yes but it seemed a litle too much the guys' sadness over his death.
    Sure, Sucre had a little past with the guy but most of the others didn't really have anything with him, especially T-Bag. Everyone else was being respectful and all, but T-Bag almost crying over his memory was weird, at least..

    Nonetheless, I hope to seing more of Syla and wondering if they will kill Michael or just use him as a medical drama plot..

  • Tensed!

    With time running out for their chance to get a hold of Scylla, the team pushes forward with some help from the security engineer who designed the elaborate setup surrounding the still mysterious secret Company database. Scofield's health takes a turn for the worse and we learn that he's going to need surgery in the next 24 hours. Of course, Scofield's condition was a cause for concern. We learn that he's suffering from a rare condition and needs surgery in the next 24 hours. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the time at the moment, as the opportunity to get their hands on Scylla is closing fast. While bits of the episode felt like filler material, the buildup was fantastic and next week's break-in should be a memorable one.
  • A transitional episode with a couple of flaws

    This season of "Prison Break" just keeps marching along, and against all expectations, I'm still enjoying the hell out of it. Maybe it's because the first three seasons inoculated me against the plot conveniences and contrivances, and I'm just enjoying it on the "entertainment" level as intended.

    Not everything can be easily waved away, of course. I'm more than a little annoyed with Michael's medical condition, considering how quickly it emerged out of absolutely nowhere this season. I can't imagine that the writers will use this to kill Michael off at the end of the series, but it is going to be used for some highly unlikely medical drama in the middle of the season arc, and that makes it feel more transparent as a result.

    There's also the lingering over Bellick's death by just about everyone. I understand that the producers and writers loved the actor and never wanted to get rid of the character, but the characters themselves had no love for the man. I can almost understand Sucre's reaction, but T-Bag? That was definitely out of character, even more than Mahone's silent display of respect.

    The usual intrigue helped to make up for most of the annoyance, particularly Sucre's encounter with the minefield and Mahone's quest for the creator of the map to Scylla. Sucre's subplot involved some interesting countdown sequences and a chance to see Gretchen play both sides. Gretchen's loyalty is still to herself, but where that ultimately will take her should prove exciting.

    Mahone had another good turn in this episode. It's too early to tell if the writers will be able to transition him into another good subplot after the resolution of his revenge tale, but this was a good use of his talents. I like how the rest of the team was openly acknowledging that Michael and Mahone were on equal footing when it came to pattern recognition and decoding skills. Perhaps this is intentional. If Michael is sidelined by medical issues sooner rather than later, Mahone could step into his place for a little while.

    There was also the relatively minor revelation that Agent Self already had someone working at the Gate Foundation. This particular twist should make things more complicated, but I wasn't quite sold on its apparent importance. I'm just happy to know Shannon Lucio will be around for a while!
  • The team push for Scylla

    With Bellick's death still fresh on everyone's minds, there were plenty of flashback sequences and conversations about him. The team said their final goodbyes to him; Mahone then gets to work when visiting David Baker to try getting some additional clues on how to break into Scylla facility while Padman wants it moved in the next 24 hours. Also in this episode, we learn that the secretary at GATE is an undercover agent working with Don Self with T-Bag sussing it out right at the end. Gretchen had a conversation with T-Bag she's using Michael to get her hands on Scylla. Michael's condition was a cause for concern. We learn that he's suffering from a rare condition and needs surgery in the next 24 hours.
  • One of the best Prison break episodes (if not the best...) since nerve-wrecking season 1!!

    This was one the best episodes i have seen in a while! I can watch it again and again without getting tired because EVERY SINGLE character is at its best in it. Who to start with??

    Michael (the brains) cleverly solves another riddle involving scylla, with the only other possible person able to, which is Mahone... T-Bag gets back to his old self talking in his unique way in the board meeting of GATE and saying yet another one of his famous stories, while at the same time, through his obviously touching reference to Bellick, revealing that maybe cold blooded murderers have a soul after all. And what a cliff hanger there.... Quoting the end of his speech where he praises the dead ones:

    "Stand by your glasses steady and drink to your comrades eyes! Heres a toast to the dead already... and hooraaah to the next to die!" and then the camera switches to Michael!!! Incredible...

    Sucre and Linc. Those two guys have amazing chemistry together... When Sucre steps on the bomb and Linc goes out to get Gretchen it was an epic Linc line towards her when she resisted: "Your coming with me or through that glass! Choose!!" Just briiiiiiliant! 100% Burrows! And Sucre turning crazy and as always gets back to talking Spanish with Linc understanding absolutely nothing! The whole mine scene was extremely intense thanks to Sucre playing really really well in it... reminded me of some of the good old Season 1 moments of agony.

    Mahone seems more focused after his whole Wayat torture session and gets in touch with a new character who could evolve in the plot quite well, David Baker; the designer of the security around Scylla. Mahone in his scene with him reminds the audience what this series is all about and how much people have died just because of the Company. Bakers wife does the right thing instead of David Baker himself but i believe he will align with the gang to get Scylla as an insider.

    Finally the general reveals more about how the company gets things done and where the income is coming from and keeps his authoritarian stance trusting no one and insisting on Scylla moving. Gretchen keeps playing an both sides and i believe will not make it through the end of this series as she will either get discovered by the General or (my personal favorite scenario) killed by T-Bag.

    To conclude, i loved how this episode prolonged Bellick's aura in the series and emphasized that a BIG Prison Break asset is now out of the picture. A man who has gone through all series...did good and bad things, was the hero and the villain, kept his honor and when the time came chose to die a hero. I believe his story made its circle perfectly. Quoting Scoffield: "Bellick death was not in vain, we will succeed in taking the Company down".

    All in all this episode was full of excitment, cliff hangers, and each character giving 100% of what they are all about. I cant wait for the next episode, and to my mind this is easily a Prison Break classic! Right up there with "Drilling Riots and the Devil I and II" from season 1 or "Sweet caroline" from season 2.
  • Puzzles, character development, a new character… We had a lot to chew in this episode !

    Now Brad is dead I can't believe how the other characters react. It's like if they all love him. He saved Sucre's life in Panama. He's a real hero. Let's just admit he did his time, that's why the writer decided to drown him. Moreover new characters were introduced so it's all for the best.

    T-Bag's speech was disappointing but he was smart enough to notice Trishanne's mistake, mentionning James Whistler when she's not supposed to know him. However the next scene we saw her entering Agent Self work place and I thought it was an ackward way to reveal her double role. I mean the writers should have let it go so the viewers can think about it and imagine all sort of things. Prison Break is a lot about the mind after all !

    David Parker, Scylla's room architect, could be a great addition to the team so I hope he'll stick around for a few episodes. It would make sense as the closer they get to Scylla the more dangerous it gets. So they'll probably need him to neutralize some of its security gadgets. It reminds me of Impossible Mission best moments. Don't breath. Don't touch the floor… I can't wait to see how Michael solves that new puzzle, if he's able to considering his health. Mahone helped with the letters puzzle and is very smart too but probably not as smart as Michael, he's the true master mind after all.

    I can't believe the General trusts Gretchen now she's back. It doesn't make sense. Who wouldn't turn their back on the Company after what they have done to her ? There's no way she'll work for them again. So I think she's gonna stick to her plan, bringing the Company down. Considering his role I think the General is too naive. I also couldn't believe the mine Sucre stepped on had a manual override and didn't explode instantly. It doesn't make any sense for such a high security area. It should be die hard to get to it.
  • it was an awesome episode like always and season 4 is getting better and better every episode

    well this week's episode was one of the best episodes of the season......better than the previous was good to know that everybody on the show cared about BBallack......including Sara,Michael,SUCRE(especially)and T-BAG....oh my GOD i loved the scene when T-bag almost cried remembering Ballack....
    The story of the show moved well along as were shown some more details about SCYLLA....surprised to see agent Don Self meeting his new surprised ally......I loved the scene when Sucre talked in Spanish and oh my GOD gretchen is getting more hotter and beautiful every she was looking gorgeous in the indigo color...i am really looking forward to next week's episode which should be awesome as always.........10/10
  • Awesome!

    Well this was one hell of an episode. Micheal is taken to the hospital and he needs a surgery or else he might die as sara said. I thought it should have been better if in the hospital they included a bit romance in between sara and micheal but anyway I hope we will have some soon.

    Mahone was looking for David Baker the man who made the blueprints with letters C M E. Fortunately even though he didn't tell Mahone what the letters represent, his wife gave the instructions to him.

    Sucre was on a mine witch was also an alarm. If what we saw was right, then we saw for the first time Scylla. The company of course has an unbelievable security in there and so it will be difficult for the guys to get to it.
    I'm looking forward for the next episode!
  • Season 4 just gets better and better..

    This season has been great but the last few episodes we've been going back and fourth, although the episodes have been good. I appreciate how Prison Break doesn't do what every other show does and write off a character who's been there for years and then it seems like nothing happens. Take Charlie on Lost he was 10 times as liked and likable as Bellick yet within 2 episodes, his own girlfriend forgot he died. This was a very special episode which saw Prison Breaks tension nearly as good as it was in it's first season but definitely had the emotional side to it. I'm just not so sure whether or not I like the Michael's tumor storyline, on top of every thing else, it just seems so fake, especially the timing and we all know (well hopefully) that they wont kill him off.
  • Good episode.

    This episode is one of the better ones this season. It's nice to see that we're finally away from capturing cards containing information on Sara and beginning the break-in. This episode also contains a lot of references to Bellick, who was killed the previous episode, and I'm really glad they did this. As you know with most serialised TV series, when a character dies, they mourn for about five minutes before moving on with the storyline. It was quite emotional seeing 'ole Bellick's body lying comfortably in his coffin with Mahone putting the badge on his body.

    That said, I kind of wish they didn't shove all of this backstory in our faces AFTER he died (how he saved Sucre, his desire to become a cop etc.) But it wasn't too bad. There was some suspenseful moments in this episode too.

    All in all, a fine Prison Break episode.
  • Absolutely great episode

    This one of the best episodes this year....I love the way they memorialized Bellick, it was great to actually see that all the characters truly cared about his death and I am glad it wasn't just pushed to the side like most every death on the show so far, like Veronica's way back they shot her and that was it, Bellick deserved it so much. Absolutely just the best show on tv....can't wait till next weeks show!!! It just leaves you on the edge of your seat for the whole show. The story line just seems to be getting better and I can't wait to see how they take it to the next level on the next episode!!
  • They finally start getting deeper into what is on every fan's mind this season.

    Well, I was very wrong about the my prediction that Riley, on Terminator:TSCC, would be a crucial part of the story. I also made the same prediction about Shannon Lucio character, Trishanne, in this show. I was, however, not wrong with that prediction. I need to be a little bit more careful with spoilers in my TV blogs, so I'll just say that there is a big reveal in this episode that shows that she is a much bigger part of the story than she appeared. I kinda wish they would have teased us a little bit with her role. maybe dropped some clues. I mean they did drop a clue in this episode, but then the big reveal was only a little bit after that.

    They finally start getting deeper into what is on every fan's mind this season. And that is: what is going on with Michael's heath. Yeah we knew something was wrong and that his mom died after showing the same symptoms. This episode actually comes right out and says what is wrong so know we can start working toward the resolution. I've read some spoilers for this season(I know, I can't help myself) and the resolution of this sub-plot will take us very far from where we are now. let's just say that Michael's condition plays a much bigger part in future episodes.

    Over all this had several classic Prison Break moments. Including putting you on the edge of your seat and the cutting to a commercial just before a big moment. Even though I think the way everyone is acting about Bellick's death is a little contrived, the scene at the end,when Sucre calls his mom was incredibly touching, help along by a fantastic score that was very Michael Giacchino-ish. If you don't know who that is, look him up on ImDb or Itunes and thanks me later.