Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • This week's episode was, simply put, ace! Completely and totally ace!

    This week's episode was, simply put, ace! Completely and totally ace! We got to follow the threads of Sucre and Haywire's stories as well as the main plot and ooh, what a lot of plot there was.

    The Good
    [x] The idea of doing a video diary was brilliant. Especially all the hidden clues, like the Morse code – although it would have been more fun if Mahone hadn't told us what Michael was tapping out on his knee. It would have given us something to do this afternoon. I admit that I spent a happy couple of hours working out Michael's 'crane' codes back at the start of the series.
    [x] Kellerman telling them what 'tells' to use was a nice touch too – I'm just annoyed that Mahone figured out what they're doing too quickly. He needs removing. At least now his team don't trust him, which means his life will be more difficult (hopefully) – which'll make it harder for him to catch them (which is a good thing for us)
    [x] Oh Sucre, how I've missed you. Poor Fernado, still fighting to get his girl, but by the time he's travelled a thousand miles by plane, automobile (and probably train before too long) she'll have finished the 'honeymoon' and come back home and hector will be waiting for him, ready to kick arse. The lad never cops a break.
    [x] I love Haywire's little boat, but he's never going to get to Holland in it. I hope he didn't do anything *really* stupid around that girl's house. But I have a terrible feeling that he did.
    [x] Curse you Bellick! You get yourself all prettily beaten up to try and get some sympathy from us, the viewer and then you ruin it all by selling out Michael and Sara. Surely you realise that getting yourself transferred to another cell block is only going to keep you safe for so long. If the other cons want to get you they will do.
    [x] Nice to see Sara not totally trusting of Michael (finally!) although her idea to ring him at the hospital was inspired and leads me neatly into:
    [x] Michael Crane = lollerskates
    [x] So, Sara agrees to meet them. What on Earth will she do when she sees Kellerman? What will Michael do when he finds out what Kellerman did to her? I can't wait!
    [x] But that Kellerman is a bad boy. Will he really sell out the brothers just to get into the President's good books again? Is he going to conveniently forget the fact that she and her bother used to laugh at him behind his back? Does he not realise that he's a dead man if he follows the President's wishes?

    The Bad
    [x] Actually I don't have anything to fault this episode. I know, isn't that shocking.