Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • We continue to follow the various characters and their attempt to normalize life after prison. In this episode we see Sucre, Haywire, Michael and Lincoln.

    This show was great and even amazing during its first couple of seasons. We saw the brilliant plan to break out of prison and clear the name of an inncoent man who was framed in order to further the agenda of the vice president ( who later becomes the president). Now as it gets into its third, it has been seeming to slow down. Tonights episode however was interesting. We continue to follow the various characters and their attempt to normalize life after prison. For Sucre it is marrying the love of his life even though he has to do it in Mexico. Haywire who was missing for many episdoes we now see has continued building a raft in his attempt to find peace in Holand and learn that his father beat him as a child. With Michael and Lincoln, after witnessing the suicide of the president's brother (the only person who could prove Lincoln's innocence) have continued to travel with the man who was their former pursuer Paul Kelleraman. Using the secret service agents intimate knowledge of information cover-up, they create a video to broadcast on Fox News to not only allow the truth to get out, even though they knew it would be discredited, but to also throw the FBI off of their trail. It doesnt quite do the trick as the FBI agent Mahone discovers the secret message Michael left for Lisa Tancretti, an innocent victim of the break-out, and also Michael's love interest. It continues to get more interesting as the end nears and I look forward to seeing how it concludes.
  • The contest between Michael and Mahone returns to the forefront

    In the previous episode, the main plot thread involving Michael and Lincoln was a bit too straightforward, hobbled by several other subplots that seemed to have little or nothing to do with the advancement of the season arc. It was, in many ways, symptomatic of the criticism leveled at the second season as a whole. In the first season, all of the character arcs were tightly connected to the main plot thread. In the second season, the characters all have their arcs, but the connections are often indirect or non-existent.

    In this episode, the main plot thread is more complicated, and the writers restore one of the most interesting elements from earlier in the season. It was always a lot more fun when Mahone was unraveling Michael’s latest move, and that’s what happened in this episode. The various elements of the conspiracy were still in play, but Mahone’s careful and observant deconstruction of Michael’s message to Sara was the best part of the episode.

    Connecting Bellick’s subplot to the main action again was another welcome development. This finally places his troubles in Fox River within a meaningful context. If he becomes Mahone’s bloodhound, everything leading up to that point in the story becomes Bellick’s motivation. And taking him back to Fox River reminds the audience of the dynamic in the first season, linking Bellick’s anger and resentment now to his more privileged position then.

    As previously noted, Kellerman’s motivations are questionable at best, especially now that the object of his desire is possibly in his grasp. Up to this point, his resentment towards the president was his only logical reason for helping Michael and Lincoln. If that resentment no longer applies, his logical move is to get Michael and Sara together and eliminate all the threats at once. Once Sara sees him again, she’ll likely tell Michael that he tried to kill her. That should lead to some messy and interesting consequences. Even if Kellerman was genuinely ready to help, would he be forced into a corner by Michael’s reaction to his treatment of Sara?

    Sucre’s subplot, on the other hand, seems completely disconnected from the main plot thread, and it’s hard to imagine how it could eventually come back into relevance. It’s entirely possible that it never will. There are shades of more familiar stories in this part of the episode. For example, I couldn’t help but think of the beginning of “Les Miserables”, with Sucre playing the part of Jean Valjean. Will this act of kindness push Sucre into a new way of life?

    Even less connected to the main action is the subplot with Haywire, which seems designed to fill time, more than anything else. Haywire has been off the charts for so long that the writers might have been better served by ignoring him completely. This subplot seems to serve no other purpose than creeping out the audience. Then again, his act of murder could divert attention away at a critical moment.

    It’s also hard to know how many of these subplots are meant to tie back into the main plot thread (as with Bellick), how many are meant to come to a close by the end of the season, and how many are meant to set the stage for a possible third season. Many speculated, at the beginning of the second season, that Michael and Lincoln would be exonerated by the end, leaving the third season to something very different: Michael’s struggle to repair the damage done by his fellow escapees. He might even be tasked with the unfortunate job of assisting the authorities with the capture of the rest of the Escape Squad in exchange for a pardon (as ludicrous as that may sound).

    If so, then it makes a little more sense for the writers to spend so much time on subplots that have little or nothing to do with the conspiracy or Michael. The situations with Sucre, C-Note, T-Bag, and Haywire are all moving into unknown territory. There’s plenty of time left in the season to bring those to conclusion, but it’s also possible that they will remain open-ended. Only time will reveal these intentions.
  • An OUTSTANDING episode, but with some unlikely events.

    First of all I have to say that I absolutely loved the episode, and it is by every means "Exactly why I watch this series". The surprise and the excitement that boiled in my blood when the video was aired on live television can not be described in words. It really did bring back the good old Prison Break feeling which I have felt on many occations. But this video is also linked with these unlikely events. After the video was aired on public television, Michael and his Brother has probably become even more known, and people will most definately recognize them even easier when traveling on foot. But appearently that is noot the case. AFter having their face glued on national television for 26 minutes, they were both able to stand outside of a hospital with people coming by. Not a single one of them showed any signs of recognizing the two men, one that is supposed to have murdered the presidents brother, escaped from prison, and been on live television for 26 minutes hours before. Michael even managed to stand inside the hospital and have a normal conversation over the hospitals phone. Now I will not say that this is of major significanse, but I am sure some of the people that saw them outside or inside the hospital would have recognized them... in reality.

    Another person who's return I welcome is good old 'Haywire'. We havnt seen him that much lately, but his part in the series has most definately not grown old.

    However strange the setting Sucre is in actually is, thwn I have to admit that I like the person. His hunt for love has not grown old as of now, but I suspect it might become. Lets hope that doesn't happen.

    In overall; an extremely good episode that kept me on the edge of my seat in various parts, and I am most definately looking forward to the next episode!
  • HAYWIRE is back!!!!!!!!!!

    another great week of prison break with the twists and surprises constantly happening. It was surprise enough thast agent Callermen(sp?) is working with michael and link, but now he may turn on them agian after the president called him? I cannot wait untill they meet up with sarah, that sould be very interesting to see. on a awesome note, haywire was back this week, killing drunken abusive dads, and some people think hes crazy jeeeze. It was good to see him back after his long absence from the show, but i am confused to see where this story is going. Also there was no T bag or C note this episode, which was a disappointment, but sucre was back. Overall good stuff and i cant wait to see what surprises are in store for next week
  • now, that was a great episode ...

    after i had been slightly disappointed last week, i'm really happy about this episode. for me "prison break" is back on track and my warm feeling is back as well. for one thing it was so great to see sucre again. in my opinion, he and sara are somewhat of the good souls of "prison break" (and they both were shown in a very warm setting, opposing strongly to the chilly one michael, lincoln and kellerman were moving in. this setting seemed like a promise of what lies ahead once michael, sara and sucre are going to be reunited). with both of them back, "the message" has provided both excitement and emotions and emotions were, what i had been missing in last week's episode. reynolds' call to kellerman has put a new and excting twist of unpredictability to the story and i'm looking forward to finding out if she manages to manipulate him once more (even though i doubt it) or if he's going to stick to his plan to take her down.

    the story around haywire was quite interesting as well. we've seen a side on him we had only heard of (after all he had killed his parents) but most probably hadn't really expected to still be there, since he seemed to be a very good-natured guy after all and there was some amazing acting of silas weir mitchell involved in this scenes.
  • Great episode. I was on the edge of my seat when the cops were calling out Michael and Lincoln at the hotel.

    I was so shocked when the cops were calling for Michael and Lincoln to come out of the hotel room. Michael always comes up with great plans. I am really worried that Kellerman will let his feelings for Caroline mess up what he should be doing to make things right. I was happy to see Sara and Michael be able to talk and sort of make things right. They need to take out Mahone and Bellick because I think those two are more dangerous than Kellerman. I think that next week if Sara meets the guys Kellerman will try to get the key for whatever it is supposed to go to and things are going to go south very soon for Michael and Lincoln if they do not watch and be wary of everyone. Of course the company covered up that it was Terrance in the hotel room.
  • My dad drinks...

    Another great episode of prison break. we get caught up with some guys we haven't seen like haywire...what a crazy guy. we also get caught up a little bit with sucre and see where hes at as he travels to hopefully meet his girl. I really like the way they escaped...its started to get far fetched but i think this was a little bit more believable. I loved the message and i loved how they have all the hidden meaning. i'm worried about kellarman though and what he'll do. they need to take down the president. that what happens when women are president! :) anyways another great episode and can't wait til the next one.
  • Paging Michael Crane...

    Loved this episode! The “six hours earlier” is always a cool thing to do. The video they released was awesome. (I was waiting for someone to say “It’s on YouTube!”) Can you just image, though, if this was happening in real life? If there were 6 escaped convicts, two of whom not only manage to escape again and again, but who get the resources to make a 26 minute video? Only Prison Break can pull it off!

    Kellerman is a guy you just love to hate. Or hate to love. Or just plain hate. If he decides to go back to Caroline…ohh, it will not be happy day for Paul Kellerman! He should be smart enough to know that he’s just going to get stabbed in the back again (the next time it could be literally, too).

    I was really mad at Sucre for stealing that car, after that sweet old man was so nice to him! But When Sucre was returned by the police, he couldn’t believe how nice the guy was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sucre pays him back some day.

    And the return of Haywire. He always provides a good laugh! (besides the killings and the overall creepiness). It was very nice of him to protect that girl, though. I guess even crazy people have hearts.

    I’m psyched for next week’s episode! From the previews, it seems like the biggest MiSa moment is upon us. Can’t wait!!!
  • Absolutely A++. Prison break is back!!

    Yes. The prison break that makes me want to just skip to the end of the episode is back! Just to clarify - thats not a bad thing, the suspense that the so gently wove into this episode was a marvellous sensation to feel. Although it would have been better if Sarah was there waiting, it was still a pretty cryptic and interesting end to the episode. Thank god Sucre is back, and with a pair of claws as well, i didn't expect him to steal that car although im very glad that he did. He needs to get to Mardi-Cruz or im not going to be very happy, and the Haywire plot was good for once, Thank you for delivering a good episode, it was well awaited.
  • Mahone's in charge!

    Last week, I thought the episode was a piece of crap... this week... I have a totally new perspective on that. I loved the fact that Mahone owned this episode... but what I didn't get was, did he go visit his son?
    I loved how tricky the editing was for the previews making it seem like Michael & Lincoln were exposing everything, but it was just another plot for them to get to the 'real' truth... I'm glad that Sara had the balls to call and get a hold of Michael, because obviously she still cares for him. Anyway, the whole Mahone and Bellick alliance was a real shocker for me, seeing that they didn't really have any chemistry early on in the season. And Haywire going all postal for a girl... that's truly a shocker, but you can tell Haywire really does care for people. I was especially happy to see Sucre again... although I did feel bad for the old man that helped him, that was sweet of him, true love conquers all. All in all... I give this episode a big ol ten with a fat chick on the side!!
  • After a show episode the week before, picks up the pace!

    After a pretty slow start from last week as I
    Figured it was only trying to build up the suspense
    To come to this show. As Kellerman and Michael really do
    Read each other's minds really well as they are playing to
    One another. Again Kellerman finds out the message from Sara. Nice to see Michael & Sara together despite only briefly as he doesn't want to put her life in danger as it now has been.
  • It was good but not the best one...

    Don't get me wrong... I'm Prison Break's number one fan, this episode was great! But it wasn't a perfect 10 this time for me. I was little disappointed that Mahone found out that the message was for Sara and then I was disappointed some more when Bellick gave away the rendezvous point. That's the second time Mahone's discovered Michael's coded message to Sara. Other than that I liked it very much, it was very exciting. Michael and Sara's phone conversation at the end was soooo sweet. I can't wait for next episode when they finally get to kiss one more time! Another interesting phone conversation what Caroline and Paul's. I personally don't think he will give them up because he should know better, but then again it's Prison Break and you never know! This episode gets a 9 from me because it was great but it disappointed me a little.
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