Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • Amazing.

    In order to broadcast a message to Sara on television, Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman kidnap a cameraman. Bellick is sent to the infirmary. Haywire buys beer for two teenagers, while Sucre steals a car in Mexico. What an episoe, I mean I loved every minute of it. I loved it when Sara gave a message to Michael, I miss those to together! I feel sorry for Haywire in this episode I love him so much and the dog. When I see him on here I just feel sorry for him. He is awesome though and so, so funny! He helps a girl who´s father has been hurting her. This episode was so nerve wrecking, with lots of action. I can't wait to see more episode like this because this was so awesome!
  • Good example of a great episode!!!

    I liked a lot this episode...It was full of action and very enjoyable...Michael,Lincoln and Kellerman manage to evade the police and they kidnap a camera man in the process...They use this to send a message to Sarah and to mislead the police and the ones that there are after them ...Bellick wakes up in the prison infirmary with some pretty harsh injuries...J-Cat appears again, and now he tries to redeem himself by helping a teen who is being molested by her father...Sucre takes the bus to go to Ixtapa to meet his girlfriend but the lack of money prevents him...He meets a good Samaritan who gives him a helping hand by providing him with money and a car...It is exactly the part from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo...President Reynolds contacts Kellerman in an attempt to convince him to surrender the two brothers...
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    I love love Prison Break! Can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • awesome

    Sucre manages to cross the border to mexico. He meets an old man on the bus who befriends him. Bellick gets himself in a lot of trouble after he roughed up a fellow inmate. Mahone watches the video sent by Burrows and Scofield to fox news. He flies to fox river prison to speak to Bellick who can help him decode the message hidden in the video. This episode shows Haywire still doing stuff outside of prison. T-Bag holds his once adopted family hostage after they attempt to run away from him. This episode shows a lot of stuff, it's really exciting.

    This was a great episode and I loved the entire thing. I loved how Michael and Lincoln made the video to prove their innocence. I also love how Michael hid the messages in the video, thinking Mahone wouldn't decphicer them, when he did. Mahone is one smart man, and Michael and them are gong to have a hard time getting past him. I'm still wondering about Kellerman however. When Caroline called him, he looked like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm not sure what he's going to do yet. Its too bad Robert Knepper, a.k.a everyones favorite psycho T-Bag wasn't in this episode. He is one of my favorite characters, and he makes every episode exciting. And finally... HAYWIRE! Our favorite Whack Shack Graduate has been severly missing in action for quite a while, and hes finally back. I'm also glad there was some new stuff on Sucre. I hope he gets to Maricruz sometime soon. This episode, and probably the ones after it for a while, are really filler episodes, setting up for the finale. But they don't feel like filler episodes. Each episode is packed with excitment, uncertanty, and Wentworth Miller. Next episode is a complete mystery(I don't read spoilers very often,) but hopefully its just as good as this one! (And hopefully it has a hot MiSa moment too :D)
  • it keeps your mind inshape

    can wait to see the next episode!!!!every ep was super exithing from season one ep1 till season2 ep15 it like a movie that won't end.See you all at the next peisode. can't wait see you. a n s l e y w a s h e r e. h a v e a n i c e e p i s o d e 1 6 c h i c a g o i w i l l b e t h e r e 4 s u r e h o w a b o u t y o u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This was a pivotal episode where the brothers could finally get across their message to the world and Sara!!

    The real hero in this episode for me is Haywire - he buys some beers for a young couple and sees a bruise on the girls arm - he follows her home and saves her from her abusive father.

    We finally find out that Sucre has made it to Mexico - he befriends a Mexican Gringo on the bus who takes him in. Sucre steels his car to pursue Marie-Cruz but gets arrested for the act - the Gringo decides not to press charges and sends Sucre on his way to find his girl and 'Grace'. It's good to see Sucre back, I hope he gets the girl. It's also nice to see someone finally help one of the escapees without a hidden agenda.

    Mahone just seems to be everywhere, I'm getting quite sick of him being one step ahead in every blinking episode. He analyses the 'Message' and comes to the conclusion that it's a message to Sara. With the help of Bellick, who makes a deal to be transferred away from Gen Pop, Mahone finds out that the Michael is speaking extracts from the Alcoholics Anonymous book to tell Sara where to meet them. I struggle to see how Sara could pick up on this message let along Mahone but who cares about that.

    Sara does not manage to meet up with the boys in this episode but she does make a phone call to Michael addressing him as Michael Crane which is a nice touch.

    Mike 'well we'll figure it out... together'
    Sara 'I like the sound of that'
    Mike 'me too'

    And Kellerman, now he's still a mystery, he gets a phone call from the President who apologises and asks him to bring in the Brothers to end the whole thing - the cliffhanger of this episode leaves you wondering what Kellerman will do.... will he believe the President and go back to the Dark Side, does he still have a thing for her or will justice prevail and he will stand by the brothers.
  • awesome episode

    this awesome show has taken my breath away,waiting for the new episode is one of the important things for me,and every new eposide always make me love this show more.when i thought kellerman was totally on michael's side,he would help brothers out and save his own life,but i am not sure about it now,president asked him to be back and promised she will make it up to him,what a choice.
    i am also curious about that key?is there any important evidence somewhere?and who is kim's boss?he looks like ascar shales.and will kellerman go back to president?i have so many questions about it.
  • A return...

    to the puzzles that is. One of the major parts of season one was the puzzles and the plot in the tatoo, and that sort of made a resurface in this episode, after weeks of just ducking police and running like hell. It felt good to step back into the plot rather than the action sequences.

    Also a welcomed return was Sara. Man, doesn't she look beautiful? I hope they manage to keep her on the show, now that's been announced she is preagnent. the Message-puzzle and the hints of what's to come, with a fantastic cliffhanger make this episode stand out. Much better than what we have seen the past few episodes of Season 2
  • Awesomely awesome and filled with Awesomeness.

    This was a really good episode - a million times better than ... some other episode. I loved all the clever twists with the video they made. Except i wish Mahone hadn't figured it out. He is too smart for his own good. And one day Michael and Linc can give him a beat down. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking?
    Michael and Sara's phone conversation at the end was so cutely adorably cute. CUTE.
  • HAYWIRE is back!!!!!!!!!!

    another great week of prison break with the twists and surprises constantly happening. It was surprise enough thast agent Callermen(sp?) is working with michael and link, but now he may turn on them agian after the president called him? I cannot wait untill they meet up with sarah, that sould be very interesting to see. on a awesome note, haywire was back this week, killing drunken abusive dads, and some people think hes crazy jeeeze. It was good to see him back after his long absence from the show, but i am confused to see where this story is going. Also there was no T bag or C note this episode, which was a disappointment, but sucre was back. Overall good stuff and i cant wait to see what surprises are in store for next week
  • now, that was a great episode ...

    after i had been slightly disappointed last week, i'm really happy about this episode. for me "prison break" is back on track and my warm feeling is back as well. for one thing it was so great to see sucre again. in my opinion, he and sara are somewhat of the good souls of "prison break" (and they both were shown in a very warm setting, opposing strongly to the chilly one michael, lincoln and kellerman were moving in. this setting seemed like a promise of what lies ahead once michael, sara and sucre are going to be reunited). with both of them back, "the message" has provided both excitement and emotions and emotions were, what i had been missing in last week's episode. reynolds' call to kellerman has put a new and excting twist of unpredictability to the story and i'm looking forward to finding out if she manages to manipulate him once more (even though i doubt it) or if he's going to stick to his plan to take her down.

    the story around haywire was quite interesting as well. we've seen a side on him we had only heard of (after all he had killed his parents) but most probably hadn't really expected to still be there, since he seemed to be a very good-natured guy after all and there was some amazing acting of silas weir mitchell involved in this scenes.
  • Mahone's in charge!

    Last week, I thought the episode was a piece of crap... this week... I have a totally new perspective on that. I loved the fact that Mahone owned this episode... but what I didn't get was, did he go visit his son?
    I loved how tricky the editing was for the previews making it seem like Michael & Lincoln were exposing everything, but it was just another plot for them to get to the 'real' truth... I'm glad that Sara had the balls to call and get a hold of Michael, because obviously she still cares for him. Anyway, the whole Mahone and Bellick alliance was a real shocker for me, seeing that they didn't really have any chemistry early on in the season. And Haywire going all postal for a girl... that's truly a shocker, but you can tell Haywire really does care for people. I was especially happy to see Sucre again... although I did feel bad for the old man that helped him, that was sweet of him, true love conquers all. All in all... I give this episode a big ol ten with a fat chick on the side!!
  • Nerve-wrecking.

    In order to broadcast a message to Sara on television, Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman kidnap a cameraman. Bellick is sent to the infirmary. Haywire buys beer for two teenagers, while Sucre steals a car in Mexico. What an episoe, I mean I loved every minute of it. I loved it when Sara gave a message to Michael, I miss those to together! I feel sorry for Haywire in this episode I love him so much and the dog. When I see him on here I just feel sorry for him. He is awesome though and so, so funny! He helps a girl who´s father has been hurting her. This episode was so nerve wrecking, with lots of action. I can't wait to see more episode like this because this was so awesome!
  • Great episode. I was on the edge of my seat when the cops were calling out Michael and Lincoln at the hotel.

    I was so shocked when the cops were calling for Michael and Lincoln to come out of the hotel room. Michael always comes up with great plans. I am really worried that Kellerman will let his feelings for Caroline mess up what he should be doing to make things right. I was happy to see Sara and Michael be able to talk and sort of make things right. They need to take out Mahone and Bellick because I think those two are more dangerous than Kellerman. I think that next week if Sara meets the guys Kellerman will try to get the key for whatever it is supposed to go to and things are going to go south very soon for Michael and Lincoln if they do not watch and be wary of everyone. Of course the company covered up that it was Terrance in the hotel room.
  • Michaels Faith Restored For The Moment, Mahone Still Has "It".

    I always knew that the government conspiracy would return in this season and the last few episodes have really heated up the middle part of this season.

    Michael / Lincoln / Kellerman - At the beginning of the season Kellerman had a crappy role in the show, but he is back in true form now working with our guys...or maybe not? The once flipped man now may be considering a double flip now that we know him and the president once had a thing. (Kellerman had a thing anyway) Loved the message and every piece of analysis that went into the scenes that followed. Mahone in true form is one of the best things to watch this season. I love how he can figure out everything as quickly as the rest of them can plan it. Loved the connection with where to meet Sara, these parts of the episodes were amazing.

    Nothing from T-Bag and C-Note kind of shocked me. Really dont care too much about the latter, but seeing T-Bag again would have been cool. Instead we got Haywire, who is still trying to build that awesome raft to get to Holland. Loved his scene in this episode where he attacks the girls father.

    Brad - Not much new here, just him trying to find a way out and he helped Mahone figure out Saras location. Season 2 is heating up like never before. Cant wait for the next episode.
  • Really great episode!

    Mike, Linc and Kelly kidnap a cameraman and runaway from the cops, they make a tape focusing on finding sara, but the FBI, thanks to kellerman, gets all confused with the codes they use until Mahone realizes is all about sara.
    Bellick is hurt in prison. Haywire helps a girl who´s father has been hurting her. Sucre goes to find Maricruz. Sara understand the message and decide to contact mike.The phone call is too sweet, they both decide to reunite to find out together what the key means.
  • Just Great!

    This is what i'm talking about... This episode makes us wish to see more. Finally the truth is said in public by our characters about the Lincoln case. It’s given to us a little glimpse of what Haywire is doing and what’s going on to Sucre. The episode has great dynamic, great plot… One little thing, why does agent Mahone always discover everything so fast? The man is a machine! Lol. Now we just have to wait to see if they will meet sara and if that will help them. And will Kellerman betray them? Will he help them out?
  • An OUTSTANDING episode, but with some unlikely events.

    First of all I have to say that I absolutely loved the episode, and it is by every means "Exactly why I watch this series". The surprise and the excitement that boiled in my blood when the video was aired on live television can not be described in words. It really did bring back the good old Prison Break feeling which I have felt on many occations. But this video is also linked with these unlikely events. After the video was aired on public television, Michael and his Brother has probably become even more known, and people will most definately recognize them even easier when traveling on foot. But appearently that is noot the case. AFter having their face glued on national television for 26 minutes, they were both able to stand outside of a hospital with people coming by. Not a single one of them showed any signs of recognizing the two men, one that is supposed to have murdered the presidents brother, escaped from prison, and been on live television for 26 minutes hours before. Michael even managed to stand inside the hospital and have a normal conversation over the hospitals phone. Now I will not say that this is of major significanse, but I am sure some of the people that saw them outside or inside the hospital would have recognized them... in reality.

    Another person who's return I welcome is good old 'Haywire'. We havnt seen him that much lately, but his part in the series has most definately not grown old.

    However strange the setting Sucre is in actually is, thwn I have to admit that I like the person. His hunt for love has not grown old as of now, but I suspect it might become. Lets hope that doesn't happen.

    In overall; an extremely good episode that kept me on the edge of my seat in various parts, and I am most definately looking forward to the next episode!
  • My dad drinks...

    Another great episode of prison break. we get caught up with some guys we haven't seen like haywire...what a crazy guy. we also get caught up a little bit with sucre and see where hes at as he travels to hopefully meet his girl. I really like the way they escaped...its started to get far fetched but i think this was a little bit more believable. I loved the message and i loved how they have all the hidden meaning. i'm worried about kellarman though and what he'll do. they need to take down the president. that what happens when women are president! :) anyways another great episode and can't wait til the next one.
  • One Hell of an episode!!!

    Michael and Lincoln kidnap a cameraman and make a video of themselves exposing everything (how linc’s innocent why he broke out of Fox river, whose behind the whole conspiracy and he named names: Mahone,Shales, Reynolds, Stedman. He talked about veronica and Michael apologized to sara and sent her a secret message through words on the tape!!!!
    Mahone is back into the conspiracy but the tape costs him his trust! No one really believes anything hes saying and they question his authority and obsession with the burrows case. Bellick tries to flirt with nurse Katie and pulls a mikey and tries to convince her to leave the door open.... which she ignores! Sucre is on his way to see Maricruz on a bus but the driver figures out hes tryin to hitch a ride for free and kicks him off the old guy lets Sucre spend the nite at his house but Sucre ends up stealin his car after which the cops catch him and bring him back to the old man who dismisses him along with some extra cash! Haywire buys some teens beer and is curious about bruises the girl has even though she tells him its nothing…he follows her into her house and beats up her dad when he sees how he is about to strike her. Sara gets Michael’s message from the video tape and contacts him just in time they both are glad to hear each other and both agree what ever they do from this point on they will do together! Sara tells Michael she was attacked by someone back in Gila (kellerman) and he is concerned for her well-being. Michael doesn’t realize it was kellerman who tortured sara and sara doesn’t know kellerman is with them at that very moment…but that won’t stay hidden for long!!!!
    Next week its gonna go down big time and they’re will be a MiSa kiss for all of us Misaholics! :) :) :)
  • Paging Michael Crane...

    Loved this episode! The “six hours earlier” is always a cool thing to do. The video they released was awesome. (I was waiting for someone to say “It’s on YouTube!”) Can you just image, though, if this was happening in real life? If there were 6 escaped convicts, two of whom not only manage to escape again and again, but who get the resources to make a 26 minute video? Only Prison Break can pull it off!

    Kellerman is a guy you just love to hate. Or hate to love. Or just plain hate. If he decides to go back to Caroline…ohh, it will not be happy day for Paul Kellerman! He should be smart enough to know that he’s just going to get stabbed in the back again (the next time it could be literally, too).

    I was really mad at Sucre for stealing that car, after that sweet old man was so nice to him! But When Sucre was returned by the police, he couldn’t believe how nice the guy was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sucre pays him back some day.

    And the return of Haywire. He always provides a good laugh! (besides the killings and the overall creepiness). It was very nice of him to protect that girl, though. I guess even crazy people have hearts.

    I’m psyched for next week’s episode! From the previews, it seems like the biggest MiSa moment is upon us. Can’t wait!!!
  • good especially haywire part

    this was a good episode mainly because of the action. C-note is my favorite character and i really hope he doesnt get caught. Haywires death was painful to watch because I really liked him. I hope we see him again in atleast one more episode liek a flashback in prison or something. I also think like everyone else, that Kellerman will not stay with Linc and Michael in the next episode. I thought they should have showed more of T-Bag in this episode. And hopefully he will get away from that family soon. in my opinion, this episode is a top 5 for season 2.
  • FBI vs Company vs Escapies

    First of all i am really glad Mahone got back into the action!! The William's caracter performance is just incredibly espetacular. It is not that i like him but the way he's been acting since Manhunt is truly mindblowing.
    I actually see him fighting for his own good which is what all the others fugitives are fighting for, that is protecting their own families. Mahone was having a good agent, manhunting life untill the company got him undercovered so, folks consider it as a must that whatever he does has nothing to do with his own but the company's influences he's submmited in. And i think that the PB crew is trying to or have been trying to show us this matter.

    Is he too clever?? I think he's just a well experienced manhunter with inspiration. I loved when he found out it wasn't about the president but Sara. Why? Because i noticed Michael was really adding more emotion when he was talking about Sara's innocence than the crimes and i was like "??? well is anyone gonna figure that out or what?"

    I'm also happy the FBI crew suspect about him now and that the company is all desperated.

    The scene with Sucre and the old man was emotional and so was the one with Sara and Mike.

    Bellick in my oppinion really deserved those beat downs but i kinda started to feel bad for him for the next treatment they promised him.

    Talking about Haywire, he probably eliminated the girl's father. I got surprised about that but i liked.

    Well now we just have to be patient and wait untill next week to see Paul's reaction to the last answer Michael gave him and what C-note and my idol T-Bag got to show us.
  • Kellerman is up to something!

    In this episode we find that Sucre has made his way to a mexican village where he receives help from a man who has just lost his wife. Meanwhile Michael and Lincoln make a tape with a coded message in it for Sara. Sara contacts Michael by phone while Kellerman is contacted by the president. As it stands now I have no idea what Kellerman's motives are and who side he is on. If Sara sees him with Michael I would think that things are going to get ugly. Mahone is close behind the trail with the help of Bellick. I wonder if Bellick gets out of gen pop for helping him? This was another good episode that kind of leaves us hanging a bit. Kellerman is the key to things right now and I want to know what he is up to. I wonder when this show first started if the writers ever thought Kellerman would be around this long. I thought he would be dead by the end of season one, but he a grown into quite a role for this show.
  • They have their change to tell their story...

    Michal and Lincoln have change to stay tell their story on the cameras as they use one of the camera men as hostage to their way out after Steadman's suicide. They try to make it look and fill it with many secret signals so they would be running after many things but Mahone is more smarter than this. The only real message was that they need to meet Sara as their father believed she has something and she does - they only have to get her. But Mahone knows the people who to use and how to use - he understands the message and tries to catch them.

    But he is not the only one making the moves. Lincoln is getting suspicious about Kellerman and he may have the reason as president is calling him now and he may reconsider his side. One traitor, why not second time...
  • Great story!

    Once again we see the brothers making their move. It was nice to see how freaked out the asian man got with the message. We get to see one more time how Michael is smart. As a matter of fact everybody major character on this show must have a high IQ. I mean the message was pretty smart and it fooled a lot of experts but not Mahone who saw right through it and Sarah too got the real message real fast. And she even found a way to contact Micheal without being noticed. Great episode and an important question remains: whom side Kellerman is.
  • After a show episode the week before, picks up the pace!

    After a pretty slow start from last week as I
    Figured it was only trying to build up the suspense
    To come to this show. As Kellerman and Michael really do
    Read each other's minds really well as they are playing to
    One another. Again Kellerman finds out the message from Sara. Nice to see Michael & Sara together despite only briefly as he doesn't want to put her life in danger as it now has been.
  • Sarah is the Key

    Police have surrounded the motel room, and there's only one way out. Kellerman resorts to his wily ways and leads Michael and Lincoln out into the open, announcing himself as FBI and claiming to have the brothers in custody. They manage to escape the fracas – but not before finding another kidnap victim. This time it's a cameraman, and with his help, it's not long before a tape containing allegations against Steadman, Reynolds and Mahone hits the airwaves, leaving Kim no choice but to plan some serious damage control. As Mahone analyses the tape of Michael and Lincoln, he realises that Kellerman's given them some cunning advice: their body language is all over the place, and it's throwing everyone but him off track. He knows that this is more than an exposé; it's a message for Sara. And as he discovers, a badly beaten Bellick – who's only too willing to bargain his inside information for a transfer to Ad Seg – provides the key to deciphering the video's hidden code. While Sucre befriends a widower along the road to Ixtapa, and Haywire's sympathies with an abused youth lead him to trouble, Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman are outside St Thomas Hospital waiting for Sara to show. Just as Lincoln's losing hope, a voice comes over the loudspeaker announcing a phone call for Michael Crane. Knowing that it can only be Sara, Michael steps inside to speak to her, leaving Lincoln to contemplate Kellerman's shady behaviour as he too takes a call. It's the President, and she wants to strike a deal: she wants the brothers. What will Kellerman decide?
  • This week's episode was, simply put, ace! Completely and totally ace!

    This week's episode was, simply put, ace! Completely and totally ace! We got to follow the threads of Sucre and Haywire's stories as well as the main plot and ooh, what a lot of plot there was.

    The Good
    [x] The idea of doing a video diary was brilliant. Especially all the hidden clues, like the Morse code – although it would have been more fun if Mahone hadn't told us what Michael was tapping out on his knee. It would have given us something to do this afternoon. I admit that I spent a happy couple of hours working out Michael's 'crane' codes back at the start of the series.
    [x] Kellerman telling them what 'tells' to use was a nice touch too – I'm just annoyed that Mahone figured out what they're doing too quickly. He needs removing. At least now his team don't trust him, which means his life will be more difficult (hopefully) – which'll make it harder for him to catch them (which is a good thing for us)
    [x] Oh Sucre, how I've missed you. Poor Fernado, still fighting to get his girl, but by the time he's travelled a thousand miles by plane, automobile (and probably train before too long) she'll have finished the 'honeymoon' and come back home and hector will be waiting for him, ready to kick arse. The lad never cops a break.
    [x] I love Haywire's little boat, but he's never going to get to Holland in it. I hope he didn't do anything *really* stupid around that girl's house. But I have a terrible feeling that he did.
    [x] Curse you Bellick! You get yourself all prettily beaten up to try and get some sympathy from us, the viewer and then you ruin it all by selling out Michael and Sara. Surely you realise that getting yourself transferred to another cell block is only going to keep you safe for so long. If the other cons want to get you they will do.
    [x] Nice to see Sara not totally trusting of Michael (finally!) although her idea to ring him at the hospital was inspired and leads me neatly into:
    [x] Michael Crane = lollerskates
    [x] So, Sara agrees to meet them. What on Earth will she do when she sees Kellerman? What will Michael do when he finds out what Kellerman did to her? I can't wait!
    [x] But that Kellerman is a bad boy. Will he really sell out the brothers just to get into the President's good books again? Is he going to conveniently forget the fact that she and her bother used to laugh at him behind his back? Does he not realise that he's a dead man if he follows the President's wishes?

    The Bad
    [x] Actually I don't have anything to fault this episode. I know, isn't that shocking.
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