Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • One Hell of an episode!!!

    Michael and Lincoln kidnap a cameraman and make a video of themselves exposing everything (how linc’s innocent why he broke out of Fox river, whose behind the whole conspiracy and he named names: Mahone,Shales, Reynolds, Stedman. He talked about veronica and Michael apologized to sara and sent her a secret message through words on the tape!!!!
    Mahone is back into the conspiracy but the tape costs him his trust! No one really believes anything hes saying and they question his authority and obsession with the burrows case. Bellick tries to flirt with nurse Katie and pulls a mikey and tries to convince her to leave the door open.... which she ignores! Sucre is on his way to see Maricruz on a bus but the driver figures out hes tryin to hitch a ride for free and kicks him off the old guy lets Sucre spend the nite at his house but Sucre ends up stealin his car after which the cops catch him and bring him back to the old man who dismisses him along with some extra cash! Haywire buys some teens beer and is curious about bruises the girl has even though she tells him its nothing…he follows her into her house and beats up her dad when he sees how he is about to strike her. Sara gets Michael’s message from the video tape and contacts him just in time they both are glad to hear each other and both agree what ever they do from this point on they will do together! Sara tells Michael she was attacked by someone back in Gila (kellerman) and he is concerned for her well-being. Michael doesn’t realize it was kellerman who tortured sara and sara doesn’t know kellerman is with them at that very moment…but that won’t stay hidden for long!!!!
    Next week its gonna go down big time and they’re will be a MiSa kiss for all of us Misaholics! :) :) :)