Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

We pick up with Owen bitching about Michael calling the press from a place with no back door. As a cop calls for the brothers to show themselves, Michael comes up with an idea. So Owen flashes (dirty!) an ID, says that he's FBI and that he's apprehended the brothers. The PBCT exits the motel room and the cop is all, "What-huh? FBI? Show me the ID again." Instead, Owen draws his weapon, as does Linc, who-surprise! really wasn't cuffed. Owen's got his gun pressed against a camera man's head. Michael orders the reporter to hand over her car keys, as well as the keys from the cop cars. The cop tells her not to do it, but she complies. And the PBCT heads out, hostage Camera Man in tow. Posse Central. Admiral Aggravated Mahone returns to work and is given updates on Bellick (why?) and Kacie. Then he gets a call about the PBCT which leads us to... The PBCT en route to nowhere. Michael tells Linc to pull over. The brothers chat. Linc suggests they lose Owen (aw, Linc don't break up the group!), but Michael says they still need him. Fox River. Bellick awakens in the infirmary and he looks like shit. Dogshit. EBD is there and informs Bellick that he better get used to the infirmary 'cuz he'll be on the receiving end of many a beatdown. Nice guy, that EBD. The PBCT conspire on the side of the road as a frightened CM looks on. Mexico. Sucre's on a bus. He's also working the stubble. Wisconsin. Oh yippee, the Who Cares? storyline of the week. A couple of teens ask Haywire to buy them beer. He agrees. CM returns to the news station. Posse Central. Things come to a screeching halt as a Fox News Report comes on, playing a video shot by CM. In it, Linc proclaims his innocence, gives NuSteadman's time and place of death and blabs on about Moronica. Doc and SAM watch as well and as the brothers spill all about the Company, SAM throws a hissy fit. He orders his goons to bury the story. Sucre is tossed off the bus 'cuz no tiene dinero. A nice old guy offers him a place to stay for the night. Posse Central. Mahone orders an agent to go chat with CM. They're still watching the video, by the way. And when Michael tells the truth about Shales the other agents hilariously shoot looks at Mahone. He dismisses this, saying Michael's nuts. Ah, but what's a little mental imbalance when one is so damn fine? Who Cares? Haywire notices bruises on the girl's arm and she says her dad drinks. Bellick begs Nurse Katie to let him stay in the infirmary for an extra night. She does some awesome eye-rolling as he whines. CM tells an agent that the brothers discussed driving 450 miles in six hours. Back at Posse Central, Mahone's calculating exactly where the boys could drive in six hours. SAM calls and the two figure out that the PBCT is heading for Denver, where Pres Patricia is scheduled to give a speech. As the PBCT rolls along, they listen to the radio. The video has been upstaged by a rise in the terror threat level. Linc's ticked that the story's been buried. "It's what they do," puts in Owen. Thanks for that, Officer Obvious. The guys all agree that they need to get to "her" without anyone finding out. Agents Lang and R-HM#2 don't like the idea of using Pres Patricia as bait. Mahone couldn't care less. Agent R-HM#2 lets it slip that IA has ordered him to report Mahone's decisions and actions to them. Mahone's all, "Then keep your pen and paper handy, buddy boy!" SAM smarms his way through a one-sided conversation with mute SOG. SAM suggests they bring in Pres Patricia, since, "It is her ass on the line." Sucre and NOG share a nice meal. Sucre talks about getting to Maricruz and NOG brings up his wife who died just a week ago. Sucre spies NOG's car keys and after dinner, steals said car. Posse Central. The Feds are analyzing every eye twitch and stretch in the video. The psychologist says that Linc's body language reveals that he's lying. They also notice that Michael's tapping out a Morse code message with his finger: "The water is warm." Cue a flashback to the PBCT on the side of the road earlier in the episode. Owen's coaching the boys on how to lie using their body language. He knows the Feds will be analyzing the tape and this stuff will keep them busy and confused. Michael comes up with the idea to throw in a meaningless message to distract the Feds. Mahone figures all this video body language lying stuff is crap (lightbulb!). He listens intently when Michael apologizes to Doc. The psychologist agrees with Mahone that Michael sounds sincere during this part. Mahone orders a transcript. Missouri. Doc's watching the video again (it's all over the internet) and picks up on the clues Michael's doling out. Back to Mahone, who figures the brothers are going to meet with Doc, not going after Pres Patricia. Sucre gets pulled over by the cops 'cuz they recognized the car, but not the driver. They bring him back to NOG who Lies! that he lent Sucre the car. NOG sends Sucre on his way with, "Find your girl." Mahone gets files on Doc. Linc's outside, where his breath is clearly visible, yet his shirt is still unbuttoned down to there. Perhaps he should invest in some nice pullover shirts. Anyhoo, Linc's perusing a paper that says the body of a janitor was found in the motel room. Linc complains that now they're being blamed for another death. Owen assures him that once they get the recording from Doc, they'll all be cleared. Linc takes Michael aside and says maybe Owen's setting them up and is waiting to kill Doc once she shows. Haywire follows the girl home. She has some words with her drunk dad, who grabs a fireplace poker so Haywire pops in and proceeds to kick DD's ass. Fox River. Mahone chats with Nurse Katie to see if she knows where Doc might meet Michael. No luck there, so he tries Bellick, since Doc listed him as a reference on her Fox River job application. Bellick wants a transfer to AdSeg, but Mahone points out that he has no weight with the DOC. When Bellick refuses to talk, Mahone agrees to talk to the board. Bellick checks out the transcript and he picks up on something, but won't say anything until he's transferred. Mahone caves and Bellick points out that some of the phrases ("Another Chance" "Safe Haven") Michael used in his speech are chapters in the AA book. I love how Michael's always prepared to send out coded messages using things he knows the recipients of the message will have in their possession. Anyway, Mahone figures out that the boys will be at St. Thomas hospital in Akron. And we're off to Akron. Outside it's chilly and maybe Linc's fingers are too numb to button his shirt. Negative Nancy asks Little Bro, "What makes you think she's gonna come running back now?" "The same thing that's been keeping us going for the last three months: faith," Michael responds. "Yeah, well, reality's kicking faith's ass, man." Michael shushes Linc when he hears an announcement that Michael Crane has a call. Cut to Mahone, who's on the phone with the Akron PD. Michael hurries to the nurses' desk and picks up the phone. It's Doc. She says she couldn't get there in time. He says he knows he promised he'd leave her alone, but, "I have something," she finishes. She explains that a man grabbed her in Gila and tried to get that something from her. Michael gets pissed (hotly so) when he hears of someone hurting her (hey, Michael, he's right outside). She says she got away and that she got a key from her dad, but she doesn't know what it's for. "We'll figure it out, together," Michael assures her. Outside Owen gets a call from none other than Pres Patricia (yes, Fox and ABC came to an agreement). She apologizes profusely. She tells him to take care of the brothers and come home. She'll welcome him with open arms. And a bullet to the head. That last part is pure subtext. After the call, the PBCT heads out. Owen asks if Michael got in touch with Doc. Affirmative. "In a few days this should all be over, one way or another." Owen goes all shifty eyed when he agrees, "Absolutely." Hmmm, we'll see.