Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 15

The Message

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • According to the newspaper that Lincoln is reading, the body of Terrence Steadman has been identified as that of an immigrant janitor named Luc Thachuk.

    • When the cops bring Sucre to the Mexican man, he says "Me alegra que lo trajeran para atras", and it's subtitled as "I'm glad you brought him back". It's correct, except that instead of "Para atras" it should be "De vuelta". "Para atras" is "Backwards".

    • The Mexican man says that it's rare to find people from Puerto Rico (like Sucre) in the part of Mexico where they were. The actor playing that man (Ismael "East" Carlo) is from Puerto Rico.

    • Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman were listening to the station 1630 AM in the car.

    • Goof: When the police arrive at the motel, why did they call for Michael and Lincoln to come out? When Michael was on the phone to the news channel, he only mentioned himself being at the Cutback Motel.

    • The cameraman's name that Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman take hostage is Greg.

    • In this episode, all of Sucre's dialogue is in Spanish.

    • When Michael gets the phone call, and he goes into the hospital, if he's got the most wanted face in America how can he go right in without being stopped.

    • The Morse Code Michael typed out on his knee was:
      - .... . .-- .- - . .-. .. ... .-- .- .-. --
      which translates as "the water is warm"

    • According to the FBI specialist (and also body language researchers) looking up and away from the person when talking signifies that you may be lying.

    • When Sarah calls Michael on the hotel telephone, she uses the name 'Michael Crane' - an allusion to the origami cranes he made for her.

  • Quotes

    • Lincoln (about Kellerman): What if the reason this guy's helping us, is to get whatever information Sara has?

    • Lincoln: They've buried it. Dumped it off the front page and buried it.
      Kellerman: It's what they do.
      Michael: They can spin it all they want. It's out there now. Give it time. The tape is going to work.

    • Lincoln (on video): My name's Lincoln Burrows, and I'm innocent. I escaped from Fox River Penitentiary because I was sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit. I did not murder Terrence Steadman. He committed suicide last night in the Cutback Motel thirty miles outside of his home in Blackfoot, Montana. Michael: He killed himself out of fear. Fear of the people who have been hiding him for the past three years. The same people who want my brother dead. They don't want you to know who they are, but know this: They've stolen billions of dollars and murdered dozens of people, and yet they plaster our faces on the news and tell you to be afraid. Lincoln: They are a group of multi-nationals, corporate interests. Together they are known as 'The Company' Michael: They are working with the highest levels of government including the President of the United States. All told they've stolen billions of dollars and murdered dozens of innocent people....and they offer it with impunity. Under the cover of the Secret Service, the very people meant to protect and serve.

    • News Anchor: It's breaking news out of Cutback, Montana. Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, two of the prisoners who broke out of Fox River State Penitentiary in Illinois have continued to elude the authorities, leaving a trail of crime in their wake, and today they left behind something else.
      (cuts to a video of Lincoln)
      Lincoln: My name is Lincoln Burrows and I'm innocent.

    • (on phone)
      President Reynolds: Hello, Paul.
      Kellerman: Madame President. It's been a while.
      President Reynolds : I know. I'm calling to apologize.
      Kellerman: Okay.
      President Reynolds : I'm so sorry. It all just got away from me, and I ended up hurting the one person who's always been at my side. I want you to come home, Paul. We can fix this together. But not with those brothers running around the country tearing down the very office you helped me build.
      Kellerman: Caroline…
      President Reynolds: I want to make it up to you. Please bring them in, Paul, and everything can go back to the way it was. I have to go now. I'll see you soon.

    • Michael (answering phone): This is Mr. Crane.
      Sara: It sounded better than 'origami'.
      Michael: Even if you got the message, I wasn't sure you'd respond.
      Sara: I - I couldn't get to you in time. This is the only thing I could think of.
      Michael: I swore I'd leave you alone. But I had to contact you.
      Sara: Because I have something?
      Michael: How'd you know?
      Sara: Michael, back in Gila, I was coming back to you. Somebody…grabbed me, and they, um…they told me that my father had given me something.
      Michael: Did someone hurt you?
      Sara: I - I got away. Uh... (sighs) Michael, I want for this to be over.
      Michael:(Nods his head) That makes two of us.
      Sara: Do you think that's possible?
      Michael: With your help, yes. It's just a question of looking at whatever it is your father gave you.
      Sara: It's just…it's just a key.
      Michael: Well, we'll figure it out. Together.
      Sara (sighs): I like the sound of that.
      Michael: Me too.

    • Lincoln: It's getting late.
      Michael: I know.
      Lincoln: She's not here.
      Michael: I know that too. There is a chance she didn't get the message.
      Lincoln: Or maybe she's just sick of all this. I mean, the girl bailed on you back in Gila. What makes you think she's gonna come runnin' back now?
      Michael: The same thing that's been keeping us going for the last three months: faith.

    • Mahone (about the video): This isn't about Terrence Steadman and it's not about their innocence. Lang: What do you mean? Mahone: They're not going after the President. They're going after the doctor.

    • Agent: We think it's Morse code.
      Mahone: For what?
      Agent: Right now, we got a phrase, "The water is warm". Any idea what that might mean?
      Flashback to Michael, Lincoln, and Kellerman talking
      Lincoln: What the hell does that mean?
      Michael: Nothing. It'll take the feds a while to figure that out.

    • Kellerman: If you say it that way it plays too earnest.
      Lincoln: Course it will, it's the truth.
      Kellerman: Okay, but the truth sends them home to their wife and kids. Lies will keep them busy.
      Lincoln: I'm not telling a lie to the whole country. It's our one chance to say it how –
      Kellerman: Say whatever the hell you want. Tell them you're the Green Lantern. But I know how they break down these tapes. I've done it. Every detail matters. Bin Laden crosses his legs right over left, tells us something completely different than left over right.
      Michael: It's not the same message.
      Kellerman: To them, it is. If you want this plan to work, whatever you say with your mouths, you need to be saying something different with your bodies and your eyes.

    • Mahone: Do you have a problem with the way that I do things?
      Wheeler: ….yeah. I'm not the only one.
      Mahone: Is that right?
      Wheeler: Internal Affairs has asked me to run all your moves through them from here on out.
      Mahone: Then get a pen, and make sure you get this word for word: the President's day does not change. The only lead we have is that we know where these men are headed. So we're gonna keep quiet about this. And let 'em come. Now get out of my office. (Wheeler leaves)
      Lang: They're two of the most recognizable faces in America. How do they think they're gonna get anywhere near the President?
      Mahone: Because it's not just the two of them anymore.

    • Michael (about Sara): Getting to her is the easy part. It's what we do after that's the problem.

    • Bellick (to Katie): Just listen, please. One more night. Just let me stay here one more night. I know you can do that…and when you go home, just leave that door open for me…

    • Kim (watching Lincoln and Michael's video): Damage control, immediately. Before this hits page one.
      Agent: It's already airing, sir…
      Kim (screaming): Start a wildfire in Florida! Find a…a storage unit full of Arabs! I do NOT care! As long as it's not about Lincoln Burrows!

    • Lincoln: We should get rid of Kellerman, too. We don't need him.
      Michael: Actually, we do. We still have assets. It's just a question of how we use them.

    • Kellerman (to the hostage): I'll make you a deal: you don't move a muscle, I won't blow your head off.

    • Lincoln: So what's your plan, leave the body, walk out the front door?
      Michael: Yes. That's exactly what we're gonna do.

    • Kellerman: Next time you decide to hold a press conference, do it from a room with a back door.

    • Mahone: They're going after the President.

    • Lincoln (pointing to Terrence Steadman): What about him? Kellerman: What about him, he's useless. Lincoln: A dead body, we got fingerprints everywhere. Kellerman: Are you worried someone's going to pin a murder on you?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Boy (to Haywire): Good luck, Gilligan.

      Gilligan is a character from the show Gilligan's Island, played by Bob Denver. The show followed the comic adventures of seven castaways, a representative microcosm of white American society, as they attempted to escape from a previously-uninhabited island where they were shipwrecked and stranded.

    • Nuannuan:
      The scenario about Sucre's doings in Mexico in this episode is a perfect allusion to the masterpiece "Les Miserables" of the French author Victor Hugo.

      Jean Valjean, the hero, an escaped prisoner, was sheltered by a priest from whom he had stolen some silver ornaments in order to get away. He was caught later but the priest had let him go and given him even more ornaments.

    • Kellerman: Tell them you're the Green Lantern.

      The Green Lantern is a superhero created by DC Comics.

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