Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • This was a pivotal episode where the brothers could finally get across their message to the world and Sara!!

    The real hero in this episode for me is Haywire - he buys some beers for a young couple and sees a bruise on the girls arm - he follows her home and saves her from her abusive father.

    We finally find out that Sucre has made it to Mexico - he befriends a Mexican Gringo on the bus who takes him in. Sucre steels his car to pursue Marie-Cruz but gets arrested for the act - the Gringo decides not to press charges and sends Sucre on his way to find his girl and 'Grace'. It's good to see Sucre back, I hope he gets the girl. It's also nice to see someone finally help one of the escapees without a hidden agenda.

    Mahone just seems to be everywhere, I'm getting quite sick of him being one step ahead in every blinking episode. He analyses the 'Message' and comes to the conclusion that it's a message to Sara. With the help of Bellick, who makes a deal to be transferred away from Gen Pop, Mahone finds out that the Michael is speaking extracts from the Alcoholics Anonymous book to tell Sara where to meet them. I struggle to see how Sara could pick up on this message let along Mahone but who cares about that.

    Sara does not manage to meet up with the boys in this episode but she does make a phone call to Michael addressing him as Michael Crane which is a nice touch.

    Mike 'well we'll figure it out... together'
    Sara 'I like the sound of that'
    Mike 'me too'

    And Kellerman, now he's still a mystery, he gets a phone call from the President who apologises and asks him to bring in the Brothers to end the whole thing - the cliffhanger of this episode leaves you wondering what Kellerman will do.... will he believe the President and go back to the Dark Side, does he still have a thing for her or will justice prevail and he will stand by the brothers.