Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • Prison Break Episode 2.15 "The Message" Airdate: Monday, January 29th 8:00PM-9:00PM

    It wasn't until Lincoln appeared on screen that I realized the Special News Bulletin at the beginning of the episode was actually part of the show. Luckily it happened rather quickly so my search to find out who I needed to kill didn't get out of the planning stages. But anyway, instead of being ultimately screwed with the cops and the news right outside, Brother Genius came up with an idea even the tattoos couldn't tell him.

    Since we're considered fugitives anyway, we might as well use that and the fact that the news people are here to our advantage. So let's kidnap a news guy with Kellerman's help and make a 26 minute tape to put on the news. For many reasons:

    1) Start exposing the conspiracy even if nobody believes it
    2) Summarize the entire series thus far for those just tuning in
    3) Use Kellerman's video analyzing knowledge that Mahone will use to make them think we're going after President B*tch Face
    4) Using # 3 as a distraction, send out a message to Sarah

    Sounds like an awesome plan. Too bad Mahone is basically Bizarro Michael and can figure out his next move seemingly before Michael even plans it. And despite being now unwillingly part of the conspiracy, Mahone still doesn't really have a choice in order to protect his family and immediately picks up on the fact that Kellerman is feeding the brothers fake tells in the video and knows Michael is trying to say something to Sarah.

    As for the other escapees, no T-Bag or C-Note this week, but Haywire is back! Still trying to find a way to Holland, he's now rummaging through dumpsters looking for wood to build on to his raft. Things take a bit of a turn when a young teen couple ask him to buy beer for them and discover his plan to sail to Holland. "That's your map?" the girl asks when seeing the picture Haywire stole from the old blind woman's house a bunch of episodes back. She then starts to get freaked out and leaves, but Fox River's favorite psych ward J-Cat apparently has made his New Year's resolution to clear the streets of abusive drunk Dads and followed the girl home to achieve victim # 1.

    Meanwhile, Sucre is still stranded in Mexico after jumping out of his escape plane before it was shot down by an F-18. His journey to find Maricruz has once again hit a bump in the road, after now having no transportation. Fortunately, he met a Mexican who's wife just died and apparently doesn't care about life anymore and just let Sucre take his car even after stealing it to begin with. Maybe I'm just a horrible person, but somebody could've told me the most touching searching for a girl story ever and I still wouldn't just give them my car. But regardless, Sucre now has wheels!

    Poor Bellick's just about done getting fixed up in the infirmary and ready to get sent back to Gen Pop to suffer some more beatings. But our sudden compassion for the former Fox River C.O. is about to go away again when Mahone makes an appearance and offers Bellick better conditions to shed some light onto what Michael could've been trying to tell Sarah.

    Naturally, Mahone is given this information just as Sarah decodes the message to give me yet another near heart attack. But the cops getting to the hospital before Michael can talk to Sarah on the phone soon becomes the least of their problems when Kellerman takes a phone call of his own from the yet to be heard from this season president, who may have convinced him to turn back to her side as the brothers get in the car. Whether they're on their way to meet Sarah to uncover the evidence her father gave her to bring down the conspiracy or on their way to their presidential ordered executions is the cliffhanger we're left with this week.

    Overall Episode Rating: 9.0
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