Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • FBI vs Company vs Escapies

    First of all i am really glad Mahone got back into the action!! The William's caracter performance is just incredibly espetacular. It is not that i like him but the way he's been acting since Manhunt is truly mindblowing.
    I actually see him fighting for his own good which is what all the others fugitives are fighting for, that is protecting their own families. Mahone was having a good agent, manhunting life untill the company got him undercovered so, folks consider it as a must that whatever he does has nothing to do with his own but the company's influences he's submmited in. And i think that the PB crew is trying to or have been trying to show us this matter.

    Is he too clever?? I think he's just a well experienced manhunter with inspiration. I loved when he found out it wasn't about the president but Sara. Why? Because i noticed Michael was really adding more emotion when he was talking about Sara's innocence than the crimes and i was like "??? well is anyone gonna figure that out or what?"

    I'm also happy the FBI crew suspect about him now and that the company is all desperated.

    The scene with Sucre and the old man was emotional and so was the one with Sara and Mike.

    Bellick in my oppinion really deserved those beat downs but i kinda started to feel bad for him for the next treatment they promised him.

    Talking about Haywire, he probably eliminated the girl's father. I got surprised about that but i liked.

    Well now we just have to be patient and wait untill next week to see Paul's reaction to the last answer Michael gave him and what C-note and my idol T-Bag got to show us.